Takuma Sakamoto

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Takuma Sakamoto

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Japanese name: 坂本 たくま
(Sakamoto Takuma)
Age: 7
Gender: Male
Occupation: Teitan Elementary School student
Status: Alive
First appearance: Manga: File 548
Anime: Episode 460
Appearances: Chapters: 7
Chapters: 5
Episodes: 4
Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: N/A
Japanese voice: Rikako Aikawa

Takuma Sakamoto (坂本 たくま Takuma Sakamoto?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Takuma Sakamoto is a student of Teitan Elementary School, class 1-B, and lives in Beika with his father.[1] Before the beginning of the school year, he injured himself and was in the hospital for most of the school year. When he recovered, he joined the class and felt left out because he joined late, but because of Sumiko's efforts, was able to integrate normally.


In his first appearance, he was shown to be quite shy and would hide his embarassment and uneasyness by slacking around and distancing himself from others. However, once he gets to know his entourage more, he is more at ease and jovial. He likes to put a tough facade, although he can also get scared and would cry in difficult situations. According to himself, he is good at baseball, as he plays with his father. He is a fan of Kamen Yaiba.[2]


He is one of the taller kids of class 1-B, as he is taller than Mitsuhiko, Conan, and Maria. However, he is shorter than Genta. His distinctive apparence is characterized by his thick lips, his perm and his darker skin, as well as his small round nose. He usually wears a jacket along with his shirt and sneakers.


Plot overview

After his original appearance, he reappears numerous times in episodes where the classroom is shown, but does not have an important interaction during those episodes.

Kobayashi-sensei's Mystery (Manga: 548-549, Anime: 460)

Seeing how Takuma and Maria had difficulty integrating into the classroom because they had just transferred over, Sumiko leaves a code to help the classroom get familiar with the two. As the group further advance in the deduction of the code, he figures out hint that help them advance, and in the process becomes more and more familiar with them. As the group leaves towards the music classroom, which was the answer to the hint, he tries to stay behind, but Genta trags him with them, making him more confident.

The Haunted Warehouse (Manga: 690-692, Anime: 571-572)

In a game of hide-and-seek with his friends in Beika Town, 5th District, he stumbles upon an old earthen warehouse. He looks through the second floor window to find his friend, but instead of finding him, he discovers a pile of treasures among which was a mysterious shadow looking at him. He asked the owner of the warehouse to let him inside the warehouse, and upon entering, he finds nothing. This scares him and he tells the story to Mitsuhiko, who upon investigating with the Detective Boys, unravels a contrived system by trick-master Samizu Kichiemon that would lower the second floor of the warehouse.

Parents' Day at Teitan Elementary School (Manga: 1110-1112, Anime: TBD)

While going to watch the solar eclipse with Mitsuhiko, he accidentally trips and breaks his underlay, as well as a tulip in the flowerbed in front of class 1-B. He secretly hides it and brings it home to try to revive it and plant it back. A few days later, the Detective Boys witness him buying a new underlay. Later, during lunchtime, a fire breaks out in the flowerbed. Conan suspects him among others, since he is behaving suspiciously at the mention of the flowerbed. The young detective realizes that he is not scared because of the fire, but because he broke a tulip, and tells the latter to worry not, as he just needs to bring it back, because it will not bloom again until the next spring. He then happily assists to the parent-teacher meeting.

Non-canon plot overview

Takuma and Maria are recurring characters in Zero's Tea Time. After Amuro hosts a baking class at Teitan Elementary, he forgets his apron and Maria gives him hers. To thank her, he brings her in the old warehouse of the school to show her a 12-face dice, since she loves dice. However, just after Amuro comes to fetch them, an earthquake happens, which locks them inside. With Amuro's help, they manage to leave the warehouse. In a later case, Takuma, Maria, and Hiroki from class 1-A go investigate an odd-smelling well near Beika shrine and pass out when they arrive next to it. Later, Amuro rescues them and it is found out that the smell was due to a high-concentration of CO₂ and they passed out due to air poisoning. In file 53, Hiroki, Maria, and Takuma go to Reiko Tsuruyama's house to listen to her phonograph, but after it breaks, they repair it together with Amuro. In the last chapter, the three go to Café Poirot to see Amuro.

Relationships analysis

Conan Edogawa

He used to not talk to Conan and ignore him, but seeing how he interacted with him in the teacher's code case and helping him integrate in the class, he has grown a lot of respect for him.

Detective Boys

Takuma with Maria and the Detective Boys.

He has a very friendly relationship with the Detective Boys and often goes along with their outings. However, he seems to have a rivalry with Genta, which can be seen at how they call each other without honorifics. He is nonetheless good friends with the other Detective Boys, most particularly with Mitsuhiko.

Maria Higashio

Maria Higashio is the other "transfer student" that integrated the class at the same time as him. They thus have a particular bond as they both grow in the class with the same experiences. He and Maria organize many events together, as they try to surpass the Detective Boys in trying to find fun activites. In Zero's Tea Time, it is hinted that he has feelings for Maria.

Tohru Amuro

He sees Amuro as a mentor, as he often tags along during his activities with Maria, and does not look down on him when he is feeling bad.

Name origin

His last name, Sakamoto (坂本), is a common Japanese last name[3], the one of famous samurai Sakamoto Ryōma (坂本 龍馬). His first name Takuma is written in hiragana and thus does not have any particular meaning attached to it, but many famous kanji combinations include 琢馬, 琢磨, 卓馬, etc.[4]

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 琢马 Zuómǎ 坂本 Bǎnběn
Flag of Republic of China Chinese (Traditional) 琢马 Tsoma 坂本 Panpen
Flag of US English (Viz Media) Takuma Sakamoto
Flag of France French Takuma Sakamoto
Flag of Germany German Takuma Sakamoto
Flag of Italy Italian Takuma Sakamoto

Different looks

Episode 571


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