Volume 89

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Volume 89

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Release date: April 15, 2016[1]
Chapters: 938-948
ISBN: ISBN 978-4-09-127089-4[1]
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: January 09, 2024[citation needed]
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Sakurako Kujō
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Volume 89 was released on April 15, 2016.[1]




Girls Band Murder Case

File 938 - The Crime in the Blind Spot


  • Major events

    • Sera officially meets Amuro for the first time and is suspicious of him, thinking she has met him before.
    • Sera recalls when Scotch teaches her guitar, and Amuro briefly meets them there (she does not officially meet him, though).
    • Scotch was an undercover MPD Public Safety officer who was killed by Akai. Conan confirms that Akai Shuichi is Sera's eldest brother. Also, Sera knows that Akai is FBI.

    Department Store Stabbing Case

    File 939 - Lunch at the Department Store!

    Agasa has once again won a meal ticket and is taking the Detective Boys to a restaurant at the department store. On the way there Conan thinks over what he knows about Masumi and the girl who is living with her, who he thinks is named Mary. He starts to think that she might resemble someone else, but his thoughts are interrupted by Haibara. When they arrive at the department store they see it decorated for Christmas despite it not being Christmas yet. Ayumi and Haibara approach the makeup counter. Haibara demands that they get to try on some makeup since they are customers, but the counter workers try to deny them and ask where their mother is. They get the makeup anyway and the counter worker asks about Haibaras mother, and she responds that her mother has been dead since just after she was born.

    After the meal Agasa reveals another surprise, that he had also won a shopping ticket so that they could buy themselves early Christmas presents. Ayumi, Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Haibara all walk off. Conan and Agasa observe the restaurant chef, Ujiyasu Hosogoe, getting told by another chef that a troublesome customer had called again, Ujiyasu told them to tell the customer to meet him in the stairwell. After half an hour passed Conan hears screaming coming from the stairwell and rushes in to find Ujiyasu has been stabbed. He said that the culprit ran down the stairs so Conan has the Detective Boys run to the stairwell and watch to see if the culprit ran down. The police are able to round up three suspects. The Detective Boys give three completely different descriptions of who they think is the culprit is, and Genta mentions that he thinks the culprit had the number 2 on them.

    File 940 - Taking apart the Testimony

    The first suspect, Takashi, says that he had been looking for an empty restroom. His hand was wounded when caught in the restroom door and he has a bandage on his right index and middle fingers. He has two kanji characters on the back of his hoodie. The second suspect, Mitsuko, had lost her wallet and had been running from floor to floor to find it, however it had been in her bag all along. She had been in a hurry to catch a tv show. She is wearing a face mask due to being sick, and it had gotten worse as she had been running. She has a broach that looks similar to the number 6. The third suspect, Masaru, was sweaty from eating Thai food and was hurrying to get home so that he could shower. His original reason for coming to the mall was because he heard that a soup served in a restaurant there was the same as one he served at his own restaurant. His sports jacket has the Tokyo Spirits logo with an overlapping T and S on it. In addition he had been limping a little due to athletes foot. All three suspects had known the victim. Takashi had worked for Ujiyasu in the restaurant until he was dismissed for bad behavior. Mitsuko lives next door to Ujiyasu, and her dogs often barked to loudly which disturbed him. Masaru had accused Ujiyasu of stealing his recipes three years ago which ended with a fight where they were both taken to the police.

    Conan points out that the knife used to stab the victim had no fingerprints on it so the police ask the suspects if they had gloves. All three of them had gloves because it is cold outside. After the police leave, the Detective Boys go into more detail about their statements with Conan. Genta had seen the culprit as they passed by several members of the Haido High Basketball team. Mitsuhiko had seen the culprit as they had run through a grouping of mannequins and small billboards. When the culprit passed Ayumi, they were standing between her and a window, where light was shinning in and obscured the view. They had reached down as if they were scraping something off their shoe. Then a group of High School students passed through on a study tour, blocking Ayumi's view again.

    File 941 - The Truth of the Testimony


  • Major events

    Conan sees a possible resemblance between Haibara and Mary.

    UFO Sighting Murder Case

    Characters introduced

    File 942 - Chiba's Difficult Case

    • Situation

    Detective Chiba approaches the two female patrol officers Yumi Miyamoto and Naeko Miike, and asks them about the case that took place when they were patroling on October 4 in the Haido City area. Naeko thinks about Chiba being her first love and his two flaws of being too noisy when it comes to regulations and not remembering her from the childhood days. When they are unable to, he briefly mentions about an alien that could have occured on that day.

    Wada Hina, a second year student at Haido High School, and also a (self-declared) rival of Ran in Karate, visits Detective Mouri Agency to seek Kogoro's help in searching for an UFO (Unidentified Flying Object). She claims it be a long and narrow shaped and having seen it next to Haido Park, where she was running as part of her club activity.

    Upon Kogoro's remark of the mentioned UFO's shape and shape of cigar being 'similar', Conan wonders about the 'sister outside the domain' being similar to Haibara. He thinks if both of them are blood related, then, Akai and Haibara should be blood related too.

    The four of them, head towards Haido Park, where Hina points out where she noticed the UFO. Conan remarks about the staircase in front of them, where Jodie-Sensei's friend Shibuya-Sensei was thrown down, and learns that Ran wasn't aware of it. Hina mentions that the UFO could have flown from the direction of her school towards the Park. She talks about how a murder took place at her school in early October, while being under renovation. They manage to enter in the school premises through a broken-lock door, despite entry being forbidden. They chance upon the murder site.

    • The Case

    The murder site is a concrete foundation, having distinct prints of two human bodies fallen on it in the middle and footstep prints leading to it. Detective Chiba, who happens to be on the site, explains that the victim was an UFO magazine editor named Nakatsu Kyuogo, 42 years old. The victim's face was sunk into the concrete, and was lying face-down. The cause of death was asphyxiation. Next to the victim was Kuchiki Yuusuke, 38 years old, sunk in the concrete having fallen on his back. He used to submit photos to the UFO magazine, whose editor was Nakatsu. Both were seen arguing in the editing department, and hence Kuchiki had a motive. Chiba explains that the victim didn't swallow concrete and there was no doubt that he was thrown in the concrete after being killed. And also that the asphyxiation was due to the victim's face being covered with a bag-shaped thing. He also tells about not finding the bag shaped weapon yet. There was also no wind on that day. Kuchiki claimed that an alien came down from an UFO and killed Nakatsu while floating in air and then rode away. Conan considers it an act of murder and not an alien's doing.

    File 943 - Unidentified Flying Object

    • Case Details

    Conan points out that there are no traces of the body being dragged in the concrete; the footprints point in the same direction (inwards to the middle) and that each footprint is of the same depth. Chiba tells about how the workers who found the duo said they both were rigidly solidified and it was hard to get them out. Conan points out that the person besides the victim (Kuchiki) fell back down, with his hoodie on his head. Hina mentions about the day of murder, October 4th, also being the day of Haido City Festival. Ran mentions that that day was unusually hot.

    Chiba reaches the conclusion that Kuchiki had his hoodie on so that his hair wouldn't solidify in the concrete. He mentions that there were no accomplices found. He tells about the security camera footage outside the lock-broken door. The footage showed the two enter the door, and also a narrow, long and vertical shadow passing through above and below the screen towards Haido Park. Hina mentions how the concrete slab was actually scheduled to be ready by summer but was delayed to autumn. Later, Megure scolds Chiba for having leaked undisclosed information to Mouri, due which the case becoming a fuss on the internet. Chiba later tells Sato how the suspect, Kuchiki changed his statement from 'having seen a strong light' and thus loosing consciousness to 'the killer being an alien'.

    Later, Conan points out that Kuchiki owns a blog, and that he was arrested for illegal trespassing into someone's garden to take UFO photos, and also for speed driving to chase an UFO with his car. Conan points out how Kuchiki didn't post the story of the alien coming down from an UFO and killing someone, despite him being a UFO maniac. Conan, Chiba and Mouri go to Kuchiki's house. Conan opens the upper shelf of a cupboard and notices a black plastic stuffed behind science books and a tape. Conan calls Ran to speak to Hina, and learns that the UFO seen by her was pitch balck.

    File 944 - Solar Balloon


  • Major events

    • Conan further thinks about the resemblance between Haibara and Mary that if they are related, that means Haibara and Akai Shuichi might also be related. He further recalls that however Haibara's sister and Akai Shuichi dated each other.
    • Naeko sent a package containing reports about the consequences of obesity to Chiba.
    • Naeko gets jealous as other female officers in the traffic department start to find Chiba attractive.

    Shukichi's Envelope Case

    Characters introduced

    File 945 - The Spiteful Old Man

    Miwako Sato and Miyamoto Yumi are seen taking a stroll. Yumi tells her how her boyfriend, Shukichi, had given her an envelope years ago to keep and not to open untill he collected all seven. Sato remarks that the envelope may contain marriage form. They pass by a announcement about the Ousho Competition, showcasing Shukichi Haneda's face on a big screen. Yumi finally realises that her boyfriend is the Taikou Meijin, and by 'collecting all 7', he meant the 7 grand titles of shogi. Yumi rushes home along with Sato upon remembering that she kept the envelope in a fashion magazine and dumped that magazine in the garbage. They see that the garbage dump is empty. The Detective Boys, who were passing by, involve themselves in the matter of finding the envelope. Conan points out that the day is not of recyclable trash, and concludes that the concierge might have returned the bundle back. Even though the bundle is found right in front of her apartment door, Yumi fails to find the envelope.

    They meet the concierge, Hachitsuka Koroku, who calls Yumi as 'Chacha'. Yumi mentions that the concierge was a pickpocketing recidivist. When asked about the envelope, he shows the picture of the marriage form on his mobile phone. He says he forgot where he kept the envelope and asks them to search for it. Yumi correctly guesses that he purposely hid the envelope and demands it, to which he asks her to show him her resolution to be the Taikou Meijin's wife by finding the form. Conan notices a laptop screen that says Yumi shall type in an 8 digit password to know where the form is, but only one attempt is allowed. While searching the room to find clues to the password, Genta comes across a odd piece of paper among the garbage can's contents.

    File 946 - The True Married Couple

    They try to decode the cipher. Meanwhile, Shukichi, who is playing the match, is growing uneasy for not recieving any reply from Yumi. Yumi recalls out loud various memories with Shukichi. Hearing these, the concierge begans to believe that Yumi might turn out to be the resolute one to be the meijin's wife. Conan asks the concierge to turn on the heater because the room is getting cold, but the concierge replies that the air-conditioner is broken and they will have to bear with it. Conan wonders how the room was a bit warm when they had entered. Yumi points out that the cipher on the paper is a copy and not hand drawn. Conan wonders what is being hidden by making the paper into a copy and why was it thrown in the garbage can. Finally Conan thinks it through, and makes an origami out of the paper to reveal the solution to the cipher.

    File 947 - Motto


  • Major events

    • Yumi discovers that the envelope Shukichi had given her contained a marriage registration for them.
    • Kohji Haneda is on list of the victims of APTX 4869.

    The Clenched Scissors and the Clipped Letters

    Characters introduced

    File 948 - The Clenched Scissors

    At Agasa's resident, Conan and Haibara make research on Haneda Kohji. They learn that 17 years ago, he went to USA for a chess competition, but he was murdered in his hotel room. His room was left in a mess and cause of death is unknown. In another room in the same hotel, another murder took place. The victim was Amanda Hughes, a wealthy American with contacts in the FBI and CIA. She was a fan and an acquaintance of Haneda, and it was proved that she had visited him in his hotel room as her finger print were left on tea cups and other thing in the room. Like Haneda the cause of her death is unknown. In the pictures from the crime scene Conan spots a broken mirror with letters on it. P-T-O-N. Haibara thinks it's a part of a message PUT ON MASCARA, and explains that a cosmetic firm would give such mirrors along with products. Her sister had one, that was inherited from their mother. But it's unclear why Haneda would have such a mirror in his room. Haibara guess that Kohji Haneda was murdered because of his connection with Amanda Hughes.

    Agasa mentions about having called by Inspector Megure, because his invention 'Clenching Scissors' was used in a murder that morning. Okiya Subaru happens to hear about it and decides to accompany Conan and Agasa to the crime scene. The victim, Hiyama Kunihisa, is the president of a real estate company. His head is bludgeoned by a blunt weapon. He was assaulted in another room and then ran into the bathroom's dressing room, but the culprit finished him off after breaking the door open. The victim's right hand clenched the scissors having Aagasa's mark. They notice before entering that the floor is covered with shards of a glass. The person who found the body first, is Senba Kazunori. He has a motive against the victim of selling the land he was working on without his consent. Detective Takagi mentions how it is impossible for Senba to have murdered the victim, considering the tight security. Also that the victim had nothing in the room but a mop and the faucet of the room was left open. Okiya says the case is similar to the Haneda Kouji case of 17 years ago.


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