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Conan Edogawa

Conan Edogawa Profile.png

Japanese name: 江戸川 コナン
(Edogawa Konan)
English name: Conan Edogawa
Age: 6-7[1]
Gender: Male
Height: 95 cm[2]
Weight: 18 kg[1][3]
Date of birth: May 4th[1]
Relatives: Fumiyo Edogawa (mother)
Occupation: Teitan Elementary School student
Detective Boys leader
Status: Alive
Nicknames: Conan-kun (Ran Mouri)
Cool Kid (Jodie)
Cool Guy (Vermouth & James)
Silver Bullet-kun (Vermouth)
Glasses Kid (Sonoko)
Holmes' Apprentice (Apollo & Minerva Glass)
Tantei-kun (Kaitou Kid)
Kudo (Heiji)
Kudo-Kun (Ai Haibara)
Kuroshiro-kun (Kaito Sugiura)
The Wizard (Masumi Sera)
KID Killer
Sleeping Kogoro's Bag of Wisdom (Hyoue Kuroda)
Sleeping Kogoro's Advisor (Hyoue Kuroda)
First appearance: Manga: File 2
Anime: Episode 2
Magic Kaito 1412: Episode 10
Appearances: Chapters: 1109
Chapters: 6
Episodes: 1127
Episodes: 3
Movies: 29
Episodes: 5
OVAs: 18
Specials: 5
Openings: 60
Closings: 67
Japanese voice: Minami Takayama
English voice: Alison Viktorin (FUNimation)
Jerry Jewell (Inner monologue)
Wendee Lee (Bang Zoom!, Macias Group)[4]
Drama actor: Nao Fujisaki
Minami Takayama (voice)

Conan Edogawa (江戸川 コナン Edogawa Konan?) is the alias used by Shinichi Kudo in his shrunken form. Shinichi took the appearance of his six or seven-year-old self after being exposed to a prototype poison called APTX 4869, which he had been forced to swallow by two men in black later revealed to be members of the Black Organization.[5] The poison de-aged Shinichi's entire body except for his nervous system and therefore he still has the personality, memories, and incredible deductive ability of his teenage self. Conan's goal is to hunt down the Black Organization and have them arrested for their crimes, as well as find an antidote to the APTX 4869. To do so he plans to make the washout detective Kogoro Mouri famous in hopes of attracting cases related to the Black Organization.

Conan is often treated as a separate character from Shinichi by fans and often viewed as the main character of the series while Shinichi is viewed as a recurring character. He has become a popular figure in Japan and even appeared on numerous occasions in different anime series (i.e. mainly cameo appearances) as well as other media.



Conan Edogawa is Shinichi Kudo's alter ego. He did not exist before the chain of events, involving members of the Black Organization, that led Shinichi to transform back into a child.

Shinichi being drugged.

The Transformation

At the beginning of the series, Shinichi brings his friend Ran Mouri to Tropical Land, a local theme park, to celebrate her victory in the Metropolitan Karate Championships. He later ends up solving a murder case there.[5] As they are leaving, Shinichi witnesses a suspicious exchange between an unknown businessman and a man in black in a secluded area by the Ferris wheel. While spying on the suspicious men, Shinichi does not notice another man in black, who knocks him out from behind and forces him to swallow a new experimental poison known as APTX 4869. They then leave him to die. However, instead of killing Shinichi, a rare side-effect occurred. Shinichi's body shrunk back to that of his six-year-old self.[6] In desperation and confusion, Shinichi heads back to his house and runs into his next-door neighbor and close family friend, Professor Agasa. After a few attempts at proving he's Shinichi, he finally succeeds in convincing the Professor. The latter warns him he must keep his identity secret as the Black Organization will surely try to kill him and others associated with him should they learn the truth.[7]

Shinichi as Conan in his shrunken form with Hiroshi Agasa first time met and Professor Agasa will go to Report to the police about this kid.

Taking a new identity

Shinichi comes up with the alias Conan Edogawa using the mystery author names Arthur Conan Doyle and Edogawa Rampo and pretends to be a distant relative of Agasa's who then places Conan in Ran's care.[7] Ran's father, Kogoro Mouri, owns a Detective Agency which may provide a chance for Conan to run into a case involving the Black Organization. However, Kogoro is a terrible detective with little credibility. Using helpful gadgets that Agasa makes, Conan sets out to improve Kogoro's detective reputation by solving cases for him while also hiding the truth that Conan is the one solving cases. By knocking Kogoro out at crime scenes with a fast-acting tranquilizer and using a voice modulator to relay deductions in Kogoro's voice, Conan creates 'Sleeping Kogoro'. The conceited Kogoro enjoys his newfound reputation and the money it brings in so much that he doesn't question why he is suddenly passing out at crime scenes and solving cases in his sleep.

Creation of the Detective Boys

Conan enrolls at Teitan Elementary School to further protect his identity and is befriended by classmates Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta, who create the Detective Boys not long after.[8] In the beginning he found the kids annoying, but he started to warm up to them and even gives them missions to accomplish.

Conan stuns Kogoro with his wristwatch, ready to solve a case!

Solving cases

As Conan, Shinichi helps Ran's father solve cases by putting him to sleep and simulating Kogoro's voice using the special bowtie gadget Professor Agasa made for him. He also spends a good amount of time with his Detective Boys fellows and solves many small cases with them and sometimes in the company of Professor Agasa. In some situations, when there's only Ran, Sonoko, and himself, he will use Sonoko instead to solve the case at hand. Because of that, Sonoko eventually becomes another moderately well-known "sleeping" detective, although her reputation is only known to the local police investigation team and Sonoko's friends. In many later files, Conan has solved the case as himself then claimed afterward that Shinichi told him what to say.

Encounter Black Organization

Soon after being shrunk, Conan sets the plan to pursue and arrest the Black Organization members. Initial attempts were in vain until Haibara appears and starts giving clues on their whereabouts. However, in some of his early attempts, Conan tends to underestimate the ability of the Organization, leading to situations where he or his close friends being harmed and almost killed. Once understood the Organization and having allies to help, among them Shuichi Akai, who had been undercover in the organization and knows their ways, his later plans are more successful to foil Black Organization's plans, although he hasn't been able to expose the Black Organization and arrest their members yet.


As Conan, Shinichi tries to behave like a child. He refers to Ran as "Ran-neechan" (nee-chan meaning older sister, a common nickname Japanese children give to teenagers and young adults they look up to), and refers to Shinichi as "Shinichi-niichan" (nii-chan meaning older brother). He also refers to Kogoro as "Oji-san" or "Occhan" (both meaning Uncle), although he also does this as Shinichi. As Shinichi, he refers to Conan as usually "Conan-kun" or the "Kid in the Glasses". Shinichi treats Conan as a separate person completely, thinking for example, "changing back into Conan".

Ran telling Conan she likes Shinichi.
Ran telling Conan she likes Shinichi
(Picture from the "Episode one" version).

Conan remains very close to Ran, who in return is very protective of him. However, because Ran is unaware of his true identity, Conan often finds himself in awkward situations with her, such as when she confessed her feeling for Shinichi to him and when she made him bathe with her at a hot spring.

Conan's intelligence remains intact even though he has shrunken into a child. As Shinichi, his deductive ability earned him the monikers "Heisei Holmes" and "Savior of the Japanese police force". Conan maintains extraordinarily broad knowledge of many subjects and trivia that help him solve cases and escape tricky situations. Conan tries to speak in a child-like manner when dealing with adults, but he often gets caught up in the current case and begins speaking like an adult, referring to advanced topics and using reasoning much too complex for a normal child. When this happens, he often tries to pass it off as "something [he] heard on TV" or "taught by uncle Kogoro/professor Agasa/Shinichi-niichan". Likewise, he makes no effort to hide his love for Sherlock Holmes and soccer, so if he is called out for talking about either subject in too much detail, he tries to escape suspicion by saying it was something Shinichi told him about. Although as the series has progressed the adults around him have become more used to his "being quite smart for a child", causing him to behave more like himself around them, he still tries to pass as a normal child.

Conan whispers to Kazunobu Chiba and Tome.

The only police officers with whom Conan can speak professionally are the FBI, especially Jodie Starling, Shuichi Akai, James Black, and Inspector Kansuke Yamato of the Nagano Police, all of whom suspect that there is more to Conan than meets the eye.

Conan tends to act more like himself around the Detective Boys, even to the point that they find it odd when he acts like a child around adults. He will often play games like baseball with the Detective Boys, but he is too used to soccer to perform well and will even instinctively use soccer techniques, such as kicking in games that do not call for it. Because he is unfamiliar with popular games and TV shows and bad at video games, Genta and the others tend to think of him as dumb. This annoys Conan so much that he will secretly watch TV in the living room after Kogoro and Ran go to sleep to get more "practice" in.

While he thinks that criminals should be punished, he also seems willing to give culprits, who have attempted murder due to misunderstandings and fail, a second chance and let them off the hook.[9][10][11][12]

After he had one time failed to stop the culprit from committing suicide,[13] he began to believe that a detective who has cornered a killer and just let him kill himself is no better than a murderer, and therefore he tries to do everything to stop it. At times when he fails to save the killer, it haunts him. At first, he's callous and unempathetic: in The Bandage Man Villa murder case, when the culprit threatens to commit suicide, Shinichi calls his bluff by outright telling him to do it. However, soon after that Shinichi suffers through his own Norbury with the Moonlight Sonata Murder Case, during which a culprit commits suicide because Shinichi identified them without thinking ahead to how the culprit might react. The next two cases were, a culprit planning to commit suicide to have Shinichi removing the lethal tools before confronting them and placing officers around the perimeter to prevent the culprit from jumping respectively—and in each instance, Shinichi is haunted by the death of the culprit in the Moonlight Sonata case, enough to snap at Hattori for offhandedly suggesting it may have been better if they let the culprit of the day kill themself, stating that a detective that allows that is "no better than a murderer himself." The Detective's Nocturne case caps off this development arc, with Shinichi accompanying and befriending a suicidal murderer to form an emotional connection and convince them not to kill themself.

However, an innate characteristic that he has, and probably had as Shinichi may be due to being a detective. Whenever he hears a scream or sees a culprit, he will immediately and without hesitation run toward the sound or culprit instinctively.

If he is with another adult, or detective, he will most likely be in front of 2 people running toward the sound. If by himself or with some other non-detective, he will still be running toward the sound. Whether it is a victim or a culprit, he will be one of the first 2 people.

If it is to a victim, and another detective or officer is present, he may hang back a little, but he has no hesitations to checking on the victim, looking for clues, or going after culprits.

And while it may have been somewhat forced on, Shinichi/Conan stops being as attention-seeking as he was in his original body. Subtle, but during "The 3 'K's of Osaka" story, Conan/Shinichi didn't want to investigate the case because his soccer idol was a suspect (and later confirmed to be the actual culprit). Afterward, he stopped thinking like this, deciding that even if his friends, family, or someone close to either one is a suspect, he will consider that person a suspect until proven otherwise (such as Genta's dad being a possible suspect in "The Culprit is Genta's Dad" or Ran in "Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid").


Conan full face.png

Conan has dark brown hair which mostly hangs downwards just above his blue eyes, but there are also a few strands that stick up at the front and back of his head. Conan's usual outfit consists of a blue blazer with a single button and a pair of shorts, red trainers, and white socks, even though he has taken to wearing more casual clothing as time goes on. He also wears a red bowtie and his dad's old glasses. Both these items were later specifically modified by Professor Agasa to include a voice changer, microphone, and homing device, to aid in Conan in his cases. His red shoes have also been modified to harness electric and magnetic fields to stimulate pressure points on Conan's foot, greatly enhancing his kicking power.

Additionally, much like Hattori and Shinichi, Conan is incredibly popular. Ayumi and Haibara both have crushes on him, he has been hit on by girls around his shrunken age repeatedly, and even Jodie and Vermouth have both been charmed by his charisma. One even promised to make him her husband.


See also: Shinichi's Skills

Detective skills

Conan eavesdrop Police investigation meeting in Conan the movie 22 to save Kogoro mouri from being a suspect.

All of Shinichi's detective skills carry over to his Conan form, although Conan does not have the reputation Shinichi had. He repeatedly demonstrates the ability to remember every detail of an investigation or other topics he cares about and may have a photographic memory to manage such perfect recall so consistently. Conan's fastidious attention to detail allows him to notice minor inconsistencies in crime scenes and suspect testimony that other people miss, and using astute logic he uncovers the reasons behind those inconsistencies to link them to the crime. Conan has an extraordinarily broad knowledge of many subjects and trivia that help him solve cases; something he likely acquired from his incessant reading in his "first childhood". There are only a few people like Heiji, Saguru and Yusaku who are at the same detective level as Conan, with Yusaku, be the only person who is noticeably better than Conan.

As a child, Conan can attract less suspicion while investigating crime scenes, get away with searching people's personal property, and ask innocent questions without setting suspects on guard, although it comes with the drawback of not having Shinichi's authority or reputation. He is also shown able to read lips.[14]

Additionally, in the Red, White, Yellow case, Conan was specifically referred to and asked for help by a classmate.

Observation Sense

He is highly observant on almost every single thing in his life, whether at a crime scene or his everyday life, whether he is Shinichi or Conan. If he notices anything amiss, he will frequently leave the Detective Boys, or whoever to investigate immediately, esp. if he thinks the organization is involved, but his curiousity knows no bounds.

It is kind of like his brain will not rest, as long as he is awake because he frequently observes everything, and wants to investigate it.

At one point, this is why he was kidnapped, and placed in a coffin with a fake bottom, in an old-style hearse, which the kidnappers did not know was going to be sent to the scrapyard and crushed within hours of placing him in there.

He is also a real people watcher and spends a lot of time watching people help determine careers, emotions, what is going on with them to name a few. If need be he will get up, and investigate further.

He frequently notices momentary facial expressions that are only on a person's face for a second or two, which is all it takes for him to register the true emotions of people and various culprits. Such as a suddenly hidden smile upon finding the body of one's spouse, and the list goes on.

Some examples are the following:

In Home of Beika's Grenier, when the old man used a hand to stand up, despite the presence of 4 little children, Conan noticed instantly the look that the old woman gave her husband since he should not have used his hands to stand up in the presence of others.

In The Tense Tea Party, in Haido Central Hospital, Conan was watching Amuro, and instantly noticed how he reacted after a small child was counting down, "Three... Two... One..." and shouted out, "Zero!!" Since Amuro noticed his reaction, he had to cover it up, and say that "'Zero' was one of his nicknames when he was a little child."

This was the first clue to Conan that Amuro may not just be the Black Organization Member Bourbon, but something else too. During The Scarlet Return, Conan began to deduce from his observations, that Amuro was from the Japanese Secret Police, which became confirmed by the end of the saga.

Even when he was little he was practicing observing details and guessing careers of people, not always accurately, but he was a little boy at the time. This became much more accurate as he became older, and he retained this knowledge when he shrunk down to Conan.

Being Watched or Paranoia Sense

However, this particular Sense is the sense to know when he is being watched or observed by others. It may be called Paranoia, but it is not Paranoid if someone is really watching or following him, which he can quickly pick up on usually.

This may stem from his involvement with the Black Organization, and others.

It may also help that his parents like to watch their son in disguise, and esp. his Master Of Disguise Mother, with his Mystery Author father's habit of testing his son's observations and deductions from the time when he was a young child.

This ability is even more important due to the Black Organization wanting both Sherry and his teenage self 'Dead," since it helps to protect them.

This sense comes in a lesser degree as well:

Although Conan can speak professionally with the FBI, especially Jodie Starling, Shuichi Akai, James Black, and Inspector Kansuke Yamato of the Nagano Police, all of whom suspect that there is more to Conan than meets the eye, as well as everyone, who know his identity, it does cause problems with everyone else. He can even speak this way to the Detective Boys.

This Sense also allows him to eventually realize when he is being highly descriptive, and rambling with adult knowledge, for him to quickly cover it up with "saw it on Tv'" "Heard it from Uncle, Agasa, or Shinichi," and to begin talking and acting like a kid, even though the Detective Boys do not get why he suddenly goes all child-like, which is the only time he does.

It may also help him to know when Ran is suspicious that he is Shinichi Kudo, so he has to attempt to behave more like a child to mislead her for her protection.

This sense also allows him to determine if it is safe to use his tranquilizer on someone for the "sleeping Detective" routine. If he is being too closely watched, he has to continue to give hints, and possibly throughout the entire deduction, if he is unable to tranquilize someone: Kogoro, Sonoko, or someone else, if necessary.

This sense did not seem to activate at all at the shrine, when he was talking to Jodie, however, after a disguised Bourbon had a little chat with Jodie, and secretly placed a listening device in her sleeve, he wandered off, so that he can continue listening to them.

However, with that deceased pickpocketing case, he and the other pickpocket victims were brought to the crime scene, so he continued listening to Jodie and Conan's conversation, although he did not appear to watch or pay any attention to Jodie, Conan, Agasa, or any of the 4 kids, he probably had a good view of Haibara, unlike every other time, when she attempts to hide her face from him.

If he was visually watching intently, Conan would probably have picked it up, but Bourbon's observations were done in a way, that did not place Conan on high alert, except for when Jodie kept bringing up "Shuu."

Needless to say, after the Kogoro in the Bar case, when Takagi told him some information, he was really on high alert, and this sense may not have activated due to his panic mode, which was still evident at the beginning of Bathroom Where Ran Collapsed As Well case, although he was being observed by Bourbon, who was listening around the corner, however for several hours later, he did appear to be quite paranoid, and maybe that is why it did not appear to activate because he was already on high alert and frightened at the time.

Now, this sense is sometimes just a fleeting sense, however, something does seem to activate it, even if it was just momentarily, but it does leave a hint that someone might be watching him.

Speed Reader

In Once-A-Month Present Threat Case, he was shown to be able to read through hospital records at a lightning-fast speed.

Killer Radar

This radar is not completely accurate, but at times, he only has to see a person to know that they are the killer.

In the first episode, he could sense that Gin and Vodka were killers, but that did not stop him from tailing Vodka, only to be knocked out by Gin, and fed a poison pill, which made him shrink to the body of a 7-year-old.

In The Romance Novel with the Unexpected Conclusion, he knew who the killer was within minutes of the body being discovered, and merely had to get the evidence and figure out the trick.

There are many other instances as well.

In The Mysterious Woman With Amnesia Case, he probably would have picked up on the amnesiac woman being a killer, but she did have amnesia, although he highly suspected when he saw her hands, which are the hands of someone who works with wire. He picked up that she was a hitwoman, who specialized in killing by use of a wire garrote, which she used to strangle her victims.

In one episode, someone fell from a balcony, and Conan instantly knew this woman was the killer. The police brought up the information of her husband being killed during a robbery a while back.

After she was questioned and was allowed to leave, Conan began acting and begging her to let him ride in her expensive-looking car, and she did. They left without Kogoro and Ran.

He even managed to have her take him to see her place.

After she left him alone, he began investigating, and around the time of his deduction, Kogoro called him, and the call ended soon afterward.

When Conan stated that he knows that she is responsible for the death of her husband, and the guy who just fell, she threatened to kill him, and he lets her know that he hit redial on the phone, and Kogoro stated, "The police are on there way."

Suicide Alertness

This sense allows him to determine if a person, and most likely the culprit is likely to commit suicide, which would probably be a result of the deduction stage of a case. Sometimes, it may be simply obvious, with the culprit stating their suicidal intentions, but it is not usually that way, and Conan's sense was developed after a specific incident.

In Moonlight Sonata Murder Case, Conan figured out that the serial killer planned to die, like his father, and before their mind could be changed, the culprit threw Conan through the window, just before the building went up in flames. Since that incident, Conan is more determined to take the suicidal choice away from the culprits.

In Distinguished Family's Consecutive Accidental Death Case, Conan had asked, Heiji, "If he ever killed anyone before," stating that he feels that letting a person commit suicide when it can be stopped is the same as killing the person oneself. While Conan was talking with Heiji, he was also replacing the gasoline with water to stop the culprit's Murder/Suicide.

In The Case of the Besieged Detective Agency, a gunman strapped with bombs came into the detective agency, shortly followed by three women. His instructions were to discover which of the 3 women murdered his sister and made it look like a suicide. Conan called Ran, who was with Sera, and Sera closed Ran's phone but kept her little phone thing placed inside the phone, so it is still open, and Conan can hear everything that is being spoken.

The gunman stated that he will blow up the agency if Kogoro cannot name the killer and that once the killer is named, he will only kill the killer and himself. Thankfully, after the gunman discovered Ran's phone was still open, he welcomed the assistance of another Detective Shinichi Kudo.

After the Detective Boys managed to do the footwork, Conan was able to finish solving the case, but he first had to stop the gunman from committing a murder/suicide, so he bluffed that the sister killed herself. After the gunman was arrested, Conan finished solving the case, out of earshot of the suicidal man and named the killer, who is not who they thought it was.

In Detectives' Nocturne, Conan quickly figured out that the woman in the agency's bathroom was the killer of the "accused deceased guy. After Amuro, Kogoro, Ran, and Conan escorted her home to her apartment, then Conan behaved like he was desperate to use the bathroom, which made sense, since a corpse was on the toilet seat of the apartment until the police removed it, and it is still a crime scene.

When everyone else went to the kitchen for tea or something, Conan rushed to the bathroom and quickly went in the other direction to investigate the apartment. Most likely, he discovered bugs, and especially a bug in the suitcase with another corpse, which was under the bed.

When he was finished with his investigation, he left the apartment and waited for her.

After Masumi called Ran, Amuro and Kogoro realized there are bugs present, and Amuro hung up on Masumi.

Amuro has a bug detector, and while Amuro, Kogoro, and Ran went on the search to discover all of the bugs in the apartment, the woman made up an excuse and immediately bumped into Conan, who was waiting for her.

She agreed to take him with her to a nearby convenience store and gave him some juice, which she drugged with sleeping pills. After he appeared to fall asleep, she continued driving.

When Kogoro, Ran, and Amuro discovered the body and noticed Conan's absence, Kogoro called the culprit/kidnapper, and she stated that Conan will be returned in the morning.

After Kogoro and Amuro did more investigating, and noticing that bank robbery, and that 2 of the suspects are the dead guy in the suitcase and the deceased one at the agency.

Ran told Masumi and Agasa that Conan has been kidnapped, which of course sets the stage for the big rescue scene:

Masumi on her motorcycle

Subaru, Agasa, and Haibara in Subaru's car, with Haibara wearing the tracking glasses.

Amuro, Ran, and Kogoro are in another Vehicle, with Kogoro in the back seat.

At some point, Conan stopped acting like he was asleep, and gave her his deduction and even helped her to discover which of those 3 women is the third bank robber, who killed her boyfriend in the bank. However, he would not give her the answer straight away, since he told her, "I do not want to lose anyone. I mean you," since he read that she intended to kill the third robber, and then herself.

By bonding with her, he managed to get her to agree to let the police handle it, and to turn herself in, once he told her. His plan was working splendidly until the third robber, with a shooting gun, entered the car, and grabbed and immobilized Conan, as well as holding tightly to his right wrist, so that he could not tranquilize her, which is where the rescuers came in.

In another episode, Conan was with the Detective Boys, when they came across a man, and after he dropped his lottery tickets, they helped him to pick it up. This man was talking positively about the future, and he even had lunch with the 5 children.

After he left, Conan notified and began teaching the other Detective Boys the signs that this man was about to commit suicide today, and they followed this man to a subway station.

Conan stating, "It'll hurt, you know," referring to jumping in front of the subway train.

Conan and all of the Detective Boys: Genta, Mitsuhiko, Ayumi, and Haibara told him their evidence that he was about to commit suicide.

Conan even managed to help him to locate the winning lottery ticket that he had lost, which was inside of the eyeglass container that his sick and hospitalized granddaughter gave him. He had not opened it since he lost that ticket. He was contemplating suicide to have his life insurance pay for her operation, thankfully he now has the lottery ticket, which may be able to help his granddaughter.

After all, if he did commit suicide, the insurance company would not have paid it, if they were aware it was a suicide, which thankfully these 5 kids prevented.

Thankfully, Conan began teaching the other Detective Boys some of the signs of a suicidal person, so they may be aware of them next time they find another suicidal person.

Bluffing and Telling Lies

He can bluff if needed to come to the correct deduction. However, he is not a great liar.

Bluffing is giving misinformation, to trip up the culprit. A few examples of Conan's Bluffs are the following:

In Holmes Freak Murder Case, he stated the incorrect question of number 241 on that Holmes Test to prove that the culprit did not answer any of the 1,000 questions since he knew the test grader was already deceased.

In the Lucky Calico case, he told 2 bluffs, although only 1 bluff was discussed:

The first one was to mistake the gender of a male calico, and stating it was a female, to gauge how this "supposed owner" would react since male calico cats are worth a fortune. Conan managed to see the reaction before the Detective Boys blew it. Either way, this "supposed owner would have backed out if the calico was a female.

The second bluff was discussed when Azusa stated that she did not know that "when a group of people is together, the cat will always jump to the one in the middle." Amuro stated that Conan did a bluff so that he can perform his experiment with the calico and the 3 "supposed owners," before remarking that Conan is like a cat sharpening his claws." Amuro also did not state that it was to allow more time to pass, so that the catnip, would not affect Taii or Goro, so that Taii's true owner can be properly identified.

In The Case of the Besieged Detective Agency, a gunman strapped with bombs came into the detective agency, shortly followed by three women. His instructions were to discover which of the 3 women murdered his sister and made it look like a suicide. Conan called Ran, who was with Sera, and Sera closed Ran's phone but kept her little phone thing placed inside the phone, so it is still open, and Conan can hear everything that is being spoken.

The gunman stated that he will blow up the agency if Kogoro cannot name the killer and that once the killer is named, he will only kill the killer and himself. Thankfully, after the gunman discovered Ran's phone was still open, he welcomed the assistance of another Detective Shinichi Kudo.

After the Detective Boys managed to do the footwork, Conan was able to finish solving the case, but he first had to stop the gunman from committing a murder/suicide, so he bluffed that the sister killed herself. After the gunman was arrested, Conan finished solving the case, out of earshot of the suicidal man and named the killer, who is not who they thought it was.

As far as his cover of Conan Edogawa, he does have a hard time keeping others ignorant of his true identity. It does not help that he behaves more like an adult, when not actively playing with the Detective Boys, and he quickly switches to Adult Mode, if an investigation is in order, due to a crime or something else entirely.

Two major examples of his being a lousy liar:

When he had a hold of Kir's shoe, with his bug and transmitter, at the park, she asked him if he followed her, while applying her CIA Lie Test to him. She made him feel weird, and he did say "no," but she knew that he did follow her, and lied about it. It is a good thing that she previously turned off her camera or wire, so the other Black Organization Operatives may not kill him. She then thanked him for "picking up her shoe for her," before leaving.

In Haido Central Hospital, Amuro asked Conan if he remembers his friend, Kusuda Rikumichi, who was a patient, but went missing. Conan, quickly trying to end that line of questioning from Bourbon, quickly answered, "No."

Amuro smiled and told him that he was amazing. He then went to question other people nearby, and returned to Conan, and stated, "Most people are not confident in their memories to instantly remember a person by their name only. Usually, they have to ask questions, before answering." It is kind of like Amuro was aware of how amazing Conan is at so many different things, but he can't lie to save his life. It is like Amuro decided to give the kid a tip on how to tell a convincing lie.


He may not have always been a great strategist, but his strategies are becoming much better.

In Boy Genta's Misfortune, he deduced information of the culprit, and ... He may not have organized the stakeout of that building yet, however, he did organize a roadblock with Sato, who got in contact with Yumi in The Man from Chicago, when a foreign man was kidnapped. Unfortunately, Yumi did let them through since they were in a police car and dressed as policemen, however when they deduced that Conan came up with a scheme so that the police can surround the culprits, by making it look like they were chasing some kidnappers, who kidnapped some kids. The plan worked wonders. By the way, even James Black the kidnappee, knew who staged his rescue with that ploy, after just one encounter with the five "Detective Boys," and all Conan had to go on was "P & A."

In Contact with the Black Organization, when Conan was on the phone with Vodka, pretending to be the recently found 'dead guy,' he successfully managed to move the meet up. He wanted to have the meet before they found out the guy was dead, and he was hoping to get fingerprints, saliva, DNA, etc.

The thing is it may have worked if Gin did not stop Vodka from touching the item. In short, Gin became aware that someone crafty, like a fox, is after them. In short, Conan forgot, who he was dealing with, the "Men in Black," and to be more precise, the two that shrunk, and almost killed him before.

Conan managed to survive that encounter, but just barely due to Gin discounting something important. At any rate, Conan was stuck in that locker for several hours, and even lost some oxygen, and blacked out for a while. Conan has since that time became much more cautious when dealing with the organization, unfortunately, there is no one-hundred-percent safe way to take on that organization.

In Head-To-Head, after he received an invitation from Vermouth, he asked Haibara about her, and decided to tranquilize her, and lock her in the basement, and attempted to hide the spare tracking glasses.

He mentioned to Agasa, that Shinichi Kudo's name is on the invitation and envelope, and his: Conan Edogawa's name is on the letter, in short, Vermouth knows his identity.

He e-mailed someone and got a reply and a sudden cough. He inspected his house and found his mother.

He told his mother about Vermouth, and her knowing his identity. He had her do some disguises. Yukiko disguised Hattori as first a teenage Shinichi, and then as the Invisible Man for the party. She then disguised Conan to took like Haibara. She then gave herself a Medusa Disguise and accompanied Hattori on the ship with Kudo's invitation.

Jodie picked up Haibara, who was a disguised Conan, and he told her what to say for Vermouth to reveal herself.

He planned on having her take him into the Organization, but she attempted to kill Jodie, he unmasked himself, and his plan went out the window, when Haibara escaped from the basement, and found the spare tracking glasses, and arrived at the scene since she was tracking Conan.

In Clash of Red and Black, he came up with a few strategies: He told his plan to Akai, who was heavily involved with both major SECRET strategies.

First, you need a "Prince to wake up the sleeping Princess," which means Eisuke to wake up his sister, who is continuing to fake her comatose condition.

Then Conan, Akai, Kir, and Camel are involved in the returning Kir Undercover in the Black Organization, keeping everyone else in the dark, until she is back undercover.

Then Conan came up with the plan to fake Akai's death by out-guessing Gin, the entire way. Only Akai and Kir, as well as Conan, were in on this plan, but Conan could not be present, at this time at all, and did need to give Jodie his phone with the needed fingerprints. Everyone else was left in the dark, except for James Black, who noticed the glue-like substance on Akai's fingertips just before the meet.

In The Jet-Black Mystery Train, Conan had even less time to come up with a working strategy, since he did have his guard down. Thankfully, his mother let him know Vermouth was on the train, and he saw the Picture Mitsuhiko took of Sherry when she saved them a little earlier.

He had to quickly come up with a plan, which used an all-star cast of himself, his mother, Subaru, and Kid disguised as Sherry as the finishing touches.

That strategy worked out big time, since they were able to save Haibara's life, discover Bourbon's identity, and make Vermouth agree to quit trying to kill her.

In the Scarlet episodes, after Camel let it slip that Kusada shot himself in the head, Conan had less than a day to come up with a plan that made Bourbon think that Subaru and Akai were 2 different people and to save Akai again.

This time, Akai was in the back of Jodie and Camel's car.

His mother, Yukiko Kudo, was disguised as her husband appearing on tv at an awards ceremony.

His father, Yusaku Kudo, was dressed as Subaru. His father was wearing a voice-changing facemask and did a bit of coughing. Sometimes he answered, and Conan listening in another room, with several cameras, had to also use Subaru's voice when talking to Bourbon in the living room.

Athletic ability

Conan is just as skilled as Shinichi in soccer, but a lot less powerful because he only has the strength of a young child. To make up for this, Conan uses Agasa's power-enhancing kick shoes. Conan uses a signature, powerful precision kick to knock out criminals using soccer balls or whatever substitute is handy. Like Shinichi, Conan's kick is accurate over distances and he is capable of mentally reckoning the angle of impact necessary to rebound a soccer ball off a wall and strike an attacker from behind. He is also good at skiing, snowboarding, and ice-skating.

Conan also has some skill with firearms despite the recoil is much more severe for a child's body. He shoots out a bus window during a bus hijacking and precisely grazes Ran's leg to render her useless as a hostage in the second movie.

Conan's nimbleness is especially noticeable in the non-canon movies. For example, in the sixth movie, Conan is seen to fight with various antagonists, and he even holds his own against Jack the Ripper, a notorious serial killer who bests even Ran in combat. In the fourteenth movie, Conan does a backflip on his skateboard to avoid being killed by the blimp's hijackers. Conan shows a proclivity for skateboarding. In the movies and anime, Conan can easily perform very complicated tricks and dodges with his skateboard at high speed.

Acting Ability

He may not have great acting ability, however, he is good enough to accomplish his goals.

In Detectives' Nocturne, he was given some juice, drugged with sleeping pills. He noticed that the safety seal was broken, so he pretended to drink it, and also at some time, appeared to fall asleep, spilling half of the juice on the back seat floorboard of her car, and acted asleep for a long time.

At some point, she even laid him down in the back seat, where he remained in that pose for a long time.

When it was dark, and she stopped to get gas and go to the restroom, she covered him with her coat, so he would not get sick.

He continued acting asleep when she returned, although he probably went through her coat pockets when she was away.

He continued acting asleep, until he decided that he had enough evidence for his deduction, and to give it to her.

In Two Days with the Culprit, after he was kidnapped by Ryousuke Oomine, when he had an opening in some kind of room, he acted like he was scared of a rat or something, and began hugging, but in reality, he was frisking him to determine if he is armed.

After he solved the case, he asked Ryousuke Oomine, "how are you at acting," and they went to the location of the three suspects, and put on an act like he was about to kill Conan, for the culprit to reveal himself. It worked.

In Head-to-Head Match with the Black Organization: A Dual Mystery on a Full Moon Night, Conan did a good job of acting like Haibara in the car with Jodie, but he probably broke character to tell Jodie what to say to Vermouth to get her to reveal herself to them, but that also earned his trust in Jodie at the same time.

After he removed his Haibara mask, he was distracted, when Haibara showed up on the scene, which gave Vermouth the needed opening to use his stun gun wristwatch on him, to place him to sleep, before gently sitting him down beside the car, so he does not get hurt in the fall.

After Vermouth abducted the unconscious Conan and drove some distance away, she e-mailed the boss and began thinking. When she touched his shoulders, she felt some wires and stuff on him, so she cut his coat, and found some tubes going from Conan's body into a box. She started to rip out the wires from the box, and heard, "I wouldn't if I were you." If those wires were pulled, it would send information to the machine that he is dead, and that e-mail that she just sent would be sent to his partner and the police. It is unknown just how long he was asleep, and when he woke up, but he later recalled the sound of the digits to the Boss.

In The Disappearance of Conan Edogawa: The Worst Two Days in History, the TV Special, while in a public bathroom, and after Conan saw some important evidence, he realized the danger, and faked a slip on the wet floor, where he was promptly chloroformed, and abducted.

When he woke up, he pretended that he had amnesia. He eventually revealed that he was Edogawa Conan Detective to one of the people involved, however, the amnesiac child act had to continue for the duration of the case.

In The Woman with White Hands Case, while rehearsing his lines for tomorrow's play, Conan is playing 'Ikku' in the school play.

All of the following: Kobayashi-sensei, Rumi-sensei as well as Conan's classmates are astonished at his wonderful acting and delivery of his lines.

He told Haibara that he played that part when he was in third grade, and his parents had trained him well. With his mother being an actress, and his father being a mystery writer, who suggested a better phrase for him to say rather than the written line.

In short, neither of his parents would have permitted him to give anything less than stellar performance, so they made certain his performance was perfect. This is why he missed several rehearsals as Conan as he remembered most of his lines.

In A Crab and Whale Kidnapping Case, at a beer garden at night, Conan overheard this man on the phone and surmised that his child had been abducted. Surprisingly Kogoro and Ran listened, and they followed this man, who they found out was a dentist.

However, the only way to find out more, and everything, is to talk to the dentist. Since there may be some onlookers, Conan decided to play the part of a patient.

He did a magnificent job of acting like a little boy who had an excruciatingly bad toothache to convince any onlookers that he was a patient so that they could enter the Dentist's office and talk to the Dentist. He appeared to be even louder than Kogoro on the intercom, asking for his child to be able to see the dentist, even though the dentist's office is closed.

As good as he is at acting, he is not always great at it.

Most notably, when he is petrified.

When he hears the 7 children's melody, he is unable to even act, like it is nothing, and esp. if he hears it in regards to dialing the Boss's E-mail address.

At the shrine with Jodie, he was definitely unguarded, and the two did quite a bit of talking: before and after she had been bugged by a disguised Bourbon (Claiming to be a hostage, who was coincidentally pickpocketed just before being knocked out by Bourbon, at the same bank with Jodie and the scarred guy), until a disguised Vermouth (Claiming to be his 6-month pregnant wife, who taped up Jodie at the bank) removed the bug.

In the Kogoro at the Bar Case, Detective Takagi notified Conan, that Tohei Benzaki, claims that he was never involved in a pickpocket case and that he is single, and Conan begins to remember that the Bank robbers separated the hostages, who came with someone, from those who came alone. Only those who came alone taped up the ones who came with others.

This placed Conan in a panicky state, and he began running from the bar, probably to the professor's house, since it is unlikely that he would have fled back to the Detective Agency, since Haibara might be in danger. If he did go to Agasa's house, it may also have placed Subaru/ Akai in danger too.

In the Bathroom where Ran Collapsed As Well Case, he was still running from the bar.

He began thinking that Bourbon and Vermouth may have made those purposeful mistakes in their story to trap him into making a mistake too, so he tried to calm down and called Haibara, who is safe, at this time. He then hung up.

Around the corner, Bourbon had been closely watching him, when he was on the phone.

Later that day, Ran and Conan were in an apartment complex lobby, while they were waiting for Ran's mother, to have lunch.

Conan was attempting to act normal, although he failed miserably since he was looking around the entire time, since they arrived, and probably ever since he hung up from Haibara earlier.

He was so obviously frightened, that Ran asked if he is okay. He answered in the affirmative, but soon afterward, he was sweating bullets.

Ran thought about taking him home, rather than eating with her Mom, since he might be coming down with something.

Soon afterward, an already terrified Conan begins hearing the shutter of a camera and becomes even more terrified. Soon afterward, he saw a camera take his picture from behind a nearby chair, and Masumi came out of hiding, which helped his fear to disappear, so that he can go back to his normal "Not terrified for your life" state again.

She probably witnessed his fear, while working on a case for her client, but chose to help him to calm down finally.

In short, when he is terrified, he is unable to act like everything is normal.

Another way that he fails at acting is when he cracks the culprit's trick and gets the last bit of evidence for his deduction.

If anyone is watching Conan at these times, he may have some explaining to do. However, no one is paying attention to him at these many times. They are either not around, due to 'less footwork' or completely ignoring him, unless they (Kogoro) want to get on to him for being where he shouldn't, and react promptly to that reprimand, rather than observing him.

He has shown both of these expressions a lot, and sometimes even both of them. The first is when he usually figures out the trick, and the momentary reaction he has when everything clicks into place. The second has finally been termed as a 'Prankster Smile' in the lucky calico case, by the detective boys, most noticeably Haibara and Ayumi in that order to realize that when he shows that smile, he has cracked the case and figured out everything.

Unfortunately, he is frequently unable to act bored much of the time, even as Conan, since he is a genius, who could probably teach his high school teachers things as Shinichi Kudo, and bring him back to elementary school, and he is bored to death if he can't use his intellectual brain, which does help that most of the culprits do have a trick that requires to be cracked if they are to be caught.

However, if a trick, code, or riddle is highly perplexing, Conan seems not to be able to hide his excitement, which he is not good at hiding from the observant.

Thirst For Intellectual Stimuli

In The Secret of the Moon, the Star, and the Sun, Professor Agasa made a treasure hunt game for the Detective Boys, really wanting it to be very difficult that Shinichi would practically give up, forgetting that if it was that way, the three real first graders would be unable to crack it at all.

At any rate, Conan had already cracked the case and found the professor's box within five minutes of entering the house, and he was focused on a much more complex code that someone else had come up with at the house.

The Detective Boys reprimanded Conan for being lazy, and not help to figure out where the clues to the Professor's treasure hunt, so that Conan had to lead the lazy children to each clue, so it is surprising that he did not just tell them where the box is, and don't bother him while he is focused on this less boring code.

However, Agasa noticed Conan's deliriously happy expression when he was getting to solve a complicated riddle. Conan even stated, "The more I don't understand, the more excited I get."

Conan seems not to be able to hide his excitement in these cases, much like his boredom when he cannot use his brain, and The Final Screening Murder Case showed his limit is only two hours than he HAS to use his brain to be HAPPY.

He only seems happy when he can use his brain or with Ran, and even then, there are lots of idiots in his world, not saying names though. Even though she is not one usually.

Thankfully, most of the culprits do use a trick or code to excite him, in contrast to a very simple one in The Secret of the High Sales, which was solved by 3 real first-grade children. He even stated at the end of that case, "His brain needs a smart culprit." Due to the simpleness of the culprit, he had a hard time with that case. That may explain why Haibara was uninvolved in that case since she was aware 'the culprit' was too simple and unintellectual for Conan's level of complexity.

In fact, in Conan vs. Kaitou Kid, he was bored at the talk of the thief, since "This is stupid. Thieves are boring.," and planned on going to bed, however as soon as they mentioned a coded message of the announcement, he was all ears. In fact. Even though he cracked the code at Beika Museum, in the daytime, he did not tell anyone else that they were far off the mark.

Instead, he snuck out at night to meet the Kid that night. Conan asked Agasa about tome information in his father's files, before meeting Kid, since he was fascinated to meet Kaito Kid, a "strange retro-thief, whose crazy enough to announce his moves."

Thankfully, there are some detectives and federal agents, where he can show his intellectual stimuli, and this is done by them recognizing that he is the one solving Kogoro's cases and that he is a very smart child, even if they are unaware of who he is: Jodie Starling, James Black, Miwako Sato, Kansuke Yamato, and Yui Uehara, and even Wataru Takagi, and the famous Shogi player, Shukichi Haneda, an undercover Federal Agent, Rei Furuya.

It is hard to say if he can even hide his intellect and thirst for it from Hyoue Kuroda, a Rum Contender, since before their first case, Kuroda had already allowed it to be known that he was aware of Conan's deductive intelligence, by his introduction of Conan, 'The Brain behind Sleeping Kogoro' and say that Conan can crack cases by seeing what no one else does. Conan Edogawa, Detective," in front of the Nagano Policemen present. In Mystery of the Burning Tent, he refers to Conan as "Sleeping Kogoro's Bag of Wisdom" to both: Ninzaburo Shiratori and Inspector Yuminaga.

As much as Conan may want to hide his intellect from Hyoue Kuroda until he deduces Rum's identity, it may not be possible. After all, in a case, Kuroda did tell Takagi and Megure to do whatever Conan says, and in another case, he did instruct Bourbon to answer all of Conan's questions about the case, when he realized that Conan is also investigating this case too.

First aid

Conan has repeatedly dispensed first aid to stabbed/shot/cardiac/poisoned/hurt victims before the rescuers arrive.

In A June Bride Murder Case, In the manga, Conan rinses out Miss Matsumoto's mouth with milk after he sees her collapsing, to neutralize the poison in her body. It is later stated that this bit of first aid may have been the reason why Miss Matsumoto was discharged from the hospital sooner than anticipated. These parts are cut from the anime entirely.

In Scuba Diving Murder Case, after a woman had suffered a snake bite from a water snake, Conan immediately grabbed a glass of ice tea and gave it to those sucking out the poison, and treating her.

Although Kogoro did not know of any of this, Eri told him, "Ice Tea has Tannin. The first thing to do in the case of a snake bite... is to make use of the Tannin component in tea to clean the wound and alleviate the poison." While Kogoro is flabbergasted that Conan is aware of what to do in a snake bite, Eri states, "That boy is quite sharp. Compared to people like us, sitting here with our arms folded, he's much more of an asset. More importantly, the ex-policeman here doesn't seem to know a thing about this."

In The Celebrities' Secret, is the first case that does go more into detail about Conan's first aid skills, such as giving sugar sticks to a person who attempted suicide with a hypoglycemic drug, which is used to treat Diabetes. The other case that showed his first aid skills was in the Scuba Diving Murder Case, when he quickly grabbed a glass of ice tea, due to the needed Tannin, to combat the poisonous snake bite. In the other case, he handed the tea to the rescuers, however in this case, he began administering it himself.

In all three cases, the person survived, due to his first aid knowledge and skills.

However, these are just three of the cases that showcase it or two in the anime.


It is hard to say about his stamina since he was shrunk down to Conan. It is not as good when he is in his 17-year-old body since he now has the body of a 7-year-old.

Without Agasa's gadgets, His strength is also that of a 7-year-old too, which includes his kicking strength as well.

However, he is a very active, and maybe hyperactive little kid, who frequently uses his feet and legs, whether running, kicking, and skateboarding around the town. So his feet and leg muscles are probably stronger than when he was first shrunk, but still..., he would be toast without the professor's Gadgets and especially his superkick shoes.

He probably has normal stamina for a little kid, although some of the feats, and esp. in non-cannon movies, may seem to exaggerate his stamina, but even in the scene when Ran was pushed in front of a moving train, and Conan immediately jumped down, grabbed her, and dragged her to safety, he was panting afterward.


Conan sings in the Karaoke.

Conan cannot sing on key in the slightest so he is often accused of being tone deaf. Despite being a hilariously awful singer, Conan has perfect pitch and can identify notes accurately even in difficult contexts like the sound of phone button presses forming a melody. In Episode 11: The Moonlight Sonata Murder Case, he knows that the piano is in tune and deciphers a message at the end just by listening to the notes that are played. Haibara directly described Shinichi Kudo as having a perfect pitch in the last scenes of the twelfth Detective Conan movie, Full Score of Fear. He also manages to replicate and sing dial tones for a phone, showing that the reason he can't sing is that he simply doesn't have relative pitch. In File 728 (Episode 614), Conan stated he isn't very knowledgeable about music but identified the untuned piano key whereupon Haibara joked about his sharp ears despite being tone-deaf. Surprisingly, Conan recognizes Twinkle Twinkle Little Star lyric from hearing 4 sets of 7-times tapping on the phone and can sing this song very well when he distracts a serial killer from assaulting Naeko in File 1017 (Episode 974).

Also, to be like his favorite detective, Sherlock Holmes, he plays the violin. This was confirmed in Movie 12, 'Full Score of Fear' when he played "Amazing Grace" for Ran. However, he is stumped on what Ran meant when she said, "He has a funny habit when he plays."

Bomb defusion

Conan can defuse a bomb effortlessly without external instruction. This has been demonstrated once in canon, and multiple times in movies.

When Conan was in the area with the bomb, which only he could reach, while the bomb squad was trying to determine the kind of bomb that Conan is with so that they can give the little boy instructions on how to disarm the bomb.[15]

He had already begun disarming it, and only stopped, when he realized if he waited until 3 seconds before the detonation, he will receive a hint as to the location of another bomb, so he hesitated, and discovered that it was Teitan High School, with the letters E-V-I-T. He also managed to disarm it before it blew up.

Criminal psychology

Conan shows a keen understanding of criminal psychology, occasionally being able to sense if someone is the true criminal. He can also predict the movement and plan of the criminals, and in some cases, he used this skill to "bluff". By deliberately giving the wrong deduction, he managed to make the criminal reveal the key evidence of the case, confess, abandon suicide's attempt, or lead them to the wrong ends (if they are chasing Conan).

In non-canon, it was shown that if the criminal doesn't conform to the general intellectual pattern, Conan will have trouble deducing their crime, even if it is so obvious that the Detective Boys can deduce perfectly.

Conan introduces himself to Kaito Kid when they first met. "Conan Edogawa, a detective!" in Episode One.

Reverse Psychology

In the Clash of Red and Black Arc, he planned along with Shuichi how to replace Kir ack undercover in the Black Organization, without telling the rest of the FBI until it was over, however he did have to outthink Gin.

He had to outthink Gin, and implement Reverse Psychology, if not Reverse Reverse Psychology when planning Akai's Faked death at Railla Pass.

They knew that Kir would have to prove herself by killing Akai and that Gin always kills with headshots, so he would demand that of her.

He also knew it would be at Railla Pass, and used Kusada's body, thanks to that spy shooting himself in the head and committing suicide.

He also knew since Kusada had already touched his phone, make it look to the other FBI Members that Akai touched Conan's phone, but Akai had some substance to keep his fingerprints off of it entirely.

In short, Conan had to predict what Gin would demand and where at, along with Kir and Akai, and at the same time, making Gin think that it is all "his idea."

The only ones allowed in on the following secrets:

Placing Kir back undercover: Conan, who planned it Akai Kir Andre Camel, who had to drive her.

The other FBI members did not find out until she was placed back undercover, otherwise, they may have given the act away.

Akai's Faked Death: Conan, who planned it, and even arranged for Akai to meet his Mom and Agasa somewhere else to help his new disguise. Kir, who was to kill him to prove herself to Gin Akai, who was to die James Black, who noticed the glue or substance to Akai's fingertips, just before the fateful meeting.

No one else was let in on that secret at all, until the scarlet episodes, when Jodie and Camel finally learned about it, including Bourbon, who figured it out due to his keen observation skills.

"7 Children" or "Nanatsu no Ko" Alertness

This can also be called the Boss's E-Mail Address Alertness as well.

After Conan's confrontation with Vermouth, when he appeared to still be unconscious from his tranquilizer dart, he heard her press the digits on her cell phone to reply to "BOSS" of the Black Organization at the end of Head to Head Halloween Party episode.

He remembered the sounds of the digits being pressed when she was dialing the boss's e-mail address to respond to a message that he had sent her.

Conan may be tone-deaf, but he does have Perfect Pitch and can recognize the tune of the Boss's e-mail address.

At the end of The Dissonance of the Stradivarius Episode 387, he found out those digits are for the song of "7 Children" or "Nanatsu no Ko," which happens to the Boss of the Black Organization's E-mail address.

He can recognize that tune in an instant, and immediately is on the hunt for the Black Organization Member, who just e-mailed their Boss. He cannot even pretend to act normally when he hears this tune.

Even just the first four digits place him on high alert before he discovered the name of the tune.

Even though Haibara stated that the e-mail address is a Pandora Box, which should never be opened, or dialed.

Since he can recognize the Boss's e-mail immediately, which has shown many times:

After his bug and transmitter, accidentally fell on the ground, and Rena stepped on it, he immediately heard her dial the Boss's e-mail address, and found out her code name of Kir, among other stuff.

That tune also came in handy at finding out that a Black Organization Spy had infiltrated Haido Central Hospital, where Kir was hospitalized due to the e-mail being dialed.

Even in the Non-cannon movie: The Raven Chaser, after Conan found out that the Boss's E-mailed had been dialed, he immediately chased after a disguised Vermouth, and saw her enter Gin's Porsche. Unfortunately, Irish, another disguised Black Organization Member, who was impersonating the Superintendant Kiyonaga Matsumoto, noticed Conan's behavior, and immediately began investigating Conan, and he even managed to obtain Conan's fingerprints and match them to Kudo Shinichi's fingerprints, when he held that mask and helmet in the Desperate Revival Festival, earlier. He may not have noticed if it was not for the Panic Mode or Near Panic Mode that this number and song instills in Conan.

Computer skills

Conan has some programming skills, for being able to create Mouri Detective Agency's website. He doesn't know about hacking, at least he is not able to crack Black Organization's encrypted data.

Kaitou Kid radar

Conan occasionally seems to be able to sense if Kaitou Kid is present at a crime scene.[16][17] Unlike Haibara's "Black Organization smell" sense, Conan's Kid detector isn't very reliable.

Codebreaker and Codewriter

He is great at discovering codes, as well as deciphering them.

He frequently can decipher Kid's codes, among many others. In the paper airplane episode, Subaru and Conan, both managed to decipher the airplane code at about the same time. He was also able to decipher from E-V-I-T, that the next bomb was Teitan High School.[15]

He has even been shown to be able to write codes as well. When Conan, Haibara, Mitsuhiko, Genta, and Ayumi, were locked in a freezing delivery van, without their cell phones, and all they had on hand were some odds and ends, taxi receipt, and Taii, the cat. Conan managed to create a code out of the taxi receipt, which would look like trash to almost everyone, except the only person who would be able to decipher it in an instant, Amuro, who works at Cafe Poirot, and Taii makes his stop there every day at around this time. The code read, COR...P..SE," and the license plate number.[18]

He then placed the note in Taii's collar, who managed to escape. However, when Azusa was about to hand the note to Amuro, it blew away in the wind, only for Bourbon to find out the spelling from Azusa, and pieced together instantly, "Corpse." After Azusa stated that Conan knows the cat comes here every day, he took the rest of the day off work to track the note using his Wind App, taking into account the location of the building.

Conan then remembered the cake that Agasa ordered for a delivery at a special time, located it, and wrote a message to redirect the cake to the Kudo Residence, where Subaru is living, and redirected it, "In the care of Mr. Kudo," and even added a message in the customer's copy of the receipt so that Subaru would know that they are trapped in the delivery van.

Subaru sent a package, which was a cell phone to help the kids. However, they were found out by the culprits. Fortunately, Amuro came in time and disabling the culprits. Conan was able to use that phone to call the police.


Conan recognizes a phrase ("Kill me tomorrow--but let me live tonight.") from Shakespeare's Othello, which helps him realize that the victim was rehearsing a play, not having an argument with someone.[19]

Mystery Magnet

No matter where Conan goes, he can't go anywhere without stumbling upon a murder or some other crime. Lampshaded after a while by whichever of the police officers happens to be on duty in that area and some of the characters:

  • Megure in particular begins to wonder if Kogoro is the Angel of Death, later on, more accurately shifting his joking suspicions towards Conan himself as seen in Episode 549.
  • During The Final Screening Murder Case (manga chapter 222/anime episode 138) where the Detective Boys are watching movies in a theatre and Ai tells Conan he should relax and enjoy a "child's vacation." When someone is killed at the back of the theatre, Ai remarks, "It seems you never have time for a vacation."
  • In episode 141, Heiji says about Conan, "Every time I see that guy a case occurs," ... about thirty seconds before a scream is heard and a body discovered.
  • In file 1088 Heiji said that the level of his Grim Reaper that gets him involved in cases is not high as Conan’s.
  • And during The Mystery in the Netcase (File 311-313/episodes 246-247) where the Detective Boys and Ran and Sonoko independently wind up at the same beach, Sonoko says of Conan, "The reason we didn't bring him was that there are always cases when he's around!"
    • Later in the same episode, Haibara learns where Conan and the others are after they're late returning to their hotel (having discovered a murder while she was not present) by asking the hotel staff if there is a murder being investigated nearby.
  • Misao Yamamura said Conan needed to be exorcised because Conan keeps getting caught up into cases in the Mountain Witch Case.
  • At the beginning of the first file of the paper aeroplane case, Conan notices how he seems to be running into cases all the time. This is the first time he's ever noticed, and this is over 600 chapters into the manga.
  • Except that in the very first chapter of the whole manga, he tells Ran that murders "happen all the time", which implies that encountering a lot of murders is normal to him. The rate of cases must have ramped up even further for him to notice that something is odd.
  • In Episode 748 Sato has said Conan is every bit of the Angel of Death like Mouri is and she keeps finding him at murder scenes.
  • In Zero Tea Time File 52 Amuro thought about Conan when he thought that something bad happens wherever you go like the Grim Reaper when Sakurako Yonehara talked about the grim reaper when she said she feels like she cursed because there are cases and police investigations happen at the places she works as a housekeeper.


Although most people will call Conan by his name suffixed with -kun, or simply kid, a lot of the characters have different ways of calling him due to the special relationships they share. The following is a list of the different appellations for Conan (and the ones Conan gives in return) encountered in the series.

Plot overview

Initial pursuit

After Shinichi becomes Conan, he sets out to find the men in black almost immediately. At the suggestion of Agasa, he moves in with Ran and Kogoro, hoping that cases related to them come by. Pretty soon, a case involving a woman named Akemi Miyano (using the alias Masami Hirota) appears. Akemi robs a bank for the men in black in the hopes that they will free her sister from their organization. Conan is unable to realize the case's connection to the organization until after the men in black have shot Akemi and left her for dead rather than give up such a valuable asset as her sister. In her dying moments, Akemi warns Conan of the danger of the organization.[78]

Conan runs across the men in black again on a bullet train, this time learning their codenames: Gin and Vodka.

At a game convention, Conan meets a third man in black named Tequila, only to have him die in an explosion meant for someone else. Conan learns about a meeting place from the murderer, but just before he reaches the bar an explosion set by the men in black destroys the place entirely, leaving Conan without any leads.

Introduction of Ai Haibara

Later on, Conan meets child-size biochemist Ai Haibara, the creator of APTX 4869. Ai grew up within the Black Organization as Shiho Miyano and is a former member of it along with her deceased sister, Akemi.[79] After Akemi died, Shiho refused to keep working and took APTX 4869 to die before the Black Organization could execute her. Instead, she shrinks like Conan did and is adopted by Agasa so she and Conan can work together to find a cure and catch the men in black.

However, when she introduced herself to him at night in front of the Kudo and Agasa's house, she did it in a way, where she showed that she can be quite evil, like the rest of the Black Organization, even telling him that Agasa, who is his lifeline to being a detective in his child's body is dead, really freaking him out. When he went to Agasa, he was alive and well, and all three spoke, but ...

After the professor's case, he saw her real tears, when she was crying in his shirt, and since then their relationship has improved dramatically, and they even protect each other.

She is also helping him to be more cautious than his initial, "The Black Organization is involved. I am scared, but I will hunt them down, and try and get the antidote," without thinking of the consequences.

He is still determined to take down that organization, but he is now wiser than he was at in, whereas, she is more inclined to err on the side of caution, "Stop. Don't Go. Stay out of this," which will not take the organization down but may keep them safer.

In regards to the Black Organization, they both tend to withhold information to protect the other one. It is difficult to know just how much she knows of the Organization's leaders and such, but she feels if she tells him anything until it comes up, he may carelessly act on it.

When Conan found out that the '7 Children' song's first lines' tone was the Boss's e-mail address, his initial thought was to have Takagi investigate it, until she told him that "He will die. Takagi as soon as he reaches that person, and then they will find out who gave him that number, and you will die next. The e-mail address is Pandora's box that should never be opened.

In return, Conan protects her a lot in regards to the organization: saving her life, withholding risky information, and coming up with plans to save her life, when she has been found out and trying to hide her from them.

Meeting with the Black Organization

In Reunion with the Black Organization Conan and Haibara cross paths with them at a hotel party while trying to prevent someone from dying at the hands of the organization. While there, Haibara is kidnapped by one of the members of the organization, Pisco. Conan manages to save Haibara and also learn about Anokata

After Vermouth

The Phone Number of 'That Person'

After Conan solves a case of serial murders, the culprit tells Conan that the tune created by dialing the phone number for the Leader of the Black Organization is the song "Seven Children".

Returning Back to Shinichi

Throughout the series, Conan has returned to Shinichi several times, but never permanently.

East versus West Detective

First, he temporarily returns to normal after drinking alcohol while infected with a cold.[80] He quickly turns back into Conan after solving the case and develops an immunity to the alcohol.

Desperate revival

Haibara invented an antidote prototype for the APTX 4869, and Conan first uses it in Volume 26 to conceal his identity and allay Ran's suspicions that he is Shinichi. Haibara disguises herself as Conan and appears in front of Ran with Shinichi to put Ran's fears to rest.[81][82]

Shiragami case

The antidote prototype is again taken, this time accidentally in place of cough syrup. It wears off 24 hours later, with Haibara giving him another one to protect his identity. This time it wears off in a shortened 4 hours, once again interrupting his chance to confess his feelings to Ran.[83]

London Arc

During the Holmes' Revelation arc in London, Conan takes an antidote so he can go overseas, because "Conan Edogawa" does not exist in real life, and has no passport. Ran quickly deduces that Shinichi is in London as well. She asks some Londoners about a Japanese boy, and they give her directions, without specifying it was a six-year-old they saw. In a phone booth, Conan takes the pill originally meant for his return trip to Tokyo to conceal his identity from Ran. During this time, he manages to confess his feelings to her. Luckily for Conan, Haibara asks Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo, his parents, to go to London and give him a third pill, as she guessed he would have used his spare one for Ran.[84][85][86]

Non-canon plot overview

Relationships analysis

Family and friends

Ran Mouri

Ran holding Conan.

Although they are romantic interests as Shinichi and Ran, Conan and Ran share a brother/sister kind of relationship. Ran plays a nurturing protective role and treats Conan like a child version of Shinichi. They do a lot of activities together, such as swimming, going to the movies or festivals, and more. Ran and Conan both look out for each other's well-being. Ran stands up for Conan during Kogoro's outbursts and destroys any criminals seeking to inflict harm on Conan with her karate. Conan lends an ear and advice when Ran is in a difficult situation or needs to vent, and he comforts and encourages her when she is feeling down, especially about Shinichi being away for so long. It is even likely that Ran subconsciously knows that Conan actually is Shinichi, even though she seems reluctant to follow that notion.[87]

Kogoro Mouri

Kogoro noticing Conan in the car.

Kogoro and Conan most often see each other as nuisances. Conan dislikes Kogoro's usually poor detective ability and case handling, slovenly personal habits, and overinflated ego. Kogoro's deduction doesn't seem to improve so Conan almost always needs to knock Kogoro out when he starts spouting off incorrect theories. Although in most cases Conan merely sees Kogoro as a drunk idiot, he often is impressed when Kogoro gets serious and gets the case right, so he will allow the "non-sleeping Kogoro" to take the spotlight. Kogoro views Conan as a freeloader who constantly gets underfoot and never fails to insinuate himself at cases, "interfere" with the scene, and pipe up with childish observations that consistently ruin Kogoro's deductions. Sometimes, Kogoro will also grab Conan by the jacket, leave him outside, or knock him on the head if he is too nosy when involved in a case. However, their relationship is intimate and Kogoro takes care of Conan just like a member of the house. At times when Conan is in danger or his life is in peril, Kogoro is seen to be visibly distressed, focused only on getting Conan back. In one episode where Conan was kidnapped, put into a car, and the car was in the process of being crushed, Kogoro was even in tears at Conan's apparent death but then rejoiced tearfully when he was shown to be unharmed. Conan in return does everything in his power to protect Kogoro from getting into trouble with the Black Organization, saving his life multiple times whenever Kogoro unknowingly gets involved with them. They are usually seen going to cases together (probably because Conan sneaks along with Kogoro, inserts himself into the case, or simply annoys Kogoro enough to bring him) and sometimes they'll follow Ran whenever they think she might be off to see a boy or "that detective brat" as Kogoro refers to Shinichi.

Yusaku and Yukiko Kudo

Yukiko nearly calls Conan "Shinichi" in public.

Conan's parents, Yusaku and Yukiko, like to push their child towards becoming an even better detective. They enjoy giving him challenges, typically without letting Conan know who's giving them; once they disguised as Black Organization operatives trying to kill Shinichi Kudo to show Conan how dangerous his goals are. However, after seeing that their son is determined to dive into the matter, they decide to follow his wish and even helps him out with disguises and plans.

Yukiko loves to meddle in Conan's (and Shinichi's) love life, as she will often make allusions regarding Ran being her possible future daughter-in-law and Ai or Ayumi having feelings for Conan. He doesn't usually pay much attention to them. Once she told Conan that Ai has romantic feelings for him because she looked at him ten times in a short period, saying that the only time a girl would do that is if she likes the boy or the boy has something on his face. Conan simply pushes it off as Ai checking on her "lab mouse," but at night, in bed, Conan asks Ai if he has something on his face.

Yukiko helped him out once to keep his secret identity from being exposed to Ran by creating an alibi for him. Yukiko once nearly called Conan "Shinichi" in public but Conan was able to cover it by creating a distraction.

Hiroshi Agasa

Conan investigates with Agasa.

Conan treats Agasa as a member of his own family, as an uncle. Because they both share the secret behind Shinichi's transformation and knowledge about the Black Organization, Conan often comes to him when in trouble or seeking help. Agasa's willingness to help whenever possible makes Shinichi's life as Conan more convenient. He was the one who created most of Conan's gadgets, including his power shoes and tracking glasses. He willingly plays Conan's case-solving mouthpiece when Conan lacks someone else convenient to use. When Conan needs something, such as information regarding past cases, he usually asks Agasa to get it. Agasa often acts as a chauffeur because he is trustworthy and the only adult with a car regularly available.

Agasa often worries about Shinichi, especially when he thinks Shinichi might be getting over his head. Agasa almost always responds positively to Shinichi's requests but doesn't like it when Shinichi hides the reasons for it, especially if it is dangerous.

"Shinichi Kudo"

Conan and Shinichi.

They never meet each other for obvious reasons: Conan is Shinichi's secret identity. However, since Conan tries to act like a child, he often thinks of Shinichi as a separate character (in one episode, when Ran claims to go on a date with Shinichi, Conan bids goodbye, oblivious for a while that he is Shinichi). Judging from his completely made-up speech, Conan talks to Shinichi frequently by phone and learns a lot of skills and knowledge from him, and Conan admires and loves Shinichi. In turn, Shinichi is willing to satiate Conan's curiosity, but at one point he gets annoyed for Conan's inquisitiveness.

Heiji Hattori

Heiji enjoys teasing Conan.

When they first meet, Conan and Heiji seem bound to become lifelong rivals, especially after Kudo beats Heiji in their first case. However, after discovering Conan's real identity, Heiji starts to act like an older brother towards him, much to the annoyance of Conan. Since then, the two have become closest friends, and consult one another on cases, developments concerning the Black Organization, and even their "girlfriends". They tend to stick together on cases, although sometimes this is because Heiji forces the less enthusiastic Conan to come along. While fond of Heiji as a fellow detective he can relate to, Conan finds Heiji's antics occasionally annoying. Much to Conan's chagrin, Heiji even convinces others that Conan is his disciple. Conan especially dislikes Heiji's dangerous habit of unthinkingly calling Conan 'Kudo' when others are present.

Heiji still maintains some of his original feelings of rivalry and gets annoyed if anyone claims Shinichi is better, and will often go to great lengths to show that the "west" (Osaka) is better than the "east" (Tokyo). Shinichi usually starts off acting like he is disinterested in the frivolous competition, but may then become competitive himself if Heiji starts "winning" or someone bruises his ego. Others, like Ran and Kazuha, see them both as equally skilled detectives. Despite his teasing, Conan/Shinichi genuinely thinks Kazuha and Heiji would make a great couple.

Sonoko Suzuki

She frequently talks to him like a brat and primary school kid, and he thinks of her as annoying.

Masumi Sera

Masumi Sera is like an older sister figure to Conan. She knows that Conan is Shinichi Kudo. She is a mystery but is revealed to be the sister of Shuichi Akai and Shukichi Haneda. Conan takes Sera to be like a fellow detective, similar to how he treats Heiji and Saguru. Sera in return is very protective of him and also seems to have a crush on him, calling him a "wizard"; because when they first met 10 years ago, Shinichi/Conan was able to make her brother Shuichi laugh when she couldn't.

Eisuke Hondou

Eisuke discovered that Conan is the real Sleeping Kogoro before they even first met. Conan found him suspicious due to his resemblance to Rena Mizunashi. Eisuke was quick to notice that Conan's behavior towards Ran was similar to that of a protective boyfriend and decided to monitor him. Eventually, Conan found that he is the younger brother of Rena who is a member of the CIA infiltrating the organization, the relationship between the two seems to have improved somehow after Conan reveals his identity to Eisuke without hesitating to refuse his offer to take Ran with him in America. At that moment, Eisuke amicably confesses to Conan that he was aware from the beginning that he was sleeping Kogoro and Shinichi Kudo. He asked Conan to take care of Ran and the two leave on good terms.

Shukichi Haneda

Shukichi seems to have noticed Conan's intelligence and trusted his deductions the first time they met. Shinichi has met Shukichi in the past as a child, so Shukichi might recognize him as Conan because of his memorization skills, and also due to Shukichi calling Conan a Wizard, the same nickname that Masumi attributed to Shinichi when they met 10 years ago.

Detective Boys

Conan and Haibara investigating.
Conan's scary face when he's intending to know Haibara's secret song.

Ai Haibara

Both are de-aged by APTX4869 and have almost equal levels of intelligence, which makes Ai Haibara and Conan close confidants and more empathetic with each other than most other characters. They share an interesting relationship. They believe and rely on each other. She certainly has no qualms about teasing him and is more than willing to poke a hole in his ego. While Conan initially was disgusted by Ai's ties to the Black Organization, especially with how she introduced herself, seeing her remorse and pain has improved his opinion of her. He is repeatedly protective of her and tries to give her hope when her fear of the men in black is overwhelming.

However, when she introduced herself to him at night in front of the Kudo and Agasa's house, she did it in a way, where she showed that she can be quite evil, like the rest of the Black Organization, even telling him that Agasa, who is his lifeline to being a detective in his child's body is dead, really freaking him out. When he went to Agasa, he was alive and well, and all three spoke, but ...

After the professor's case, he saw her real tears, when she was crying in his shirt, and since then their relationship has improved dramatically, and they even protect each other.

She is also helping him to be more cautious than his initial, "The Black Organization is involved. I am scared, but I will hunt them down, and try and get the antidote," without thinking of the consequences.

He is still determined to take down that organization, but he is now wiser than he was at in, whereas, she is more inclined to err on the side of caution, "Stop. Don't Go. Stay out of this," which will not take the organization down but may keep them safer.

In regards to the Black Organization, they both tend to withhold information to protect the other one. It is difficult to know just how much she knows of the Organization's leaders and such, but she feels if she tells him anything until it comes up, he may carelessly act on it.

When Conan found out that 7 children was the Boss's e-mail address, his initial thought was to have Takagi investigate it, until she told him that "He will die. Takagi as soon as he reaches that person, and then they will find out who gave him that number, and you will die next. The e-mail address is Pandora's box that should never be opened.

In return, Conan protects her a lot in regards to the organization: saving her life, withholding risky information, and coming up with plans to save her life, when she has been found out and trying to hide her from them.

Ayumi Yoshida

Sonoko is teasing Conan about Ayumi.

Conan grows to respect the little girl in his class for her sharp wit and observational skills, along with the other members of the Detective Boys. Ayumi in turn has a very open crush for Conan as seen in instances when she gave him kisses on his cheek. However, she seems to not be aware that the other two Detective Boys are jealous of Conan because of this. Sonoko once mentioned that she thought Conan likes Ayumi to which shocked Conan and made him internally admit his love for Ran.

Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya and Genta Kojima

Mitsuhiko sees Conan as a role model, someone he looks up to. Genta, and more so Mitsuhiko, are often impressed by Conan's vast knowledge and incredible deduction skills. However, they both become quite jealous of Conan whenever Ayumi shows gestures of affection towards him (usually a small kiss on the cheek). While Conan initially only tolerated their presence, he has grown fond of them despite their relative immaturity. In a case, where Genta's father was a suspect, Conan decided to solve the case without telling the other, because he didn't want Genta to worry about his father being a suspect for murder.

Law enforcement


Megure waffles between treating Conan like a child and a detective

Except for a few inspectors, most listen to the little clues that Conan points out. After a while, Conan gets the attention of the whole Tokyo police department for noticing things even pros miss. Wataru Takagi in particular has taken to trusting Conan completely and doing whatever Conan asks him to without hesitation. Even Sato also treats him more like a detective.

Even when Takagi is hesitant to do what Conan asks of him, as soon as Sato hears Conan's name, she immediately will take action or give him information sometimes.

After Hyoue Kuroda became the superintendent of the Tokyo Prefecture, he has told Takagi and Megure to do what Conan asks of them in the Actress Blogger Case.

He even periodically refers to Conan as "Sleeping Kogoro's Bag of Wisdom" in front of the other police officers, such as Nagano Police Prefecture Officers, Ninzaburo Shiratori and Inspector Yuminaga, as well as Bourbon, who he instructed to answer all of Conan's questions when he realized that Conan was also investigating the case of The Target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department.

Wataru Takagi

Wataru Takagi is the only police officer who has come the closest to finding out about Conan's identity.

In The Man from Chicago, When Conan is telling the police officers present about the Panda colors of the Police Cars, and that the younger generation may not know this information about their black and white cars, Takagi asks himself, "What generation is this kid from?"

In The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages, while they waited for the elevator bomb's clock to run down to give the final clue to stop the greater crime. Takagi asked Conan about his real identity to which Conan answered that he would in the afterlife.

He also is aware of Conan's sharp intelligence and takes him seriously to take him for questioning the suspects. He trusts Conan so much that he would take him seriously.

Takagi has also come to acknowledge Conan's sharp mind and intellect, taking Conan's observations seriously and even allowing him to accompany him to question suspects, most notably during the New Scar and the Whistling Man Case where he has the rest of the Detective Boys remain in the car.

Conan also fully supports Takagi's relationship with Sato, at one point orchestrated a plan to foil Shiratori's attempt at an arranged marriage with Sato. When asked for reasons, he didn't answer but quietly relate the experience with Ran's relationship.

Miwako Sato

Miwako and Conan during a case Investigation

She had developed a deep trust in Conan and his intelligence from her real first time investigating with him, and seeing him in action in the case of Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story.

Even when Takagi is hesitant to do as Conan says, unquestioningly, she will immediately and unhesitantly do as he says, almost all of the time, since she first met him.

Kansuke Yamato

Kansuke is one of the few police officers, who Conan can talk like an adult in front of.

In A Dangerous Party of Two, he even told Yui Uehara that he suspects Conan of being "the one leading everything," in regards to Kogoro's cases, and that is after only after they met up in one case so far.

In fact, in that car ride, they were giving Agasa and Haibara a lift back to Tokyo, but he kept taking in a Nagano dialect, using phrases that terrified Haibara, such as "Half-Kill" and "Over-Kill, which dealt with a kind of Mochi, and not what Agasa and Haibara were thinking of."

The reason why he and Yui were heading to Tokyo was to enlist Kogoro's help with the Red Wall Case, which Yui told Conan that it was his help they were wanting.

Hyoue Kuroda

Kuroda is aware of how good Conan is as a detective, calling him " Sleeping Kogoro's bag of wisdom", he also trusts his deductions and has already ordered the Tokyo police to follow Conan's Instructions.

On the other hand, Conan is suspicious of Kuroda because he almost matches Rum's description, he also became shocked that Kuroda became the Superintendent of Tokyo Police in Matsumoto's place.

In Kawanakajima Murder Case, which was his first appearance, he already knew that Conan was 'The Brain behind Sleeping Kogoro,' and stated an entire dialogue stating his knowledge of Edogawa Conan in front of the Nagano Police Officers present, in his first speech to Conan.

In Mystery of the Burning Tent, He refers to Conan as "Sleeping Kogoro's Bag of Wisdom" to both: Ninzaburo Shiratori and Inspector Yuminaga.

In The Target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department, he also instructed Amuro to answer all of Conan's questions, when he realized that Conan was also investigating the case as well.

Rei Furuya

Rei (Aliases as Tooru Amuro) has attached himself to the Mouri Detective Agency as Kogoro's "apprentice". Conan initially treats him in a somewhat friendly manner, though he privately thinks "another annoying person has shown up" when he learns Rei will be joining Kogoro on cases. However, after he finds out Amuro's membership in the Black Organization, though, Conan has been relatively nervous about him being near Ran. This was made even worse when Rei caught him attempting to tranquilize Kogoro, but due to Rei's attentiveness, he was unable to and had to give hints to Kogoro instead. Although Amuro may not have seen the trick, he became convinced that Conan was the puppeteer behind Sleeping Kogoro, and began investigating Conan, which only made Conan more nervous of him. Their relationship later seemed to improve in The Scarlet Return when Conan learns that Rei is an undercover operative from the Japanese Secret Police when the two exchange smiles in Café Poirot. Conan even used his Voice Changing Bow Tie in front of Rei in The Heartfelt Strap.

When Shinichi Kudo is exposed on the media due to Kyoto Field Trip, he receives an email from Rum, ordering him to gather information about Shinichi. After he helped to solve the Bunny Girls Case, Amuro broke into the Kudo home, so that he can find out information about Kudo Shinichi. He had the altercation with an unmasked Akai, and both of Shinichi's parents turned on the light, so that the four of them can have a meeting. Currently, it is unknown what was discussed in that meeting, other than Conan planned it.

It seemed to become strained again in the movie: Zero the Enforcer, however that is due to Amuro had his subordinate, Yuya Kazami of the Japanese Secret Police- Public Security Bureau, plant phony incriminating evidence against Kogoro Mouri for a bombing incident. However, it turns out that the framing was to use Conan as a Collaborator and to rely on his strength so that Conan can do what he was unable to do for his investigation. This way, he was able to use Conan as a Collaborator and to rely on his strength.


The FBI contains most of the few people that Conan acts normally around despite them not knowing his identity. Conan seems to place trust in the FBI and occasionally helps in their operations.

Shuichi Akai/Subaru Okiya

Shuichi and Conan (Ep. 782)

Shuichi has been shown to respect Conan's detective skills. Together they hatched a plan to send Hidemi Hondou back into the organization and fake Akai's death. He has discovered that Conan and Shinichi are the same by spying on him in a recent plot line. Conan once says to Shuichi, "I'm glad you're an ally."

Jodie Starling

Jodie nicknamed Conan "Cool Kid" and Conan (despite being wary when he first met her) now places complete trust in Jodie. Jodie has also called Conan to share what would normally be classified information, notifying him of a new Black Organization member, Bourbon.

Black Organization

Gin and Vodka

Even though Gin and Vodka do not yet know who's interfering with their operations, Gin is curious who "that guy" is, referring to Conan. In the movie The Raven Chaser, Gin tries to catch a glimpse of Conan's face from a helicopter but fails when Conan successfully downs the helicopter. Conan seems to have a very bitter hatred towards them, and this only increases as more people are targeted by the Black Organization.

In Reunion of the Black Organization, Gin had to shoot himself in the arm to stay awake, after he was shot with Conan's tranquilizer dart. He also found Conan's bug and transmitter in his car, however, due to a strand of Haibara's hair, he is convinced it was Sherry, who planted them.

In Contact with the Black Organization, Gin told Vodka "You have to be always on guard. It seems Someone is investigating about us, a Detective clever as a Fox," without being aware that it happens to be a 7-year-old little child.

In Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out, he found Conan's bug and transmitter on Kir's shoe and immediately planned to exterminate Kogoro Mouri, who he was convinced left the bug. When Conan kicked a soccer ball into the Detective Agency window, Gin decided to add another victim, the little kid. Thankfully, Akai made him think the bug and transmitter were planted by the FBI, which saved them both.


Vermouth seems to have a great personal interest in Conan, referring to him as the Black Organization's 'Silver Bullet' and her "Cool Guy."

She also protects Conan, probably because when she was disguising as a serial killer in New York she was saved by Conan (Shinichi at the time) and Ran.

When the Organization plans on killing Kogoro, and later Conan, she strongly objects to a degree where Gin suspects whether Kogoro is related to Vermouth.

Because of this, Conan does not react strongly when she is mentioned, as opposed to Haibara. He also seems to consider her less of a threat than the other members because he can bargain with her about Haibara and knows Vermouth is keeping his secret for personal reasons.

In Head-to Head, After Conan removed his Haibara mask, he was distracted, when Haibara showed up on the scene, which gave Vermouth the needed opening to use his stun gun wristwatch on him, to place him to sleep, before gently sitting him down beside the car, so he does not get hurt in the fall.

She also destroyed the box that he was connected to by many wires, so as not to possibly accidentally kill or hurt him, which pulling out the wires would have, according to Conan.

After she used sleeping gas, to knock him back out, so that she can escape, and not lead the Black Organization members to him.

She even covered the sleeping boy up with her coat, so that he would not get sick, since she had cut his shirt wide open, to see the wires and connected box, which may have made him sick, if he is not found right away, since it is pretty cold, and colds are spreading at this time.

She shot herself in the leg and had to hobble some distance away from the car, so that he would remain out of sight, and nowhere around her when Gin came to pick her up.

In The Raven Chaser, she even provided Conan with the name of Irish and gave him a little bit of information on why the Organization is interested in this serial murder case.

In Black Impact, when she was speaking on the cell phone to Gin, she mentioned hearing noise, and then she thought that Conan may have had something to do with the noise coming from Gin's car, and when Gin asked about what noise, she quickly "Never mind. It is nothing," to protect Conan.


Kaitou Kid

Before being shrunk, Shinichi encountered Kaitou Kid once during the Clock Tower heist, though they did not meet face-to-face. In their next encounter, however, after Shinichi has become Conan, Kid disguises himself as Ran to steal the Suzuki family's Black Star pearl. When Conan corners him on the Suzuki cruise ship, Kid implies that he stole all of Ran's clothes to impersonate her, and left her naked on the deck. While this ends up being a bluff, Conan displays a much more intense desire to capture Kid in subsequent encounters. Conan stops Kid from escaping with the jewel often enough that Conan has gained a reputation with the press as Kid's "natural enemy". In several instances Conan appears to be able to 'sense' Kid's presence, and seems excited by the chance to catch Kid again; appropriately, Kid seems to find Conan dangerous enough to warrant specific measures to keep him distracted.

Kaitou Kid disguised as Shiho as requested from Conan

Conan does not buy into Kid's reputation as a mysterious, uncatchable phantom, saying once "He's only a thief that uses magic",[88] and encouraging police officers that Kid is only a man and he can be arrested. However, if necessary, the two can put their rivalry aside for a little while and work together.[89] Conan has something of a gentleman's agreement with Kaitou Kid, in that he doesn't try to find or catch the thief outside of heists. In several instances, when Kid does Conan a favor, such as saving Genta's life,[90] Conan reciprocates by halting his investigation just shy of capturing Kid, thereby allowing him to escape mostly unhindered. This exchange of favors can sometimes become a bit unbalanced; in exchange for not giving Kid away on a train Conan has Kid face down the Black Organization in disguise, and because Kid narrowly escapes an explosion with his life, he says that Conan now owes him one.[91]

In the non-canon movies, it is implied that Kid knows Conan's identity; he even helps Conan maintain his cover by disguising himself as Shinichi so that a suspicious Ran would stop suspecting Conan.

Mary Sera

Conan has been trying to discover the truth about Mary since the day he first saw her in a picture with Masumi Sera. In "The detective boys in the grove" case, he noticed Ai's uncanny resemblance to Mary. Then, he finds out that the mysterious girl is the mother of Masumi Sera, Shukichi Haneda, and Shuichi Akai, and the wife of Tsutomu Akai, now somehow shrunken. On the other hand, Mary remains skeptical of Conan telling her daughter to be aware of him as he isn't the same boy they met 10 years ago.

Kanenori Wakita

In his introductory case, Conan noticed that he had a medical patch on his left eye, although Wakita claims it is only temporary. He chose not to see the messy left eye, along with Kogoro and Ran.

In the Search for Maria-chan!, while Conan is hiding at Agasa's due to the uproar or his appearance as Kudo Shinichi on a case, during his Kyoto Field Trip, he noticed that Wakita knocked on Agasa's door, and asked about all of the press stationed next door outside of the Kudo gate, while he claimed to be making a delivery to someone in the neighborhood.

(He could have just asked the person that his delivery was for, but no. Let's ask the Kudos' next door neighbor. Plus it is highly unlikely that Subaru, the supposedly DEAD FBI agent, Akai, who is residing in the Kudo house, which is the house to the supposedly dead teenage detective, would ever order for Delivery. Take-out, maybe, but not Delivery.)

People who know Conan's real identity

There are only a few characters in the series who know Conan's real identity. None of them have ever betrayed Conan's identity to date. The main characters to know the secret are Hiroshi Agasa, Yusaku Kudo, Yukiko Kudo, Heiji Hattori, and Ai Haibara. Vermouth of the Black Organization also knows about Conan's secret. Later, in Episode 508 of the anime, Eisuke Hondou confirms Conan's identity as Shinichi Kudo straight from him. In manga chapters 812-814, Subaru Okiya (Shuichi Akai in disguise,) confirms that Conan is Shinichi. Masumi Sera also knows that Conan is Shinichi Kudo before they even first met. It is also hinted that Mary knows about Conan's true identity, telling her daughter Masumi to be wary of him.

In the 13th movie, the Black Organization member Irish discovers that Conan is Shinichi Kudo.

The 3rd, 8th, 14th, 19th, and 23rd movies also demonstrate that Kaitou Kid knows Conan's identity and acts to protect it. Though it was once unconfirmed if he knew in the manga, it was recently confirmed in the Fairy Lips case, where Kid thinks that there are "two high school detectives" on the scene, referring to Heiji, and Conan, the only other high school detective there. It is unknown how he came to figure this out.

People who know that Conan is behind the "Sleeping Kogoro"

There is even a varied list of those who know that Conan is the puppeteer behind the "Sleeping Kogoro."


Professor Agasa has made many gadgets for Conan, including a tranquilizer wristwatch, voice-modulating bow tie, kick-enhancing shoes, tracking/binocular glasses, stretchable suspenders, and a solar-powered skateboard. Conan uses the first two regularly to create "Sleeping Kogoro", and the glasses and other gadgets to investigate cases or catch criminals. Agasa also created radio badges and watch flashlights Conan and the other Detective Boys.

Character popularity

  • eBookJapan held a character popularity poll from April 12, 2011, to May 12, 2011, in which readers of Detective Conan (international included) could vote for their favorite character. Conan placed 3rd in the poll with 866 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast.[92]
  • In honor of the release of the 15th movie, Quarter of Silence, the official Conan movie website held a popularity poll for the top 10 Detective Conan characters. Shinichi/Conan placed 1st out of 10 with 30.46% of the votes cast.[93]
  • In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Conan placed 1st overall with 2,843 votes.[94]
  • In a poll held on June 5, 2020, by asking women age 20 to 40 who were their favourite Detective Conan character, Conan ranked first.[95]

Name origin

Gosho Aoyama (and Shinichi, in the story) got the name 'Conan Edogawa' from Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the famous Sherlock Holmes stories, and Edogawa Rampo, the pen name of Japanese mystery fiction writer Hirai Tarō. Hirai Tarō himself got the pen name "Edogawa Rampo" from a transliteration of "Edgar Allan Poe." Pronouncing Poe's name in a Japanese accent sounds like 'Edogawa Rampo.'

Character inspiration

Gosho said Conan's hairstyle was designed in about one minute. He smoothed Yaiba's hair and added a tuft modeled after the apostrophe hairstyle of Kabu from Sally the Witch. The tuft on the hair on the top of Conan's head comes from the character Shichimi in Niji Iro Tōgarashi. Conan's clothes were modeled after Shichi-Go-San (7-5-3) clothing. Young Gosho wore a bow tie and shorts in his Shichi-Go-San photographs. Gosho tries to restrict Conan's gadgets to what Conan can wear, but he has run out of ideas lately. The use of glasses as a disguise was modeled after Superman's Clark Kent. Conan's speech habits were meant to be slightly rough like Joe from Ashita no Joe and Touch.[96]

Different looks

Episode 2
Episode 358
Episode 561
Episode 763
Episode 890
Magic Kaito 1412 (episode 11).
The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 4
Episode 1077



Conan Edogawa, a detective! (江戸川コナン, 探偵さ Edogawa Konan, tantei sa!?)

One of Conan's catchphrases.

There is always only one truth! (真実はいつもひとつ! Shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu!?)

One of Conan's catchphrases.

Only one truth is revealed, the appearance of a child, the brains of an adult, I am the great Detective Conan! (たった一つの真実見抜く、見た目は子供、頭脳は大人、その名は名探偵コナン!! Tatta hitotsu no shinjitsu minuku, mitame wa kodomo, zunou wa otona, sono na wa Meitantei Konan!?)

One of Conan's catchphrases, which appears at the beginning of every episode.

Even if I'm smaller my brain is still that of a great detective, there is always only one truth! (小さくなっても頭脳は同じ迷宮なしの名探偵 真実はいつもひとつ! Chiisaku natte mo zunou wa onaji, Meikyuu nashi no meitantei, Shinjitsu wa itsumo hitotsu!?)

One of Conan's catchphrases, which appears during the intro of every movie.

Only one truth prevails!

One of Conan's catchphrases, which appears at the end of every solved case in Case Closed.

There's so such thing as a perfect person in this world

When you have eliminated the impossible, whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth. (あなたが不可能を除外するとき、どんなにありそうもないとしても、残っていることは真実でなければなりません Anata ga fukanō o jogai suru toki, don'nani ari-sō mo nai to shite mo, nokotte iru koto wa shinjitsudenakereba narimasen?)

One of Conan's catchphrases.


You can’t cure your suffering by making others suffer.

If you believe in nothing and stand up for nothing, you’ll become and achieve nothing.

After all, I'm the guy who's been breaking her heart by making her wait an eternity... even though I'm always by her side.

Talking to Haibara about Ran
|Episode 270}}

Don't run away, Haibara. Don't look away from your fate.

After rescuing Haibara from a suicidal situation.[97]

Ah, if you want to know, I'll tell you... In the afterlife...

Conan's response when Takagi asked who he is.

Even if you're facing a bitter aspect of life, drugs, and murder are foul without any excuse, deserves a red card for a loser.

Talking to Ray Curtis in English

Ran, If we die, we die together...

A detective who corners a culprit with their reasoning...and drives them to suicide in front of himself is no different than a murderer.

Conan/Shinichi telling Heiji why letting the criminal commit suicide is wrong, Episode 78

Because I love you. I love you. In this world, more than anyone...

Words are like swords. If you use them the wrong way they'll turn into ugly weapons. Once those words leave your mouth, you'll never be able to take them back.

Quarter of Silence, talking to the Detective Boys

Don’t be tricked by what you see now. Sometimes the things which seem unbelievable, are the truth.

If you're going to hide a leaf, hide it in a forest. When there's no forest, you can make one yourself.

OVA 4, talking to Phillip

Detectives are also human, not God who knows everything.

Talking to Ran
|Episode 344}}

Culprit: I thought my crime is perfect. Just like my operations.
Conan (voiced as Kogoro): Crimes committed by humans can never be perfect.

Humans are animals that cannot change their habits.

Talking as Mouri Kogoro Episode 439

Even if the owner commits a crime the animal is innocent

Quotes about Conan

While pursuing the truth and justice without thinking about stand the strain of all pressure alone to protect everyone...Such boy-like temperaments of yours are astonishingly intriguing, however...I wonder if you realize it...That clean scent of yours is strangling her, us, and yourself with loneliness and danger.

Ai thinking about Conan, File 336: "Clean Scent"

You have to be always on guard. It seems Someone is investigating about us, a Detective clever as a Fox.

Gin warning Vodka, File 383: "The New Weapon!"


Conan's cellphone wallpaper - Kogoro changed it when he was drunk
  • Conan's bad singing came to light as a joke after the anime began airing because Conan's voice actress Minami Takayama is a well-known singer. In Volume 15 of the manga, Takayama herself is kidnapped and Conan, who sounds similar to her, tries to take her place at a concert. However, despite having similar voices, they sound completely different when it comes to singing.[98]
  • He owns two cellphones, the one he uses as Conan and one that he uses as Shinichi. He is also shown using different kinds of cellphones throughout the series.
  • Conan often uses the expression "Ah-le-le?" when he is trying to point out a clue, something that is usually said by Japanese grade-schoolers. The expression was even said by Kogoro out of irritation at Conan (right before Conan tranquillized him). Conan's habit of acting juvenile to disguise his real abilities also draws the ire of the Detective Boys.
  • Conan/Shinichi and Ran share the same blood type as mentioned in episode 189.
  • In Akako's Delivery Service, Saguru Hakuba acquires a strand of Kaitou Kid's hair and runs a genetic scan on it, determining that Kid is a fifteen-to-seventeen-year-old male with a higher-than-average IQ. He then runs this information against a database of Tokyo teenagers and comes up with a list of possible Kaitou Kids, at the top of which was Kaito Kuroba's name. However, it's interesting to wonder whether Shinichi, another sixteen-year-old Tokyo resident with a similar build and above-average intelligence, made Saguru's list, but the search included only teenagers with blood type B, and it has never actually been stated what Shinichi's is (although Kogoro Mouri mentions that Conan's blood type is rare[99]). Type B is not a common blood type,[100] so it is possible that this is Shinichi's type.
  • Conan/Shinchi's favourite drink is iced coffee as shown in episode 814, 919, etc. Shinichi's favourite drink is shown in Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie when Daisuke says that he isn't the only one who drinks iced coffee throughout the year. The lemon pie does not count as Shinichi's favourite during The Memories of First Love Case because the woman Asami Uchida, whose first love was Shinichi, told this to Ran and her speciality in the past was baking that same lemon pie that she finally perfected so Shinichi will tell her that the pie was delicious. Unless Gosho Aoyama said otherwise, the lemon pie may not be Shinichi's favourite and it was only brought up during that case alone.
  • Whenever dealing with a particularly difficult case, Shinichi/Conan juggles a soccer ball to think better. In scenes where he doesn't have one, he often holds his chin with his thumb and forefinger.
  • Conan/Shinichi doesn't know that ironically, due to all his secret-keeping from Ran, he's potentially locked himself out of learning about Ran's encounter(s) with the Black Organization, because she has no reason to tell 'Conan' about them. Shinichi/Conan has no idea that Ran has encountered Vermouth and saved Haibara from her, even 500+ chapters after it occurred. The fact that Haibara herself is invested in keeping Ran out of anything to do with the Black Organization only adds to this, as she deliberately lied to Conan/Shinichi about who saved her that night. Ran not knowing Conan's identity also prevents them from confiding in each other or pooling together the information they might have in other areas and thus can extend the time it takes for important realizations to come to light.
  • In file 1045, it is revealed that Conan and Yumi have each other's phone numbers.
  • In file 900, it is revealed that Conan and Miwako Sato have each other's phone numbers.
  • According to Gosho in Super Digest Book 90+ that from time to time, Conan wears a jumper with a "K" written on which stands for "Karl Helmutt", a Japanese clothing brand.
  • In episode 681, it's revealed Conan has Detective Chiba's phone number.
  • According to RECIPE PLUS Super Digest Book he likes curry the most, he and his dad like Yukiko's paella the most.
  • According to Gosho Aoyama, Conan Edogawa and Ai Haibara are in no way related to each other.[101]

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese コナン Konan 江戸川 Edogawa
Flag of Arab League Arabic كونان Konan إيدوجاوا Edogawa
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Conan Edogawa
Flag of Malaysia Bahasa Melayu Conan Edogawa
Flag of Catalonia Catalan Conan Edogawa
Flag of ChinaFlag of Hong Kong Chinese
(Simplified and Traditional)
柯南 Kēnán 江户川 Jiānghùchuān
Flag of US English Conan Edogawa
Flag of Philippines Filipino Conan Edogawa
Flag of Finland Finnish Conan Edogawa
Flag of France French Conan Edogawa
Flag of Galicia Galician Conan Edogawa
Flag of Germany German Conan Edogawa
Flag of Italy Italian Conan Edogawa
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 코난 Konan (강)(in past pirate version)에도가와[102]
Flag of Mongolia Mongolian Конан Эдогава
Flag of Russia Russian Конан Эдогава
Flag of Spain Spanish (Spain) Conan Edogawa
Flag of Spain Spanish
(Latin America)
Conan Blasi[103]/Edogawa
Flag of Thailand Thai โคนัน Khonạ-n เอโดะงาวะ XE-do-ngā-wa
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Conan Edogawa



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