Volume 98

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Volume 98

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Release date: April 15, 2020
Chapters: 1037-1047
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-850059-8
Publisher: Shogakukan
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Totono Kuno
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Momiji Ooka
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Volume 98 was released on April 15, 2020.




Antique Facet Case

File 1037 - The Stream of Time...

Conan suspects that Mary is a member of SIS ("Secret Intelligence Service").

File 1038 - Show, Don't Hide


  • Major events

    • Shuichi appears as Subaru to keep an eye on Sera.
    • Shuichi's flashback seventeen years ago.
    • Conan suspect Mary is a member of member of the British Secret Intelligence Service, known as MI6. Sera suspect Subaru could be her older brother Shuichi.

    Lover Code Case

    File 1039 - Momiji's Challenge

    File 1040 - From Your Footbowl Loving Mother

    File 1041 - Brothers Reuniting After Thirty Years

    File 1042 - The Jingisukan of Memories


  • Major events

    • Conan deduces that Kohji Haneda is the son of a wealthy family.
    • Heiji tries confessing to Kazuha at the Haido Harbor but fails again, as Momiji and Iori ask her to take a photo and she runs off.

    Shogi Player Serial Murder Case

    The Birthday Party of Divine Punishment

    File 1043 - The Meijin's Beard

    File 1044 - The Meijin's Eyes

    File 1045 - The Meijin's Hand

    File 1046 - The Meijin's Winning Hand


  • Major events

    • Yumi tails Shukichi of suspecting having an affair. However, it is revealed that Shukichi is holding a Shogi practice session with younger Shogi players.
    • Shukichi was adopted by Haneda's family to fullfill Kohji Haneda's dream.
    • Shukichi is unable to contact his mother Mary.
    • Shukichi wants to introduce Yumi to his mother.
    • Shuichi appears without his disguise to save Shukichi.

    Sisters' Birthday Party Murder Case

    File 1047 - He Has It With Him


  • Trivia


    Settings featured in this volume:




    Haido Port

    Haido Port from the second case ("Lover Code") is practically identical to the real life Hinode Pier at the border between Minato (which it belongs to) and Chiyoda Wards in Tokyo, in turn also implying Haido Town to be around the border of these wards again. The warehouses on the right (and the one the case happens in) are the Hinode Pier Warehouses (Second block, Kaigan District, Minato Ward), in real life, the ones on the panel/photo are numbered 2-A, 2-B, 2-C and so on, but in this case, they are simply given numbers. Judging by their manga and real life succession, No. 4 (where the murder happens in) should correlate with warehouse 2-D.

    The ship in front of the other one Ran Mouri, Kazuha Toyama, and Momiji Ooka photograph themselves in front of in the last chapter of the same case is the "Silver Muse" of Silverseas company, which actually passes (or passed, it seemingly moved to Canada afterwards) the Hinode Pier on its route when it arrives in Tokyo after leaving Yokohama to the north, just like it passed Haido Port during this case.


    In "Sisters' Birthday Party Murder Case"

    • To Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1000-1005): Conan Edogawa remembers about how Ai Haibara gave him the antidotes for the school trip, referring to the one to Kyoto from that case.



    Yaiba and Sayaka as game characters.

    Covers in other countries

    • China
    • France
    • Germany
    • Hong Kong (China)
    • Indonesia
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    • Rep. of China (Taiwan)
    • Spain (Spanish, Volumen 2)
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