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Reiko Kujo

Reiko Kujo Profile.png

Japanese name: 九条 玲子
(Kujō Reiko)
Age: 33
Gender: Female
Occupation: Prosecutor
Nicknames: Madonna of Prosecutors
First appearance: Anime: Episode 264
Appearances: Chapters: 0
Episodes: 7
Movies: 0
OVAs: 0
Specials: 0
Openings: 0
Closings: 0
Japanese voice: Rica Matsumoto

Reiko Kujo (九条 玲子 Kujō Reiko?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


[edit] Background

Reiko Kujo is Eri Kisaki's rival in those courtroom battles where the two meet on opposing sides. She is a well known professional lawyer who has gathered a reputation as a successful, independent, feared and respected female prosecutor at the Tokyo District Court and, as a result of such, the nickname "Madonna of Prosecutors" (検察のマドンナ Kensatsu no Madon'na?).

She begins her legal activity in the S.I.D. (Special Investigation Department), with Takeshi Nezu[1] as her boss. Five years ago, her boss was the primary prosecutor in a case which started as an investigation into the Takeuchi Construction Company scandal, over some defective townhouse construction work, but they began to suspect it involved bribery on a political level and joined forces. But then the key deponent of their case, the construction design office's manager, who was actually Hiroaki Takeuchi's boss, committed suicide and turned the case into a maze. They could have resolved the case on his testimony, but he suddenly changed his story entirely, which caused her to have no choice but to cease the prosecution. And then, Hiroaki married into Takeuchi Construction and became a key figure in the company. Her boss ended up being reassigned elsewhere, in Tottori, with his wife Kayoko and their son, where he died two years later, at the beginning of December.

Kujo first met Kisaki when the latter took up the defense of Shinji Usami, who was being accused of the murder of Hirasawa Tsuyoshi, who slew Usami's young son Masaki by thoughtlessness. She became determined to beat Kisaki's winning streak and thus further her reputation by defeating the one defender who had never lost a case. However, it turned out that while Usami was involved in the crime in question, he was actually providing a cover for the true culprit, his ex-wife Masako Kameda, who was subsequently exposed and arrested.[2]

Despite this defeat, with the help of her secretary Sasaki, Kujo vowed to humble Kisaki whenever a chance would present itself. However, she was always foiled by Conan's brilliance as a detective. In addition, a useful side effect of the confrontations between Kujo and Kisaki was that the latter's separated husband, Kogoro Mouri, would prepare to jump to his wife's defense in whatever way he could, even to the point of testifying as a witness in court.

Unlike Ran, Conan has heard so much about her before their meeting in person. She should note that Conan has a keen sense of observation, telling him it during a check out on the crime scene for their next trial. But as always, Kogoro contradicts her, because for his ignorance all he observed were useless things.[3]

[edit] Personality

Kujo is rather rash and eager to proclaim a defendant's guilt even with scant evidence at hand; whether this stems from her personal drive to defeat Kisaki or from her profession is as yet unrevealed. Whenever a case brings them together as opponents in the courtroom, Eri Kisaki and Reiko Kujo deal with each other on a strictly professional basis despite their intense rivalry. Each of them respects the other for her skills, however, and whenever a case turns against her, Kujo is fair enough to accept defeat and bring the true culprit to justice.

Kujo has a habit of twirling her pen around her finger when tense or in thought. She lives alone and, during her break, trains in a sport center with a tapis roulant.

[edit] Appearance

Reiko appears to be a fairly tall woman with a fair skin tone, dark violet eyes and a long black hair. Furthermore, she is usually seen wearing business suits whenever performing in the court. She is right-handed.

[edit] Abilities

[edit] Intellectual Abilities

Kujo is a calculating and intelligent individual who carefully analyses her case piece by piece and thoroughly examines the flow and situation of her prosecutions. However, she often lacks concrete evidence(s) in her investigation(s) which usually results a backfire whenever she states her conclusions.

[edit] Appellations

[edit] Plot overview

[edit] Courtroom Confrontation: Kisaki vs. Kogoro (Anime: 264-265)

[edit] Courtroom Confrontation II: Kisaki vs. Kujo (Anime: 297-298)

[edit] Courtroom Confrontation III: Prosecutor as Eyewitness (Anime: 489)

She is the prosecutor against Hiroaki Takeuchi, who had been accused of Hit and Run incident with the death of a biker, Yasuyuki Matsukawa. However, the evidence suggests it was his wife, Mariko Takeuchi, who has committed the crime. Hiroaki calls her, telling to meet him, and he will tell her the truth. Accompanied by Mariko, she visits Hiroaki and sees him fall off his apartment balcony to his death.

Believing her questioning motivated his suicide, she quits her job as a prosecutor. But she learns from Eri the possibility it was a murder made to look like a suicide by Mariko. During the hearing, Conan tranquilizes Kogoro and, with supporting evidence, reveals Mariko to be the cause of the Hit and Run and that she murdered Hiroaki.

Due to this case, she has been given a six-month salary deduction as punishment and is on technical leave for a month, and Eri was grilled by the higher-ups as well. But, it looks like it's a good break for her. She hasn't been on vacation for a while now, then takes it nice and slow, having a safe trip and forgetting about the case. She's heading to Tottori. Her former boss's third anniversary memorial is coming up, so she plans to visit his grave. She's back to her old self.

[edit] Courtroom Confrontation IV: Juror Sumiko Kobayashi (Anime: 606-607)

[edit] Relationships analysis

[edit] Conan Edogawa

[edit] Kogoro Mouri

[edit] Eri Kisaki

[edit] Sasaki

Sasaki is her secretary and then the substitute prosecutor. It's very clear that he loves her, but it's still unknown if she reciprocates his feelings.

[edit] Presiding judge

[edit] Takeshi Nezu

Takeshi Nezu, his wife Kayoko, and their son.

Takeshi Nezu is his former superior.

[edit] Different looks

Reiko Kujo's "Before" Appearance (episode 264).
Reiko Kujo's "Before" Appearance (episode 297).
Reiko Kujo's "Middle" Appearance (episode 489).
Reiko Kujo's "After" Appearance (episode 606).

[edit] In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Arabic Arabic ريكو Riko كواجو Kawajo
Flag of Indonesia Bahasa Indonesia Reiko Kujo
Flag of Germany German Reiko Kujo
Flag of Italy Italian Reiko Kujo
Flag of Japan Japanese 玲子 Reiko 九条 Kujō
Flag of North KoreaFlag of South Korea Korean 영주 Young Joo 서 Seo
Flag of Thailand Thai เรโกะ คุโจ

[edit] Trivia

Kurara Midorikawa
  • Reiko Kujo is a character exclusive to the anime TV series and has no appearance in the manga series. She is also the second, anime-only character to make repeated appearances in the show, the first being Officer Tome of the CSI.
  • Her character design minorly changes for episode 489: no lipstick and slight hair alterations. However, in subsequent episodes her original appearance has been restored.
  • Kurara Midorikawa, a 28 years old actress in The Broken Horoscope and a poster in Coffee Aroma with Murderous Intention (Part 2), has her same character design.

[edit] References

  1. ^ Takeshi Nezu (根津武 Nedzu Takeshi?) is the same name (根津猛 Nedzu Takeshi?) of a victim killed in And It'd Be Nice if Everybody Disappeared.
  2. ^ Episodes 264-265
  3. ^ Episode 606. Conan looks her that he don't see a vase despite there being a vase mat on top of that. She confirms who he's right, because the area around the missing vase was bleached by the sun. Conan noted that the housekeeper looked pretty nervous when asked about the vase and, when he asked her if she knows anything about it, she tells that vase belonged to the victim's wife and was placed there after her death, but it looks like the victim got rid of it recently. For a second, Conan thought it was knocked off and shattered as a result of the struggle with the culprit. She informs him that they didn't find any vase fragments during the initial inspection of the scene. Their short conversation about Conan's knowledges is interrupted by the housekeeper, who tells then she'll be on her way.

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