List of characters who know Conan is Sleeping Kogoro

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Throughout the series, many characters have realized that Conan was behind Kogoro Mouri's sleeping deduction show, a.k.a. "Sleeping Kogoro". Some others have become close and some are hinted to know some of it. Here is the list of characters that have certain information about this fact. It is to note that some know Conan is behind sleeping Kogoro, but they don't necessarily know that he is Shinichi Kudo.

People who know Conan is Sleeping Kogoro


Hiroshi Agasa

Hiroshi Agasa.jpg

He built the gadgets that Conan uses to perform the Sleeping Kogoro trick.

Heiji Hattori

Heiji Hattori.jpg

In his introduction case he gives Conan a drink of Baiju alcohol which turned Conan back to normal when Heiji wasn't looking, although he was too ultra competitive to realize anything in that time, even if Kudo did not solve the case as himself. In Heiji's second case Conan puts him to sleep to solve it. Heiji wakes up and realizes based on his knowledge of Conan how the Sleeping Kogoro trick works, and deduces that Conan is Shinichi. To be truthful, he was suspicious of the trick even before, when Ran told him that her father has solved all of his cases recently that he has earned the nickname 'Sleeping Kogoro'. He then took her outside the room, followed by Conan, and asked her, "Where is HE, when your father does his reasoning? When she asked him who he was talking about, he promptly and without hesitation lifted up Conan by the scruff of his clothes, and answered, "The little kid, who sticks to you like glue?" She replied that he disappears, but sometimes in her father's deduction, he arrives from behind her father for some reason. This was before the blackout, so it never was answered, but it does leave evidence that he suspected before he was tranquilized by Conan. In fact, after Conan gave a major hint to solving the first case, he replied, "I'm an idiot. I do not know," forcing Conan to solve the cases instead. As well as purposely withholding his own deduction, he forced Conan in the position of having to tranquilize him instead of Kogoro, when he quickly followed Conan to the next room, where he was quickly tranquilized in the doorway. This allowed Conan to speak in his voice, however he is unable to replicate Hattori's Kansei-Ben Dialect, although he does a bad and strange impersonation of the dialect. Hattori was really wanting proof, and would probably have missed it, if Kogoro, in a true Jerk moment, did not pound him on the head. However, that did allow him to wake up, and to continue his sleeping act routine, where he managed to see Conan out of the corner of his eye, speaking in his own voice, but with a strange dialect, proving two things to himself: Conan Edogawa is Shinichi Kudo and how the 'Sleeping Detective' trick works.

Yukiko Kudo

Yukiko Kudo.jpg

Yukiko seems to be aware of the trick that Conan uses as Sleeping Kogoro, she also witnessed Conan solving a case on her behalf using the voice-changer bowtie to speak in her voice. She probably knew how the trick worked anyway from what Professor Agasa told her, but she got to see it in action, in The Cornered Famous Detective! Two Big Murder Cases, when she saw him tranquilize Misao Yamamura with the Stun-Gun Wristwatch, and speak in the detective's voice using the Voice-Changing Bowtie. It is possible that is why she refused to help her son, and sounded petty, so that she can see how he really does it. She would have been unable to really see how he does the trick, if he simply used her voice, and had her lip sync.

Yusaku Kudo

Yusaku Kudo.jpg

Yusaku knows Conan's Identity and also seems to be aware of the tranquiliser Watch and the voice-changer bowtie that Conan uses to create Sleeping Kogoro. In fact, in his first appearance, he stated that he deactivated that little gadget referring to the Stun-Gun Wristwatch. He probably knew how the trick worked anyway from what Professor Agasa told him. Although, he was sitting in a shed, during the first part of the deduction, he got to see it in action, in The Cornered Famous Detective! Two Big Murder Cases, when he deduced that Conan tranquilized Misao Yamamura with the Stun-Gun Wristwatch, and speak in the detective's voice using the Voice-Changing Bowtie. After the correct deduction, that he heard from Conan, and appeared and finished off the deduction filled with information that his son had no way of knowing, and glanced and saw the still sleeping rookie cop. Professor Agasa previously gave Yusaku a listening device that picks up the bowtie's microphone's sounds. In this episode Yusaku used Conan's deduction as a reference to help with his own.

Ai Haibara/Shiho Miyano

Ai Haibara.jpgShiho Miyano.jpg

Because of prior knowledge of APTX due to being a member of the Black Organization, she already knows that Conan is a shrunken person. She moved in with Professor Agasa and has seen his gadgets. She has witnessed Conan perform Sleeping Kogoro several times.



Because of prior knowledge of APTX due to being a member of the Black Organization, and knowing the Miyano parents, she already knows that Conan is a shrunken person. Due to his proximity to Kogoro, it is likely that she would have figured out their connection instantly.

Kaito Kuroba/Kaitou Kid

Kaito Kuroba.jpgKaitou Kid.jpg

Kaito as Kaitou Kid witnessed Conan's trick several times when a case is occured and Kaito ends up being involved sometimes. In Magic Lover's Murder Case, he had his first time to witness the Sleeping Kogoro, although at the time, it was the 'Sleeping Sonoko' trick. Although Kid, may or may not have seen Conan tranquilize Sonoko in this case, his disguised self went to the verandah, and shot the crossbow, as ordered by Conan, using Sonoko's voice. Although he knows that it was really Conan telling him what to do, and actually solving the case, but in Sonoko's Voice, Kid did call out Sonoko's name, when responding to conan's instructions, helping to cover up the fact that he knows how the "Sleeping Kogoro trick, since he is a witness to the sleeping Sonoko trick, and knows how Conan does it. In short, he is keeping up the illusion for the others, and not revealing Conan is hiding behind Sonoko, and probably others 'all the time'. Kid may not have seen the tranquizer, although he himself puts people to sleep. Kid may not see Conan speaking through the bow tie, however he can speak in the voices of others, without any gadgets at all. He also probably saw Conan run behind the tree, behind Sonoko, at the start of the Deduction show, unlike everyone else who tunes out Conan's disappearance immediately everytime.

Eisuke Hondou

Eisuke Hondou.jpg

Eisuke had deduced that Conan was Sleeping Kogoro before they had even met. When he first saw Conan he directly introduced himself to Conan, who he refered to as Kogoro. Conan later reveals his identity as Shinichi to him.

Subaru Okiya/Shuichi Akai

Shuichi Akai.jpgSubaru Okiya.jpg

Subaru Okiya (revealed to be Shuichi Akai in The Scarlet Return) witnessed Conan's trick several times and got the final confirmation of Conan's identity in a similar way. He also helped Conan solving cases while he was using the voice-changing bowtie.

Masumi Sera

Masumi Sera.jpg

It is unknown what she knew at the beginning, but she seemed to know of Conan's trick of using a cell phone to disguise his voice as Shinichi. Recently she helped Conan perform the Sleeping Kogoro trick.

Mary Sera


Recently she helped Conan perform the Sleeping Kogoro trick.

Rumi Wakasa

Rumi Wakasa.jpg

In Picking Wild Plants and Clovers, Rumi witnessed the Sleeping Kogoro trick when Conan used tranquilizer dart on Yamamura to solve the case.


Kogoro Mouri

In the TV Station Murder Case, Kogoro became suspicious about Conan for a short time. He was invited to attend a television live show as a guest star. However, a murder occurred at the studio. After finding out all the evidences, Conan lured Kogoro to a spare storage room, lying that Yoko Okino was in there. Just as usual, he decided to tranquilize Kogoro and used the man to solve the case. Unfortunately, when Kogoro woke up, he began to question Conan about Yoko's whereabouts. He was also suspicious about the fact that whenever Conan tried to pull him outside, he always fell asleep right after. Kogoro angrily grabbed the boy's suit jacket and wanted to "clear things up". Much to Conan's luck, Yoko Okino appeared for real and Kogoro completely lost his suspicions.

Ran Mouri

Ran Mouri.jpg

She is probably only occassionally suspicious. She has caught Conan at least once, and possibly other times when he was about to tranquilize Sonoko, such as in The Triplet's Country Home Murder Case. At some point, she should realize that the only ones who frequently give an in-depth Deduction show are asleep, and Conan's suddenly disappeared, although he will come out if the sleeping deductor wants him to do or say something, and then he frequently disappears again, until it is over. Plus, people around her are frequently suffering from Narcolepsy, and usually, only when in the middle of a deduction show. Kogoro and Sonoko for example. She was also around when Tohru Amuro caught Conan about to use his Stun-Gun Wristwatch on Kogoro in Bourbon Figures it out, where Conan had to hastily withdraw, and solve the case by leading her father with a stick, to the correct deduction to solve the case accurately.

Jodie Starling

Jodie Starling.jpg

She knows about the Stun Gun Wrist Watch, and Voice Changing Bow Tie.

Jodie was aware Conan was the one doing the actual investigating since her introduction case. Even though she may not have seen him tranquilize Sonoko in that case, she probably suspected that Conan was probably using her for a mouthpiece somehow, since he knew of the trio: Sonoko, Ran, and Conan, he was the ONLY one that was actively investigating the case.

Any doubts about this should be immediately cleared up during the second case she was in, when she fully trusts Conan's plan and was clearly aware he was working on a way to resolve the situation from the beginning.

Andre Camel

Andre Camel.jpg

James Black

James Black.jpg

Rei Furuya

Rei Furuya.jpg

After the Tennis Murder case, Rei begins to suspect that Conan is using Kogoro as a puppet for his own deductions. He has already seen how Kogoro perform as Sleeping Kogoro, but missed the trick prior to Conan being hit in the head with a tennis racket. However, in that case, when Conan prepared his watch in order to tranquilize Kogoro, Bourbon bent down so that his eye would have been hit with the dart, if Conan did not stop himself in time, saying "The lid on my watch broke," before wandering slightly to the back. Since Conan was unable to tranquilize Kogoro, he had to instead give hints throughout the entire deduction to Kogoro, such as "Ice Melts," and many more. When Kogoro's response showed his typical "that is stupid type" behavior, Rei backed up Conan's hints throughout the entire deduction, proving to himself, that the real brains of this operation is Conan. That is really when he began to investigate the real detective "Sleeping Kogoro," who he now knew to be Conan. Bourbon also learned via a bug he implanted in Jodie's sleeve to eavesdrop on their conversation that Conan helped the FBI figuring out the organization's spy at the shrine. In the above picture in the episode of Jodie's Memories, when Conan was using Agasa for his deduction, Conan was standing behind Agasa. A disguised Bourbon was standing in front of the crowd, although he may have repositioned himself slightly to see Conan speaking behind a wide awake 'lip syncing" Agasa. He told Vermouth that Conan is a terrifying man. In the Scarlet episodes, he also figured out that Conan came up with the plan that Akai, Conan, and Kir used to fake Akai's death at the Pass, and added in his mind the part of Akai's sentence that was left off at the scene, stated that Conan predicted everything exactly as it happened at the scene. However, he is unaware of the trick that Conan uses to create Sleeping Kogoro. In the Heartstrap Case, he finally saw Conan use his Voice Changing Bow Tie as a Loudspeaker on a beach, however he has not yet seen him actually tranquilize anyone or speak in another voice in front of him yet, unless he saw him speak in Agasa's voice at the shrine.

Hyoue Kuroda

Hyoue Kuroda.jpg

Kuroda called him 'The Brain behind Sleeping Kogoro' and say that Conan has a ability to crack cases by seeing what no one else does. It seems that Kuroda is aware how good Conan is as a detective. He was confident enough to believe that Conan could help with a case and order the police to do as he says. But it's not certain if he knows of the whole truth. In Kawanakajima Murder Case, which was his first appearance, he already knew that Conan was 'The Brain behind Sleeping Kogoro', and stated an entire dialogue stating his knowledge of Edogawa Conan in front of the Nagano Police Officers present, in his first speech to Conan. In Mystery of the Burning Tent, he refers to Conan as "Sleeping Kogoro's Bag of Wisdom" to both: Ninzaburo Shiratori and Inspector Yuminaga. In The Target is the Metropolitan Police Traffic Department, he also instructed Bourbon to answer all of Conan's questions, when he realized that Conan was also investigating the case as well.

Kansuke Yamato

Kansuke Yamato.jpg

It is made apparent that he suspects Conan of being "the one leading everything" in A Dangerous Party of Two, and by that case, he had already encountered Conan, Kogoro, and Ran just in the Furinkazan case.

Yui Uehara

Yui Uehara.jpg

Kansuke Yamato told her that he suspects Conan of being "the one leading everything" in A Dangerous Party of Two, and by that case, they had already encountered Conan, Kogoro, and Ran just in the Furinkazan case.

Takaaki Morofushi

Taka'aki Morofushi.jpg


Hidemi Hondou.jpg

There's a possibility since Conan used his Voice-Changing Bowtie to make Shuichi leave from Kir's room, but it is unknown if she notices Conan or not.

Miwako Sato

Miwako Sato.jpg

Although in The Indiscriminate Stadium Threatening Case, she may have seen Conan and the 4 Detective Boys running around the stadium, she had not interacted with them at all until Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story, when she actually met them with Professor Agasa. That is also the case that Conan first showed her how smart that he was, including sneaking into her car with some policemen on the way to a crime scene, and threw lots of hints to her, Takagi, and Shiratori for them to solve that case.

He even introduced himself to her as "Conan Edogawa, Detective," at the crime scene.

In Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2, she knew that Takagi would be able to accomplish the "secret" goal in time, since she knew that Conan and the other kids would be helping him to do it.

Megure's Sealed Secret is the case that she and Takagi began sharing case related information to Conan, and since then, its become more confidential information occassionally.

Her first time to see the "Sleeping Kogoro" was in The Shinkansen Transport Case, and she began fiddling with the sleeping detective's mouth, forcing Conan to notice, and he had to fiddle with his own mouth, until she stopped. It will be a long time in the future before he will tranquilize Kogoro in front of her again, which means hint dropping only, in her presence, but she is smart, and knew almost as soon as she met him that he was a Very Smart Kid.

In Boy Genta's Misfortune, she organized the police into doing a stake-out in a building based solely on Conan's deduction of where they can catch the culprit. In fact, in that case, she complimented Conan's deduction, and stated, "Sometimes I wonder if you're really just a primary school kid."

In The Man from Chicago, while she is on the phone with Conan, she began organizing a road block with Yumi, based on Conan's word of a foreigner may have been kidnapped, even when Takagi was hesitant, since he is not positive yet, and has not figured out the code yet. When they figure out the code, and Yumi realized that she let them threw, they all follow Conan's strategy to save the kidnapped foreigner.

Since then, the sharing of information, and her immediately going along with Conan's plans has happened more frequently with her and Takagi.

She may never have seen the trick, but she probably has had plenty of cases, where she was involved with Conan and a waking Kogoro, to be able to guess how it works, since she is aware of how smart Conan is.

Conan can talk to her like an adult most of the time, and she should be intelligent enough to notice the times that when he speaks in a childish manner, it is really only in the presence of other less receptive people, like Megure, Shiratori, and others. If she ever saw him speaking with a Fed, she probably would not be surprised to hear an intelligent adult conversation.

Goro Otaki

Goro Otaki.jpg

His involvement in both the Tiger Scroll Case and the Koshien Bomber case at the very least should make him suspicious and knowledgable that Conan is incredibly intelligent, as he does not question how or why Conan was so involved with both cases. Additionally, he has been around them long enough to reason he sees their detective skills as equal. Additionally, Conan makes little to no effort to hide it from him.

Chihaya Hagiwara

Chihaya Hagiwara.jpg

It is probable that Chihaya suspects Conan as Sleeping Kogoro. In File 1087, she notices Conan hiding behind Kogoro and says he did an excellent job identifying the culprit.


Ichikawa Ebizo XI

Ebizo Ichikawa XI.jpg

Ichikawa Ebizo XI (十一代目市川海老蔵 Jūichidaime Ichikawa Ebizō?), age 38, is a real-life famous Kabuki Theater actor. A big fan of Sleeping Kogoro, who is famous as the best detective in Japan, he is aware that Conan was actually a detective since Kaitou Kid's midair walk, and kept calling him "Detective", as well as hinting in a car ride that he suspects that Conan was actually solving the cases and hiding behind Kogoro. He appears in Conan and Ebizo's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery.

Lupin III

Lupin III.jpg

In the special of Lupin III vs. Detective Conan, Lupin III, while disguised as Mouri Kogoro, he even played the part of the wide-awake sleeping detective, after Conan accidently shot Koichi Zenigata with his stun gun tranquilizer, only for Zenigata to wake up 30 seconds later. However, Lupin frequently started ad-libbing while playing the sleeping detective. Needless to say, he knows how the trick works behind the sleeping Kogoro.

Surely that is not Kogoro to solve the cases

Shouhei Hino

Shouhei Hino.jpg

Shouhei Hino (日野 昌平 Hino Shōhei?), age 41, is a police detective from Nishitama Station, Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department. He cannot have his subordinates freely giving out case reports, due to their confidentiality. Unlike most of the Japanese policemen, who are Kogoro's admirers, he is one of the few that do not give credibility to the famous sleeping detective, saying that someone is probably solving the cases for him while he is sleeping, but nobody believes him. At his first meeting with the detective in Kagekuwa Village, he does not want the latter's help in their investigation, asking him to do what he wants without getting in his way. Conan is really happy for his right observation, being clearly a compliment to the true famous detective, while Kogoro is really furious and calls him a rude bastard. Conan pretends to support Kogoro who does not need the detective's help to solve the case, and Ran's father swears that he will show Hino what he is capable of with Hitoshi Shinkai, the officer from Kagekuwa substation. However, even if he does not want to help him, Kogoro ends up participating in the search by himself the following day, and both end up in the same place, but Conan solved the murder case alone and was scolded by Kogoro for having made them worry so much. He also notices Conan's sharp intuition with surprise. He appears in The Tenth Passenger.

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