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Soshi Okita

Soshi Okita Profile.png

Japanese name: 沖田 総司
(Okita Sōshi)
Age: 14 (Yaiba)
17 (Detective Conan)
Gender: Male
Relatives: Okita Sōji I (ancestor, deceased)
Soshi Okita IV (grandfather)
Occupation: Kyoto Senshin High School student
Professional kendo player
Aliases: "No. 0444" (Yaiba)
First appearance: Manga: File 314
Anime: Episode 263
Appearances: Chapters: 5
Chapters: 11
Episodes: 8
Movies: 1
Openings: 1
Chapters: 1
Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: Volume 94
Japanese voice: Kōji Yusa

Soshi Okita VI (六代目 沖田 総司 Rokudaime Okita Sōshi?) is a character in the manga Yaiba, who also appears in the manga and anime Detective Conan.


Soshi reminisces Yaiba and Moroha.

Soshi Okita is a descendant in the sixth-generation of the historical Okita Sōji, the leader of the legendary 19th-century samurai police force Shinsengumi, and was persuaded by his family, especially his so far unseen grandfather, to follow the path of the sword in his life. In the course of this, he has to train kendo in the Okita's private dojo extensively every day, which, due to his innate talent, causes him to become the "most powerful samurai" soon, who is apparently unbeaten up until his appearances in the two series. This fate, however, isn't in his own interest at all, since he is bored of being a swordmaster when there's no one around who poses a challenge.

He has a habit of looking for a quiet place in the tall grass before a fight and dozing off there to gather his strength. Yaiba accidentally stumbles across him sleeping in the grass. Heiji also mentions that he passed the first to rounds to sleep in the tall grass behind the hall.

He currently attends Senshin High School[1] in Kyoto, where he attends the same class as the wealthy Momiji. He also owns an Omamori, a Japanese kind of lucky charm, from the Hachidai shrine, which, according to him, has been passed down for generations by the Okita family and, as he believes, helped him to never lose a fight. He keeps a photograph of Moroha, Yaiba's younger sister, inside the charm, with whom he is secretly in love, which he cannot admit until he has beaten her brother.


He very often has a carefree and playful, almost childish, attitude. After mastering a sword technique called "Yokoichi Monji" in seconds solely by observing Yaiba's failed use of it and in turn using it against him in near perfection, he is overjoyed that it actually worked and left Yaiba totally perplexed. During a murder case Conan and Heiji are investigating in, he unexpectedly puts on the disposed armor of the perpetrator, important police evidence, because he was curious and shortly afterwards gives his own deduction about the case, which consists of accusing a blind old man for the sole reason that the fictional samurai Zatoichi was blind, too. He afterwards asks the suspect in an excited manner if he can recite Zatoichi's catchphrase "Life is pain".


Apart from skin-tone and hairstyle, he looks exactly like Shinichi.


He is skilled at kendo. His ancestor was a great at kendo and he decided to continue his work. He practiced kendo and later decided to quit because he thought he practiced enough. He uses a technique called five-piece thrust and later, when Yaiba use an incomplete move against him, he was able to complete it. But Yaiba didn't give up, so he forfeited and promised to will practice more. He fought with Heiji and gave him a scar on his left ear, but every match has ended in default. He also looks like has deduction skill he was able to deduce about the man which was murdered, though he didn't do well in the kendo tournament of love and mystery case, making a terrible deduction and accusing the witness while trying to impress Ran and beat Heiji.


Plot overview


Nobunaga Oda Tournament (Manga: 246-251 & 253, Anime: TBD)

Yaiba vs. Soshi.

During the final arc, his name first appears on the contestant's bracket a couple of times as "S. Okita", participant "No. 0444".

After winning every previous round, Yaiba and his friends Sayaka and Musashi, as well as his younger sister Moroha, trudge through some sort of bamboo forest on the artificial, skull-shaped island of Yoroi, on which the eponymous martial arts tournament is held. Yaiba literally stumbles over Soshi Okita, who's sleeping in the tall grass, which extremely upsets the former. Only then do both realize that they are in the semi-finals, and are the next mutual opponents.

It quickly becomes clear however that Yaiba is remarkably inferior to him, who's around his age, but way more experienced. With his precise and inescapable attacks, he is constantly hurting Yaiba more and more, while he doesn't land one single hit. Musashi thinks that he recognizes the movement of Shinsengumi leader Soji Okita in the boy's fighting style. He confirms Musashi's suspicion and shows the back of his uniform, which he inherited from his ancestor.

But there is something else: he actually only participates in this tournament because he made a bet with his grandfather. The latter wants to raise his grandson to be a modern samurai, but he has no interest in this at all, he doesn't want to live the life of a swordsman. He is even bored about the mere idea of traveling around ​and never finding anyone who could offer him a real challenge and it wouldn't gain him much money to boot, so he'd rather like to devote his life to another vocation. His grandfather made the offer that he partakes in this tournament and if he won, he was free to choose his own path in life, but should he lose, he must continue to follow the path of the sword.

At this point it looks like he is going to win his bet. He continues to beat poor Yaiba to a pulp with his "Five-pieces thrust" technique and another skill sending out energy waves from the ground, which brings Yaiba in grave danger. Meanwhile, he is increasingly becoming aware of the presence of mysterious phantom swords that seem to attack him. Just when Yaiba breaks down and Soshi walks past Yaiba's friends to the finale because he believes he has won, Yaiba stands up again and prepares another attack. Sorely shocked and deeply impressed by Yaiba's perseverance and his will to win this fight even in danger of his death, Soshi asks him to stop and expresses his deepest respect. From his point of view, he has finally found in Yaiba what he was looking for all the time: a worthy opponent. No matter how the fight would go on, neither of them would give in and be ready risk their own lives.

Musashi explains that the phantom swords he sensed are the so-called "Tōjin", which manifest themselves in a battle between two swordmasters and become more numerous the more experienced they are. He cedes his victory to Yaiba and technically gives up, which effectively enables Yaiba to reach the finale instead. After saying goodbye to Yaiba and his friends his joy in being a modern samurai is reinvigorated and he hopes to see him again one day for a rematch when he is stronger. According to Gosho Aoyama, this is also the time when he actually first developed feelings for Moroha.[2]

Yaiba later on thinks about previous challenges he had to master in his young life while fighting against Onimaru in the finale, with one of the persons visible in the panel background being Soshi.

Detective Conan

Naniwa Swordsman Case (Manga: 314-315, Anime: 263)

During a kendo tornament in Osaka, Heiji is seen hiding in the restroom reserving his energy for a fight against Soshi in the finals. He claims that Soshi must be sleeping behind the gym somewhere doing the same thing. In a previous tournament he had managed to cut Heiji behind his ear, which started bleeding heavily and the field doctor ended the match. This time a murder case occurs and prevents Heiji from participating. While Kazuha is watching the matches, she sees Soshi win against one of his opponents. Once the case is solved, Heiji and Kazuha see their defeated teammates leaving, realizing they had missed the final match.

Watching the police at work.

Kendo Tournament Murder Case (Manga: 990-993, Anime: 916-917)

Heiji would like to finally have his revanche with Soshi at a kendo tournament in the Tohto Gymnasium in Tokyo. Conan, Ran, and Kazuha watch his impressing fight, in which he uses the "Five-pieces thrust", baffling Conan because Soshi's opponent has to be carried out on a stretcher. Shortly after that, a murder occurs outside the tournament hall, in which one of the referees is killed and a blind man appears to be the only witness. Just when Conan examines the body and Ran contacts Takagi, Soshi appears out of nowhere, whom Conan first thinks to be Heiji due to his silhouette, and who explains that the cause of death looks like a so-called "Tsujigiri" (literally "Crossing murder"), which was used by samurai in the past to test new weapons and techniques. Surprised and irritated by his demeanor, Conan asks who he is and he introduces himself as Soshi Okita from Senshin High School in Kyoto.

Ran, after calling the police, hears his introduction to Conan, who asks if he's the same Okita as the one Kazuha mentioned, the one with the "Five-pieces thrust" technique. He doesn't answer her question at all, but immediately starts flirting and inviting her to his hometown of Kyoto. This behavior and his deductions regarding the uniform the corpse is wearing, which he identifies as one of an umpire, in turn strongly remind her of Shinichi. He suddenly gets hit on the back of his head with a bamboo sword, Heiji finally arrived and exhorts him to pull himself together because Ran is already his best friend's girlfriend, which doesn't bother him, by explaining that Shinichi isn't present.

When the suspects are subsequently found at the toilets, he ungraciously stops the referee, who wanted to leave. While the police, including Takagi and Sato, interrogate the suspects and Conan and Heiji investigate, he discovers the bloodstained Dōgi, the kendo armor, of the culprit behind the toilets, which reminds him that such armor had recently gone missing. As a result of the new find, Sato wants the tournament to be canceled, whereupon Heiji asks her not to do so, because he has to win to "tell [Kazuha] the words that I have to say". He immediately understands the hint that this means a victory against him and challenges Heiji to a duel on the spot.

Soshi Okita and Heiji Hattori are ready to duel.

After both getting into their battle stances and talking shop a bit, Sato intervenes and promises that if they can solve the case in time, they are allowed continue their fight, since there would no longer be a need to cancel the tournament. While Conan and Heiji continue their deductions, he unexpectedly puts on the culprit's Dōgi because it made him curious, which initially horrifies eberyone present, until it becomes clear that he has come across an interesting detail. The perpetrator must have carried the Hakama, the Dōgi pants, the wrong way around. Using this and other evidence, Heiji is the first to solve the case and is happy to triumph over Shinichi/Conan.

Just as Heiji is about to tell about his deduction, he bursts in between and does his own deduction show. In his opinion, the perpetrator is definitely the blind old man, since the fictional samurai Zatoichi was also blind after all, with his logic being that he could feel the presence of his victims. When he childishly rejoices about his own conclusions and asks the old man to quote Zatoichi's typical phrase "Life is pain", Conan and Heiji wonder if they are dealing with an idiot.

Now, Heiji is finally proceeding with the correct solution and exposes the actual perpetrator, who confesses to the murder and describes his motive to be that the victim drove his son to suicide two years ago, when he and his team were disqualified because of a victory pose, which under the kendo regulations is prohibited, but when a fighter from the Kansai region won, even though he also made a winning pose, the cuĺprit interpreted it as favoritism, since the victim also came from Kansai. Soshi clears up the misunderstanding. The fighter from the Kansai region was one of his classmates who borrowed the Okita family's omamori, a kind of talisman, from the Hachidai shrine, which has been passed down by his family for generations and with which he has never lost a fight. Since this classmate won after just one hit, the omamori peeked out from under the Dōgi and the boy held it, thanking God and crying, about which the victim commented that you should never show tears in a battle.

Soshi Okita and his family's Omamori.

The culprit, who can't accept the truth, tries to attack Soshi, whereupon Heiji and he return to their battle stances. Before they can defend themselves however, Ran jumps in and gives the culprit a fatal karate kick that instantly knocks him out because she has lost her patience, Heiji shouldn't be late for his fight, so he can win and then confess to Kazuha. During all this, he unknowingly loses his omamori, which Sato picks up and takes with her when she notices it on the ground.

Despite the hurry, Ran, Heiji, Conan, and Soshi are too late. Kazuha tearfully tells them that the fight has already ended and that the opponents of Heiji and Soshi, Kurahiko Namakoshi and Takeshi Onimaru have won by nonattendance of their opponents. He takes it easy and blames Heiji's drive to solve the murder case, while Heiji in turn blames him, who allegedly wasted time with his Zatoichi monologue.

Café Rice Flower Murder Case (Manga: 994, Anime: 919)

Ran is acting weird and always thinks of him, which makes Conan and Kogoro triggered, so they spy on her and follow her to a café where they hide themselves. Conan listens in to Ran, Sonoko, and Masumi's conversation about him, which makes him angry and causes him to pull Kogoro back, so that they can stay and learn more about it.

Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1002-1003 & 1005, Anime: 927-928)

Shortly before and during their high school trip to Kyoto, Shinichi, now grown up again temporarily, is agonizing over what Ran and Soshi have to do with each other. Ran had been very enthusiastic about him back in Tokyo, which made Shinichi as Conan already extremely jealous of him, not without reason, since Soshi was not above flirting with Ran during the kendo tournament at Tohto Gymnasium.

After the start of a series of murders apparently triggered by a supernatural tengu and the riot of other tengus in downtown Kyoto, actually masked residents who were asked to do this, he appears with some friends to do the demons in, causing his classmate Momiji, who is also present with her servant Iori, to comment on in a dismissive way. Ran goes to him and talks about something that makes him blush, but because of the distance none of the other people present understand. Sonoko takes advantage of the moment and takes a photo of it with her mobile phone, before sending it to Shinichi, who can now think of nothing else than Ran and Soshi, which makes it difficult to concentrate for him while working deductively.

After the closing of the serial murder case and a kiss from Ran on Shinichi's cheek, this fact also gets cleared up. The omamori he lost during the kendo tournament in Tokyo and found by Sato, got sent to the Mouri detective agency, where it was discovered by Kogoro, who thought it belongs to Ran and contains a photo of Shinichi. When he curiously opens it however and to his and Ran's surprise, who just appeared, he finds the photo of a blonde girl with kendo equipment in it.

As it now turns out, he is in love with this girl, the younger sister of his greatest rival, but, similarly to Heiji and Kazuha, he cannot confess his love to her as long as he hasn't won against her brother in a kendo duel. All of this is supposed to remain secret, hence Ran should not tell Oppai (literally "breasts", his moniker for Momiji), because she would tease him about it.

Missing Maria Higashio Case (Manga: 1008, Anime: 941-942)

After the press became aware of Shinichi's return through the blog entry of a fan of the Kudo family, who revealed his presence in Kyoto during the Tengu chaos and thus also revealed to the Black Organization that he is still alive, Heiji shows the journalists a photo of Soshi on his smartphone, who strongly resembles Shinichi. He explains Soshi was there at the time and that the media just mistook him for Shinichi, a lie that is also supported by an agreement between Shinichi's parents and the blogger. Rum doesn't believe in this ruse, however, and commissions Bourbon to obtain information about Shinichi's whereabouts.

The Million-dollar Pentagram (Movie: 27)


  • Five-piece thrust
  • Yokoichi Monji - A sword technique he learned just by watching Yaiba trying to perform it.
  • An unnamed attack summoning an energy wave from the ground - this technique is very probably only canon in Yaiba, because of its supernatural feature.


Soshi Okita III
  • Gosho Aoyama confirmed in Super Digest Book 40+ that the character in Detective Conan is supposed to be the same person in Yaiba, and that he wanted to incorporate him in this series more often in the future, but he refrained from it for a while because his hairstyle was too similar to that of Heiji. He kept the possibility open to let him appear again in the manga, since he goes to the same school as Momiji, which he made a reality from the kendo tournament case onwards.
  • Soshi Okita III, his ancestor of three generations ago, appeared as Goemon's samurai rival and committed suicide in episode 71 of the anime Lupin III: Part II, a source of inspiration for Detective Conan.
  • Soshi and Moroha have been a fan-favorite couple in Japan since the Yaiba-manga ended back in 1994, despite both never really interacting with each other in that series. Gosho seemingly took note of it and made the relationship canon over twenty years later, in the world of Detective Conan at least.
  • He is the second Shinichi's look-a-like to have made an appearance in the manga and anime and manga. The first being Kaito Kuroba, aka Kaitou Kid.

Different looks

Detective Conan (episode 263).
Detective Conan (episode 916).
Detective Conan (episode 928).
Detective Conan (movie 27).


  1. ^ It is named after his ancestor's police force, the Shinsen-gumi, with the syllables switched like the "Teitan" in Teitan Elementary and Teitan High Schools did with "Tantei".
  2. ^ LOVE PLUS Super Digest Book
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