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In celebration of Detective Conan's 20th manga anniversary, an anime adaptation of the Magic Kaito manga began broadcast October 4, 2014. The show is truer to the original Magic Kaito series than previous Specials, but contains numerous references and innovations to Kid's story that developed in Detective Conan. It is animated by A-1 Pictures instead of TMS Entertainment. The show's official website is The production company's website for the series is

The series is simulcast in France by J-One (starting October 16, 2014), in Italy by Man-ga (from October 30, 2014 to April 9, 2015), and internationally by


Season 1 - Episodes 1-24[edit]


Opening themes[edit]

# Episodes Song name Artist Release date Oricon chart peak
1 1~12 Kimi no Matsu Sekai LAGOON November 26, 2014 30
2 13~24 Ai no Scenario CHiCO with HoneyWorks February 4, 2015

Closing themes[edit]

# Episodes Song name Artist Release date Oricon chart peak
1 1~12 WHITE of CRIME REVALCY November 26, 2014 63
2 13~24 Koi no Jumyō Galileo Galilei March 11, 2015

Manga to Anime Changes[edit]

Note: This tab is for overall settings changes only. For changes unique to each storyline, please see the episodes' individual articles.

  • The manga version of Kaito casually uses his card-gun in both his civilian and costumed personas. The anime has Kaito use the card-gun only as Kaitou Kid; while out of costume, Kaito flicks playing cards with his bare hands.
  • In the anime, Kaito and Aoko are next-door neighbors, with Aoko and her father frequently having Kaito as a dinner guest. Nothing in the manga supports or contradicts this.
  • In the manga, Toichi Kuroba leaves behind a single message on an old cassette player, confessing that he was once Kaitou Kid. In the anime, the cassette player is changed to a jukebox with twenty-four records, each of which contains a different message from Toichi.
  • In the manga, the Blue Parrot bar is established as little more than Jii's source of income. In the anime, both Jii and the Blue Parrot appear much more frequently.
    • In addition to assisting Kaito on certain heists, the anime version of Jii also supplies Kid with new gadgets (which are hinted to be developed by Dr. Agasa).
  • In the earlier chapters of the manga, Saguru Hakuba usually wears a stereotypical Sherlock Holmes outfit (deerstalker and Inverness cape) when not at school. The anime version of Hakuba follows the manga's later chapters, and wears ordinary (if upper-class) clothing outside of school.
  • Overall, technology in the series is updated to reflect the mid-2010s instead of the 1980s and 1990s (when the early chapters of the manga were written). Jumbotrons are now omnipresent in Ekoda City, and characters read the news on tablet computers and cell phones instead of newspapers.

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