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Ran Mouri

Ran Mouri Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 毛利 蘭
(Mōri Ran)
English name: Rachel Moore
Age: Manga: 16[1]
Anime: 17[2]
Gender: Female
Height: 165 cm[3]
Weight: 52 kg[4]
Date of birth: unknown[5]
Relatives: Kogoro Mouri (father)
Eri Kisaki (mother)
Mr. Kisaki (maternal grandfather)
Mr. Mouri (paternal grandfather)
Mrs. Mouri (paternal grandmother)
Occupation: Teitan High School student
Karate club captain
Kanto Region karate champion
Status: Alive
Nicknames: Angel (Vermouth)
Ranmaru (Hina Wada)
First appearance: Manga: File 1
Anime: Episode 1
Appearances: Chapters: 793
Chapters: 1

Episodes: 778
Episodes: 2
Movies: 28
Episodes: 5
OVAs: 19
Specials: 4
Specials: 19
Openings: 59
Closings: 69

Cases solved: 3 (on her own)
Keyhole number: Volume 2
Japanese voice: Wakana Yamazaki
English voice: Colleen Clinkenbeard (FUNimation)
Cristina Vee (Bang Zoom!, Macias Group)[6]
Drama actor: Tomoka Kurokawa (1st)
Shiori Kutsuna (2nd)

Ran Mouri (毛利 蘭 Mōri Ran?), also known as Rachel Moore in the Funimation dub, is a main protagonist in the manga and anime series, Detective Conan. She is also the childhood friend-turned-girlfriend of Shinichi Kudo.


First Grade Ran meets Fusae Campbell, ten years before the present storyline, and borrows her umbrella.

Ran is the daughter of Kogoro Mouri, a private detective, and Eri Kisaki, a lawyer. Her parents separated when she was seven,[7] and one of her biggest goals is to get them back together. Her best friend besides Shinichi is her classmate Sonoko Suzuki, who often teases her about her relationship with Shinichi. Her other friends include Masumi Sera, Kazuha Toyama and Heiji Hattori.

Ran first met Shinichi back in Sakura class. Ran began liking Shinichi when she noticed he was wearing a paper name badge like her, so she wouldn't be bullied for being the only one without a proper badge. Unknown to her, her homeroom teacher was secretly planning to kidnap her, which Shinichi - with his father's help - foiled. Ran seemed unaware of the plot. The two soon became close friends ever since.

When Ran and Shinichi were six, they snuck into Teitan Elementary School at night to uncover the truth behind a hat-wearing monster rumor. They met the elder Kaitou Kid in the school library who played a nasty prank on them before handing over a code inside a leather wallet. With the help of Agasa, Shinichi and Ran partially solved the case and Shinichi started to informally call Ran by her first name. That same year Ran met Fusae Campbell who was waiting to see if Agasa would appear at their promised meeting place. Fusae gives Ran her umbrella and asks Ran to buy one of her designer purses when she gets older.

At some point Both Ran and Shinichi with Ran's parents once visited one of Yoshiro Kinoshita shows and took a picture with him.[8]

At ten years old, Ran developed an interest in karate after witnessing national champion Satoru Maeda.[9] By age sixteen, she had developed into a highly-skilled martial artist, captaining Teitan High School's karate club.

Around a year before the series' start, Ran joined Shinichi on a trip to visit his parents in New York (her father being otherwise engaged by a community trip). She was there when Shinichi solved his first case and gained recognition as a detective. They met Yukiko Kudo, his mother, and her actress friend, Sharon Vineyard (the public face of Vermouth, a member of the Black Organization). Later that evening, she encountered Shuichi Akai who warned her there was a serial killer on the prowl in the area. Ran later encountered Vermouth in disguise as the serial killer. Vermouth would have fallen to her death, but Ran caught her arm and Shinichi helped her pull Vermouth to safety. Due to this, Vermouth gave Ran and Shinichi the nicknames "Angel" and "Cool Guy", respectively.[10] Vermouth later showed hesitance to kill Ran and later Conan Edogawa (Shinichi's childhood form) as well,[11] but whether or not it was because of any emotional attachment is unclear. It was during this trip that Ran realized her true feelings for Shinichi, finally realizing that she is in love with him.

Before the Tropical Land meetup, Shinichi and Ran visited Beika Aquarium together where Shinichi solved a case. After the case Shinichi accidentally making her drop her new cellphone on a sewer, he promises to replace it and take her to Tropical Land if she wins the Karate Championship as an apology, she also half-jokingly demands her new cellphone to be strapped with a sea cucumber strap, which Shinichi got for her.

After Shinichi's disappearance while on a trip to Tropical Land Amusement Park with her, Ran met Conan, who was introduced by Hiroshi Agasa as a "distant relative". At Agasa's request, Ran agreed to look after him, and immediately came to think of him as a surrogate little brother.[12] Ran has come to suspect Conan's identity multiple times, but Conan always manages (helped by his friends like Ai Haibara and even Kaito Kid) to find a sufficient alibi to satisfy her concerns.


Ran, scolding the culprits for putting Conan's life in danger.

Ran's greatest personality trait is that she genuinely cares for those she loves. She is also patient, kind, and nurturing. At the same time, she has a very overwhelming personality, quickly able to intimidate most people when angered. Even more, when angered enough, she can be very violent, venting her anger through launching random strikes on whatever is available. Like Shinichi, she highly values justice to the point of idealism. To avoid making Shinichi choose between her and his important case (which is useless because Shinichi has turned into Conan and can't return as of now), she has decided to wait for him to finish it, trusting his promise that he will come back, despite their separation causing Ran a lot of emotional pain.

She is also very hot-blooded and tends to act on impulses when the people she cares about are involved; the combination of jumping to conclusions and not hesitating to use karate on those who she perceives to have wronged someone has led to several "near-miss" misunderstandings. She is also not above using martial arts as a subtle threat to keep people, including her father, in line. In earlier stories, she would become violently suspicious if she thought Shinichi was philandering, although more recently his confessions (in the Holmes' Revelation Arc) have led her to trust his intentions.

Ran, closing the curtains to prevent the snipers from shooting.

Ran is someone who values life immensely. Even if it is the life of someone threatening her own. This is proven during her trip to New York with Shinichi, despite a serial killer-disguised Vermouth pulling a gun on her, she didn't think twice about saving her when Vermouth was about to fall to her death; Another instance is when the detective agency was taken hostage by a man strapped with bombs, she closed the curtains to prevent the police snipers across the building from shooting the hostage-taker.[13]

Ran can be very brave and resourceful when she wants to be and has rescued Conan from trouble on many occasions. She has remained bold, steady, confident and calm in many situations that would usually cause others to remain frozen in fear, such as being threatened by a gun[11] or surrounded by flames[14]. However, she has an irrational fear of the supernatural and is thus — unlike her friend Sonoko — no fan of anything related to the horror genre, so much that she completely forgets about her combat prowess. Like a lot of girls, she constantly screams when seeing a dead body.[15]

She also constantly tries to reunite her father and mother again, though with little success, thanks to the mutual stubbornness of both parents. Ran is very humble about her natural attractiveness, never using it to her advantage, even when men regularly try to flirt with her. At the same time, she can even be oblivious to men's interest in her, often to Sonoko's exasperation, who believes her wait for Shinichi to be hopeless. If made aware, Ran doesn't respond in kind due to her feelings for Shinichi.[16]Even though Ran is in love with Shinichi, she has repeatedly failed to convey her feelings (until The Crimson School Trip) because she suddenly becomes self-conscious.

"I'm not a crybaby... so don't call me a 'crybaby' again."

Ran is noted as one who "cries a lot".[17] Despite this, Ran is very self-sufficient and mature for her age, since her father Kogoro is often drunk, slovenly, and fiscally irresponsible. She handles many of the Mouri household's financial affairs and all the cooking and housework, plus often greets and provides refreshments for potential clients. In many ways, Ran has become the matriarch of her new family and has the final say in their actions; she makes it her duty to be a mother figure to both Conan and Kogoro. She is constantly taking care of Conan's general wellbeing. With Kogoro, she keeps a shape eye on him, making sure Kogoro doesn't slack off on his job plus is on his best behaviour when meeting people, and keeping his reckless antics to a minimum. She also appreciates fine art.

Like her father, Ran can become serious about a case, if it involves something personal to her. During the Night Baron murder, upon realizing that her idol Satoru Maeda was the most likely suspect, she - after considering what Shinichi would have done in her situation - made considerable effort to prove him innocent. Another time she helped an old classmate, accused of theft, proving her innocent. Ran also likes to rush wherever she goes, believing both her name and nature to be like the word "Run" from English. She even said to Shinichi, "My name is Ran! I was born to run!"


Ran is a light-skinned girl of above-average height. She has big, bluish-purple eyes and dark brown hair. Her hair is straight and hip-length, tucked behind her ears with short wavy bangs over her forehead. What was originally a wave in her bangs later evolved into a stylized triangular point. She is slender in the frame, yet sports an athletic and curvaceous build plus is noticeably well-endowed. She has been noted to greatly resemble her mother in her youth. Ran is also very beautiful, as described by many characters throughout the series. Many men have become infatuated with her in the series, as noted by Sonoko (much to Sonoko's annoyance before finding her own boyfriend)[18]. Ran was even offered more than once a modelling job. When Ran was surprised to receive her first 'love letter', she was told by Sonoko that the only reason she didn't get so much more is that Shinichi is always with her. During "The Scarlet School Trip", it was said that Ran was one of the top ten girls in the 'Teitan High school Popularity Contest'; though her rank was not mentioned.


Martial arts

Ran beats up a gangster.

Arguably Ran's most notable ability is her immense martial arts prowess. Despite her age, she is among the most proficient in the series. She is a black belt in karate (at least a 3rd-dan as she is also an instructor) as well as captain and ace of her high school team. She has won several tournaments, including regional tournaments in her age group.[19] Her skills are comparable to and acknowledged by Makoto Kyogoku, a world-class champion martial artist, able to attack in perfect sync with him.[20] Her deceptive might and skill has repeatedly been displayed on various targets. She can neatly chop through a glass bottle with her bare hands or effortlessly smash through stone pillars, steel shutters, and other large sturdy targets unharmed. From watching Shinichi play soccer over the years, Ran developed similar flexibility and accuracy in her kicks,[21] able to perform perfect split kicks. Her control can instantly shift and angle her stance, even in mid-strike, to change direction and type or stop her attacks at any moment. While doing this in mid-air, she can perform multiple consecutive strikes from each of her limbs. She is also well-trained in Judo by her father, showing great proficiency similar to him in submissions, locks, takedowns, and throws. Repeatedly in battle, her skill has taken out various and multiple skilled assailants much larger than herself even when outnumbered with great dexterity and efficiency, easily disarming/destroying the foes' weapons with a well-placed strike. Even more, most foes cannot counter their strikes and likewise are defeated with just a single move, which tends to send foes flying and rendered unconscious with noticeable injuries inflicted.

Physical prowess

Ran smashing a concrete post.

Ran has deceptively great raw strength for her slender form, able to easily subdue her much-larger father, hold up Vermouth when she almost fell to her death, crush binoculars in her grip, and even managed to pry open a powerless elevator door. Her raw strength was further established on a punching machine, scoring a 400 against a much larger man's score of only 348 who was a trained boxer, which damaged the system in the process. As a child, she could easily pick up other children her size. She is remarkably fast, able to quickly react to and knock away falling pipes and dodge a bullet up-close while on guard. Likewise, she can close the distance between her opponent and disarm them before most can react. Her strikes have shown similar speed, able to swat down a bee with a single kick. She is highly agile and coordinated, able to perform seamless parkour and free-running manoeuvres and can nimbly climb various terrains to reach targets or evade them. She can jump noticeable high into the air and execute multiple flips. Likewise, she can jump down from three stories high to calmly land on her feet. She can take the blunt force of a steel baseball bat unharmed and has unusually high amounts of stamina.[22]


Ran knowing Azusa is Vermouth in disguise.

Ran is quite intelligent. She solved a few cases on her own; Shinichi/Conan acknowledged she could be a skillful detective if she tried, even shown better it than several characters.[23] Ran also has regularly shown to have a sense of noticing when something is strange or out of place, although she doesn't always figure out on her own what it is. During the Macademy Awards, Ran noticed that Shinichi's father who was on TV (who was Yukiko in disguise) behaved unusually "cute" compared to his normally composed nature. During "The Betrayal's Stage", Ran also noticed Vermouth disguised as Azusa, despite her perfect impersonation, just from accidentally being called "Angel", a nickname only Vermouth has ever called her. Repeatedly, Ran has instinctively come to the same and correct belief that Shinichi and Conan are the same person, despite him going through various extreme lengths to fool her again. Ran has a very good memory and attention to detail, having used both to contribute to investigations more than once. She also has extensive knowledge of history and is capable of speaking and reading/writing English, however, she needs people to speak it slowly for her to understand.

Ran is able to understand Taka'aki Morofushi talk about the Three Kingdoms era.

Other skills

Besides martial arts, Ran is highly skilled in various other sports. She regularly scoring strikes in bowling, excels in skiing, and is a serving ace in tennis. Ran is very skilled in running a household, including cleaning, handling the bills, managing the budget, sewing and is especially praised for her cooking skills. She is musically talented, noted to be a very good singer and she can play the piano well. She has astonishingly good luck and instincts when it comes to gambling, lotteries, and any game of chance; she has never been known to lose once, regularly winning with advanced combos and earning grand prizes.[24][25] Likewise, Ran has shown very alert senses in darkness, able to notice an attacker with a weapon and strike to protect herself.[26] She also has perfect-pitch, able to recognize Shinichi's playing of the violin from a particular habit of his.


In the Detective Conan Franchise, most characters simply call Ran by her name, but characters have another way of calling her. This table shows what Ran call other characters and what they call her.

Plot overview

Doubts about Conan's identity

Ran and Conan

In time, Ran comes to suspect that Conan is Shinichi, despite what her common sense would say, but he always goes to great lengths to trick her and prove her wrong. There are, however, occasions where she appears to be sure that Shinichi and Conan are the same.

Monthly Presents Case (Manga: 026-029, Anime: 7)

Episode 7

The first time Ran suspects Conan is in episode 7. After seeing how Conan, like Shinichi, can deduce someone's occupation by just touching the person's hand, Ran becomes very suspicious and keeps an eye on Conan during the whole case. However, Professor Agasa calls Ran with the voice changing bowtie at the end, freeing Conan of suspicion for a while.

Suspicious Uncle Case (Manga: 131-134, Anime: 96)

Episode 96

Another time, when Ran finds Conan asleep on the sofa, she takes off his glasses and notices the striking resemblance he has to Shinichi as a child. She later confronts Conan about this resemblance, his similar powers of deduction, and even his shared lack of any musical knowledge. However, Shinichi's mother unexpectedly shows up and covers for Conan by explaining that Conan resembles Shinichi because they are distant relatives as because "Conan" is a distant relative of hers, specifically "the nephew of the grandfather of the cousin of the daughter of the brother of her uncle". and that Conan possesses Shinichi's deductive ability because he admires Shinichi and learns from him. Despite apologizing to Conan for doubting him, Ran does not lose her suspicions but keeps them to herself for a while, as noted by Yukiko, telling Conan that Ran's last smile wasn't convincing her, immediately realising that the girl wasn't satisfied with her last answer and that she is keeping her suspicions for herself until she finds real proof.[42]

The Desperate Revival (Manga: 256-257, Anime: 189-190)

Episode 191

When Conan is critically injured and requires a blood donation, Ran donates her blood without hesitation, knowing she and Shinichi share the same rare blood type. Since this act proves Ran's suspicions are correct, with the help of Ai Haibara, Conan manages to fool Ran by allowing Shinichi to appear before her while Conan (Ai Haibara in disguise) is present.

Suspicious Cellphone Case (Manga: 483, Anime: 400)

Episode 400

In Ran's Suspicions, Conan once forgets his cell phone on the couch and Ran, in the room at the time, remembers to send an email to Shinichi to let him know that she's going with her father on a case and that his presence would be most welcome as Kogoro could use the help. Right after sending the message, Conan's phone starts vibrating. Ran, quite perplexed by the perfect timing, checks his phone only to discover a new email (she hasn't seen the content yet). At that moment, Conan enters the room, and seeing his phone in Ran's hands, rushes towards it while shouting and grabs it back asking: "Did you look?". He quickly understands that Ran's email may have risen doubts about his identity.[43]

Following this event, Ran first believes that Shinichi often contacts Conan without her knowing, which would in some way explain how he always seems to help out on cases. Later on, after seeing Conan giving an important clue to the investigation team without making use of his cell phone (to eventually contact Shinichi like she was suspecting), she starts to believe that Conan is Shinichi thinking that past occurrences of both being present at the same time were just a trick he used to fool her.[43]

At the end of the day, Ran can retrieve Conan's phone. Late at night, after waiting for everybody to go to bed, she tries to get past the phone's PIN code to check whether her email is there or not. This, to her, would be undeniable proof that Conan is indeed Shinichi. After finally guessing the number equivalent of "Sherlock" to be the PIN code, she's surprised not to see her email there. She instantly tries a few times to resend another email but nothing comes up on Conan's phone. That's when Shinichi calls her complaining about the numerous emails she's been sending. Conan then knocks at the door and claims back his phone saying that he didn't want people looking inside because of messages he received from a girl he likes. It is later showed that Conan actually exchanged his phone with Agasa's (which are both of the same models) and used his phone upstairs to call Ran, while she was experimenting with the Professor's phone, to create this whole alibi. Shinichi then tells Ran that she now knows his phone number. And Ran, pleased with the situation, clears her mind out of all suspicions she had about Conan's identity[44] - at least, consciously.

Kazuha's Charm Case (Manga: 694-695, Anime: 574)

Episode 574

During "The Whereabouts of the Embarrassing Charm" case we can see that Ran's suspicions are arising again. This is thanks to Heiji, who openly revealed that his charm had Shinichi's fingerprints during the "Murderer, Shinichi Kudo" case. Ran asks Kazuha how that's possible when it was only Conan and Heiji who touched it. Kazuha supposes that Heiji lent it to Shinichi at some point. Ran is doubtful and glances toward Conan. Later, Ran talks directly to Conan about the assault case they'd gotten involved in, and he points out that she should talk to Heiji. She responds with "I have a feeling you figured out the proof too", but thinks "Why do I think that?" Unconsciously she thinks she is talking to Shinichi.

Cold Case (Manga: 813-814, Anime: 691)

Episode 691

In manga chapter 814 / Anime episode 690-691, Conan and the girls solve a case similar to one Yusaku Kudo abandoned 10 years ago. While explaining the solution, Conan talks so convincingly that Ran feels a strong impression that Shinichi is the one speaking. It unnerves her to the point where she stops Conan, but he states that he's only reading Shinichi's e-mail.

Eri Kisaki Abduction Case (Manga: 984-986, Anime: 901-902)

When Eri was kidnapped, Ran became suspicious of Conan's identity after witnessing Conan's deductions and skills that lead them to the place where her mother was kidnapped. Ran told Conan that he must be Shinichi, but Conan manages to deceive her by recording himself speaking with Shinichi's voice advising her mother so she wouldn't be involved in the same case, which made Ran lose suspicions, much to Conan's relief.

Café Rice Flower Murder Case (Manga: 994-996, Anime: 919-920)

Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1000-1005, Anime: 927-928)

TV Drama Filming Site Murder Case (Manga: 1022-1026, Anime: 993-995)

Non-canon plot overview

Movie 3: The Last Wizard of the Century


In movie 3 when Natsumi and Seiran are revealing the date of their birthdays, which are May 3rd and May 5th, Conan reveals his birthday is on May 4th. Ran is shocked as Conan's birthday is the same date as Shinichi's birthday. Ran begins to doubt Conan's identity and begins to suspect he and Shinichi are the same person, but she soon brushes off her beliefs, knowing it's a ridiculous possibility. However, despite her earlier remark, Ran continues to be suspicious of Conan throughout the movie as she keeps a close eye on him and listens closely whenever he is making a deduction, even telling her father to be quiet at one point. Later, when the Scorpion is about to shoot Ran, Conan hurriedly pushes Ran to avoid the bullet. At that moment, Ran imagines Conan to be Shinichi, thus increasing her suspicions of them being the same person. Later, when Ran and everyone escapes and witnesses the burning castle, everyone becomes worried about Conan. Ran refers to Conan as "Shinichi" as she witnesses the castle burning, confirming that Ran officially believes that Shinichi and Conan are the same person.

Later at the Mouri Detective Agency, Ran and Conan talk, where Ran thanks him for saving her but reveals he acted very much like Shinichi. Ran begins to cry and asks Conan if she isn't crazy for thinking he and Shinichi are the same. Upon witnessing Ran crying as she reveals her suspicions, Conan realizes that he has to tell her the truth, but when he is about to reveal himself, Kid appears as Shinichi, making Ran believe once again that Shinichi and Conan are not the same.

Relationships analysis

Family and friends

Shinichi Kudo

Shinichi and Ran.

Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri have been close friends ever since pre-school.[45] Despite her open annoyance at his obsession with mysteries and Sherlock Holmes, she strongly admires Shinichi. She commends him for his intelligence, bravery, sense of justice, and loyalty as one of the most dependable people in her life. She even admitted to Conan that she is very attracted to Shinichi. While their regular closeness over the years has lead to teasing from their classmates as a couple, in truth, Ran admiration for him soon developed into romantic. Ran first realized this during their trip to New York together.[46]

Despite this, she continued hiding these growing feelings for Shinichi, oblivious to the fact that he fell in love with her ever since they first met. She would constantly deny such feelings for Shinichi whenever it was brought up, even accepting one-time dates just to stop the accusations on her. Despite this, Ran has never had any minute interest in other men, regularly turning down their advances in the hope of one day being with Shinichi. Even more, she is shown to be very possessive and jealous when other women show interest in him, which has happened often due to Shinichi's looks and growing fame. Even more, during the Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case, when a girl claimed to be Shinchi's steady girlfriend, Ran was furious at this discovery and likewise relieved when she learned it was a lie.

Since Shinichi "vanished", Ran's feelings for Shinichi have only grown, but consequently mixed with constant worry for his well-being. Conan would regularly call her on the phone, impersonating his normal voice to allay her fears, but his long absence with no explanation other than a "tough case to solve" leaves her worried and hurt that even the times he does briefly appear, he vanishes before anything meaningful can be said. For a long time, Shinichi has said nothing of his feelings so that his absence won't hurt Ran worse than it already does; he also wishes to tell Ran the truth about his identity but chooses her safety above their happiness. Despite being Conan, Shinichi has lost nearly all of his strength and physical skills from years of training, he is still as committed as ever to protect Ran, and Shinichi hates to see her hurt in any form, especially by him. Ran's love for Shinichi has remained so strong and pure, she has come to recognize his nature completely. She can easily tell it is him just from seeing his hand. Despite being convinced that Shinichi isn't Conan, she seems to know his identity subconsciously.

Shinichi reveals his feelings for Ran.

Despite their "long-distance" relationship and never admitting their feelings, Ran and Shinichi have formed a strong bond that implies their true feelings. To which, Shinichi and Ran also appear to share a close empathic link due to their strong feelings for each other, making them almost impossibly aware of when the other is in extreme danger, and often able to sense the other's worried thoughts.[47] They have shared many romantic moments, such as when Shinichi bought Ran a pair of red gloves for Christmas,[48] or when she earnestly knit a sweater for him. Much time later in London, Ran's distress at Shinichi's seeming coldness to her and likewise still oblivious to her feelings for him led Shinichi to confess his feelings for her; an act that left Ran so astonished that she didn't say anything in return. Later, during their School Trip to Kyoto, Ran finally responded to Shinichi's confession with a kiss on the cheek. Shinichi was about to kiss her on the lips, which she eagerly awaited, but he began to transform back into Conan, forcing him to leave early. Shortly afterwards, the two exchanged emails, confirming that they are boyfriend and girlfriend now, much to her giddy bliss.

Kogoro Mouri and Eri Kisaki

Ran remains close to both Kogoro and Eri even though they have been separated for ten years. Her constant hope is that they finally get together again, and on occasion, she even plays (re-)matchmaker by arranging not-so-accidental meetings between them. However, while possible, any reunion has so far been constantly hampered by their mutual stubbornness as well as the occasional criminal incident taking place in the immediate vicinity. While loving them both dearly and admiring their respective work, it is only her mother that Ran openly admires and looks to for advice, whereas she openly wishes her father would act more dignified.

Sonoko Suzuki

Ran and Sonoko.

Sonoko and Ran have been best friends ever since they were children.[49] Sonoko was often there to help Ran whenever she was bullied by other school children, more so than even Shinichi.[49] Sonoko and Ran are often shown walking together after school. Sonoko often invites Ran to join her on trips or events hosted by the Suzuki family (most commonly her uncle's showdowns with Kaitou Kid). They also go out shopping or to karaoke together.[48] She also seems to notice Ran's emotional attention to others. When Ran believed that Conan was Shinichi, Sonoko noticed that Ran was behaving lovey-dovey toward Conan.

Sonoko once said to a murderer what she thought about friendship: "So what if friendship is unreliable and fragile! That way when you communicate with your heart, you can feel the warmth inside. If it were as hard as some chattering iron plate, you wouldn’t feel the warmth, y’know?"[50]

Meanwhile, even though Ran knows that Sonoko has a lot of money, she always makes sure that money never gets involved in their friendship, not going to ski vacations with Sonoko because she doesn't have the money, when she knows that Sonoko would pay for her to go.[51] This, along with other things, has helped strengthen the bond between both Ran and Sonoko.

Before meeting her boyfriend, Sonoko was sometimes envious that Ran always got more attention from boys,[52] but this didn't affect the deep friendship between them.

Kazuha Toyama

Despite having rather different temperaments and personalities, Kazuha and Ran have several things in common, including proficiency in martial art, father's connection to police work and detective work, and detective-obsessed childhood love interests. Kazuha was initially cold and rude to Ran, suspecting her of being interested in Heiji. However, thanks to Kazuha's frankness and Ran's accommodating nature, the girls quickly overcame this misunderstanding. They have since become close friends and seem to regard each other as confidantes since they are in similar romantic situations: Ran and Shinichi cannot confess their feelings for each other, as Shinichi is, aside from telephone calls, physically absent from her life, and Kazuha and Heiji cannot confess their feelings for each other due to their stubbornness and irascibility. After learning that Shinichi confessed his romantic feelings for Ran, Kazuha strongly encouraged Ran to reveal her own back to him. While Conan/Shinichi and Heiji are on cases together, Ran and Kazuha almost always spend time together. When Kazuha visits the Mouris' in Tokyo with Heiji, she is shown to share Ran's bed.

Heiji Hattori

Heiji and Ran are very good friends, bonding after Heiji's many trips to Tokyo because he "misses Conan". Ran respects Heiji as a very skilled detective who reminds her of Shinichi, but whenever Heiji and Kazuha run into an argument, Ran seems to take Kazuha's side.

Since Heiji knows that Ran is Shinichi's Girlfriend, he tends to tease Shinichi about her quite often and will give him advice on his romantic relationship with her. He is also sometimes protective of her for the sake of Shinichi, such as when Soshi Okita flirted with Ran and he told him to back off since she is "his best friend's gal" referring to Shinichi. Since it's practically identical to his relationship with Kazuha (Even though they aren't on the same level as Shinichi & Ran's romantic relationship).

Heiji almost views Ran as a sister, as he will tease her from time to time and he'll help explain things to her during cases along with Kazuha. He acts brotherly toward Ran, on several occasions, he often called her "sister" (nee-chan in Japanese). Despite this, they have become very good friends.

Masumi Sera

Masumi and Ran are high school classmates who met each other in the past. During the "Which Sweets Show" murder case, when Ran sees Masumi running away from her from behind, she hears the sound of rippling waves and feels a spell is cast on her. After the murder case at the pool in Hotel Hyde Pride was solved, Sonoko says Masumi is a magician, but Masumi denies that. Because the conversation about magicians sparked a memory in Ran's mind, Ran asked her if they met before; unfortunately, Sonoko interrupts them and so the question was never answered.

Detective Boys

Ai Haibara

Ran saved Ai Haibara as she was about to be shot by Vermouth and Calvados.

There are instances where Haibara will caution Conan from actions that involve Ran, though it's assumed this is due merely to the fact that she wants to keep her identity hidden. At one point, she was very cold and distant towards Ran, just like she was to most other people. Ran believed that it was because that Haibara had hated her.[53] However, later that day, after hearing Ran speak about the nature of justice to a criminal, Haibara finally properly introduced herself to Ran and they slowly became friends.

Haibara considers Ran to resemble her older sister, Akemi Miyano, so she takes a special interest in protecting her. These feelings began after Ran jumped through a slew of bullets from Calvados (and later Vermouth), to save Haibara and hold her down to the ground to shield her from the gunfire.[11] Haibara is reminded of Akemi and begins to treat Ran with more personal investment. When at a later point Haibara learns that Korn, Chianti, and the rest of the Black Organization are lurking about, Haibara begs for Ran to stay at Agasa's house, immediately thinking of her own sister's death, and wanting to keep Ran safe.[54]

Ayumi Yoshida, Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, and Genta Kojima

The three kids respects and treats Ran as an older sister figure. There have been many instances when Genta and Mitsuhiko would note that Conan acts differently around Ran and would often tease him for it. During the fifth movie, Countdown to Heaven, Mitsuhiko and Ayumi both asked to meet with Ran in privacy with Ayumi asking Ran to let Conan's feelings down because she is sure he likes her; while Mitsuhiko asked for advice regarding his feelings for both Ayumi and Haibara. While inside the virtual reality world in The Phantom of Baker Street, Genta offers Ran his jacket following suit of what Conan and Mitsuhiko did for Ayumi and Haibara. Ran also rescued the kids several times and vice versa during abduction/hostage situations.

Black Organization


Ran saved Vermouth (disguised as a serial killer) back in New York.

Ran was a fan of the actress Sharon Vineyard and is currently unaware of Sharon's double-life as Chris Vineyard and Vermouth. Vermouth has a great deal of respect for Ran and protects her from the Organization's activities because Ran unknowingly saved a disguised Vermouth from falling to her death during the Golden Apple case (even though she was about to kill Ran).[55] Vermouth's codename for Ran is "Angel".


Eisuke Hondou

In The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box, Eisuke expresses romantic interest in Ran. He admits to Conan that he loves Ran and claims that he wants to take Ran to America to live happily ever after there, and to ask for Shinichi's permission. Conan, without hesitating, refuses his permission, which confirms his true identity to Eisuke.

Tomoaki Araide

Tomoaki Araide and Ran Mouri became friends while Araide was acting as a temporary basketball coach in place of a teacher who broke his leg. During "The Unseen Angle of the Darkness" Conan wrongly came to the conclusion that Ran was attracted to Araide. In truth, she wanted to borrow his sweater to knit a similarly patterned one for Shinichi. Some anime-original features play with the idea that Araide is interested in Ran, most notably in the OVA story The Stranger from Ten Years Later where he proposed to her, but this was only a dream of Conan's and can be ignored.

Subaru Okiya

Ran apologizing to Subaru.

Ran lied to Subaru about Shinichi's fact because she felt that something terrible will happen to Shinichi if she did. She made Subaru confused about Shinichi and "Kinichi" but later in Yusaku Kudo's Cold Case, Ran apologizes to Subaru for lying and told him the truth. In this episode, Subaru finds out that Conan is Shinichi.

Mary Sera

Before Ran walks home after the murder case at the pool in Hotel Hyde Pride is solved, she turns around and sees Masumi talking to Mary. Ran thinks she has seen that child before.

Fusae Campbell

EP422 21.jpeg

Fusae and Ran met ten years ago prior to the current timeline. While waiting for Agasa under the ginkgo trees behind Teitan elementary school, she let Ran borrow her umbrella. She asked if was waiting for someone. At first, Ran persistent refused because Fusae will get wet, but she insisted. She then said, when she grows up, Ran will buys one of purses that she designed in return as repayment towards her. She showed a gingko leaf towards Ran and said that it's the mark, and also said although she is not famous now, she'll try her best. Then, they made a pinky promise together about it, with Ran agreeing to it. Ran managed to fulfil that present in the present timeline though she thought she was the only one who remembers that promise with a blush. It’s unknown if she is aware that Fusae Campbell is Agasa’s first love.

Character popularity

  • eBookJapan held a character popularity poll from April 12, 2011, to May 12, 2011, in which readers of Detective Conan (international included) could vote for their favorite character. Ran placed 5th in the poll with 347 votes out of the 5,883 that were cast.[56]
  • In honor of the release of the 15th movie, Quarter of Silence, the official Conan movie website held a popularity poll for the top 10 Detective Conan characters. Ran placed 5th out of 10.[57]
  • In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Ran placed 6th overall with 612 votes.[58]
  • In a poll held on June 5, 2020, by asking women age 20 to 40 who were their favourite Detective Conan character, Ran ranked fourth[59].

Fan theories

  • Ran's 17th birthday will play a major role during the main plot of Detective Conan.

In an interview given on January 3, 2012, Gosho Aoyama revealed that there is an "obstacle" preventing him from revealing Ran's birth date, "but since the birthday hasn't passed Ran is 16 right now".[1]

  • It's possible that Ran knows Conan is Shinichi and is simply hiding it.

The reasoning behind this is that Ran should know that the Fingerprint evidence is Ironclad, meaning Conan HAS to be Shinichi, and in the Cold Case episode, where Conan should have phrased it as "Shinichi's father" instead of Dad, as anyone reading an email from someone else that was sent to them out loud to someone else would normally do. Another piece of evidence is when Ran talked to Conan about giving him her blood while helping Eisuke out to find his birth records. She brings it up, yet does not question how she knew Conan's blood type, or why Conan never questioned it himself. Additionally, back on the Cold Case file, she stops him while reading the email, and while she does not tell him out loud, the images we see imply she recognizes him as Shinichi because instead of showing the adult Shinichi, we see child Shinichi. She likely did this to stop him from revealing this in front of Sonoko and Sera, having him quickly make up an excuse in front of both of them so they don't get clued in. When you piece these three moments together, it is reasonable to conclude she not only knows but is protecting Conan/Shinichi's identity consciously, though it is highly doubtful she knows why.

She can probably conclude though her father cannot be trusted with the truth.

  • It is possible that Ran will play a major role in the final battle with the organization and will save Shinichi's life.

Name origin

Ran's Japanese name derives from the Japanese rendering of Maurice Leblanc (from Mourisu Ruburan, according to Aoyama). Ran (蘭) itself means "orchid," which is also one of the flower tiles in Mahjong.[49] "Ran Mouri" is also the name of a writer of the anime Lupin III: Part II, a source of inspiration for Detective Conan.[60]

Different looks

Episode 1
Episode 217
Episode 646
Magic Kaito 1412 (episode 10).
Young Ran (Episode 854)
The Fist of the Blue Sapphire
Episode 410
The Culprit Hanzawa Episode 5


Courage is a word of justice. It means the quality of mind that enables one to face apprehension with confidence and resolution. It is not right to use it as an excuse to kill someone.

Episode 247, talking to Noboru Shimojo[61]

There are things one cannot do no matter the circumstances.
I don't mind waiting for people. Because the longer you wait, when you do meet... You'll be happier.
If you have faith and wait, he'll definitely come back. A lover will never betray you.

Episode 357, talking to Kenji Suenaga

People can really change. When they're far away from each other, their hearts will change. It's so cruel that the only thing I can do is wait.
Don't! Please don't. You don't have the right! It may have been a copy, but you used that wonderful picture book to commit a crime. The author must be crying in heaven.

— To the culprit in The Pop-up Book Bomber


Ran's cellphone strap.
  • Her second phone (the pink one) was presented by Shinichi after he accidentally made Ran lose her phone during Shinichi Kudo's Aquarium Case.
  • Gosho Aoyama, the creator of the Detective Conan series, stated that Ran is one of his favorite female characters.[62]
  • She keeps a blissful sea cucumber key-ring on her phone, which she demanded from Shinichi as a penalty for causing her to lose her previous phone. Ran didn't expect him to buy it, but he did. This made Ran wonder if Shinichi was already in love with her at that time. The sea cucumber is actually Namako-Otoko, a villain turned good from Gosho's other series Yaiba.
  • Ran is one of the few characters who use old-fashioned flip-phone, instead of trendy smartphones.
  • There is a pun relating to the name "Ran" in the 'Shinichi Kudo Aquarium Case', where Ran told Shinichi that she liked to run because of her name (Ran=past tense of 'run').
  • When Ran is not wearing her school uniform or a special outfit, the colors of her shirt and socks always match.
  • After Fusae loaned Ran her umbrella and Ran promised to buy one of Fusae's designed purses in return when she got older, she managed to do so in episodes 421-422 where she was in line with Sonoko to get a new brand name item which was Fusae's limited edition brand name purses and confirmed by Gosho in an interview called Love Conan Interview Dated March 31, 2014, with Gosho.
  • In file 882 she was revealed to be scouted as a magazine model and had her picture taken on the street.
  • The "Art Museum Owner Murder Case" has her going out of her way to pursue rumors of a haunted suit of armor. Exactly one volume later, she's so terrified of ghosts and monsters that she instantly freezes on seeing the mountain-villa mummy.
  • Shinichi tends to call her "Watson" and she tends to play this role in flashbacks.
  • Ran gets easily sick when reading in a car.
  • Ran has a Fusae brand pouch (file 994) and purse (files 410-412 and the Love Conan Interview).
  • When she was a kid Ran has Shinichi help her by organizing her Hinamatsuri dolls for Girls Day by Conan mentioned in Episode 312.
  • Once in kindergarten she got separated from the group during a walk and ended up in Haido City.
  • It is revealed in file 921 that Ran and her family used to live in an apartment before moving to the Mouri Detective Agency.
  • Shinichi gave Ran an extra key to his house before his parents went to Los Angeles according to the LOVE PLUS Super Digest Book.
  • While in preschool, Ran was in the Tulip class in her first year and Sakura class during her second year.
  • In File 630, according to Kogoro, whenever Ran buys large cake for guests, she would then eat alone a portion enough for two people.
  • In File 1068, it is revealed that Ran has Wataru Takagi's phone number when Takagi mentioned that Ran called him.
  • According to RECIPE PLUS Super Digest Book she likes curry, and Eri's fried eggs.
  • Ran's ring finger is longer compared to her index finger, something unusual for women.
  • Unknown to her, Masumi, Ran, and Sonoko are in the Teitan High Secret Popularity Contest Top Ten.

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 蘭 Ran 毛利 Mōri
Flag of Arab League Arabic ران Rān موري Mōri
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Ran Mouri
Flag of Basque Country Basque Ran Mori
Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalonia) Ran Mouri
Flag of Valencia Catalan (Valencia) Ran Mouri
Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 兰 Lán 毛利 Máolì
Flag of Hong Kong Chinese (Traditional) 蘭 Lán 毛利 Máolì
Flag of US English Rachel
Flag of Philippines Filipino Ran Mouri
Flag of Finland Finnish Ran Mori
Flag of France French Ran Mouri
Flag of Galicia Galician Ran Mouri
Flag of Germany German Ran Mouri
Flag of Italy Italian Ran Mouri
Flag of South Korea Korean 미란 Miran 유 Yoo
Flag of Malaysia Malay Ran Mouri
Flag of Portugal Portugal Ran Mori
Flag of Russia Russian Ран Ran Мори Mori
Flag of Spain Spanish (Spain) Ran Mouri
Flag of Spain Spanish (Latin America) Claudia
Flag of Sweden Swedish Ran Mori
Flag of Thailand Thai รัน Rạn โมริ Mori
Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Ran Mori



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