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This is a list of recurring minor characters in Detective Conan who have multiple appearances in the manga and manga-adapted anime episodes. Most played a role in previous cases, either as former suspects, clients, or victims. This list excludes main characters, main law enforcement, the Black Organization, and mystery people related to the arc (e.g. Eisuke or Araide). Characters who are anime-only or whose recurrent appearance(s) occur in anime original episodes are listed here.


[edit] Family members

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Ayako Suzuki 60px.jpg Ayako Suzuki Ayako Suzuki Appearances Ayako Suzuki (鈴木 綾子 Suzuki Ayako?) is Sonoko's older sister.
Yuzo Tomizawa 60px.jpg Yuzo Tomizawa Yuzo Tomizawa Appearances Yuzo Tomizawa (富沢 雄三 Tomizawa Yūzō?) is 28 years old, the youngest of triplets and the fiancé of Ayako Suzuki. His father is the head of Tomizawa Zaibatsu. In the Funimation Dub, he is Tod Appenheimer and is voiced by Sonny Strait.
Tomoko Suzuki 60px.jpg Tomoko Suzuki Tomoko Suzuki Appearances Tomoko Suzuki (鈴木 朋子 Suzuki Tomoko?), age 43, is Sonoko's mother. She is the keyhole character for Volume 82. Tomoko is voiced by Miru Hitotsuyanagi. In the Funimation Dub, she is Selma Sebastian and is voiced by Amy Rosenthal.
Shiro Suzuki 60px.jpg Shiro Suzuki Shiro Suzuki Appearances Shiro Suzuki (鈴木 史郎 Suzuki Shirō?), age 51, is Sonoko's father and the chairman of the Suzuki Financial Group. He is voiced by Fumio Matsuoka.
Asami Tsuburaya 60px.jpg Asami Tsuburaya Asami Tsuburaya Appearances Asami Tsuburaya (円谷 朝美 Tsuburaya Asami?), age 17, is Mitsuhiko's older sister.
Lupin (dog).jpg Lupin (dog) Lupin (dog) Appearances Lupin (ルパン Rupan?), is Jirokichi Suzuki's pet dog.
Goro.jpg Goro Goro Appearances Goro (ゴロ Goro?) is Eri Kisaki's pet Russian blue cat. His name comes from Kogoro's name and Goro is the keyhole character for Volume 74. In the Viz English translation of the manga Goro is named Ricky. In honor of the release of the 800th manga chapter, Shonen Sunday held a popularity poll/contest containing 91 Detective Conan characters to choose from. Goro placed 19th overall with 40 votes.[1]
Taii.jpg Taii Taii Appearances Taii (大尉 Taii?) is a male calico cat who lived in Beika city.

[edit] Friends and acquaintances

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Hikaru Yasumoto 60px.jpg Hikaru Yasumoto Hikaru Yasumoto Appearances Hikaru Yasumoto (保本 ひかる Yasumoto Hikaru?) is a hosemaid who works for the Araide family.
Jun Omura.jpg Jun Omura Jun Omura Appearances Jun Omura (大村 淳 Ōmura Jun?), age 37-38, is the manager of a hobby store and an old friend of Kogoro's. They attended Beika University together and are both former members of the Beika University Judo Team. He is not married. In the Funimation Dub, he is Jim Fleming and was voiced by Kyle Hebert.
Eiichi Yamagishi.jpg Eiichi Yamagishi Eiichi Yamagishi Appearances Eiichi Yamagishi (山岸 栄一 Yamagishi Eiichi?) is Yoko Okino's manager. He is named after one of Gosho Aoyama's assistants, Eiichi Yamagishi.
100px Koshi Anno.jpg Koshi Anno Koshi Anno Appearances Koshi Anno (亘志庵野 An'no Kōshi?) is one of Kogoro's mahjong friends who has a cute miniature dachshund and is a major fan of Rena Mizunashi. He tries to help clear up some of the mysterious connection between Rena and Hidemi Hondou. He is voiced by Kyosei Tsukui.
Midori Kuriyama.jpg Midori Kuriyama Midori Kuriyama Appearances Midori Kuriyama (栗山 緑 Kuriyama Midori?) is Eri Kisaki's secretary.
Takuya Mifune.jpg Takuya Mifune Takuya Mifune Appearances Takuya Mifune (三船 拓也 Mifune Takuya?), age 26, is the President of Mifune Electronics and has a somewhat sarcastic personality. He has dark skin, a black ponytail, and a bisecting hairline. In the Funimation Dub, he is Quentin Mifune and is voiced by Jay Moses.
Natsue Hatamoto.jpg Natsue Hatamoto Natsue Hatamoto Appearances Natsue Hatamoto (簱本 夏江 Hatamoto Natsue?), age 22, is a member of a feuding family composed of squabbling selfish relatives who want the inheritance: ownership of the huge Hatamoto group and a lot of money. The companies are the Hatamoto products (Hatamoto Bussan), where her husband, Takeshi, worked, and Hatamoto Construction, of which her uncle, Kitaro, is the Vice President. The company/group itself has corruption allegations and debt issues. The family hates detectives to the point where Gozo Hatamoto, the head of the family and Natsue' grandfather, forbade even detective novels and dramas. They are rich enough to own Hatamoto Island and rent a huge boat. Natsue's parents (father, Shoichi, and mother, Miyuki,) died in an accident of some sort the year previous. She renounced the inheritance to live quietly with her husband. Who got the inheritance is unknown. In the Funimation Dub, she is Suzanna Hannigan and is voiced by Lydia Mackay.
Takeshi Hatamoto.jpg Takeshi Hatamoto Takeshi Hatamoto Appearances Takeshi Hatamoto (簱本 武 Hatamoto Takeshi?), age 24, is Natsue's husband. In the Funimation Dub, he is Theodore Hanigan and is voiced by Jeffrey Schmidt.
Joji Hatamoto.jpg Joji Hatamoto Joji Hatamoto Appearances Joji Hatamoto (簱本 祥二 Hatamoto Jōji?), age 41, is a chef of French cuisine whose name has been changed between appearances. The furigana to read the previous kanji changes to Shōji in his second appearance, and he has a set of knives monogrammed with "George H.". In the Funimation Dub, he is Isaac Hannigan and is voiced by Bob Carter.
Yukiko Katsuragi.jpg Yukiko Katsuragi Yukiko Katsuragi Appearances Yukiko Katsuragi (桂木 幸子 Katsuragi Yukiko?), age 24, is a medical student and Takayoshi Tsujimura's step-sibling. Yukiko is unknowingly the daughter of Kimie Tsujimura's first husband, diplomat Kenji Yamashiro. Yukiko grew up on the Mermaid Island and recommended Shinichi to her old friend and neightbour Saori, who wrote the letter to Heiji requesting Shinichi's's help. In the Funimation Dub, she is Jasmine Kassleshultz and is voiced by Cynthia Cranz.
Takayoshi Tsujimura.jpg Takayoshi Tsujimura Takayoshi Tsujimura Appearances Takayoshi Tsujimura (辻村 貴善 Tsujimura Takayoshi?), age 27, is Yukiko Katsuragi's step-sibling. Takayoshi is the son of Isao Tsujimura, the diplomat who landed diplomat Kenji Yamashiro in jail by framing him in a corruption scandal. His step-mother is Kimie Tsujimura. In the Funimation Dub, he is Thomas Tarrington and is voiced by Jim Foronda.
Harufumi Mogi.jpg Harufumi Mogi Harufumi Mogi Appearances Harufumi Mogi (茂木遥史 Mogi Harufumi?), age 39, is a detective.
Ikumi Soda.jpg Ikumi Soda Ikumi Soda Appearances Ikumi Soda (槍田郁美 Sōda Ikumi?), age 29, is a detective.
Futoshi Ejiri.jpg Futoshi Ejiri Futoshi Ejiri Appearances Futoshi Ejiri (江尻 太志 Ejiri Futoshi?), age 41, is a fisherman who was nearly killed by poison and was rescued by Agasa and Conan.
Iwao Ida.jpg Iwao Ida Iwao Ida Appearances Iwao Ida (井田 巌 Ida Iwao?), age 39, is a fisherman and boat driver. He is a friend of the Yokomizo twins.
Toji Funemoto 60px.jpg Toji Funemoto Toji Funemoto Appearances Toji Funemoto (船本 透司 Funemoto Tōji?), age 8, unwittingly caused the incident that led to Kir's capture by the FBI. After the incident he told it to his mother and a man, who posted it on his homepage about Rena Mizunashi. Vermouth questioned him after the incident, but didn't kill him. Eisuke, following the lead on the homepage question him too. His testimony informed the Black Organization and Eisuke Hondou about Kir's fate. After his mother was murder Toji was convinced that Vermouth had killed her, because he told his mother about the accident, but it was revealed that it was his father, who was the murderer. After the case the FBI protected him. He is voiced by Mika Kanai.
Zengo Goto 60px.jpg Zengo Goto Zengo Goto Appearances Zengo Goto (後藤 善悟 Gotō Zengo?), age 38, is Jirokichi Suzuki's bodyguard. He is voiced by Taiten Kusunoki. His surname comes from a Japanese word gōtō (強盗 ?, "robbery").[2]
Katsumasa Ogura 60px.jpg Katsumasa Ogura Katsumasa Ogura Appearances Katsumasa Ogura (小倉 功雅 Ogura Katsumasa?), age 49, owner of a popular noodle shop named Ramen Ogura.
Sayo Ohashi 60px.jpg Sayo Ohashi Sayo Ohashi Appearances Sayo Ohashi (大橋 彩代 Ōhashi Sayo?), age 28, a part-time worker at Ramen Ogura.
Soshi Okita 60px.jpg Soshi Okita Soshi Okita Appearances Soshi Okita (大橋 彩代 Okita Soshi?), a participant in two kendo tournaments, who has a very laid back attitude. He is originally from Gosho's other series Yaiba.
Takeshi Onimaru DC manga.jpg Takeshi Onimaru Takeshi Onimaru Appearances Takeshi Onimaru (沖田 総司 Onimaru Takeshi?), is a participant in two kendo tournaments, who is a very serious and polite person although he is pretty skilled at kendo which contrasts a lot with his demoniac characterization in from Gosho's other series Yaiba where he was originally created.
Chipmunk.jpg Chipmunk Chipmunk Appearances Chipmunk (多湿 Tashitsu?) is Fumimaro Ayanokoji's best friend chipmunk and they always stay together.
Masanosuke Hanamura.jpg Masanosuke Hanamura Masanosuke Hanamura Appearances Masanosuke Hanamura (花村将之介 Hanamura Masanosuke?), age 63, is an appraiser that was arrested in Conan & Kid's Battle For Ryoma's Treasure because he used fake artifacts in link with Ryoma Sakamoto. He appears in some flashbacks after. He also appears in Magic Kaito and is voiced by Mitsuo Senda in Magic Kaito 1412.
Chefsushi.png Irohazu Sushi Chef Irohazu Sushi Chef Appearances The Irohazu Sushi Chef is Kanenori Wakita's boss and superior who hired him.

[edit] Celebrities

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Ryusuke Higo 60px.jpg Ryusuke Higo Ryusuke Higo Appearances Ryusuke Higo (比護 隆佑 Higo Ryūsuke?), age 19, is a soccer player for Big Osaka.
Hideo Akagi 60px.jpg Hideo Akagi Hideo Akagi Appearances Hideo Akagi (赤木 英雄 Akagi Hideo?) is a soccer player playing for the Tokyo Spirits.
Naoki Uemura 60px.jpg Naoki Uemura Naoki Uemura Appearances Naoki Uemura (上村 直樹 Uemura Naoki?) is Hideo Akagi's friend and soccer rival, Naoki once kidnapped Hideo's brother because he was frustrated that Hideo was surpassing him while his leg was broken, but they later reconciled and have been performing as the Tokyo Spirits' dream team ever since. He was voiced by Kazuki Yao. In the Funimation Dub, his name is Nicholas Underwood, and he is voiced by Travis Willingham. His jersey is number 9.
Ramus.jpg Ramus Ramus Appearances Ramus (ラマス ?) is an ex-soccer player for Big Osaka. In the indiscriminate stadium threatening case, he incidentally kick a ball to the stage, so Conan can use it to knock out the blackmailer.
Osamu Kenzaki 60px.jpg Osamu Kenzaki Osamu Kenzaki Appearances Osamu Kenzaki (剣崎 修 Kenzaki Osamu?), age 26, is an actor who plays the TV version of the katana-wielding mystery novel character Detective Samonji. He once helped one of Yoko Okino's friends and former idol band members, Kaoru Kusano, in testing her manager and true love's affection for her. He was voiced by Hisao Egawa, although his TV character was voiced by Eijiro Suzuki in an earlier appearance.
Terumi Hoshino.jpg Terumi Hoshino Terumi Hoshino Appearances Terumi Hoshino (晃野 輝美 Hoshino Terumi?), age 23, is an actress.
Tonomi Sakaguchi.jpg Tomomi Sakaguchi Tomomi Sakaguchi Appearances Tomomi Sakaguchi (坂口 友美 Sakaguchi Tomomi?), age 24, is the actress who plays the fairy in the Gomera series. She was voiced by Atsuko Yuya, who went on to voice Detective Sato. In the Funimation Dub, she is Tamera Heatherly and is voiced by Kristin McCollum.
Kazumi Sanada 60px.jpg Kazumi Sanada Kazumi Sanada Appearances Kazumi Sanada (真田 一三 Sanada Kazumi?), age 27, is a famous and skilled stage magician. He was first met as a talented apprentice, but has become a professional on his own and the favorite magician of many people. Takagi bought tickets to one of his shows to take Satou on a mutual day off. He was voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu, who went on to voice Subaru Okiya. In the Funimation Dub, he is Latham Laney and is voiced by John Burgmeier.
Kikuemon.jpg Kikuemon Kikuemon Appearances Kikuemon (菊右衛門 Kikuemon?), real name Mankichi Tsuchiya (土屋 万吉 Tsuchiya Mankichi?), is 78 years old and a famous potter. He was voiced by Mahito Tsujimura. In the Funimation Dub, he is Forgemaster (real name Stygas Wafulcot) and is voiced by Grant James.
Samizu Kichiemon.jpg Samizu Kichiemon Samizu Kichiemon Appearances Samizu Kichiemon (三水 吉右衛門 Samizu Kichiemon?) is a long-deceased doll maker who worked during the Bakumatsu era, better known for his elaborate and often dangerous mechanical contraptions used to guard jewels and other precious items.
Naomichi Mugikura 60px.jpg Naomichi Mugikura Naomichi Mugikura Appearances Naomichi Mugikura (麦倉 直道 Mugikura Naomichi?), age 43, is a well-known anchorman for Nichiuri TV.
Takahiro Sanada 60px.jpg Takahiro Sanada Takahiro Sanada Appearances Takahiro Sanada (真田 貴大 Sanada Takahiro?), age 18, is a new player on the Big Osaka soccer team.
Chikara Katsumata 60px.jpg Chikara Katsumata Chikara Katsumata Appearances Chikara Katsumata (勝又 力 Katsumata Chikara?) is a famous shogi player.

[edit] Law enforcement

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Inspector Momose.jpg Inspector Momose Inspector Momose Appearances Inspector Momose (百瀬 Momose?) works in the third division (Robbery) of the Tokyo police.
Fumimaro Ayanokoji.jpg Fumimaro Ayanokoji Fumimaro Ayanokoji Appearances Fumimaro Ayanokoji (綾小路 文麿 Ayanokōji Fumimaro?), age 28, is an Inspector in Kyoto Prefectural Police.

He is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu.

Inspector Nishimura.jpg Inspector Nishimura Inspector Nishimura Appearances Inspector Nishimura (西村 ?) is a police inspector in Hokkaido.
Detective Tamura.jpg Detective Tamura Detective Tamura Appearances Detective Tamura (田村 ?) is a police detective in Hokkaido who works for Inspector Nishimura.
Shoji Terabayashi.jpg Shoji Terabayashi Shoji Terabayashi Appearances Shoji Terabayashi (寺林 省二 Terabayashi Shōji?) is a detective from Chiba Prefecture Police.
Numata.jpg Officer Numata Officer Numata Appearances Officer Numata (沼田 Numata?) is a police officer working for Tokyo Metropolitan Police District's Traffic Department.
Detective Okumura.jpg Detective Okumura Detective Okumura Appearances Detective Okumura (奥村 Okumura?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Horita 60px.jpg Detective Horita Detective Horita Appearances Detective Horita (堀田 Horita?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Saitoh.jpg Detective Saitoh Detective Saitoh Appearances Detective Saitoh (斉藤 Saitō?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Manabu Fujimaki.jpg Manabu Fujimaki Manabu Fujimaki Appearances Manabu Fujimaki (藤巻 学 Fujimaki Manabu?) is an Inspector from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Fukui.jpg Detective Fukui Detective Fukui Appearances Detective Fukui (福井 Fukui?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Kawanaka.jpg Detective Kawanaka Detective Kawanaka Appearances Detective Kawanaka (川中 Kawanaka?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Sogawa.jpg Detective Sogawa Detective Sogawa Appearances Detective Sogawa (十川 Sogawa?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Sugita.jpg Detective Sugita Detective Sugita Appearances Detective Sugita (杉田 Sugita?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Takano.jpg Detective Takano Detective Takano Appearances Detective Takano (高野 Takano?) is an Assistant Police Inspector from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Ida.jpg Detective Ida Detective Ida Appearances Detective Ida (井田 Ida?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Ida-keiji.jpg Detective Nakamura Detective Nakamura Appearances Detective Nakamura (中村 Nakamura?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Nakamura-keiji.jpg Detective Takigawa Detective Takigawa Appearances Detective Takigawa (滝川 Takigawa?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
Detective Miyazaki.jpg Detective Miyazaki Detective Miyazaki Appearances Detective Miyazaki (宮崎 Miyazaki?) is a detective from the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department, Division One Investigations.
FBI Agent 1.jpg FBI Agent 1 FBI Agent 1 Appearances This FBI Agent can be seen working with Jodie, Akai, and James during the Kir arc. He was in Tim's car that Kir drove her motorcycle on top of.
Tim.jpg Tim Tim Appearances Tim (ティム Timu?) is an FBI Agent that can be seen working with Jodie, Akai, and James during the Kir arc. He was driving the car that Kir drove her motorcycle on top of.
Bill..png Bill Bill Appearances Bill (ビル Biru?) is an FBI Agent who in turn oversees Kir in coma at the Haido Central Hospital. Moreover, without realizing it, he is the one who awakes suddenly her during his conversation with Jodie about three suspected patients. His name appears only on the credits of episodes 496, 497 and 500.
Jeff.png Jeff Jeff Appearances Jeff (ジェフ Jefu?) is an FBI Agent who in turn oversees Kir in coma at the Haido Central Hospital. Akai dismisses him in order to start the Conan's plan against the Black Organization. His name appears only on the credits of episodes 497 and 500.
Meyer.png Meyer Meyer Appearances Meyer (マイヤー Maiyā?) is an FBI Agent who monitors the main entrance at the Haido Central Hospital to prevent an attack by the Black Organization.
Hodges.png Hodges Hodges Appearances Hodges (ホッジス Hojjisu?) is an FBI Agent. His name appears only on the credits of episode 498.
Ishida.png Ishida Ishida Appearances Ishida (石田 Ishida?) is a female agent disguised as nurse during the Haido Central Hospital case against Rikumichi Kusuda.
EP509-510 Police Officer.png Inspector Yuminaga's assistant Inspector Yuminaga's assistant Appearances Inspector Yuminaga's assistant (弓長警部の副 Yuminaga Keibu no Fuku ?) is Inspector Yuminaga's assistant and always follows him in all the cases.

[edit] School

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Kazumi Tsukamoto.jpg Kazumi Tsukamoto Kazumi Tsukamoto Appearances Kazumi Tsukamoto (塚本 和美 Tsukamoto Kazumi?), age 18, is a third year at Teitan High school and former captain of the karate club now that Ran inherited the captain's title.
Aya Nanakawa.jpg Aya Nanakawa Aya Nanakawa Appearances Aya Nanakawa (七川 絢 Nanakawa Aya?), age 17, is a friend of Ran and Sonoko's from junior high. She works at a small food market, where she was once accused of stealing from her employer, and ends up recovering from appendicitis in Haido Central Hospital at the same time Rena Mizunashi is there. She is voiced by Akiko Yajima in the Japanese dub.
Eisuke Aizawa.jpg Eisuke Aizawa Eisuke Aizawa Appearances Eisuke Aizawa (会沢 栄介 Aizawa Eisuke?), age 17, is a soccer player from Teitan High School and one of Shinichi's friends.
Nakamichi 60px.jpg Nakamichi Nakamichi Appearances Nakamichi (中道 Nakamichi?), age 17, is a male soccer player at Teitan High. He helped hide Eisuke at the Haido Central Hospital after being admitted for head injuries following a bicycle kick.
Takuma Sakamoto.jpg Takuma Sakamoto Takuma Sakamoto Appearances Takuma Sakamoto (坂本 琢馬 Sakamoto Takuma?), age 7, is a first grade student in Teitan Elementary School class 1B who transferred in recently.
Maria Higashio.jpg Maria Higashio Maria Higashio Appearances Maria Higashio (東尾 マリア Higashio Maria?) is a recent transfer into Teitan Elementary School class 1-B, along with Takuma Sakamoto.
Ryujiro Uematsu.jpg Ryujiro Uematsu Ryujiro Uematsu Appearances Ryujiro Uematsu (植松 竜司郎 Uematsu Ryūjirō?), age 59, is the headmaster of Teitan Elementary School.
Hina Wada.jpg Hina Wada Hina Wada Appearances Hina Wada (和田 陽奈 Wada Hina?), age 17, is a karate practitioner from Haido High and a rival of Ran. She was once a key witness in a murder case involving an alleged UFO and appeared in the episode one special as Ran's opponent in the finals.
Masayuki Ohata.jpg Masayuki Ohata Masayuki Ohata Appearances Masayuki Ohata (尾畠勝之 Ōhata Msayuki?), age 31, is a Teacher of Teitan Elementary Grade 1 Room A.
EP112 Vice Principal.jpg Vice principal Vice principal Appearances Vice principal (教頭 Kyōtō?) is the Vice principal of Teitan Elementary School.
Bungo Hirayama.jpg Bungo Hirayama Bungo Hirayama Appearances Bungo Hirayama (平山文剛 Hirayama Bungo?) is a Teitan Elementary teacher.
Touya.jpg Touya Touya Appearances Touya (桃矢 Tōya?) is a former Teitan Elementary teacher.
Ryuichi Sakai.jpg Ryuichi Sakai Ryuichi Sakai Appearances Ryuichi Sakai (坂井隆一 Sakai Ryūichi?), age 29, is an Haido Elementary School P.E. teacher.
Ayako Ninagawa.jpg Ayako Ninagawa Ayako Ninagawa Appearances Ayako Ninagawa, age 18, is a Teitan High school senior.

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  2. ^ In his first appearance, other two suspects' surnames also come from Japanese words that are related to stealing. Seto comes from settō (窃盗 ?, "theft") and Akitsu comes from akisu (空き巣 ?, "burglar").