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Volume 3

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Release date: October 15, 1994
November 18, 2011 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122083-5
ISBN 4-09-123317-1 (reissue)
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Magic Kaito Volume 3 was released on October 15, 1994 in Japan.


Star War[edit]

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Chapter 14[edit]

The Great Detective Appears!![edit]

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Chapter 15[edit]

A young man in a deerstalker hat and inverness coat identifies the culprit of a criminal case, an older businessman. The man admits his guilt, and when asked why he would commit a crime, that it was for the sake of his sick daughter. The young man pats the culprit on the shoulder as news cameras flash.

The next morning, the newspaper praises Saguru Hakuba, lately arrived from London, for solving the case, and wonders whether he might be able to catch Kid. Ginzo Nakamori reads the headlines and scoffs at Saguru always asking for the criminal's motive, because Nakamori doesn't believe a criminal could have a reasonable motive. A nearby officer hopes to see a showdown between Saguru and Kid anyway, but Nakamori roars that he will be the only person to catch Kid. The sudden arrival of a Kid notice only fires him up further.

From the ice-skating rink at the edge of Tropical Land, Kaito uses binoculars to watch the painting "Adam's Smile" arrive at the museum across the way. His scheming is interrupted by Aoko, on ice skates, declaring him the criminal, though it turns out she's only quoting Saguru's signature accusation-and-question. Unnerved, Kaito argues with her until she skates off, but when he tries to chase her, it becomes clear that Kaito can't skate at all. In the end he has to politely beg Aoko to give him a ride off the ice because he keep falling to the ground on his own.

That night, Nakamori prepares his team of officers for Kid's arrival. As they go to synchronize their watches, Nakamori hesitates with the time, and is interrupted by the date and time down to the millisecond. Saguru Hakuba has arrived, with a silver pocketwatch, inverness coat, and high attention to detail. Nakamori recognizes Saguru from the paper, but dismisses him as an amateur until Superintendent General Hakuba, the head of the Tokyo police force and Saguru's father, persuades Nakamori to show Saguru the ropes of real police work. Convinced to work with Saguru, Nakamori offers to answer any questions, only to be interrogated about details regarding Kid that no one has answers to. Saguru then leaves to conduct his own investigation around the museum. Outside the museum, a bored policeman complains about the snow just before Kid knocks him out and steals his identity to access the museum, though Nakamori unknowingly berates Kid for not being at his post inside the art gallery. Back outside, Saguru sees a police notebook dropped in the snow of the entrance stairs and investigates the police cars to discover the bound, gagged, unconscious and half-naked officer. He visually inspects the outside of the museum further, and appears to have figured out at least part of Kid's plan. At the promised time, smoke emits from the barriers around the painting and obscure it. When the smoke clears the painting appears to have been replaced by a thank-you message from Kid.


Kaitou Under Scrutiny[edit]

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Chapter 16[edit]

Akako's Delivery Service[edit]

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Chapter 17[edit]

Akako continues to be frustrated by the fact that Kaito Kuroba - and by extension, Kaitou Kid - are immune to her magical charms. In an attempt to calm her, her crystal ball shows her a vision of the future: Kaitou Kid will soon be arrested by Saguru Hakuba, and disappear from her life entirely.

Several nights later, Kaitou Kid steals a jeweled necklace, once again eluding Hakuba and the police. Hakuba, however, does not consider the night a total loss. During his escape, Kid had left behind one vital piece of evidence: a hair. Hakuba uses his grandfather's research lab to analyze the hair's genetic material, and concludes that Kaitou Kid can only be Kaito Kuroba.

The next morning, Hakuba personally invites Kaito and Aoko to the Ochima Art Museum, where Kid's next heist is to take place. Though Kaito is initially suspicious, his ego wins out, and he accepts. Akako attempts to dissuade Kaito, but Kaito rebuffs her, explaining (without confessing his double identity) that Kaitou Kid would never back down from a challenge. A stung Akako tries to rejoice over Kid's imminent downfall, but finds that she cannot.

(Extra Chapter) Yaiba vs. Kaito![edit]

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Chapter 18[edit]

Kaitou Kid targets the Treasured Sword, a priceless heirloom owned by the Mine family. At the Mine household, Inspector Nakamori and his squad ask to help protect the sword, but are ejected by the Mine matriarch. The Inspector and his men must make do with watching the house's perimeter; meanwhile, the house's youngest inhabitant, the energetic child samurai Yaiba, anticipates the idea of fighting Kid.

Late into the night, Kaitou Kid hang-glides toward the Mine household, but collides with Yaiba's vulture friend Shonosuke in mid-air. Kid falls into the Mines' koi pond, awakening Yaiba's frog friend Gerozaimon, but quickly hides himself. After Gerozaimon's cries are dismissed as sleepwalking by the rest of the household, Kid quickly recovers and resumes his plan to steal the sacred sword. During his heist, he encounters each of the household's three women, but seduces them all into stepping aside.

Eventually, Kid enters the Mine Dojo, and finds the sacred sword being protected by Yaiba.

Blue Birthday[edit]

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Chapter 19[edit]

After another heist, the fifth for the month, Kaitou Kid is contacted by a mysterious figure who warns him to stay away from jewels in the future. Kid is left puzzled by the conversation, but dismisses the warning.

The next morning, Kaito crows over the target of Kid's next heist: India's largest sapphire, the Blue Birthday. His joy is quickly interrupted by Aoko, who complains that Kaitou Kid has left her father a busy, sleep-deprived wreck who cannot even attend her birthday party. Though somewhat dispirited by Aoko's hatred for Kid, Kaito agrees to attend her party and perform magic tricks for her guests after finishing an "errand" for the night.

After night falls, Kaitou Kid successfully foils Inspector Nakamori's security measures and steals the Blue Birthday - not knowing that the police had planted a transmitter on it. As Kid escapes onto the museum roof prepares to fly over to Aoko's house, a sudden gunshot shatters his glider, trapping him on the roof.

Kid is soon confronted by a gang of men in chapeaus and overcoats, led by an armed man with a distinctive mustache. This man, mistaking Kaito for the first Kaitou Kid, confesses that he had murdered Toichi Kuroba eight years ago. He then demands the Blue Birthday at gunpoint, promising to spare Kid's life in exchange. After Kid obeys, the man goes back on his word and shoots him, sending him tumbling over the roof.

At the Nakamori house, Aoko begins to worry, wondering when, or if, Kaito will appear.

Green Dream[edit]

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Chapter 20[edit]


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