Conan Edogawa and Ayumi Yoshida

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Relationship analysis

Ayumi obviously has a huge crush on Conan for being intelligent and brave. Some would argue that when she gets older she may even begin to fall in love with him. This relationship causes unsettlement between Genta and Mitsuhiko who also have a crush on Ayumi.

  • Episode 4: Ayumi admired Conan for being able to deduce the treasure map code and stop Cavane's accomplices from hurting them. She kisses him at the end of the episode, which startles Mitsuhiko and Genta.
  • Episode 418: Ayumi mentions a small house for rent in the neighborhood. She says how she likes small houses and that she would love to live in one when she gets married. Mitsuhiko and Genta immediately start fantasizing about each of them being married to Ayumi in front of the small house. But, right after, Ayumi asks Conan if he would like to see the house which startles Mitsuhiko and Genta. Ai starts giggling and smiling about it. Conan then looks at Ai with a perplexed look and says: "What is it?". Afterward, while going toward the house, Ayumi tells Conan, who was lagging behind with Ai, to hurry up. This doesn't quite please the other two boys who claim he doesn't need to be there. After reaching the little house, Mitsuhiko and Genta are in awe, and they start fantasizing again. Ayumi eventually asks Conan which kind of house he likes. Mitsuhiko and Genta get mad and want to know why she's asking Conan about it. She replies: "Because, if he's the one that becomes my husband, I would like to know what he likes." At this moment, both Mitsuhiko and Genta's dreams break like shattered glass in the background.[1]
  • Movie 5: Ayumi had a one on one talk with Ran and she confessed that she loves Conan, but Conan is in love with Ran. Ayumi wanted Ran to tell Conan to not like Ran because Shinichi is already Ran's true love. But by the end her worries were evaporated when Conan grabbed her hand and held her as they made their crash-landing.

Conan/Ayumi moments

Ayumi gives Conan her first kiss.
  • Episode 4: Ayumi kisses Conan for being heroic and saving everyone from Cavane's thug while searching for the treasure. This startles Mitsuhiko and Genta and giving Conan a death stare while Ayumi is clinging onto Conan's arm.
  • Episode 12: Ayumi proclaims that she knows that Conan would save her if anything happened to her, also stating that they were destined to be together. Ayumi is kidnapped later and multiple times throughout the episode Conan shows great concern for her. He seems to worry about her as much as he does Ran, and repeats her name without the honorific several times (this is a big deal considering you don't usually refer to anybody that is not your family member or lover by their first name and just that). Also, he is knocked out at one point in time and it was Ayumi's scream that woke him up. He, arguably, overreacted, slamming a helmet HARD into the kidnapper's face, telling Ayumi to run. When she runs to them after one of the kidnappers is knocked out, he protectively steps in front of her.
  • Episode 109: Conan and the Detective Boys found Ayumi's Detective Badge and as Conan returns the badge to Ayumi, she kisses him again. This made Mitsuhiko and Genta jealous and chase him at the end of the episode.
  • Episode 138: Ayumi falls asleep on Conan's shoulder when the Detective Boys were watching movies, causing Conan to blush. Later, Ayumi screams and hold onto Conan, after seeing a man hanged up.
  • Episode 140: Ayumi is home sick when a burglar who murders the victims before leaving breaks in. When Conan realizes this, he bolts straight to her house by himself, begging for her to be alright. Earlier in the episode, Haibara also teases him about his relationship with Ayumi and how worried he sounded about her being sick.
    • Haibara: "Worried?"
    • Conan: "Of course!"
    • Haibara: "Eh? Hard to believe your compassion."
    • He tells her to shut up.
  • Episode 188: Conan is shot and injured. When the DB realize this, Ayumi cries and blames it on herself.
  • Episode 259: Conan sets his hands on Ayumi's shoulders, thanking her and saying she's the reason he solved the case while she only gives a confused look.
  • Episode 313: Conan grabs Ayumi's shoulders, smiling at her and thanking her. She blushes and gets a big grin. She says to herself that the only Hina doll that she wanted was Conan. Later in the episode, Ayumi sets up the DB on a staircase so that they look like Hina dolls, with her & Conan being the King & Queen.
  • Episode 346: Conan grabs Ayumi's hand, resulting in Ayumi blushing and gasping a little.
  • Episode 347: Ayumi grabs onto Conan's arm, saying she isn't worried because Conan will protect her.
  • Episode 378: Ayumi and Conan throw a water on the The Lovers Mermaid that according to the legend the couple will have good fortune if they throw water on the mermaid princess. Ayumi said that Conan will be her Momotaro.
  • Episode 461: When the boy the Detective Boys were looking for was found, Ayumi leans her head on Conan's shoulder, in which he blushes and speaks in an embarrassed tone.
  • Episode 466: Ayumi gets lost in the snow and Conan grabs her arm, telling her to stop crying. He then proceeds to tell her to hang onto him and not to let go. She nods and grabs a hold of him.
  • Episode 586: Conan is knocked out and in response Ayumi drops to her knees and begs him to wake up, wrapping her arms around his neck and nuzzling him.
  • Episode 597: Conan hears Ayumi scream from the spa and instantly runs to her side, not caring if he sees her naked and calls Ayumi by nothing but her name (no honorific), not even acknowledging Haibara who he knew was in there with Ayumi until later.
  • Movie 1: When Conan is on the hospital, Ayumi says that anything were to happen then she would come immediately to Conan. Kogoro then teases him.
  • Movie 2: A machine tells Ayumi that Conan and she made a perfect pair. It also says that there is a chance for "A" - a chance for kissing.
Ayumi tells Ran that Conan likes her.
  • Movie 5: Ayumi says she can't count to 30 without Conan by her side. (At that moment he once again refers to her by name without honorific.) He grabs her hand during the ticking of the bomb, an action that wasn't needed at all. She later reveals she was counting with her heartbeat, saying that it beats faster whenever he is by her side. Agasa and Haibara then tease Conan about it. Conan denies such things happening, although it appears to be him denying the truth sort of thing.
  • Movie 6: Ayumi shivers, saying that it's cold. Conan instantly takes his jacket off, handing it to her and asking her to wear it. She puts it on, commenting about how warm it was.
  • Opening 1: Ayumi kisses Conan, prompting Genta and Mitsuhiko to chase Conan due to jealousy.

Conclusion: The likeliness of this pairing ever happening is unlikely, due to the fact that Shinichi is Conan and Shinichi/Conan would probably prefer not to have a relationship as a 8 year old, as Shinichi/Conan is actually a 17 year old. Furthermore, it appears that Shinichi has only ever liked Ran.


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