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Japanese name: ルパン
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Jirokichi Suzuki (owner)
Occupation: Pet
First appearance: Anime: Episode 356
Manga: File 453
Appearances: Chapters: 7
Episodes: 4
Movies: 2
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Wataru Takagi

Lupin (ルパン Rupan?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Lupin is Jirokichi Suzuki's pet dog. He bought a few years ago as he was feeling a little bit lonely in his mansion and quickly had affection for him. He named him in honor of Arsène Lupin, a famous thief who is one of his idols. He lives in the Suzuki Manor and usually accompanies Jirokichi in his walks and on big adventures like in the Sunflower exhibit case and the Suzuki Airship case. He wears aviation clothes like a scarf and goggles with an aviator hat of the fifties because Jirokichi likes aviation and the sky so he brought his passion to his dog. He takes care of him like a king and has a few maids taking care of him. Even though Jirokichi recognizes him as a watchdog, he isn't really suited for this work.


Lupin is an affectuous dog but pretty clumsy becauses he once had locked himself in the Iron Tanuki. He is joyful and always spread his joy to everyone around him. He is not pretty wise and often needs others' help which makes him an useless watchdog. Jirokichi compares him as being as persistent as him.

"Lupin is just like his master! Once he has a prey in sight, nothing and no one can dissuade him."

-What Jirokichi said.


Plot overview[edit]

Kaitou Kid and the Ocean's Miracle (Manga: 453-456, Anime: 356)[edit]

In the beginning, Sonoko, Ran and Conan just came out of the movie theater before a thief snatches Sonoko's handbag and runs away. Jirokichi was just there in his Harley Davidson with Lupin in the passenger seat and saw what happened so he sped to the thief's height before ordering Lupin to jump on the thief which he does. Lupin then chews the thief's clothes waiting for Jirokichi to disembark the motorcycle. Jirokichi then rides home with Sonoko who sits in the passenger seat holding Lupin in her lap. The next day, at the mansion, Lupin jumps on Kogoro after he stepped on Jirokichi's contact lenses.

Kaitou Kid and the Purple Nail (Manga: 631-634, Anime: 515)[edit]

Lupin can be seen riding in Jirokichi's motorcycle.

Kaitou Kid and the Iron Tanuki (Manga: 674-676, Anime: 537-538)[edit]

In this case, Conan and his pals happen to have been invited to the Suzuki manor to stop Kid from robbing the Iron Tanuki. Even though there was nothing to rob, Jirokichi insisted that Kid wanted to try it. They finally find out who was kid in disguise and that the reason of his invitation by the old man Suzuki was because his dog was locked inside he Iron Tanuki and that the password was inside his dog's scarf. Lupin was able to live that long since Jirokichi sent plates and water in the gap between the gates of the Iron Tanuki.

Non-canon plot overview[edit]

The Lost Ship in the Sky (Movie: 14)[edit]

Jirokichi decides to bring his dog to the airship so he could enjoy. Lupin is still wearing the aviator hat and the scarf but this time without the goggles. When the airship is taken over by the terrorists, Lupin barks to them and is told to shut up by his master so he won't be shot dead. He is luckily rescued with the other passengers and return on mainland to safety.

Sunflowers of Inferno (Movie: 19)[edit]

Relationships analysis[edit]

Jirokichi Suzuki[edit]

Jirokichi Suzuki is Lupin's owner and main friend. He takes care of him and walks him. They are really close.

Kaitou Kid[edit]

Kaitou Kid (a.k.a Kaito Kuroba) once was requested by Jirokichi to help Lupin get out of a trap where he was locked in.

Different looks[edit]

Episode 356
Episode 537

Name origin[edit]

His name comes from Arsene Lupin, a famous thief in books written by Maurice Leblanc.

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