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The romantic relationship between Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri.

Shinichi and Ran


Relationship analysis

Shinichi and Ran

Ran Mouri and Shinichi Kudo are childhood friends and each other's canonical love interest. They have been friends and playmates since kindergarten.[1] Their friendship has received some censure from Ran’s mother, Eri Kisaki, when Shinichi would convince Ran to do things that could be considered dangerous, such as walking to and from their elementary school after dark[1]. They are very close to each other: even as students in their second year of high school, they address each other by first names without any honorific. Ran is occasionally annoyed by Shinichi's obsession with Holmes, and Shinichi is a bit disturbed by Ran's ability to crack concrete when she's unhappy,[2] but they generally get along well. Prior to the storyline beginning, both seem to have been clueless about each other's feelings. However, when Ran first meets Conan (whom she's unaware is really Shinichi), she confesses that despite his flaws, she really likes Shinichi—which causes him to blush and nearly confess his real identity despite his resolution to hide it.[2] Shinichi and Ran also appear to share a close empathic link due to their strong feelings for each other, making them almost impossibly aware of when the other is in extreme danger, and often able to sense the other's worried thoughts.[3]

Shinichi Said " I don't want to be a novelist, I want to be a detective, to be Heisei Sherlock Holmes " he told to Ran with confidence. (scene from Episode one.)

Many of Ran and Shinichi/Conan's friends tease them about their relationship. Sonoko always reminds Ran about her 'boyfriend' or 'husband' whenever they're together. Haibara always teases Conan about how he cannot properly expresses his feelings, and about how much he likes Ran, and often makes cynical remarks about relationships not lasting, but will tease and say there are rare exceptions with a sly glance towards Conan. Heiji and Kazuha are very supportive of their relationship, Kazuha encourages Ran to confess, and Heiji teases Conan. Ayumi, Mitsuhiko, and Genta sometimes tease Conan about his affection and interest towards Ran. Even Kaitou Kid teases Conan about his 'girlfriend' and Masumi Sera towards Ran about her 'boyfriend'. Eisuke Hondou asks Conan/Shinichi to take care of Ran. Additionally Shinichi/Conan's parents have teased him on multiple occasions about his relationship with Ran. When Ran and Shinichi/Conan are teased about their relationship, they always deny being in a relationship and are shown blushing after that.

Conan currently lives with Ran and her father, Kogoro Mouri, who is a private detective. Ran treats Conan like a little brother, including holding his hand often or hugging him, once sleeping in the same bed, and once even dragging him into a hot spring bath together (the mere memory of it gives Conan a nosebleed and a healthy fear of Ran ever discovering his true identity).[4] Conan is very protective of Ran and is jealous of her receiving any attention from other guys, going so far as to admit to Eisuke Hondou that he is Shinichi in order to forbid Eisuke from asking Ran out (and eventually to go to America with him).[5]

Non-canonically, Shinichi has confessed to Ran in the 4th movie 'Captured In Her Eyes', which she mistook as his attempt to get her memory back due to him unknowingly using the same words Kogoro used to propose to Eri ("Because I love you. More than anyone else in this world.") while Ran confessed she likes him in the 8th movie: Magician of The Silver Sky, but later thinks she was talking to Kaito Kid in disguise. Canonically, Shinichi nearly confessed to her during the Desperate Revival arc, where it was implied that if he hadn't been interrupted by a murder case and then reverting to Conan, he would have proposed.[6] Additionally, during the visit to London, Shinichi finally revealed his feelings to Ran; while she didn't explicitly respond in kind, Shinichi figured out her feelings by the way she prompted his own confession.[7] As for Ran, she confessed her feelings towards Shinichi during the Crimson School Trip arc, when he asked Ran about her thoughts of his confession in London.

Shinichi continues to hide his identity from Ran because if the Black Organization discovers Conan's true identity, anyone connected to Conan or Shinichi would likely be killed to maintain the Black Organization's secrecy.[8] Ran has nearly figured out that Conan is Shinichi several times in the series, but each time Conan manages to create an alibi that she'll accept, since Ran seems to prefer that Conan not be Shinichi.[9] Ran would not be in danger just for knowing the truth, but as has been seen in the series Ran's behavior toward Conan changes the more suspicious she is about whether he is Shinichi.[10] If it were confirmed, one slip could be enough to tip off the organization, and Conan will keep up the charade rather than put her in danger that way, no matter how much he wants to tell her. However, he still remains in contact with her over the phone using the Voice-Changing Bowtie, despite the inherent dangers of staying in contact.[11]

Shinichi started liking Ran since he was little[12]. Ran realized her feelings for Shinichi when she was about 15 years old, after their case in New York[13].

In earlier stories, she would become violently suspicious if she thought Shinichi was philandering, although more recently his confessions (in the "Holmes' Revelation" Arc) have led her to trust his intentions.

Shinichi/Conan and Ran moments


Volume 1: File 1/Episode 1: Roller Coaster Murder Case

Shinichi and Ran go to Tropical Land.
  • On the way home from school, Ran is annoyed at Shinichi when he shows off his fan-letters and she asks why he doesn't settle on one girl to like. Shinichi then looks pointedly at her with a blush but when caught by Ran, he immediately dismisses it as nothing. Later, at Tropical Land, Shinichi sees a couple kissing, and he imagines holding Ran in his arms as they confess their love to each other. Ran gets angry at his continual references to Holmes and asks why he can't understand her feelings, which makes Shinichi blush and begin to confess his feelings before Ran says she was joking.
  • As they first ascend to the top of the roller coaster, Ran grabs Shinichi's hand in anticipation of the drop, making him blush again.
  • After the murder case is solved, Shinichi runs off after the suspicious man in black. Ran attempts to chase him but her shoelace breaks, and as Shinichi disappears Ran gets a sense of foreboding that she will never see him again.

Sidebar: their date to Tropical Land is subsequently brought up again and again in later episodes/movie.

Volume 1: Files 2-5/Episode 2: Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case

Conan blush after hearing Ran's confession.
  • Ran's first reaction to the sight of Conan in disguise is to call him cute and hug him. Conan blushes because he's been pulled against her breast.
  • On the walk home, Ran asks Conan if he has a person he likes, explaining that she does. Intending to tease her, Conan asks if she is talking about Shinichi. To his surprise, she admits that she is, and that despite his faults she really likes Shinichi, but asks Conan to not tell him. This revelation causes Conan to blush furiously and almost admit his identity to her.

TV Original/Episode 6: Valentine Murder Case

  • Ran is invited to a Valentine's day party; before she can decline, Sonoko accepts on both their behalf. Conan's expression clearly portrays his jealousy. Sonoko teases that Ran would have declined because of liking Shinichi, which Ran vehemently denies and says she'll go to the party after all.
  • At the Agency, Ran makes chocolates for Valentine's day. Conan asks if she will give any to Shinichi, but Ran states she forgot about him. Because Conan wants to know who Ran will give the chocolates to, if not him, he sneaks in the trunk of the car to spy on the party. He gets annoyed that Ran seems to be having fun. After a while he sneezes and is found, but the party lets him join them. He makes a minor nuisance of himself trying to "protect" Ran from the attentions of the boy who invited her to the party.
  • After the case is solved, the other boy approaches Ran and Conan as they sit on a bench. He tries to get 'his' chocolate from Ran, but Ran gets angry at the idea and scares him off. Conan picks up the box of chocolates himself and sees "Shinichi" on the card. Ran says he can eat it, since Shinichi won't mind and Conan followed her to protect her. Conan blushes and smiles, and they eat the chocolate together.

TV Original/Episode 21: On Location, TV Drama Murder Case

  • Conan becomes irritated when romance star, Shingo Nachi, flirts with Ran.

Volume 3: Files 20-25/Episodes 22-23: Luxury Liner Serial Murder Case

  • When Natsue Hatamoto asks Ran if she has a boyfriend, Conan and Ran both react. Kogoro declares that Ran is too young, but Ran counters that she does like someone, checking with a darkly blushing Conan for confirmation. Natsue asks what kind of person he is, and Ran replies:
Well, he's smart, great at soccer, and you can count on him in a pinch. He's so cool!

— Ran's description of Shinichi to Natsue.

  • Her description makes Conan elated, but he is still blushing.

Volume 3: Files 26-29/Episodes 7: Once-A-Month Present Threat Case

  • When Ran begins to suspect Conan is Shinichi, she realizes that she has indirectly confessed to Shinichi, causing her to scream and blush heavily.

Volume 7: Files 68-71/Episodes 10: Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case

Ran imagines Shinichi kissing Ryoko
  • Ran gets angry and jealous at Shinichi when know he is dating with Ryoko. More angry and jealous when Ryoko said she and Shinichi kissed makes Conan confused.
  • Kogoro makes Conan more confused when he said:"It turned out the detective's case was in her house."
  • When Ran goes to Akagi's home, she said that is love nest of Shinichi and Ryoko. (only manga)
  • Ran gets angry with Shinichi when Shinichi calling Ryoko and in this house.
  • Ran blushes when Shinichi said:"I have a important thing and only say to Ran".
  • When Conan was cornered by Ran, he said:

Volume 9: Files 84-86/Episodes 27-28: Kogoro's Class Reunion Murder Case

  • Ran drags Conan into a mixed-gender hot springs bath, despite his embarrassed protestations and attempt to avoid it. Ran tells Kogoro that they washed each other's backs and innocently assumes Conan's blush and then nosebleed at remembering the experience is due to the heat rather than hormonal, because of his apparent age. Conan privately thinks that if she ever learns his true identity, he's a dead man.

Volume 11: Files 105-107/Episode 32: Coffee Shop Murder Case

  • Ran leaves for a mysterious meeting at a coffee shop early in the morning—to Conan's deep suspicion, she tells him she's meeting Shinichi. Jealous, he follows to figure who her secret date is, but the person turns out to only be Eri Kisaki.

Volume 5: Files 40-44/Episodes 34-35: Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case

  • When Masaru Ohta invites Ran outside (instead of a hopeful Sonoko) to take a walk with him in the rain, a jealous Conan and Sonoko follow suit, watching them from behind bushes. Sonoko then says, "That Ran, she already has Shinichi!" To which Conan replies, in his head, That's right, that's right! Sonoko then says, "Watch out, I might just steal Shinichi away then." And Conan thinks, "Uh,that's not happening." with a deadpan look.
  • Ran asks Conan to let her sleep in his bed of their shared room, though she tries to deny that she's scared. She quickly falls asleep, and while Conan tries to continue pondering the case Ran's close proximity completely ruins his concentration. He decides to sleep rather than keep staring at Ran's lips, but isn't sure he'll be able to.
  • When the bandaged man breaks in to attack Ran, Conan gets a twisted ankle in the process of protecting her. Ran treats it and insists on carrying him around piggyback, despite his protests.
  • Masaru Ohta tries to flirt with Ran (again) by assuring her that they can defeat the murderer, prompting Conan to push between them. Ohta dismisses Conan as a brat, but Ran defends Conan and thanks him for trying to save her. Conan shoots Ohta a smug look, before sweetly smiling back at Ran for thanking him.

Volume 5: File 45-48/Episode 42: Karaoke Box Murder Case

  • The episodes begins with Sonoko, Ran, and Conan out doing some Christmas shopping. Sonoko asks, "Oh yeah, where's Shinichi-kun?"

Ran replies with, "He calls once in a blue moon, and that's it." Sonoko makes an angry face, "What a horrible guy! Christmas only comes once a year! That detective nerd is just trying to look cool." Ran agrees, "You're right. He always acts so confident. He's stuck up and mean to me. Despite that, he has some good points."

  • Later that episode back at the Police Headquarters, Shinichi calls Megure-keibu to inform him that he knows who the culprit is and to have everyone return to the crime scene.

"Has something happened?" Ran inquires Megure. Then with a smile, Megure replied, "He's returned." Which makes Ran question, "He?" "A detective that you know well, Ran-kun. It's Kudo Shinichi." Which makes both Sonoko and Ran gasp with surprise. Ran hurries inside the building with high hopes and determination. Thinking, 'Shinichi's come home! Shinichi's been missing but he's back!' She bolts inside, "Shinichi?"

  • Later, Ran is shown to be waiting outside Shinichi's house during the heavy snowfall, waiting for him to arrive; while Conan and Professor Agasa are shown to be secretly standing around the corner, watching her, Conan with a sad expression on his face. Professor Agasa chides him, saying "Sheesh...That's what you get for letting 'Kudou Shinichi' come out again. Look at that! She's been waiting like that for 3 hours, thinking you would come home..." To this, Conan thinks 'I want to do something for her, but the way things are now...We just can't do anything...'
  • A little while later, the lights of Shinichi's house turn on, Ran goes in thinking he's home. Suddenly, there's a blackout and Ran grabs the railing of the stairs for support. Just then, Conan places his hand above hers. Since his figure is not clearly visible due to the blackout, Ran thinks its Shinichi. To this, he says (in Shinichi's voice) "Yeah, it's me, I've finally come back". When she starts crying, he immediately cuts her, saying "Moron! Don't cry! Is that how much you wanted to see me?" She snaps back at him, saying "Who said I wanted to see you" while blushing. He responds," I am really happy to see you again, Ran." "I got to see you looking scared!", adding later. When she asks him what was that supposed to mean, he cuts her, saying that he has to go since he hasn't cleaned up that case yet; and leaves. Ran protests, asking him to wait and just then, the lights return and she notices a small package at the place where he was standing, the card on it reading 'An Xmas Present, You better enjoy it! -Shinichi'. She opens it, finding a pair of red mittens for her and instantly becomes happy. Conan, who is hiding behind, thinks 'Ran, Now you shouldn't have to worry too much...'

Volume 6: File 51/Episode 43: Conan Edogawa Kidnapping Case

  • Conan tells his parents he has other reasons he can't leave Beika just yet. And that reason, even though he doesn't say it aloud, is Ran.
  • His father, Yusaku smugly lets his son know that he knows why he won't leave.
  • His mother, Yukiko, in disguise as Conan Edogawa's "mother" tells Ran that Conan really likes her, causing Conan to blush.

Volume 9: Files 87-90 & Volume 10: File 91/Episodes 39-40: The Wealthy Daughter Murder Case

  • When Conan saves Ran from attempted drowning, she mistakes Conan for Shinichi, admitting that she's happy to see him and that he came (to save her). When her eyes close again, Conan panics until he realizes she simply fell asleep.

Volume 10: Files 92-96/Episode 48-49: Diplomat Murder Case

  • Conan calls Ran as Shinichi and she once again urges him to come back. He mentally complains about her contradictory behaviors and that he doesn't understand girls at all.
  • When Heiji refers to Ran as "Kudo's girl", both she and Conan blush heavily. They get mad as he reveals that Sonoko was the one telling him that Ran is probably hiding Shinichi.
  • After Shinichi returned back to his body and appeared in front of everyone, Ran cries and reproaches him, saying she was really worried. Shinichi then asks her to stop crying as "he'll be done soon".
  • After the case is solved, Ran accuses Shinichi of being somewhere close to her, yet still making her worry about him. Shinichi denies this by saying that she shouldn't underestimate him as a detective. He also tells her that he could deduce how she is feeling just by hearing her voice. Ran blushes slightly after hearing this.
  • When Shinichi begins shrinking back to Conan, he painfully expresses his regret at not being able to tell Ran anything as himself.

Volume 12: Files 4-6 114-116/Episode 54: Game Company Murder Case

  • Ran tried a punching machine when they told her that it would relieve stress, shouting as she did so, "Get back here now, Shinichi!"
  • Conan accidentally hit Ran in the butt with a sleeping needle when he meant to hit Mouri Kogoro. But for some reason, Ran avoided the sleepyness. Conan deducted that their room key cards were in her back pocket and that's why she didn't knock out when the sleeping needle hit her. He tried to get the needle back (because he only had 1 needle left) but accidentally touched her butt. "Pervert!" She screamed as she did a roundhouse kick, narrowly avoided by Conan, but the kick hit Kogoro (who had been drunk) in the face which made it possible for Conan to do the 'Sleeping Kogoro' without that needle.

Volume 8: Files 72-77/Episode 68-70: Night Baron Murder Case

  • Conan blushes when Ran comes out of the water in a swimsuit and changes his mind that a vacation in Izu is pointless to thinking it isn't all bad.
  • Conan tried to protect Ran from Tokio Ebara tries to grope and flirt with Ran but didn't have his Power-Enhancing Kick Shoes and Satoru Maeda stops Ebara.
  • Conan is jealous of Satoru Maeda and Ran's closeness, even barging between what seems like a possible moment between them.
  • After becoming convinced the culprit is Satoru Maeda (her idol), Ran is so devastated that she begins to cry, feverishly thinking to herself, "What would Shinichi do?". She remembers something he said once, and, in following his words, she manages to clear Satoru from suspicion. Hideko Kamijo later asks why she worked so hard to prove him innocent. A blushing Ran responds, "...and that guy told me never to give up until the end," alarming Conan. Hideko teases that it must've been her boyfriend who said so, which Ran quickly denies (still blushing). Thoroughly jealous, Conan demands to know who "that guy" is. Ran reveals was talking about the wandering detective nut Shinichi, leaving Conan taken aback.

Volume 13: Files 122-124/Episode 72: The Triplet's Country Home Murder Case

  • When Sonoko mentions that she's going to find a guy for herself, Ran says that she is always talking about boys, which causes Sonoko to comment that it must be nice to have a husband and that she bought the swimsuit she [Ran] was wearing for Shinichi and Ran blushes.
  • At this, Conan removes his scuba glasses to see Ran in a red swimsuit and says to himself that if she went through all that trouble for him, then he should take a closer look at her.

Volume 15: Files 141-143/Episode 85: Ski Lodge Murder Case

  • After knowing the true identity of the culprit, Conan is struggling about who should he used to show off his deduction. He can't used Sonoko as she was still asleep neither he could use his own voice, knowing that his name will appear on an article. He was hesitant to put Ran to sleep because she already doubts in his true identity.
  • Conan calls Ran from his voice changer through the earring cellphone. He asks Ran to show off his deduction in his place which Ran hesitates at first. Ran then agrees on his request and goes to meet the others. From behind, Conan looks at Ran with a sad face and apologies to her in his mind.
  • When Ran is threatened by the reporter who said she should be prepared if her deduction is wrong, Shinichi calms her down and asked her to believe in him.
  • After Shinichi reveals the identity of the culprit, Ran can't seems to believe it. She points out at the criminal while crying.
  • Conan saw Ran gets out from the room with teary eyes. Ran cannot hold her tears anymore and hugs Conan in despair.
  • Conan thinks to himself that although he could easily end the case, one thing that he could not end is the brimming tears of this tender detective.
  • Pretty much after this Shinichi vows never to use Ran for his deductions again after seeing the emotional turmoil this put her through.

TV Original/Episode 93: The Fearful Traversing Murder Case (Part 2)

  • Conan was blusing when he was playing the role of Kyoko while Ran playing the role of her murderer which Ran was hugging him close.

Volume 18: Files 173-175/Episode 100-101: The Memories of First Love

  • Ran goes to clean up Shinichi's house, along with Sonoko and Conan.
  • Ran blushes when Professor Agasa comments on how Shinichi has such a "considerate girlfriend".
  • When Sonoko brings up "first love", she comments that Ran was probably Shinichi's first love, causing Conan to blush, and when she accuses Ran's first love being Shinichi, while she gets angry at Sonoko, Conan is still blushing and asks, "Really?"
  • When Ran was about to run to the bungalow save Asami Uchida from the bungalow fire Conan gave Ran a helmet to protect her face and hair from the blaze.
  • Asami tells Ran that when she confessed her love to Shinichi in Junior High, he turned her down. Conan blushes and tries to stop Asami from telling Ran Shinichi's reply, by is stopped by Sonoko. Asami relates Shinichi's reply, that he's liked someone "strong-willed and stubborn, though she cries a lot," since he was little. Sonoko realizes that Shinichi must have meant Ran, but Ran is oblivious.

Volume 19: Files 185-188/Episode 118: Naniwa Serial Murder Case

  • Conan and Ran both blush when Heiji refers to Ran as "Kudo's girlfriend".
  • Conan purposefully gets between Ran and Ki'ichiro Numabuchi's knife, saving her from being stabbed. Ran panics that Conan is hurt until it is revealed that the handcuff chain in the protective charm (omamori) that Heiji gave Conan earlier caught the knife tip, and no serious damage was done.

TV Original/Episode 119: The Kamen Yaiba Murder Case

  • Ran feels she can relate to the female lead of Kamen Yaiba. Conan observes that's how he (Shinichi) and Ran operate. Ran starts watching Kamen Yaiba as Kamen Yaiba unknowingly reminds her about Shinichi and Conan while blushing agrees.

Volume 20: Files 192-196/Episode 132-134: Magic Lover's Murder Case

  • When Conan realizes that Ran might be in danger from a murderer, he runs across a burning bridge over a deep ravine, heedless of the fire starting to snap the support ropes, to be able to warn her. While still on the bridge, he shouts her name, and from inside the lodge Ran thinks she heard someone calling her. She goes outside to find Conan collapsed in the snow from so much exertion while sick. He tells her to run, just before passing out in her arms.

TV Original/Episode 149: The Amusement Park Bungee Jumping Case

  • After the case's conclusion, Ran says that she will have to come again to Tropical Land with a boyfriend. When Kogoro frantically asks who that boyfriend is and guesses that it's Shinichi, Ran says no and walks up to Conan and hugs him. She says that Conan is her boyfriend, which makes Conan blush and he says, "Well... Well, I guess so..."

Volume 22: Files 219-221/Episodes 153-154: Sonoko's Dangerous Summer Story

  • Ran blushes heavily when Sonoko threatens to send Shinichi a phone-picture of Ran in a bikini. Sonoko also says she will send Shinichi a picture of Ran changing clothes. When it turns out to be a lie, Ran is still annoyed with Sonoko, and Conan is disappointed.

Volume 21: Files 204-207/Episode 162: The Locked Room in the Sky

Shinichi looking at Ran's sleeping face.
  • On the plane to New York when they were 15, Shinichi steals looks at Ran's sleeping face and Shinichi cannot fall asleep because Ran slept on his shoulder.
  • Shinichi asks something inappropriate to Ran, to help the case, and it turns out he said, "Let me see your bra, does it have a steel wire?" And Ran in her sleep mumbles that Shinichi is sexually harassing her.

Volume 25: Files 246-250/Episodes 166-168: Tottori Spider Mansion Demon

  • Conan gives Ran a cell phone in case something happens. Kazuha urges Ran to take it, saying that Conan doesn't like it when other men get close to her [Ran]. A blushing Conan thinks in his head that that's not why.
  • Conan rushes to Mouri and tries desperately to wake him up while asking for his cell phone to call Ran.
  • After Ran loses her charger and becomes depressed, Kazuha asks if Shinichi bought it for her. This causes Ran to blush, and confirming Kazuha's question; Kazuha goes on to state how envious she is of him to have a cute girl like Ran to worry over him and if she was a man how she would steal Ran away from a coldhearted man. While blushing, Ran states that he isn't her boyfriend and he's not coldhearted. With a confident voice, Ran then tells Kazuha that she always feels like he's always there for her.

Volume 24: Files 234-237/Episodes 170-171: The Blind Spot In the Darkness

Conan (Shinichi) suspicious of Ran and Tomoaki Araide's relationship.
  • Conan is jealous at the idea that Ran might like Tomoaki Araide, particularly because she mistakenly grabbed Araide's arm rather than Kogoro's during the blackout, and she uses that evidence to confirm his alibi for his father's murder. The news that Araide is Teitan High's basketball coach and Ran sees him every day at school makes it worse, as does Araide taking Ran's hand to check if it was injured and Ran asking to have a private conversation with him.
  • Ran's conversation with Araide isn't a love confession, as Conan fears, but Ran asking to borrow Araide's sweater because she thought Shinichi would like the pattern. She uses the sweater as a guide to knit a new one for Shinichi, despite the weeks that it takes to complete the difficult pattern. Her mother, Eri, asks her why she is burdening herself with so much work, and Ran answers, "He's working hard too, on his hard cases, without complaining". When Conan receives it via Agasa, he wears it - despite it being huge on his child's body - when he calls Ran to thank her.

Volume 25: Files 243-245/Episodes 172-173: The Resurrected Dying Message

  • After faking a fall on the ice-rink to separate his Conan persona from Shinichi, who helped teach Ran to ice skate, Conan blushes when Ran offers him a hand up and promises to teach him how to skate.
  • After seeing that Sonoko sent Makoto Kyogoku a phone for just the two of them to talk by, Ran comments with a wistful smile on how they're lucky. In response, Conan gives Ran a cell phone for the two of them, under the excuse that it's a thank-you present for the sweater she knit for him in Episode 171. Ran at first looks surprised or a bit confused, but then cheerfully whistles and spins the phone by its strap as she heads off.

Volume 23: Files 225-230/Episode 174: The 20 Year Old Murder Case, The Symphony Serial Murders

Ran tells Conan not to leave her alone.
  • Ran worries about Conan's safety as he investigates around the cruise ship alone. When she finally finds him, she scolds him for worrying her and asks him to not run off and leave her alone. Ran explain after a moment that she gets scared searching for him on the eerie setting of the ship at night.

Volume 25: File 251-260/Episodes 188-193: The Desperate Revival Arc

Shinichi and Ran as the Knight and Princess
  • Ran is practicing her lines for the play with Kogoro when Kogoro suddenly sees that the Knight and the Princess that Ran plays are supposed to share a kiss. Conan panics and flips through the script thinking, "W-What?!" And then goes up to Ran to ask who will play the Knight and when Ran teases Conan about him wanting to know, Conan reluctantly admits that he kind of does. He then panics when Ran says it's Araide-sensei and he says, "Don't do it, Ran-neechan!"
  • When Conan is shot, Ran donates her own blood to save Conan's life - inadvertently revealing to Conan and Haibara that Ran is certain Conan is actually Shinichi. When Conan realizes she's waiting for him to tell her rather than confront him, he resolves to admit the truth before Haibara reminds him of the danger and gives him a way to create an alibi.
  • Conan and Ran share a moment in the hospital, prompting Sonoko to inquire about the love-love moment between to two, and if Ran has switched out Shinichi for Conan. Conan also looks pissed when Araide-sensei is mentioned as taking the role of the Knight in the play.
  • Due to Sonoko's meddling, Shinichi believes that the Knight he's replacing in the play is supposed to hug, and then kiss, the Princess that Ran plays. After he hugs her tightly, Shinichi and Ran nearly kiss, but are interrupted by a scream that announces a murder, which results in Shinichi placing a protective arm in front of Ran.
  • Shinichi and Ran walk into class together, and are teased by their classmates as they say, "What's this? You just got back and you're entering with your wife?" And they try to eavesdrop on Ran and Shinichi's conversation.
  • Shinichi invites Ran to dinner at a fancy restaurant. He appears to be on the brink of confessing when another murder occurs elsewhere in the restaurant. Shinichi attempts to ignore it and continue what he wanted to say, but Ran waves him off to solve the case first, then come back to her. Unfortunately, Shinichi turns back into Conan just after he solves the murder for Megure, and he's forced to return to Ran as Conan. Ran doesn't want to hear Conan's excuses for Shinichi leaving her again, but after seeing the tears in her eyes, Conan persists that Shinichi said,
Ran refuses to hear Shinichi's excuses.
Someday... I'll come back. Even if I die. That's why... I want you to wait for me.

— Conan "quoting Shinichi" to Ran, Episode 193

  • Ran cheers up a little at Conan's serious demeanor, and they eat dessert together. When Ran wonders what Shinichi was really going to ask her, Conan blushes and remembers that it was because this was the same restaurant where his parents became engaged.

Volume 26: Files 261-263/Episode 194-195: The Significant Music Box

  • Conan looks at Ran with a sad face because he left her in the last episode.

TV Original/Episode 196: The Invisible Weapon, Ran's First Investigation

  • Conan compliments Ran by saying that it was pretty good of her to be suspicious of the culprit from just one step at the hotel.
  • Sonoko realizes that Ran is starting to become like someone they know - Shinichi, to which Ran replies that she wants to understand what Shinichi feels or maybe she wants to get a little closer to him. This causes Conan's face to turn red.
  • However, Ran later says that she cannot understand Shinichi's feelings at all, referring him to be a 'deduction maniac'.

Episode 217: Megure's Sealed Secret (Part 1)

  • Ran and Sonoko are shopping for a sweater for Makoto and discuss about their love lives and it is hinted that Ran likes Shinichi and she wants to tell him how she feels but is afraid of his answer (how he feels about her) it is then revealed to us that Conan was standing next to them hearing the entire conversation and becomes very embarrassed and red-faced and then runs off to look for Kogorou.
  • Conan was concerned for Ran when he heard her scream over on Sonoko phone.

Volume 30: Files 305-306 & Volume 31: File 307/Episode 228-229: The Murderous Pottery Class

Ran's message to Shinichi in her mug.
  • Sonoko claims she is making a clay cup for Makoto in her pottery class, so Makoto won't forget her and fall in love with some other woman. This makes Ran worry about Shinichi falling in love with some grieving widow while on a case. Ran decides to attend pottery class to do the same.
  • Ran makes a clay cup, and refuses to let anyone see what she wrote on it, despite Sonoko insisting it is for Shinichi.
  • Conan, wanting to keep an eye on Ran, sneaks around pottery class, but is caught by Ran and Sonoko. Sonoko accuses Conan on spying on Ran for Shinichi to make sure Ran isn't "cheating" on him. This claim makes Conan irritated and awkward.
  • At the end of the case, Sonoko asks Ran if she sent Shinichi the cup, but Ran blushes and claims that it was a failure, and she didn't want to send it. When Conan enters Ran's room shortly after, he sees the cup, and on it painted "Super Stupid Case Fanatic". Conan thinks that this is clearly why she didn't send it but then notices that the bottom of the cup reads: "I'm waiting for you ♥". This causes Conan to turn red in embarrassment, but then he spends the rest of the afternoon so cheerful that Ran and Sonoko comment on his good mood.

Volume 29: Files 293-295/Episodes 238-239: The 3 "K's" of Osaka Case

  • Ran asks Ray Curtis, a famous pro soccer goalkeeper, if he could autograph a uniform "To Shinichi". She blushes and denies Ray's question of whether Shinichi is her boyfriend, but Conan, who sees the exchange, blushes anyway at the realization that she remembered Ray was Shinichi's favorite soccer player.
  • Ran comments that Conan makes the same expression Shinichi makes when he's depressed.

Volume 30: Files 296-298/Episode 240-241: The Shinkansen Transport Case

  • Shinichi calls, and they talk about the Ray Curtis news, Shinichi says that Ray is his hero on the field. Ran then, under Kazuha's encouragement, starts to ask about Shinichi's true feelings for her, but loses her nerve when the train arrives.

Episode 243: Kogoro Mouri's Imposter (Part 1)

  • Conan was blushing when Ran hugged him when she got scare.
  • Conan assured Ran that Kogoro will solve the case.

Volume 31: Files 311-313/Episode 246-247: The Mystery in the Net

  • Conan and the Detective Boys are at the beach when he is bumped into by two random women. Genta swims up to him and cheekily asks which woman's body he liked more, asking Conan not to deny the fact that he was attracted to their bodies. Conan calls Genta an idiot and denies his accusation, saying, "Well, it's a different story if it was the girl behind us in the blue striped swimsuit." Haibara then says, "I see, you're superimposing a certain someone onto that figure." Then it turns out that the woman in the blue striped swimsuit is actually Ran. Conan is shocked and red in the face.
  • When Ran worries that Haibara doesn't like her, Ayumi tells Ran she doesn't believe that is true and tells her the reason is because she heard Haibara tell Conan that Ran has good child-bearing hips and he should be glad. That causes Ran to become flustered at Conan and Conan becomes embarrassed as he tries to explain that Haibara said that on her own.

Sidebar: This is also the episode where Haibara talks about a metaphor in which Ran is a dolphin, loved by the ocean (Shinichi), and she being a malicious shark who cannot compete with the dolphin.

Volume 32: File 328-330/Episode 253-254: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 4

Takagi and Sato reminds Shinichi of himself and Ran
  • Conan tries hard to help Takagi with his case so Takagi can get to Sato before sundown, even using Araide-sensei's shadow and his voice-changing bow tie to pretend Takagi got to Sato in time. At the end of the episode, Conan thinks to himself, "Looking at their developing relationship, reminds me of a certain someone and someone," with an image of Ran and Shinichi looking at each other both slightly red in the face.

TV Original/Episodes 255-256: The 14th Round of the Matsue Tamatsukuri Linked Verse

  • During a trip to Matsue, Ran and Conan visit a place call mirror pond where it is believed that if someone puts a paper on the pond and it sinks, then the person's lover is somewhere near. Ran tries to replicate the myth with her own slip of paper. As Conan helplessly watches her, stuck waiting for him, he becomes sad and thinks they shouldn't have come.

Volume 31: File 314-321/Episode 263: The Osaka Double Mystery - The Naniwa Swordsman and Toyotomi's Castle

  • Conan blushed after Ran wiped rice of his face that he got on his face while he was eating
  • After Kazuha mentions how much she enjoys seeing the triumphant smile and the gleam in Heiji's eye when he's solved a case, Ran admits that she, too, is happy every time she sees Shinichi's face looking like that.

Volume 33: Files 331-334/Episode 268: The Truth Behind Valentine's

Conan sends a picture of sleeping Ran to her.
  • Ran makes a heart-shaped chocolate for Shinichi for Valentine's Day, but doesn't know when she'll have the chance to see him—and to her, giving a Valentine's chocolate on any other day would be meaningless. She

does not write Shinichi's name on the chocolate, which Conan sees and looks at with a sad face. Conan surreptitiously sees her crying because she misses Shinichi. After she falls asleep covers her up with a coat and takes a picture of her on his phone, then sends it to her phone to prove that "Shinichi" had been there. He pretends over a phone call via the bow-tie that he ate the chocolate because he was hungry while waiting for her to wake up, supposedly unaware of it's significance, and pretends to think it was a peach shape. Ran blushes when he compliments the taste, and is happy as they talk.

Volume 33: Files 335-337/Episode 270: The Forgotten Memento from the Crime

  • After Takagi mentions that someone stole the files of Kogoro's cases from the police station, Haibara reminds Conan that even though he's worried, he can't tell Ran his true identity. Haibara later says he must be happy to have received Ran's chocolate, assuming Conan told Ran of his feelings. To Haibara's surprise, he says he isn't happy because he hasn't told Ran anything. He explains by saying:
If I said how I feel about her, she would miss me even more... All this time, I've been breaking her heart by keeping her waiting, yet I still can't appear before her eyes. I never want to see her cry anymore, even if it means I no longer exist in her heart. How immature of me, right?

— Conan explaining why he can't confess his feelings to Ran: Episode 270

Volume 33: Files 338-340/ Episodes 271-272: The Secret Rushed Omission

  • Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are walking home, and Ran is wondering the meaning of the "X" from her English class, her only hint that it is an important mark for women. She asks Conan if he has any idea, but he too ultimately comes up empty. Sonoko then suggests that Ran ask Shinichi and, mimicking a swooning Ran, teases that in return for the answer Ran could give Shinichi her "X". This drives Conan crazy, making him even more frantic to discover what it means. Throughout the rest of the episode, he tries asking multiple people, but none fess up.
  • Ran is able to convince Takagi to tell her what it means. Upon finding out it means kiss, she angrily denies Sonoko's next tease with a blush on her face.
  • Ran types a message to Shinichi asking him to come home quickly. With a deep blush on her face she adds three X's to the end and presses send. At this moment, Conan comes up to ask her what it means. Flustered, Ran blurts out that it means "no good". Conan reads the mail later, underwhelmed that Ran wrote that he was "three times no good".

Volume 34: Files 347-349/ Episodes 284-285: Chinatown Deja Vu in the Rain

Conan worried about Ran.
  • Ran tries to remember the last time when she saw Shinichi with a sad expression on his face; her moment of distraction prompts Conan to ask if she's alright.
  • Conan becomes irritated as Mike Hama is possibly taking an interest in Ran.
  • After Scriptwriter, Kitaura, reveals that Ran would have to do a love scene if she is to be selected for the role, Conan (with Kogoro), tells Ran that she shouldn't take a role as an actress.
  • Conan takes Ran by the hand, asks her to have rest, and comforts her by promising that "Uncle Kogoro" (himself) will solve the case soon.
  • Conan (via Kogoro) asks if an officer can take Ran's place when he recreates what happened at the murder scene; Conan has a sad look when Ran decided to participate.
  • When Ran collapses after the case is solved, Conan goes into a panic-stricken condition.

Volume 34: File 350 & Volume 35: Files 351-354/Episodes 286-288: Shinichi Kudo's New York Case Arc

  • Ran has collapsed at a restaurant at the end of the previous episode. Conan, in a panic, rushes over and loudly calls her name without any honorifics. As Conan tries to wake her up, Ran's eyes open a tiny bit and she sees Shinichi's face superimposed over Conan's. Just before she faints, Ran thinks to herself that whenever she was in trouble, he would always come to her rescue.
Ran realized her feelings for Shinichi.
  • In the car driving to a theatre on Broadway, Yukiko is trying to rush to the theatre, so she wants to make a turn at a high speed. Shinichi asks Ran to lean forward into the front seat and she falls a bit and he embraces her in his arms.
  • Yukiko's friend asks if Ran and Shinichi are Yukiko's (Shinichi's mother) children. She answered with a happy face "He is, but she isn't. Hey, you may be looking at my future daughter-in-law". Ran looks on in confusion.
  • A falling suit of armour is about to hit one of the actresses, when Ran dives forward and pushes the woman out of the way. Shinichi yells, "Ran! Ran!", thinking that she has hurt herself.
  • Shinichi asks Ran to hold a pamphlet on top of her head for him, and walks towards her intently, Ran gets red and stammers as their faces become very close and Shinichi says "kizu (damage)" which sounds a lot like "kisu (kiss)"
  • In her fever-dreams, Ran remembers the trip to New York she took with Shinichi in their first year of High School. In particular, she remembers how Shinichi tried to reassure her self-doubts after the murderer - the actress Ran had saved - claimed that Ran enabled her to commit the murder by rescuing her, and how he went off into the rain to find the handkerchief she got from actress Sharon Vineyard that had flown out of the window of their taxi. When she tried to follow him, she encountered a serial killer (Vermouth in disguise), who seemed inclined to kill her, but then fell off the stairwell — and she instinctively tried to save the man. Shinichi arrived to help her pull him up (arms around her, and legs on top of hers). Shinichi answers the man's demand of why they saved him, and Ran realizes that the earlier murder wasn't her fault... and when she finally wakes up out of the dreams, she remembers how that night was the night she realized her feelings for Shinichi and how important he is to her.
  • Later, Shinichi and Ran are in a park, and he is checking her forehead temperature with his forehead, causing her to blush.
  • When Kogoro asks Ran about her fever-mumblings about a "logical mind" and "helping people" (from Shinichi's response to the serial killer), she blushes and tells Kogoro not to say her "precious words" in Kogoro's gruff voice. Conan quietly blushes himself.

Sidebar: This is Shinichi Kudo's second case, the first one being on the plane to New York.

TV Original/Episode 294-295: The Smash of Determination and Love

  • Conan was determined to save Ran from her kidnappers.

TV Original/Episode 300: The Kanmon Strait of Friendship and Murderous Intent (Part Two)

  • Eiko asked Ran is she has a beloved guy. Then Ran said no with a blush on her face and then looked down.
  • Ran was at one of the Lovers Beacon, which they called that because there is an old saying that if lovers were on the beacon they won’t depart no matter what difficulty they face when she looked at the other beacon she saw Shinichi there. She said his name quietly was about to cry out his name and wave to him then realises she saw Conan instead who was waving his hand to her with Kogoro. Then Ran out her hand down for a moment and waved to the back while yelling Conan name.

Volume 36: File 369-373/Episode 304: The Trembling Police Headquarters: 12 Million Hostages

  • (Anime only) Ran and Shinichi (actually Conan using the voice-changing bowtie) talk with each other through the telephone. Shinichi teases her about the photo he took of her before in the episode The Truth about Valentines.
  • Ran keeps looking at Shinichi's empty seat during their mock test, and later when she is teased by Sonoko for it, she sees (or rather imagines) Shinichi sitting in his seat, smiling gently at her.
  • Conan told Takagi:
Yeah. And, she might be there. The most important person in the world to me who I can't let die.

— Conan explaining why he doesn't want the bomb at Teitan High School to explode. Takagi : Episode 304

  • As the hint is slowly revealed, all Conan can think of is Ran as he cries, "Get away, get away. Get out, Ran!" in his head. Ran, able to hear his words despite the distance between them, lifts her head and says, "Shinichi...?"
  • In the end of the day, when Haibara and Professor Agasa compliment Conan for being able to deduce the code given by the bomber, Conan thinks "Of course I would figure it out. Because in my heart I kept hoping that it wouldn't be there", with Ran's image on the background.

Volume 37: Files 380-383/Episode 309-311: Contact with the Black Organization

  • Conan is very sad that Ran cries because Shinichi is not with her and he wishes that she notices it's him.

Episode 323: Heiji Hattori's Desperate Situation! (Part 1)

  • Conan was blushing when Ran carried and hugged him against her chest. He was both embarrassed and happy.

Volume 39: Files 1 (393)/Episode 325: The Red Horse within the Flames (Part 1)

  • Ran reveal to always hung a teruterubozu for Shinchi very important soccer games.
  • Conan blushed when he hears this.

Volume 40: Files 407-409/Episode 331-332: The Suspicious Spicy Curry

  • Sonoko Suzuki suggests to Ran that they should play tennis, since the tennis court is close to the place where they stay and will be full of university students. Sonoko also suggests that Ran should wear a tennis outfit, take a photo with one of the male students and send it to Shinichi via message to make him envious. But Ran, blushing, told Sonoko that Shinichi wouldn't be jealous of that.
  • Ran tells Sonoko that she didn't bring any tennis outfit and only brought gymnasium equipment. Sonoko, however, replies that she (Ran) didn't have to worry since she already brought 'a super mini skirt' for Ran. Conan, blushing and shocked, thinks to himself "That short?". Ran refuses to wear it since she didn't bring any tennis underwear. Sonoko then tells her that she has to wear normal underwear since she doesn't have a choice. Conan once again blushes and imagines Ran in a tennis outfit without tennis underwear. He talks to himself while rubbing his head "I want to see her wearing it, but I don't want others to see".
  • When they arrive at the tennis court, the rain suddenly pours down. Conan thinks, "I don't know if I should be happy or depressed". But when he sees Ran happy, he says to himself, "I suppose I should be happy".

TV Original/Episode 342: The Bride of Huis ten Bosch

  • Ran catches the bride's bouquet! And Conan runs away saying "fate isn't on my side!"

Volume 39: Files 401-403/Episode 354: A Small Client (Part 1)

  • Conan reminds that, the author of "Golden Demon" died while serializing it and it was left unfinished. So the two characters lost the means to attain happiness for all eternity. Conan smiles at Ran thinking to himself "in our case, I won't let it go unfinished, definitely".
  • The little client, Kazuki asks Ran to hold him in her arm which annoys Conan. When Ran holds him, Kazuki remembered that his mother had a beauty mark near her chest. Because he was smaller back then, the beauty mark might have been a bit lower. Kazuki asks Ran to hold him again, but Conan was against it saying that they already know the approximate area.

Volume 44: Files 453-456/Episode 356: Kaitou Kid's Miraculous Midair Walk

  • Kaito Kid says to Conan that he can't dream. Conan speaks in his mind "idiot, of course I can, actually my dream is.." while looking at Ran.

TV Original/Episode 357: Sweetheart is an Illusion of Spring

  • Ran is jealous of Sachiko as she has a special someone for whom she can make special dinner and misses Shinichi dearly. Conan gives her faith and tells her Shinichi will come back and when he does he will come through the front door and say "Yo! Ran!!" and Ran say when that happens she will ask him what he was up to and give him a roundhouse kick! And with a deadpan look Conan says that means he still can't come back...

TV Original/Episode 376: The Time Limit is 15:00!

  • Conan saves a drowning Ran.
  • When Misa Tsuneyama apologies to Conan, he sees a projection of Ran overlapping Misa.

Volume 43: Files 441-444/Episode 381-382: Which One's Deduction Show

  • Ran asked Conan to secretly help her since Kazuha was really looking forward to going to Takarazuka with them. Ran begged to Conan causing him to blush and when Conan was thinking about it, suddenly Heiji interrupted them.

Volume 43: Files 445-446 & Volume 44: Files 447-449/Episode 383:Miracle at Koshien Ball Park! The Defiants Face the Dark Demon

  • Anime only: During the special opening, Conan blushes when Ran gets close to his face.
  • After Conan leaves Kogoro, Kazuha and Ran to help Heiji and Ohtaki with the case, Ran expresses a nostalgic, surprised look on her face. She then makes an internal comment on how Conan's face looked exactly like Shinichi's.
  • Ran recalls how "kind of cool" Shinichi looked after his junior year soccer team won the game. Then, she got embarrassed by the looks on Kazuha and Kogoro's faces, and proceeded to say it was only a little cool.

Volume 44: Files 450-452/Episode 390-391: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 6

  • Haibara says, "They say time and a person's heart is inversely proportional. The more time passes, the more they grow apart." Then looks at Conan and says, "It seems there are some rare exceptions though (meaning Ran and Shinichi)." Conan gives her a deadpan look and says, "Oi.."

Volume 44: File 483/Episode 400: Ran's Suspicions

  • Ran cracked the password on Conan's phone, eager to find out weather her mail was sent to Shinichi (Conan's phone, since Ran suspects him to be Shinichi). The message was sent to Shinichi's phone (Conan's other phone), this supprised Ran since she was sure Conan's phone would receive the mail.
  • She then proceeds to send multiple mails when suddenly her phone rings, its Shinichi (Actually just Conan playing a pre-recorded conversation).
  • At the same time Conan comes down to get his phone from her in order to avoid her suspicions.

Volume 47:Files 484-486/Episodes 401-402: A Jewel Thief Caught Red-Handed

  • Conan manages to convince Ran that he is not Shinichi and he gave Ran his phone number. Haibara warned him "If she finds out the truth, she'll..." then Conan interrupted Haibara by saying:
Believe me, I know. I won't do anything that gets Ran involved with the Black Organization.

— Conan thinking about Ran's safety : Episode 401

Volume 47:Files 487-490/Episodes 406-408: Conan and Heiji's Deduction Magic

  • Conan gets jealous that Ran (along with Kazuha) hugged Hoshikawa, and angrily asked why. Once he sees that Ran only hugged Kazuha, he calms down.
  • Conan becomes irritated that Hoshikawa calmed down Ran and Kazuha when they were scared and crying.

TV Original/Episode 409: The Simultaneous Stage Advance and Kidnapping (Part 1)

  • Sonoko asks Ran if she feels guilty about going to hang out with the actor (who looks like Shinichi). Ran says no while blushing.
  • Conan gets jealous about a potential love scene between Ran and the actor.

Volume 48: Files 491-493/Episode 411: The Shinto Shrine Torii's Surprising Code (Part 1)

  • During the Detective Boys' trip to a mountain forest, Conan receives a photo of a woman in a swimsuit from Sonoko. He is shocked at seeing the photo, but when Conan/Shinichi receives a call from Ran telling him to delete the mail he just received and Sonoko asks Shinichi not to delete it because it is her 'Special Sexy Shot' of Ran, Conan realises that the photo is actually of Ran, causing him a nose bleed. Conan promises Ran that he will delete it immediately, but instead, he carefully saves it right after he ends the call.
  • At the end of the episode, Conan is flipping through his phone thinking, "Where is the photo, I'm sure I saved it here...". When the Detective Boys reveal that they deleted the photo, Conan gets outraged and rants.
  • Ran gets embarrassed when Sonoko calls Shinichi her husband.
  • Sonoko calls Shinichi, and says that Ran is his wife, to which Ran blushes.
  • Conan gets jealous about Ran hanging out with Kano-san.

Episode 425: Black Impact! The Moment the Black Organization Reaches Out!

  • Haibara warns Conan that if he doesn't retrieve the transmitter, she tells him he might lose everything (clearly referring to Ran). He responds "Yeah, I know".

TV Original/Episode 426: Love Letter to Ran

  • Conan is jealous when Ran receives a love letter. When Sonoko teases him about him caring, he tries to refute her vehemently before conceding that he cares a little and wants to know who it's from. Conan and Sonoko both surreptiously arrive at the place where Ran is to meet her 'secret admirer', Conan arrives thinking he'll hear Ran's true feelings and wonders if they're about him, Shinichi.

Volume 49: Files 508-510/Episode 429: Two People Who Can't Return (Part 1)

  • Ran tells Conan that a newly transferred student, Eisuke Hondou wants to come over and visit them. Conan asks the reason for the visit, which leaves Ran surprised. Sonoko teases that Conan is jealous because he thinks Ran is looking for a new boy. When Conan denies it, Sonoko asks if he is planning on telling Shinichi about this.
  • On the way to Gunma Prefecture, Kogoro warns Eisuke not to pass his cold to Ran. Ran ensures that it is okay because she feels warm from hugging Conan, which makes him blush deeply.
  • Eisuke slips on the ground and hurts his finger which worries Ran. As Ran is going to treat his wound, Conan steps forward and heals Eisuke's wound with his saliva. However, Ran persists that Eisuke should use a bandage. The jealous Conan takes the bandage from Ran and asks him to do it himself.

TV Original/Episode 434: The Great Dog Coeur's Triumph

  • Ran and Conan met two couples that are dog owners. One couple owns a golden retriever named Coeur (female) and the other one is Mushashi (male) an irish setter. Coeur's owner told them that the two dogs were actually childhood friends in which, Ran wondered, "childhood friends, huh? i wonder where my Musashi (with Shinichi's face on the background) ran off to?" Conan with a chuckling disappointment look on his face says to his mind, "Hey, since when did I become a dog?"
  • Ran and Conan reunited again with the two dogs as well as the owners at the park, Conan tells the meaning of Coeur's name in which the owners replied that Coeur means in French, "heart". Ran replies, "Heart...I'll bet that her heart was filled with wanting to help her childhood friend when he was in trouble, I wonder if my Mushashi has a spirit like that, with Conan beside her, blushingly replied, "Oh, I'm sure he does," Ran doubts it by saying, "No i don't think so, becuase when there's a case, he's nowhere near here," Conan doing the previous expression look, "You've got me there," Ran replied,"Did you say something?" to which he bluntly replied, "eh?"

Volume 51: Files 528-529/Episode 445: Secret of the Russian Blue

  • Kogoro mentions that Ran seems to have a crush on "good for nothing detective brat", meaning Shinichi.

Volume 52: 535-537/Episode 449: Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story - Fake Wedding

  • Conan imagines Ran in a wedding dress (and he blushes while doing so in the manga, but not in the anime)

Volume 55: Files 570-573/Episode 473: Shinichi Kudo's Childhood Adventure

Ran wants to be called 'Ran', not Mouri, by Shinichi.
  • A young Shinichi was blushing while doing a explanation to Ran while at there elementary school.
  • A young Shinichi was blushing when Ran Complimented him while at the streets.
  • Conan shares the story of the adventure he and Ran had in the past. While solving the code, Professor Agasa said that he was glad seeing Shinichi and Ran hang out together. It has been a while since the two of them were getting along. He had not seen those two together which left him worried because he thought Ran and Shinichi had gotten into a fight.
  • At the end of their adventure, Shinichi presumed the code means 'sunset', and enjoyed the sunset with Ran. Shinichi mistakenly called Ran by her first name and changed it to 'Mouri' which upset Ran. Ran wanted Shinichi to call her Ran and Shinichi agreed to do it.

Volume 54: File 559; File 562 & Volume 55:File 566/Episode 479: Three Days With Heiji Hattori

  • Conan blushes when he looks at Ran blowing on a pinwheel.
  • After Heiji explains that the "Detective Koushien" competition will need the "Detective of the East" aka Shinichi Kudo, Ran thinks of him and blushes. Kazuha notices this and starts teasing, with Ran trying to deny it.
  • At the end of the case, Ran uses binoculars to see if Shinichi is on the island.

Volume 50: 518-522/Episode 490: Heiji Hattori vs. Shinichi Kudo: Deduction battle on the Ski Slope

  • Shinichi tells Ran that he made the commotion of Yuki-onna being nothing but a story just to calm her down because she was frightened, at which Ran blushes.
  • Ran and Shinichi both blush when Sonoko teases them about skiing together.(they blush only in the manga)
  • Shinichi's classmates tease Shinichi of missing his skiing classes so that he could watch a movie with his wife (referring to Ran); and Ran denies while blushing, saying that's not the case.(only manga)

Volume 57: Files 587-590/Episode 492-497: Clash of Red and Black

  • When Ran remembers that she donated blood to Conan when he was wounded, asking him if he feels her kindness from that, Conan blushes as he says yes.
  • When they examined the living room, Eiko said to Eisuke that she was surprised to see Eisuke, who used to be a cry-baby, bring a girlfriend(Ran) with him. Ran and Eisuke told Eiko there's nothing like that between them. Conan then interrupted by saying "We came here because we wanted to know Eisuke-niichan's blood type. He said you'd found his child records", and he continued with a sharp look to Eisuke "Isn't that right, Eisuke-niichan?".
  • Kogoro tries to find Ran because they needed to go home immediately. Hataro then tells him that Ran and Eisuke were seen heading to the bathroom earlier. Conan with a surprised and shocked look, imagines Ran and Eisuke taking a bath together. Conan then rushes to the bathroom and says to himself "That bastard! That's why he wasn't around!". Conan opens the bathroom door and demands to know what Ran and Eisuke are doing, with a jealous look.

Episode 505: Lawyer Eri Kisaki's Testimony (Part 1)

  • Conan blushes and thinks "Well, I guess this is OK once in a while" as he sits on Ran's lap in the car. (Anime only)

Volume 59: File 619 & Volume 60: Files 620-621/Episode 507-508: The Blind Spot in the Karaoke Box (Part 2)

  • Conan becomes irritated at Eisuke for blushing at Ran for being concerned about him. He pointedly adds in his head that "doesn't mean you're [Eisuke] cleared of suspicion."
  • Eisuke Hondou, after asking if Conan knows how to get in contact with Shinichi, declares that he loves Ran and wants to take her to America, and that he wants to ask Shinichi for his permission to confess his feelings. Conan, with a very serious look, declares that Eisuke is not allowed to. And after Eisuke tells Conan that he wanted Shinichi's permission, Conan, with Shinichi's silhouette in the background, strongly tells him again:
And I'm saying you can't.

Volume 61: Files 640/Episode 511: Deduction Showdown! Shinichi vs. Subaru Okiya

  • During Subaru and Shinichi's deduction showdown, Shinichi ends up calling Ran, telling her to hurry to the Beika Tower Apartments because that is where President Daita is held. When the situation escalates and it is clear that President Daita is in trouble, Shinichi tells Ran to stay and wait for the police in hope to protect her from running into any possible accomplices of the kidnapper. Ran refuses, saying that if Shinichi were there he would rescue President Daita, and so she asks him to help her. Shinichi walks her through what to do and she successfully finds President Daita and administers emergency treatment before the paramedics show up.
  • When the paramedics come, one of them assures Ran he knows of the situation and asks if Shinichi is her boyfriend. Ran blushes and denies it, but the paramedic tells her to pass on a message to Shinichi. In his fright, he had called the ambulance and ranted to them.
  • At the end Shinichi admits that he doesn't even remember what he said to the paramedics and was overcome with terror for what could have happened to Ran.
"...Something like that. At that moment this reckless rescuer's safety was all that was on my mind.

— Shinichi thinking about Ran.

TV Original/Episode 512: The Broken Horoscope

  • Ran, who thinks Reika Shijo is a good person, hears about the extortion and seems disappointed, going into the kitchen with a sad look. Conan sees her and follows her to the kitchen and asks her what happened.
  • In the end of the day, Conan asks Ran what she wanted to learn from the fortune-teller. Ran blushes and tells Conan that she wanted to know where Shinichi is. Conan thinks, "Right here, actually...". And then, Ran continues her words "Really...I don't know how he's doing". Conan looks her with a surprised face.

Volume 59: Files 615-616; File 618/Episodes 516-517: Furinkazan

  • Ran explains that the reason Heiji doesn't want Kazuha to come with her because he wants her to be safe, also revealing to her Heiji's attitude is similar to Shinichi's. She then blushes and quickly tells Kazuha that it probably wasn't because he likes her.
  • After learning about the concept of Furinkazan, Ran thinks about Shinichi and how she should tell him her true feelings.
  • When the case is over, Ran decides to call Shinichi and tell him her feelings. She calls him via cellphone and Shinichi (via Conan's voice-changing bowtie). However, she gets scared at the last moment and decides not to tell him.

Volume 62: File 652/Episode 522: Shinichi's True Face and Ran's Tears

  • After watching Shinichi's strange behavior over the previous episode, Ran cries because it feels Shinichi is still missing, even though supposedly he's close enough to reach out and touch. When it is revealed that the supposedly amnesiac Shinichi was in fact a disgruntled young man from one of the real Shinichi's early cases, Ran is immensely relieved.
  • When the "monster" (Shinichi) comes into the room, he protects Ran from the criminal by telling her to step back and putting his arm in front of her.
  • When Ran realizes that Shinichi, as the temporary "monster" of the forest who treated her wounds, must have seen her underwear to properly bandage her thigh, she blushes deeply and is annoyed at Shinichi. He is blushing as well, and argues that he didn't have a choice.

Volume 63: File 654/Episode 523: What She Truly Wants to Ask

  • During the drive home, another murder occurs that Shinichi and Heiji are going off to investigate. Ran tries to stop Shinichi from leaving her by grabbing his jacket. Shinichi reassures her that he'll come back, and blushes as he adds, "I'm sure the question you wanted to ask is the same as mine."
  • He starts turning back into Conan at the end of the case, but when he tries to leave, Ran grabs his hand and refuses to let go. The wristwatch dart knocks her out to keep the transformation secret, but even in her sleep she won't let go of Shinichi/Conan's hand. Since they were in Agasa's car at the time, Conan had to rip and safety pin the seams of his shirt to change his clothes while still holding Ran's hand.

Volume 63: Files 655-657/Episode 524-525: The Blue Spark of Hate

  • Heiji called Conan and ask him what happened. Then, Heiji said something about Conan and Ran still holding hands even though Ran tranquilized by Haibara. Conan with a surprised look and ask Heiji how he knows about that.
  • Conan asked Haibara for another prototype antidote and Haibara told him that if he taking too much of the prototype antidote, his body will build up resistance to it. Then, Haibara teases Conan by saying "Well, since you want to act cool for that girl at the detective agency (Ran), you might not even last a week, even with a hundred pills". Conan then told Heiji "Like she needed to tell me that."
  • Heiji said to Conan "Even though the little girl (Haibara) you not to tell, wouldn't it be better if you tell the girl at the detective agency (Ran) the whole story? That way you can confess your love sooner". Then Conan with a blush on his face told Heiji, "I-idiot! It's not like that! That's exactly why I can't do it!"

Volume 64: Files 667-673/Episode 532-535: The Scar that Evokes the Past

  • Ran asks Conan to go to the hot spring (onsen) together since it has been a while since they washed each other's back. Conan becomes embarrassed and said that he did not have any clothes to change. As he was going to accept Ran's offer, Ran already decided not to go.
  • After Ran and Conan managed to persuade Taisuke to confess to Kurumi that he is the boy from the past, Ran told Conan "Seems we were able to push him well, right?" Then, Conan talking to himself "With my situation as it is, I couldn't tell the truth even if I wanted to..."

TV Original/Episode 547-548 Two Days with the Culprit

  • Ran was very worried when Conan got kidnapped.
  • Ran hugged Conan when he was at Agasa's house with him blushing very hard.

TV Original/Episode 554: Stork Mystery Tour

  • Kogoro and Ran take the Detective Boys to an onsen in Kinosaki, Hyōgo so Conan can heal his sprained ankle. Conan remembers back how he sprained his ankle. While going down the stairs, Conan witnessed Ran and Araide-sensei having a walk and chatting together. Distracted, he missed his step and fell down the stairs.
  • Conan with a worried, thinking about Ran being kidnapped by mysterious guy and then said to himself "Ran, why didn't you call us? Don't tell me...that guy already got you...".
  • Conan wanted to follow the Detective Boys despite his ankle is sprained, but then Heiji stop him.
  • After meeting with Heiji, Heiji guessed that Conan was paying too much attention to Ran until he sprained his ankle which Conan denies in embarrassment, even though it's the truth.
  • Conan jumps out of the taxi to save Ran, despite his sprained ankle, on his skateboard using his crutch.

TV Original/Episode 565: The Eyewitness Who Did Not See

  • Ran told Conan that she should buy Shinichi a nicer necktie. Conan then imagines Ran tying the necktie on him (as Shinichi) like a married couple, causing him to blush.

TV Original/Episode 567: Murderous Intent Raining on an Outdoor Spa

  • Ran bring Conan to try the iron tub which causes Conan to blush.
  • When they inside the iron tub, Ran said to Conan "Such a nice bath", then Conan said to her "Ran-neechan, the heat's starting to get into me" and he walked away from the iron tub with blush on his face.
  • Ran told Conan that the spa is fabulous and that her body is floating on the water. Then, Conan blushes and said loudly "I'm heading out now!".
  • Towards the end, Conan turn around and sees Ran sleeping, Ran unconsciously approach him in her sleep making Conan see her intimal parts. He blushes and yells in his mind that he can not sleep.

Volume 66: File 690/Episode 571: Battle of the Haunted Warehouse's Treasure Part 1

  • Haibara is annoyed by Ninzaburo Shiratori not confessing his feelings directly, and says, "To fail to express his own feelings straightforwardly, leaving his girl in the dark - a typical love comedy moron." Conan gives her a deadpan look and says, "Hey, you aren't talking about me, are you?"

Volume 66: File 696 & Volume 67: Files 697-698/Episode 576: The Alibi of the Black Dress (Part 2)

  • Ran and Sonoko go to shop for gothic clothes and drag Kogoro and Conan with them. Despite a murder case, they still decide to dress up together. Ran shows Conan her dress and asks whether it looks weird. Conan instantly turns red and thinks to himself that Ran looks very cute.

Volume 67: File 705-707/ Episode 584: Inspector Shiratori's Lost Love

  • When Genta is worried that Kobayashi-sensei will never know how she and Shiratori is destined to be together, Haibara says, "Well, isn't it fine that way? Since there is also a big fat liar who's been hiding his identity from the person he likes for a long time anyways (referring to Shinichi and Ran)." Conan gives her another one of his deadpan, sweatdrop looks.

Volume 68: File 709-711/Episode 589: The Worst Birthday (Part 1)

  • Ran tells Eri that maybe her and Kogoro can spend the night in his room, when Eri asks what will Ran do. Ran replies back "Conan-Kun and I will spend the night in your room! Right. Conan-Kun?" Causing Conan to blush

Volume 68: File 716-718/Episode 592-593: The Detective Memoir of Monkey and Rake

  • Flashback on the Shiragami case where Ran wanted to ask Shinichi what he thought of her.
  • Due to a Rooster Day festival love fortune that says to act a 'proper woman' and forgo 'tomboyish' behavior to capture her desired love, Ran decides not to use her karate on two occasions that could defend either herself or other.
  • Since Ran was tasered by the culprit, she couldn't answer her phone when Conan try to contact her. With a worried expression, he go towards Ran's location while thinking in his head "Ran...Ran! Ran!".
  • Later, Ran's actual love fortune is revealed when a culprit is about to attack her with a knife. The fortune tells her to stay just as she is to "capture the heart of her brilliant-minded man". After hearing her real fortune, Ran easily takes care of her attacker. Sonoko finds the fortune open and reads it aloud; Conan is seen blushing in the background.

Volume 69: Files 725-727/Episode 608-609: White Day of Betrayal

  • On White Day, Sonoko and Sato expect return chocolates from Makoto and Takagi, but Eri and Ran expect nothing from Kogoro or Shinichi. At a party, Ran's palm is read; she is told that her marriage line is Y-shaped, which means she is not able to bond with Shinichi because of numerous obstacles. However, there is a good chance that they will get reunited at the end of a dramatic event. She tells Ran not to argue too much with Shinichi.
  • After the case is over , Ran and Conan are heading home where they see Sato and Eri receiving White Day gifts. Ran tries to not expect anything from Shinichi, but when even Sonoko receives a gift from Makoto, Ran can't help but be disappointed. Conan, seeing her crying, directs her attention to an envelope at the door—to her surprise, there are cough drops from Shinichi with a letter that she sounded a bit sick over the phone so he sent them for her to get better. Ran eats them, happy to have a sign that her feelings were received.

Volume 71: File 743-752/Episode 617: Holmes's Revelation (Love is Zero)

Shinichi catches up to a crying Ran to confess his feelings
  • After calling Shinichi for help with a case, Ran realizes that his previously blasé attitude about her being in London is because he apparently is also in London and didn't tell her. Angry that he didn't tell her, after all the effort she put into wanting to bring him pictures and souvenirs, Ran tracks him down and corners him in a phone booth, not realizing that Conan is the one hiding inside. To keep his identity secret, Conan takes his second temporary antidote and greets her as Shinichi. She tearfully confronts him over his behavior, but when she inadvertently mentions Minerva Glass, Shinichi seems more interested in what she knows about the case. He tells her to calm down, prompting Ran to demand,
If you're a detective, you should be able to deduce what's in my heart! Idiot!

— Ran to Shinchi, for not figuring out why she was sad and angry, Episode 617.

Volume 71: File 743-752/Episode 618: Holmes's Revelation (Satan)

  • Professor Agasa asks Shinichi why he doesn't simply go out himself and hunt the answers for the code, but Shinichi replies that he doesn't know the exact estimate of when he'll turn back into Conan. Then he says with a blush that he doesn't think he can face Ran right now.
  • Shinichi surprise and blush when he get a call from Ran. He asked Professor Agasa to picked the phone for him but Professor Agasa refused since it would be suspicious. Then, Shinichi picked up the phone with a nervous voice and it turns that Kogoro called him through Ran's phone since Ran was shy and couldn't work up the courage to call Shinichi.
  • When Ran asked Shinichi where she should go next to find the clue, Shinichi told her that they can't get anywhere over the phone and asked her to wait there which causes Ran to blush.

Volume 71: File 743-752/Episode 621: Holmes's Revelation (Zero is Start)

Shinichi confesses his feelings for Ran.
  • Shinichi chases Ran as she runs away, still crying, and catches up to her under Big Ben. In answer to her previous confession, he declares:
You're a tough, troublesome case, you know! With all these distracting emotions... Even if I were Holmes it'd still be impossible to figure out! The heart of a girl whom one loves... How can anyone accurately deduce that?

— Shinichi's confession, Episode 621.

  • At the end of the episode, Conan has reverted back to Shinichi as Haibara asked Shinichi's mom to bring an extra pill for him as she was sure he will use up the second pill meant to bring him home on Ran. Shinichi comments, "If she knew that, then she should have just given me 100 pills."

Volume 72: Files 753-755/Episode 622-623: Emergency Situation 252

  • Haibara told Conan that she was sure that Conan didn't get caught up in the moment and confess to Ran or anything. Conan then blushes and remembers his confession to Ran as Shinichi. Haibara then warned him that he only can be Shinichi by eating the prototype antidote and she asked him with under such conditions, what would happen if he confessed to the one who's been waiting in vain. Conan thinking to himself "What choice did I have? She wouldn't stop."

Volume 72: Files 756-758/Episode 625-626: The Screaming Operation Room

  • Sonoko asked if Ran and Shinichi did something that Ran couldn't tell her. This causes Conan and Ran to surprise and blush.
  • When Conan tried to interrupt Sonoko and Ran's conversation, Sonoko told him that the conversation has nothing to with him. Conan then thinking to himself while blushing "Except it has everything to do with me...".
  • Sonoko, hearing from Ran that Shinichi confessed to her, thinks that under the circumstances of the situation Ran forced him to confess, and that because she didn't tell him she loved him too Shinichi probably thinks she rejected him. Conan hears Sonoko and thinks to himself, with a blush, that he knows Ran loves him because of the way she made him confess in return.

Volume 72:File 759-761/Episode 642: Grabbing Karuta Cards in Dire Straits

  • Ran said to Conan "Conan-kun. Don't move. Just stay still", while holding Conan's face. Conan blushes as Ran holds his face. Ran gets closer to Conan's face while Conan remains speechless.
  • When Ran check Conan's temperature by putting her forehead on top of Conan's forehead, Conan blushes and his face turns into red. Ran said to him "It sure feels like a fever. Did you catch a cold? Your face is all red too". Then, Conan thinking to himself "No, my face is all red because of different reason...".

Volume 73: Files 768-770/Episode 646-647: Deduction Showdown at the Haunted Hotel

  • When Sonoko asks Ran whether she has yet given the answer to Shinichi's confession in London, Ran becomes shy saying that she feels uneasy talking to Shinichi directly. Getting annoyed, Sonoko tells that Shinichi might be depressed thinking Ran already has someone else in her heart and crying until his tears are exhausted. Conan says to himself that he is not like that.
  • When a pervert touches Sonoko's rear part, Ran mistakes a person with a blue hat as the pervert, and even has a karate fight with the person, who uses jeet-kune-do to match her. Ultimately, as the real offender is nabbed, Ran apologizes to that guy and he forgives her, saying that she is his type. Conan panics, thinking that the boy has started to like Ran. After hearing that the person is also heading to Haido Hotel, Conan thinks to himself that he is better not making that up. However, the 'guy' would later turn out to be a 'girl', Masumi Sera, who is also a high school detective.

Volume 73: File 771-774/Episode 648-650: The Case of the Besieged Detective Agency

  • At Professor Agasa's house, the Detective Boys mention that they saw Ran with a guy they don't know. They are unsure if that person was actually a girl or not. Haibara asks Conan to check it out after watching Conan's worried face.
  • Genta and Mitsuhiko told Conan that they saw a high school student walking home with Ran, so the jealous Conan calls Ran's cellphone to hear about it from her, and asked about the person Ran was walking with. Before Ran could answer, Masumi Sera took the phone from Ran and said it was 'him' (Sera is actually a girl, and a detective too) which makes Conan completely panic.
  • Ran blushes when Sera teased her about her "boyfriend", Shinichi.
  • Sera launches a plan to bring the hostage taker into the snipers' range by telling him he should charge Ran's phone battery. Ran, however, foils Sera's intentions by shutting the curtains, blocking the snipers' shot. To Sera's utter astonishment, Ran tells her that she doesn't want to see anyone die in front of her and declares that "Shinichi won't allow anyone to die. He absolutely wouldn't!"

Volume 74: File 781-786/Episode 652-655: The Design of Poison and Mirage

  • When Heiji told Kazuha that Yui might have already confessed to Kansuke without telling her, Ran and Conan got reminded of Shinichi's confession, causing both to blush deeply.
  • Upon hearing that Shinichi has confessed to Ran, Kazuha told Ran to give a final push to claim 'victory' by confessing her feelings to him.
  • Kazuha decides to confess to Heiji to show Ran how it's done, but before she starts to confess, she mentions that Shinichi confessed to Ran in London, causing Heiji to run off without hearing the rest of Kazuha's confession. Kazuha and Ran find Heiji with his arm around Conan, heckling Conan about the confession.

TV Original/Episode 658: The Hot Chocolate Trap

  • Sonoko and Ran read about a chocolate which if you eat with the one you like/love you will be together forever; Ran and Sonoko want to eat "Love Romance Chocolate" with Makoto and Shinichi (respectively) Conan/Shinichi with a deadpan look says-"But we are going to eat the chocolate together!"

Volume 76: Files 801-803/Episode 675: Won't Forgive Even One Millimeter

  • Ran blushes when Sera teased her about her "boyfriend".

TV Original/Episode 678-679: Nagasaki Mystery Theatre

  • Ran looks for the heart-stone. There are two heart shaped stones. If you find it as a couple, you'll marry or if you touch it, you'll fall in love.

TV Original/Episode 680: Cactus Capriccio

  • Sonoko teases Ran about wanting to learn a recipe for the gravy sauce prepared by the housekeeper so that she can make it for her "husband" Shinichi, Conan smiles when he hears this.

Volume 77: Files 812-814/Episode 691: Yusaku Kudo's Cold Case

Conan's talk makes Ran remembers her past.
  • Sera pushes Ran to contact Shinichi about the case, "because the high school detective is your boyfriend, right?" causing Ran to blush.
  • Sonoko pushes Ran to confess to Shinichi over the phone, repeatedly saying, "Suki, suki, suki (meaning I like you)" in Ran's ear. Ran, red in the face, manages to say, "Su-" before she changes the word to "Su-baru-san" and Sonoko and Conan are both surprised. Conan and Ran are both blushing furiously.
  • While explaining the solution, Conan talks so convincingly that Ran feels a strong impression that Shinichi is the one speaking. It unnerves her to the point where she stops Conan, but he states that he's only reading Shinichi's e-mail.
  • Conan's elbow was grazed when he fell earlier and Ran asked him to be more careful. Conan apologizes and Ran treats his wound. After that, they're shown smiling at each other.

TV Original/Episode 692-693: The Evening Cherry Blossom Viewing Route on Sumida River

  • Conan notices Ran is a bit sad that Shinichi isn't there to solve the case with her, and Conan says that they can do it together instead. Cue montage of them looking through photos together, smiling at each other, sitting back to back, Ran handing post-it notes to Conan, making coffee for him, and when Kogoro turns in his sleep, they look at each other and laugh.

Volume 77: Files 815-817/Episode 699-700: The Shadow Approaching Haibara's Secret

  • Conan notices that Haibara carries around a bunch of Apoptoxin 4869 antidotes, and she says it's just in case. Conan holds out his hand and says, "Then give me some 'just in case'" something that he has repeatedly asked for before (i.e. a bunch of those pills so that he can grow larger for Ran). Haibara refuses saying, "No way. I can't give any to a love comedy detective who would grow larger whenever the whim takes him." Conan tries to grab it off her, but it quickly stopped by Haibara's pretend cry for help.

Volume 79: File 831-833/Episode 711: Everyone Saw

  • Conan blushes while imagining himself being huddled with Ran (and Kazuha) while sleeping. This is less of a Ran/Shinichi moment, Ran and Kazuha offered to sleep together with Conan, saying that he's small, he'll fit right in the middle of the two of them. Conan goes red as he imagines sleeping in the middle of Kazuha and Ran, causing Heiji to say, "Oi, pervy kid!"

Volume 79: File 834-840/Episode 712-715: Heiji Hattori and the Vampire Mansion

  • Kogoro comments that women are scary and grins cheekily as a sleeping Kazuha leans onto Heiji and a sleeping Ran leans onto Conan making both boys blush.

TV Original/Episode 720-721: Fire and Water Mystery Tour

  • Ran runs into a 7 year old boy called Takamori Justin who winks at her and calls her cute. Conan looks decidedly pissed off, and Haibara teases him saying, "Looks like you've got a rival."

Volume 78: File 828 & Volume 79: Files 829-830/Episode 724-725: Kaitou Kid and the Blush Mermaid

  • When Inspector Nakamori states that Ran's bust is unusually big, bigger than his daughter Aoko Nakamori who looks a lot like Ran but is notoriously flat, Conan (pretending to be Sonoko with his bow tie) quickly comments that Ran's bust is "the real deal" with a blush on his face.

Volume 82: File 862-864/Episode 747: Kaitou Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku

  • Conan blushes on seeing Ran in a designer western-wear and remarks that the dress suits her very well.
  • Conan notices before Ran does that Ran's ring finger is longer compared to her index finger, something unusual for women.

Volume 83: File 873/Episode 754-756: The Tragedy of the Red Woman

  • Conan blushes and has a nosebleed when Ran's towel accidentally falls, exposing her naked body to him.
  • When asked that why Conan had a nosebleed, he said that he was shocked to see the corpse, but Sonoko, skeptically says that was he sure that he didn't get excited from seeing Ran naked. Conan blushes and thinks that, frankly, she's right.
  • There's a flashback when Ran's towel falls and Conan blushes, nosebleeds and passes out.

Volume 83: Files 876-878/Episode 759-760: The Romance Novel with the Unexpected Conclusion

  • Ran approaches Conan face to face and asks him who he likes, Ayumi or Haibara, to which Conan thinks "you're the one I like you know".

TV Original/Episode 761: Kaga Hyakumangoku Mystery Tour (Part One)

  • Conan was blushing at Ran wearing a kimono.

Volume 83: File 881/Episode 764: Conan and Heiji, Code of Love (Part 2)

  • While deducing who the other person on the drug deal is, Heiji gets irritated when Kazuha is pushed into one of the suspect's arms and Conan tells him that he is usually able to perceive quickly and then thinks to himself, But I know exactly how you feel.

Volume 83: File 882 & Volume 84: Files 883-884/Episode 772-773: Shinichi Kudo Aquarium Case

  • Ran secretly wonders if Shinichi was already in love with her at the time they went to Beika Aquarium
  • In a flashback, Ran blushed when Inspector Megure believes that she is on a date with Shinichi. Ran shows off her dress to Shinichi, asking what he thinks of it, to which he blushes and says it's not bad. After saying that she knows Shinichi wouldn't want to go to a date-like place such as the aquarium, she privately thinks about how that's a lie, and she wore the dress for him. Later on, when Shinichi accidentally making her drop her new cellphone on a sewer, he promises to replace it and take her to Tropical Land if she wins the Karate Championship as an apology, she also half-jokingly demands her new cellphone to be strapped with a sea cucumber strap, which Shinichi actually got for her.
Inspector Megure asks if Shinichi and Ran are out on a date.
  • Conan as Shinichi in the phone made a false deduction about Ran not wearing a bra at that time because of her sprained finger, which made her embarrassed and angry at him.

TV Original/Episode 776: The Manipulated Great Detective (Part) 2

  • Conan skateboards back to the Mouri Detective Agency as quickly as possible, trying to save Ran from getting killed. On the way, he desperately tries calling Ran, only to no avail.
  • As the killer pulls out the gun and tries to shoot Ran who is entering his car, Conan cries out "Don't get in, Ran!" Here, Conan does not use honorifics to address her (normally he calls her Ran-neechan).
  • Conan jumps out of his skateboard and tackles Ran to the ground, allowing her to safely escape from the killer.

Volume 85: File 903/Episode 787-788: The Mystery Sinking in the Midsummer Pool

  • When Ran (wearing a swimming costume) asks Conan whether he is looking forward to seeing Sera in a swimsuit, Conan blushes and thinks that he is personally satisfied seeing only Ran in a revealing swimsuit.

TV Original/Episode 804-805: Conan and Ebizo's Kabuki Jūhachiban Mystery

  • Ran is very worried about Conan's safety when he is trapped in the building, and when she comes to rescue him Conan silently thanks Ran for her concern.
  • Conan tells Ai to shut up when she teasingly asks him to let Ran give him a bath.

TV Original/Episode 818-819: Kogoro's Pursuit of Rage

  • Conan was determined to save Ran from her kidnappers.
  • Conan along with Kogoro go to save Ran from the pit.

TV Original/Episode 845-846: Conan Cornered in the Darkness

  • Ran scolded the culprits for putting Conan life in danger.
  • Ran joking ask Conan if he would like her to go to the bathroom with him at night after asking if he can go to the bathroom by himself at night and whole experience of being trapped in a car. Afterwards Conan blushed.
  • Ran playfully chasing Conan despite his protest of not wanting her help to go to the bathroom with him.

TV Original/Episode 851-852: The Descent Into Hell Tour of Love

  • Ran ask Conan to join her side of the hot spring to see the crescent moon as it’s the view better from where she is and there is no one there but he blushes and in his head thought “You idiot you’re there”
  • Ran put on a plaster on Conan face for his bruise.

Volume 87: File 921-924/Episode 853-854: Memories from Sakura Class

The moment Shinichi fell in love.
  • When Ran was first introducing the story it seemed she almost said that she already liked him
  • Shinichi hides his plastic name tag and asks Ran to make one for him too so that they would have the same. When Ran was getting bullied by their classmates for having a different name tag, Shinichi told them that they have the same one and if two people have the same thing that means they were friends and there's no way he wouldn't play with her.
  • Ran realized that the real reason why Shinichi ask her to make a name tag for him too is because he might've saw them earlier and he is trying to save her from further bullying. After that, Ran became friendly to him and lift his arm and ask him to wave with them. Also she omits the "-kun" when she calls him by his name which surprised Shinichi telling her "You called me Shinichi, what happened to -kun?" while blushing. And Ran answered it's okay and he can go ahead and call her 'Ran' too.
  • Shinichi is keeping an eye at Efune-sensei because he keeps on staring at Ran and doing things that he doesn't do with other students. He is very suspicious that he is planning on doing something bad to her.
  • When Yukiko asks Shinichi if he is jealous of Efune-sensei for being so nice to Ran, he blushes in denial.
  • As Yusaku explains to Efune-sensei his plan to kidnap Ran, Shinichi stands in front of the door, protecting her.
  • While the kids were crying after hearing that Efune-sensei quit for "personal reasons", Ran cries while grabbing Shinichi's shoulder. Shinichi blushes when she does that.
  • Ran is smiling and blushing when she made Shinichi's name tag. At the end, Shinichi thinks to himself that ever since he first met Ran in preschool, her smile strummed his heartstrings. Shinichi is shown to be blushing while looking at Ran. This is the moment when Shinichi began liking Ran.

Volume 90: File 958-962/Episode 872: Conan and Heiji's Nue Legend

  • Conan and Heiji gets jealous of Tsurumi Hajime, a reporter when he flirts with Ran and Kazuha.
  • When the reporter says that Ran and Kazuha should sleep with him, after they say that they are apprehensive about sleeping in a room that may be infested with rats, Conan and Heiji angrily push him away and tell him to go sleep in that room.

Volume 91: File 969/Episode 878: The Blind Spot in the Dressing Room (Part 1)

  • Conan blushes at the swimsuits that Ran tries on.

Volume 91: File 964/Episode 888: Kaitou Kid and the Trick Box (Part 2)

  • Conan blushes as he notices he can almost see Ran's underwear. He blushes harder when Haibara catches him and calls him a pervert.
  • Conan and Ran both blush when Sonoko notices Ran has grabbed a book called "13 Conditions for Dating a Detective"

TV Original/Episode 914: Conan Kidnapped (Part 2)

  • Ran was very worried about Conan and was glad he was alright in the hospital.
  • Ran was worried when Conan disappeared from the hospital.

Volume 93: File 990-993/Episode 916-917: The Kendo Tournament of Love and Mystery

  • Conan get jealous at Soshi Okita flirting with Ran
  • Ran is reminded of Shinichi by Okita's look, flustering her.

Volume 94: File 994-996/Episode 919-920: The High School Girl Trio's Secret Café

  • Conan (with Kogoro) follow Ran due to her suspiciously happy attitude, and end up at a cafe. When it turns out to be her only meeting Sonoko and Sera, they decide to leave.
  • Conan overhears Ran saying how she might see Okita-kun, and immediately becomes angry and jealous. He starts to think that he must be reading into it, but then gets upset again when he hears her saying that they might also see Shinichi there, feeling like an after-thought.

Volume 94: File 1000-1003 & Volume 95: File 1004-1005/Episode 927-928: The Scarlet School Trip

  • Shinichi and Ran are on a school trip together after he managed to convince Haibara to give him two antidotes to go on this trip.
  • Sonoko teases Ran by saying she could snap a picture of them kissing, leaving Ran flustered and blushing. Then Sonoko pushes Ran and sends her tumbling into Shinichi, who steadies her with an arm around her shoulder. Both are blushing, and Ran quickly apologises but Shinichi brushes it off by telling her not to stay too close to him as he has a cold. Sonoko teases them again.
Ran kisses Shinichi on the cheek.
  • Shinichi thinks to himself with a blush that he had gotten used to seeing Ran from below as Conan, and he had almost forgotten what it is like to see her up close.
  • Nakamichi whispers to Shinichi that they are lucky because their group consists of the three most popular girls of Teitan High's contest—Sonoko, Ran, and Masumi. Shinichi wonders what rank Ran placed in. Nakamichi then says he'll stay away from Ran because Shinichi already confessed to her in London, which leads Shinichi to exclaim why he knows that detail. Turns out, Sonoko told everyone that he had done so.
  • Sonoko asks Ran if she has given Shinichi her answer to his London confession, to which she replies that she hasn't yet. Sonoko then teases Ran and suggests they kiss at the Kiyomizu butai.
  • Shinichi is talking with the actress Kurachi Keiko, who recognises him as Yukiko's son. They start talking and Ran looks on in the background. Sonoko then tells Ran that Shinichi is cheating on her but Ran protests, saying that they seem to know each other, yet she continues to stare at them. Keiko asks Shinichi to come to her room at 9pm which makes him flustered, but says it's for a cipher. Keiko then winks at Shinichi and tells him he can bring his girlfriend as well. A blushing Shinichi looks over at Ran who is still watching the two. He then peeks at her but Ran storms off.
  • At the Momoyama Palace, the group observes the legendary Bloody Ceiling but Ran clings to Shinichi arm, begging them to move on. He assures her that no blood will drip on her but Ran looks up apprehensively at the ceiling. Shinichi blushes, seeing her up close, and thinks to himself that he is in danger because this is all too fun.
  • Shinichi stumbles out of the room after seeing the first victim since his antidote is wearing off for the day. Ran worriedly asks him if he's okay and that she can go get him some cold medicine but Shinichi snaps at her to stay away from him. He then softens, saying he just doesn't want her to get his cold. Secretly he thinks that he cannot let her see him transform back into Conan.
  • Nakamichi and his friends attempt to get Shinichi to tell them if he kissed Ran in London, but he has already turned back into Conan and it is Heiji hiding under his bedsheets instead. In a panic, Heiji grabs his voice-changing bow-tie and says that they did indeed kiss. Shinichi is shown looking annoyed but blushing nonetheless.
  • Shinichi is at breakfast with his group and explaining to Masumi what happened the previous night with Keiko's friends when Ran storms over and demands to know why everyone is saying that they had French kissed in London. Shinichi, obviously terrified, tries to distract her.
  • Ran thinks about how Mana and Kuranosuke kissed at the Kiyomizu butai in "The Fighting Red Tengu" story and stares at Shinichi's lips. She wonders with a blush if Shinichi would like to kiss.
  • Later, Nakamichi says that they can use a selfie stick to look into the women's baths and they are both incredulous. Nakamichi says that Ran's bust must be crazy and Shinichi responds, "W-well, yeah." Nakamichi then asks if he has bathed with Ran as well and Shinichi blushes, hesitates, then denies it, but thinks to himself that sometimes he does as Conan. Ran smiles from afar at seeing Nakamichi tease Shinichi.
  • Momiji appears at the restaurant that the group is at and Ran excitedly asks her if she knows Soshi Okita and Shinichi is annoyed. Ran later asks Momiji where she can find Okita when he suddenly appears and Ran drags him off to talk to him. Sonoko believes that she is cheating on Shinichi, so she snaps a picture and mails it to Shinichi. He sees it and he is angered, trying to decipher why Ran is talking to him and what their expressions mean.
  • Shinichi is trying to solve the case when he realises he cannot concentrate because he is too focused on thinking about Okita and Ran.
  • After the case is solved, the group decide to go to one last place before their school trip is over. Ran suggests the Kitano Tenmangu since Okita recommended it to her, earning an annoyed look from Shinichi.
  • Shinichi grabs her arm and asks her how she feels about him, since she never explicitly gave her reply to his confession to her in London. In response, Ran grabs him by the tie and kisses Shinichi on the cheek and says happily, "That's my answer." Shinichi is dumbfounded, blinking at her and blushing furiously. Then he thinks, "You can't do that... not on the cheek" and he grabs both her shoulders and pulls her to him. Before they can kiss, Shinichi starts to turn back into Conan and he apologises, then runs off, leaving a blushing and confused Ran.
Shinichi holding Ran's shoulder.
  • Ran and Sonoko are talking and it is revealed what Ran said to Okita. She actually picked up his charm in the last case they had together at the kendo tournament and Kogoro peeked inside, leading her to also see that Okita keeps a picture of a girl in his charm. Curious, she asked Okita if that girl was his girlfriend, to which he replied, "No, not yet anyway." Sonoko then teases that because of that incident, Shinichi and Ran almost kissed. Nakamichi and his friends then come up to the two, blushing, and ask how it was to kiss Shinichi. Ran is slightly disappointed, thinking to herself that it was only a kiss on the cheek.
  • Ran receives a mail from Shinichi who apologises again, saying that he wished he could've stayed longer but he's glad he got to hear her response to his confession.
  • Shinichi is on Heiji's bike as they ride back to Tokyo and he receives a mail response from Ran who asks, "This means we're dating, right?" He blushes furiously but does not respond immediately since they are on the bike. Heiji then teases Shinichi and says that he saw Ran give Shinichi a kiss. Heiji also thinks to himself with a blush that Shinichi ruined one of the beautiful places on his list he wished to take Kazuha to and to confess to her.
  • Shinichi looks at her mail to him when he and Heiji are stopped at a restaurant to eat, and he sports a happy smile with a blush. Later on, in response to the text, Shinichi sends Ran a mail with the subject "Idiot" and matter saying, "Of course we are dating". Ran collapses onto her bed in a fit of giggles and giddiness. (Anime only)

Volume 95: File 1006-1008/Episode 941-942: Search for Maria-chan!

  • After Ran leaves after she checks up on Conan's fever, Conan checks Ran's previous email to him and expresses joy that what happened at Kiyomizu Temple was not a dream.
  • When news reporters gather in front of Teitan High School, Ran wonders what has happened. Sera informs her that her boyfriend is being talked about online. Ran is surprised that the people are talking about Shinichi, causing Sonoko to tease Ran casually admitting that Shinichi is her boyfriend. This causes Ran to blush and reply, "Why shouldn't I? He is my boyfriend..."
  • When Agasa Hakase asks Conan if anything good happened during the trip, Conan blushes and says "Well, kind of..."
  • Sera informs Sonoko and Ran about the articles online suggesting that the Shinichi they saw during the trip was an illusion. Ran thinks in her head, "No, Shinichi was there." She then pulls out her phone and, smiling, re-reads a message from Shinichi that says "Idiot, of course we are." (in response to her previous message of asking if they are dating).
  • Yukiko teases Conan about his and Ran's kiss in Kiyomizu Temple, causing Conan to blush.

Episode 952: The Unsolved Cocktail Case (Part 1)

  • Anime Only: Conan was blushing when Ran was wiping his face while he was eating.

TV Original/Episode: 965-968: Kaiju Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba

  • Conan was concerned when a suspect was about to run over Ran and Kazuha with a stolen vehicle.
  • Ran carried Conan with his face against her chest during the rehearsal of a movie shoot, and Conan was blushing in the process.
  • Ran walked in to assist Kazuha disarming a bomb while Conan was shown with a grin when she did, implying that he is satisfied with her decision and that he trusted her.

TV Original/Episode 988: The Feuding Girls

  • Ran put a plaster on Conan bruise knee.
  • Conan save Ran from nearly falling boxes.
  • Conan was blushing at Ran idol outfit she was borrowing to wear to help sell the Happy Seal toys.

TV Original/Episode 992: Murder at the Townhouse Café

  • Conan was blushing when Ran offered him a piece of doughnut that she took a bite to Conan and he thought it was an indirect kiss. He still blushing when he ate it.

TV Original/Episode 1002: The Beika City Shopping Center Garbage Bin Mystery

  • Haibara complimented Ran to Conan for her Garbage Takeout Bag idea, her saying his Ran-chan did a good job, and Conan looked at Ran with a smile.

Volume 98 File: 1039-1042/Episode 1024-1025: Momiji Ooka's Challenge

  • Ran is embarrassed to call Shinchi about Momiji code because how she kissed him on the cheek of the school trip so decided to text him the code.
  • Ran blushingly think Shinchi too embarrassed to communicate with her about the code after Conan told her that Shinchi contacted him.
  • Conan look at Ran's face which he soon realise Ran wants Shinichi to let Heiji win for the sake of their relation, Conan lets Heiji solve the case.


Movie 1: The Time-Bombed Skyscraper

"We'll be together when we die."
  • It is shown that both Ran and Shinichi's favorite colour is red.
  • Ran asks Shinichi to meet her at 10 pm at the department store because she wanted to surprise him for his birthday as he never remembered his birthdays.
  • After rushing into a collapsed building intent on saving Ran, Conan (as Shinichi via cellphone) walks her through disarming a time bomb located where she's trapped alone. A red and blue wire are unaccounted for in the blueprints Conan has for it, so he tells her to just cut her favorite color, which is red. Right before the bomb is set to go off, Conan realizes that he's instructed Ran to cut the detonator wire but there's no time to tell her. However, the bomb doesn't go off because Ran cut the blue wire instead—to her, red is her and Shinichi's lucky color, and cutting the red wire would have been like cutting the 'red thread of fate' that connects them together.
Don't worry. I'll stay here until you cut it. If we die, we die together.

— Conan to Ran, waiting for her to cut the last wire, Movie 1

Movie 2: The Fourteenth Target

Conan and Ran "kissing"
  • When a bomb goes off inside the underwater restaurant, Conan realizes that Ran is nowhere to be seen above the rising water. He grabs an empty bottle and dives after her, to discover that her foot was trapped by a car that had been on display in the restaurant. When he uses the bottle to give her air, Ran thinks she sees Shinichi at first before realizing that it's Conan. Conan tries to move the car, but gets trapped himself and runs out of air. Ran gives Conan a 'kiss' of mouth-to-mouth resuscitation, and faints again when he revives from having sacrificed all of her air. However, Conan is able to quickly free himself and then use the Elasticity Suspenders to lever the car off and get them both back to the surface. Ran recovers and thanks Conan, causing him to blush.
  • When the culprit is identified he grabs the still-unrecovered Ran as a hostage and orders Conan to bring him Inspector Shiratori's gun. Conan does so, but only to take aim and graze Ran in the leg to make her a useless hostage, and so save her. As he does, Ran sees an echo of Shinichi in Conan, and she believes that Shinichi would have done the same in that situation. Ran tells Kogoro that she'd held the Ace of Spades card the culprit had intended to represent Shinichi while she was hostage, and she'd felt like Shinichi was protecting her. Conan recalls the air she gave him earlier and thinks to himself that he was the one who was saved.

Movie 3: The Last Wizard of the Century

Conan about to admit he's Shinichi
  • When the assassin Scorpion attempts to kill Ran, Conan yells Ran's name (without Conan's -neechan) and bodily knocks her out of the way. Ran sees an overlay of Shinichi for a moment when he does.
  • After the events in the castle, Ran confronts Conan over whether he is Shinichi. With no way to fool her, Conan recalls his earlier fortune that "A secret will be revealed", and resigns himself to telling the truth. He's saved only by the appearance of Kaitou Kid disguised as Shinichi, but Kid walks back out while Ran hurries to get him a dry shirt, and vanishes back into the rain just as she runs out after him. Ran angrily threatens to karate-chop Shinichi the next time she sees him for just walking away without saying goodbye, and Conan decides that for the time being he's better off not telling her that he's Shinichi.

Movie 4: Captured in Her Eyes

Conan's confession to Ran
  • Via flashback, Ran and Shinichi share a moment together at Tropical Land—Shinichi surprises Ran with being in the center of a water fountain display, part of his gift for her winning the karate tournament. When they attempt to toast with sodas after the performance ends, the carbonation produced from when they were running to arrive at the fountain on time causes the drinks to soak them both, to their mutual amusement.
  • During Ran's bout of trauma-induced amnesia, Conan saves her from being run over by a train by jumping down onto the tracks where she'd been pushed and dragging her to safety in the nick of time.
  • Even though Ran was not able to remember anyone else, she said that the name Kudo Shinichi seems nostalgic.
  • When she asks Conan what type of person Shinichi was, he answers that he is someone who really cares about her but has difficulty expressing his feelings.
  • While running together from the culprit through Tropical Land, Ran asks Conan why he keeps protecting her. Conan smiles at her replies:
Because I love you. I love you more than anyone else in this world.

— Conan's love confession to Ran, Movie 4

  • A soda in Ran's backpack gets hit by a bullet and starts to fizz out, causing Conan to remember the events in the flashback above. He lures the culprit to the fountain just in time for another performance, and the sight of the gun poking through the wall of water triggers Ran's memory of the culprit shooting Detective Sato through a hole cut in a clear plastic umbrella. As her memory returns, the first two images are of Shinichi at Tropical Land the first time announcing the start of the fountain display, and then Conan, laughing.
  • Conan disarms and seemingly knocks out the culprit with a kicked soda can. Ran says his name, and just from the way she speaks he realizes that her memory is back, taking him off guard. The culprit seizes the chance to grab Conan and is about to stab him with a knife, but Ran kicks the knife in half to protect Conan and proceeds to knock the culprit flat.

Movie 5: Countdown to Heaven

Ran and Conan about to jump
  • In the first part of the movie, the gang is visiting the Twin Towers, where there is a machine is see how someone looks like 10 years in the future. When Ran's photo comes out, everyone comments on how beautiful she looks, and Conan is leaning over, blushing, and incredibly happy looking at Ran's photo. Sonoko and Agase tease her about how it's a shame she's stuck with Shinichi, and Conan laughs bashfully, causing Kogoro to ask why Conan's face is red.
  • Ayumi notices how Conan is behaving, and wants to talk to Ran in private. She tells Ran that Conan has a crush on Ran. Ran then conveys this to Shinichi over the phone who blushes and vehemently denies this, before Ran asks how he [Shinichi] would know how Conan feels.
  • Ran and Conan are trapped high up in the bombed and burning hi-rise Tower A, forced to 'bungee jump' with a fire hose to the lower floors to reach safety. Ran said to Conan:
Shinichi told me to wait for him. I have to live and wait for Shinichi.

— Ran telling Conan about Shinichi, Movie 5

Conan then look at Ran with a surprised face.

  • Ran hesitates at the edge, but Conan's encouragement give her the impetus to take the risk, and they land safely together.
  • Conan goes back into the building after the trapped Detective Boys, and is forced to gamble with using the remaining time bombs set to go off to provide enough lift to fly a car from the height of Tower A to the rooftop pool of shorter Tower B. During Conan's phone call explaining his plan, he promises a worried Ran that he'll survive and come back to her.

Movie 6: Phantom of the Baker Street

Ran's sacrifice
  • Much of the virtual Victorian London, and Conan's behavior within it, remind Ran of Shinichi. Her memory of Shinichi quoting Sherlock Holmes, that Holmes would happily die if it meant stopping Moriarity, leads her to sacrifice her (virtual) self to allow Conan to survive and complete the simulation in order to save everyone trapped in the game.
If I were assured of your eventual destruction I would, in the interests of the public, cheerfully accept my own.

— Shinichi to Ran and Ran to Conan, both quoting Holmes to Moriarty, Movie 6

Movie 7: Crossroad of the Ancient Capital

Shinichi and Ran in the woods
  • Conan reminisces to Heiji a time prior to his shrinking when he accidentally forgot a promise to meet with Ran, and arrived two hours late. Rather than be angry, Ran was relieved that Shinichi was all right. Heiji suggests that Shinichi realized his feelings for her then, but Conan thinks to himself that he knew she was more than a childhood friend much earlier. Conan thinking in his head while looking at Ran:
Since a long time ago, I've been...Even now, she's still waiting for me.

— Conan thinking about Ran, Movie 7

  • As Ran runs through the woods, worried about Conan, Shinichi grabs her to prevent her from being found by enemies. Her happiness and relief at seeing him reminds Shinichi of the other time she waited, and he smiles. When he knocks her out to prevent her from seeing him revert to Conan, he catches her in a hug.
  • When Ran starts becoming upset that her seeing Shinichi might have been a dream, Conan purposely gets soda all over himself, which causes Ran to pull out her handkerchief. Ran smiles when she sees the dirt on the handkerchief, which she had used when she saw Shinichi the previous night.

Movie 8: The Magician of the Silver Sky

  • When Kid impersonates Shinichi, Conan is particularly annoyed by his friendliness with Ran and tries to interfere, even acting like a little kid to do so.
  • While trying to land a pilot-less plane, Ran is overwhelmed by the pressure of responsibility for the lives of everyone on board. Conan has Sonoko replace him as co-pilot, and uses the ship's comm system to talk with Ran's headset as Shinichi. He promises to protect her and guide her through a safe landing. Ran objects at his carefree confidence, and how he's never more than a voice when she needs him, and if he does appear he leaves again to leave her behind… which she hates because she really likes him (好き suki). She said to Shinichi:
    Ran confesses over the phone.
What is this? You're acting all confident...Do you even know? That the lives of all the passengers are in my hands?! Don't act so confident about it! When I really need you, you're never here...All I get is a phone call! Even when you finally make it back, you're gone again in the next instant...Every time...Every single time. You're always leave me behind, all alone... What do you take me for?! I...I love you...Shinichi.

— Ran's confession to Shinichi, Movie 8

Conan with Shinichi image on the background, surprise and speechless after hearing Ran's confession. Before Conan can reply, they are interrupted by the chance to land the plane safely.

  • After the landing, Kid checks on Ran in the disguise of a Medic, and compliments her on the landing. When Conan calls Ran's phone as Shinichi, she's convinced herself, to her relief, that the 'Shinichi' that helped guide her through the landing and seemed to be there on the plane with her (close enough that she heard Conan yell during turbulence) was Kid, and her secret is safe. Shinichi asks about the secret, but she tells him to deduce it, since he's a detective. Shinichi demands how he could, and she replies that he should arrest Kid and ask him, then. The movie ends with Shinichi protesting.

Movie 9: Strategy Above the Depths

Ran teasing Conan
  • Ran, Sonoko, Conan, and the Detective Boys play hide-and-seek. Conan initially doesn't want to play, but when Ran mentions that his refusal is just like Shinichi once did, he immediately changes his mind. During the game Conan is distracted by a volleyball, and after it ends Ran announces that she knew it was Conan. She taps him on the nose with a smile, causing him to blush.
  • Ran tells Sonoko about a time when she and Shinichi were in first grade, and during a game of hide-and-seek she got stuck in a storage area in the school's gym. When no one could find her, Shinichi, who had originally refused to play, easily deduced where Ran had hid based on his observations of her. When he explained how he knew, Ran declared that he was always taking care of her, causing young Shinichi to blush, deny it, and run off. In the present, Ran blushes and smiles at the memory, then blushes more when Sonoko declares that Ran thinks only Shinichi can find her, and uses young Shinichi's denial that the blush is only the sunset.
  • After Ran is trapped on the sinking cruiser, Conan has a feeling that he's in danger of losing something he can never get back. Alone, Ran asks Shinichi to find her, just like last time. Conan with Shinichi's image on the baackground thinking to himself:
I'll find you. I promise I'll find you. So wait for me, Ran!

— Conan thinking about Ran, Movie 9

  • Conan realizes she's under the deck, and rescues her with Kogoro. A helicopter comes to provide an airlift, but an antenna prow hits them as they rise and Conan drops back to the ship. On the last chance to be rescued, Conan jumps and misses Kogoro's hand, but Ran grabs him before he can fall, saving his life.

Movie 10: The Private Eyes' Requiem

Heiji teasing Conan about Ran
  • Kogoro's client holds Ran and the Detective Boys' lives hostage to force the cooperation of Kogoro and Conan (whom the client knows is Shinichi due to computer analysis of fingerprints, but not that he's currently Conan due to being nearly blind and Conan using the bowtie). Conan promises to solve the case and begs for the release of the hostages, but the client's only reply is to mention how painful it is to lose a loved one, and Shinichi should do his best to prevent that outcome.
  • Conan fractures his leg during the case, and Heiji teases him after the danger passes that the best medicine for Conan is to be carried piggyback by Ran. Conan blushes deeply and swipes at Heiji from where Ran is carrying him while Heiji laughs.

Movie 11: Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

Shinichi came to lend Ran the umbrella
  • Ran and Sonoko go diving while the Detective Boys and Conan go treasure hunting. Partway through, Haibara informs Conan she saw a bleeding figure in a wetsuit carried out of a boat that left the diving area. Conan immediately abandons everything to rush to the island's clinic, arriving out of breath to discover with relief that Ran remains unhurt.
  • Treasure hunters kidnap Ran and Sonoko to help them reach some hidden treasure supposedly belonging to legendary pirates Anne Bonnie and Mary Read. Agasa doesn't even try to dissuade Shinichi from to rescue Ran, and Conan arrives with his inflatable soccer ball just in the nick of time to save them from being shot. When they try to escape the underwater cave, an earthquake causes it to start flooding. Conan gives Sonoko and Ran mini airtanks given by Agasa, and lies that he has a third in his pocket when Ran asks how he'll breathe. His face gives Ran a flashback to a memory of Shinichi, and when the ship bearing them to the surface floods, Ran uses her minitank to give Conan oxygen after he passes out from lack of air. After the police and Kogoro rescue them, Conan asks how Ran knew he didn't really have a tank. Ran explains that in middle school, Shinichi lent her an umbrella during a surprise rainstorm and promised he had a second in his schoolbag. He didn't, and ended up catching a cold, and Conan's expression reminded Ran of Shinichi's back then, which convinced her that Conan was lying.

Movie 12: Full Score of Fear

Ran and Shinichi were listening to Amazing Grace
  • When the concert hall's outer pillars are bombed, Conan first concern is whether Ran is safe. When he and Reiko Akinawa managed to enter the hall, Conan checks for himself that Ran is undisturbed due to the hall being soundproofed and silently begs her to wait for him.
  • To prevent the final explosions, triggered by pressing a certain organ key enough times, Reiko interrupts the current performance by singing "Amazing Grace". Ran realizes the song is familiar, and she recalls a time in Middle School when she and Shinichi heard a similar performance while walking home from school together—just hearing it was enough to make the argument between them at the time forgiven and forgotten.[14]
  • After the culprit was caught and the day was saved, Ran heard a distant violin rendition of "Amazing Grace" and searches for the musician, expecting to find Shinichi. She finds Conan holding a violin instead, and he tells her that Shinichi had been there to play the song but already left. Conan said to Ran:
After hearing Reiko-san's song, he remembered what happened three years ago. And he used this violin from the school to play the piece just now...So that he and Ran-neechan could hear it together...Shinichi-niichan said he did something bad to you.

— Conan talking about Shinichi to Ran, Movie 12

  • Ran declares she knew it was Shinichi, because he has a particular habit when he plays the violin. Conan is surprised, and later plays the violin alone in his house's study, trying to figure out what the distinctive mannerism is.

Movie 13: The Raven Chaser

Conan talking to Ran about Shinichi after everything is over.
  • Irish has the upper hand in a fight with Conan when Ran dives in to the rescue, despite an injured Conan telling her to run. Irish threatens her with a gun, but to protect Conan, Ran remembers a lecture Shinichi gave on how someone could try to dodge a bullet, and has the confidence to try and succeed. Irish still nearly manages to beat her in hand to hand after she's shocked to see his disguise rip, until Conan calls encouragement in Shinichi's voice and distracts him.
  • In the aftermath, Conan informs Ran that Shinichi already left, but that he finished the one dangerous case Conan earlier used as an excuse for her to not call him and that she 'could call him again'. At Ran's narrowed eyes, Conan quickly corrects himself to say Shinichi specifically asked her to call, and Ran smiles and says just hearing Shinichi's voice is enough for now, since there are other people who also can only meet once a year (the myth of Orihime and Hikoboshi).

Movie 14: The Lost Ship in the Sky

Kid disguised as 'Shinichi' tries to steal a kiss from Ran
  • Due to a gamble by Kaitou Kid after Ran deduces his identity despite a disguise, Ran spends most of the movie believing that Shinichi is and has always been Kid. When Sonoko fantasized about receiving a kiss from Kid, Ran blushes and strongly objects but refuses to explain why.
  • When Conan gets thrown out of the blimp by the head terrorist, Ran nearly dives after him, only stopping when the still-disguised Kid goes out the window before she can reach it. She whispers Shinichi's name as she watches them fall, and is very relieved when it becomes clear that Kid succeeded in saving Conan.
  • After Ran believes she is infected with the terrorists' deadly virus, she tries to keep Conan away from her to keep him safe until he happily explains that the 'virus' is a reaction to lacquer, and she's safe.
  • After the danger is over, Ran finds 'Shinichi' and begs him to stop stealing, going so far as to embrace Kid from behind. Kid implies that he'll do it for her, for a kiss, and she willingly goes along until Kid puts his hand on her butt – proving to her that Kid is not Shinichi. When Conan tries to figure out what Kid did, she only blushes and tells him that Kid did something Shinichi would never do, which Conan doesn't get.

Movie 15: Quarter of Silence

Ran begs just-rescued Conan to wake up
  • While browsing the inn's souvenir shop with Conan and the Detective Boys, Sonoko convinces Ran to call Shinichi about what souvenir he would like from there. Conan runs outside before his phone can ring, only to be forced to hide behind a nearby tree because Ran also walks out to make the call. She wishes Shinichi could be there to see the way the trees have been illuminated in the dark, and she unknowingly shares a moment with Conan as he appreciates them as well. Conan writes the souvenir options she gives him in the snow and circles his choice, but then forgets to erase it as he runs off to try to keep Genta, Ayumi and Mitsuhiko out of mischief. Ran discovers the list and wonders if Shinichi came to the lodge too, without telling her.
  • Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro, Agasa, Takehiko Muto, Mizuki Tono, and two dam workers watch from a car as Conan succeeds in causing an avalanche to try to save the village from the approaching flood. As he tries to outrace the snow on his snowboard, Ran screams for him to "LOOK OUT!", which Conan, impossibly, hears. He sees her worried face in the distance and thinks her name just before the avalanche overtakes him. As the 15-minute mark that denotes a poor prognosis for an avalanche victim approaches, Ran calls Conan's cell and digs until her fingers bleed. Unsuccessful, she tries to call Shinichi's phone as a last desperate gamble, since she thought he was in the village area. The ring-tone pulls Conan back to consciousness, and he signals his location with the soccer ball belt. Ran digs him free and pulls him into a hug, crying for him to wake up, which he manages to do with a weak smile.

Movie 16: The Eleventh Striker

Conan witnessed Ran's underwear
  • Instead of watching movies, Sonoko lied to Ran and went to National Stadium.
  • Meanwhile, Conan already finds out the real culprit and went to Touto Stadium together with Prof. Agasa and the Detective Boys. Mitsuhiko was watching the end-of-season ceremony through his phone notified Conan that Ran and Sonoko is in the spectator stands at the National Stadium. Conan then reassured himself that that place is safe.
  • Upon meeting the bomber, Conan made one huge mistake in his deduction and the culprit points out that the National Stadium is the place where he also setup the bombs.
  • Conan is worried to what may happen in National Stadium; he tries to call Ran but his call is being rerouted to voicemail.
  • At the end of the movie, Genta kicks a ball, by mistake, that is about to strike Ran but Ran used her karate to ward it off by using her leg. Conan noticed that Ran was wearing a white underwear and said it out loud.

Movie 17: Private Eye in the Distant Sea

Conan screaming "RAN!" so loudly
  • Conan recalls that Ran isn't too good with directions and remembers their Tropical Land date where Ran almost lost. There's a flashback of Tropical Land where Shinichi pledged and assures Ran if ever she got lost, saying:
Don't you worry! I'll always find you, wherever you are.

— Shinichi vows to Ran, Movie 17

  • Sonoko teases Ran to call Shinichi and let him know that Ran cooked a delicious curry so he needs to hurry back causing Conan whose listening making a pun face.
  • Ran calls Shinichi and tells him that she was on the Aegis Destroyer right then, to which he says he wishes he could be there too and that he'll be back as soon as he can. Ran doesn't believe him so Shinichi teases her by asking if she doesn't feel safe without him by her side.
  • Ran was the first to expose the spy and fight him with her Karate but due to unforsee stunt by the spy, Ran fell from the Deck.
  • When Conan learned that X pushed Ran into the sea, he was seriously calming himself to think a way in finding Ran and starts to recall about the time he went to Tropical Land with Ran. At that time, Ran had said "No matter where I am, you'll always find me, right? Great Detective", to which he thinks, "How can I be a great detective if I can't even find Ran?"
  • When the pilots couldn't find Ran even with the radio waves emitting from the ship, Conan thinks her name repeatedly while clenching his fist and shedding his first tear. Later, he breaks down, screaming "RAN!" so loudly that she heard him even from under the sea.

Movie 18: Dimensional Sniper

Ran thinks about the 'only man' who can snipe her heart (Shinichi)
  • Sonoko takes Ran, Conan, Prof. Agasa and company to the opening ceremony of Bell Tree Tower. Conan noticed a spark from a building across the Bell Tree Tower. A shot was fired and shoot the Tour Guide causing everyone to panic. Conan confirms a sniper from that building and skeptically checks to confirm if Ran is alright.
  • Ran worriedly approached Sera to don't put Conan in any more harm whilst Conan worriedly looks at her too.
  • Conan, using Shinichi's voice, calls Ran through her phone to alarm her to take everyone away and head down at once from Bell Tree Tower. But it was too late, Ayumi was taken as hostage by the sniper; following at Conan's instruction - Genta, Mitsuhiko, and Haibara needs to blind the sniper whose wearing a night vision google by flashing lights infront of him. They finally saved Ayumi.
  • Ran rushing out from nowhere going directly to the raging sniper got hit slightly on her cheeks. Conan witnessing everything uses his belt to let him fly and kick his soccer ball going through the Bell Tree Tower to spark it up with fireworks. Because of the light, Subaru/Akai (FBI) was able to shoot the sniper's hand. Ran used her Karate skills, blow per blow, to avenge Sonoko, Ayumi, and Sera that the sniper had caused.
  • At the end of the movie, Sera comments that only one man (referring to Shinichi) can snipe Ran's heart. Ran blushes as a background image of Shinichi appears.

Movie 19: Sunflowers of Inferno

  • Sonoko calls Ran from the plane advertising Jirokichi's upcoming Sunflowers exhibit to tell her Shinichi is in the plane. Ran blushes when she heard the news, even though she tells Sonoko she does not care if he was in the plane or not.
Ran, crying on her knees from relief.
  • When the plane crashed, Ran panicked when she heard from Sonoko that they haven't found Shinichi yet. When Conan finally answered her call as Shinichi and told her he's alright, Ran fell on her knees and cried with relief.
  • Ran thought Shinichi, not Kaitou Kid, was the one who saved her from the collapsing Lake Rock museum.
  • When only a Sunflowers painting popped up from the river, Ran yells out Conan's name in desperation. Conan hears her voice, even when deep underwater, and manages to inflate his soccer ball from his belt to tell everyone he is all right.

Movie 20: The Darkest Nightmare

Movie 21: The Crimson Love Letter

  • Ran sends Shinichi a picture of a karuta card and in return, he also sends her one which means that even they are far away, one day they will be able to close that distance.

Movie 22: The Zero Enforcer

  • Ran calls Shinichi saying that her father, Mouri Kogoro is going to be arrested. Shinichi, as Conan, rushes to the scene.
  • After Ran's father was arrested, Sonoko told her to calm down and call Shinichi. "I already did.. and yet.." After saying those words, she cried.
  • At Kisaki's office (Ran's mother), Inspector Shiratori came in saying that Mouri Kogoro will be put in trial, since there is a lot of evidence pointing that he is the criminal. Ran cried so her mother hugged her. Conan with an angry face, says in his mind "Just wait Ran, I will totally save him."
  • After Conan solved the case saying that it is from Shinichi, Ran saw him and said, "Shinichi really gave it his all to save my father." Conan replies in his mind, "Idiot, I did it not just for your father."
  • While looking at his phone, Conan thinks "Just wait Ran", hoping to save her from the bomb. Zero notices and says "The power of love is great, isn't it?" Zero also set up the arrest for Ran's father because he knew that Conan cares deeply about Ran.

Movie 23: The Fist of Blue Sapphire

Shinichi (Kaito Kid in disguise) swimming with Ran together.
  • Conan, disguised as Arthur Hirai, warns Kaito Kid disguised as Shinichi, "If you do anything to Ran, I won't forgive you!"
  • Ran noticed that Arthur Hirai looks like Conan and she asks him his name. A similar situation from when they first met happens (Episode 2).
  • Ran complains that Shinichi(Kid in disguise) is slow and that she had been waiting for a long time at the pool. He apologizes and they enjoy the nightscape of the city. Shinichi(Kid in disguise) was taken aback when Ran reaches out and holds his hand under the water. Ran, seeing his expression, tells him not to be bashful since they're already dating which surprised Kid and he takes a peek at Conan behind them.
  • Conan becomes upset that Ran hasn't noticed that the Shinichi beside her is fake but is conflicted at the same time because if she does realize that it is Kaito Kid in disguise, he won't be able to go back to Japan. Conan, unable to do anything, scratches his head while whining in frustration.
  • Conan, as Arthur Hirai, saved Ran when she and Kogoro were surround by pirates.
The police ambushes Kid.
  • Upon returning to Japan, Ran clings to Shinichi(Kid in disguise)'s arm telling him the she won't ever let him go again which annoys Conan and he kicks the suitcase he's hiding in. Kid smirks and Ran tells him that she's been waiting for this moment. Inspector Nakamori and his officers emerges and Ran tells Kid that she knew that he wasn't Shinichi right from the start. Ran holds Kid's arm while the police scrambles to arrest him, but he managed to get away and Ran throws the fake arm in annoyance.
  • Ran is happy to see Conan and asks him if he felt lonely without her. Conan replies in his mind, "You dummy, We were together the entire time."


OVA 2: 16 Suspects!?

  • Ran and Conan recall the time Shinichi and Ran visited a nearby lake after playing tennis together.
  • While watching a wedding, Kazuha asks Ran if she was imagining marrying Shinichi, to which she says definitely not, but is blushing.
  • While talking to Hattori later on, he says that he was just returning his earlier favour by not naming him as the culprit who broke Shiratori's expensive wine bottle(which later turned out to be a cheap fake replaced by Sonoko),and inwardly thinks that it was because of him that he was able to feel what he hadn't felt in a really long time... and then Ran's image is shown with Shinichi looking at her her while saying "But I won't say it even if you pried my mouth open".
  • In the credits, Ran encourages Conan to perform in karaoke with her. Conan, blushing, decided to sing with her.

OVA 9: The Stranger from Ten Years Later

  • Sonoko asked Ran if she heard any news from Shinichi which causes Conan to eavesdrop their conversation. Ran said no and asked why then Sonoko told Ran that she should dump Shinichi and start dating with other guys such as Dr. Araide. This causes Ran to blush and Conan angry then thinking to himself "Damn it, that Sonoko".
  • Conan thinks that he already turned back to Shinichi, but then he found out that 10 years already past and he still is Conan since he develop immunity towards the antidote for the past five years. He went to Mouri Detective Agency and found out that Dr. Araide already proposed to Ran two years ago from Sonoko. Sonoko also told Conan that Ran been waiting for Shinichi that still hasn't come back and in order to resolve her feelings once and for all, she was going to the place of memories where she shared with Shinichi. Conan shocked to hear the news and went out to look for Ran.
    "I've already waited ten another ten will be just fine."
  • When Conan looked for Ran, he remembered(as Shinichi) that he holds a can of "Popsi" to Ran's face and Ran smile happily toward him. He also remembered when he and Ran went to Tropical Land after Ran won her karate competition where Shinichi forced to take APTX 4869 by Gin and Vodka of the Black Organization. He then went to the restaurant where he and Ran date but didn't find Ran there. Conan begin to lose hope but then saw his gate's house opened. He found Ran in the library, all alone.
  • Ran immediately tells Conan to leave the lights off, because she doesn't want him to see her crying. Conan is heartbroken at seeing Ran in such pain, and tells her to not get married, because he would be hurt. Ran asks him why, and right then and there he tells her that he is Shinichi, and once again begs for her to not get married. Ran smiles and tells him that she thought it was sweet that he cared enough about her to tell her something like that, but she still believes that Conan is Conan, saying that he and Shinichi do look similar. She also announces that she will reject Dr. Araide's proposal and willing to wait for Shinichi by saying:
I've already waited ten years... so another ten will be just fine.

— Ran explaining to Conan.

Magic File 2: The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Lab

  • Back in Shinichi and Ran's middle school years, Shinichi discusses the case he is involved in, with Ran. However, they get into a big fight due to Ran's hypothesis that the man Shinichi was trying to help must be clairvoyant, and Shinichi's absolute disgust at such illogical things. Thus, they don't speak to each other and go in different directions.
  • After Shinichi sneaks back into class one day, he glances at Ran and gives her the "V" sign for "Victory", telling her he has successfully solved the case. However, a still mad Ran turns her head, causing Shinichi to remember and cringe.
  • While walking home, Shinichi attempts to apologize to Ran, but fails to.
  • After hearing Reiko Akiba singing "Amazing Grace", the two forget their argument and become friends once more.

Magic File 3: Mahjong Pieces and the Memories from Tanabata

  • Ran pretends that mahjong pieces are her and Shinichi, acting out how lonely she feels since he's "working on a case". Conan gives a surprised look, but Ran tells him that she's only joking.
  • In a flashback to their elementary school days, during Tanabata, Shinichi (with Daisuke's help) helps Ran's "wish" to be reunited with her mother comes true.

Magic File 6: Flower of Fantasista

  • In a flashback to their middle school years, Ran excitedly cheers on Shinichi at one of his soccer games.
  • When confronting the culprit (who had written criticisms of each of the players of the school soccer team on the board inside their clubhouse), Naomi Sawamura, Shinichi remembers when Ran cleaned his room. Even though he chastised her, Shinichi gave a fond smile towards her [Ran].
  • After Shinichi keeps talking about Sawamura's soccer skills, Ran suddenly asks if he likes her, causing Shinichi to blush and lose his footing on the soccer ball, as he thinks to himself:
The one I like is....

— Shinichi's feelings about Ran.

  • As Ran raises her leg to kick the ball back into Shinichi's arms, he gets a peek at Ran's white underwear and blushes, and Ran becomes embarrassed, beginning to chase him. Scared, Shinichi tries (and fails) to convince her that he didn't see anything.

TV Specials

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan

Ran's imagination about her and Shinichi.
  • After switching with the Princess Mira of Vespania, Ran catches herself in the mirror and imagine herself as an actual princess. In her dream, "Prince" Shinichi comes to declare his love for her in front of the entire kingdom.
  • Conan dashes to catch (and succeeds) the plane taking Ran to Vespania.
  • Conan (with Kogoro) try to apologize to Ran for initially confusing her with Princess Mira.

Opening Themes

Clips are often re-used between openings - only the first instance will be mentioned. Clip shows of episodes mentioned above are omitted.

Opening 1: "Mune ga DOKIDOKI"

  • Ran nearly falls to her death, but Conan manages to save her and then smiles in relief.
  • Ran tightly hugs Conan from behind, and his shocked expression is mirrored by the background image of Shinichi's face.

Opening 2: "Feel Your Heart"

  • Ran smiles fondly with Shinichi's face behind her.

Opening 3: "Nazo"

  • When Ran answers the phone, she starts to cry from relief, and continues to look worried as Conan talks to her via his bowtie as Shinichi.

Opening 4: "Unmei no RUURETTO mawashite"

  • Ran is taken hostage by the "faceless culprit", but Conan frees her by kicking a soccer ball in the culprit's face.
  • The image of Shinichi and Conan on opposite sides of a mirror zooms out to reveal Ran illuminated only by the glowing mirror, which she clasps in her hands against her chest.

Opening 5: "TRUTH ~A Great Detective of Love~"

  • Ran runs after Shinichi, who is standing with his back to her in the distance, but is interrupted by the appearance of Conan running toward her. He trips, and she catches him in her arms and then smiles toward where Shinichi had been, with Shinichi's face in the background.

Opening 11: "I can't stop my love for you♥"

  • Conan and Ran are seen running and smiling together.
  • Ran kneels in the rain in front of newly-shrunken Conan, with Shinichi's house in the background, and reaches out as if to touch Conan's face.
  • Ran and Conan are holding each other's hands while walking with everyone else.

Opening 12: "Kaze no Lalala"

  • While talking with their friends at school, Ran and Conan each look up as if aware of each other, despite the distance between then.

Opening 16: "Growing of my heart"

  • A vortex pulls Ran and Conan apart, even as they reach and call out for each other.

Opening 23: "Ichibyōgoto ni Love for you"

  • A photograph of Shinichi drifts down to overlap with a photograph of Ran; they both react with surprise at seeing each other.

Opening 24: "Mysterious"

  • Shinichi's hand tightens around Ran's, which she remembers alone on a bench with a melancholy smile as she holds the hand to her chest, and Shinichi recalls alone on a street at night and leans against the wall in frustration.

Opening 25: "Revive"

  • Conan reaches out and calls for a melancholy Ran as she is moved away from him. He continues to run after, and turns into Shinichi calling and reaching for her.
  • Ran turns to see Conan and happily goes to meet him. Conan has removed his glasses and bowtie when she kneels down in front of him, but to his surprise she replaces the glasses and smiles at him.

Opening 26: "Everlasting Luv"

  • Conan runs through a maze of stairs look for Ran, only to trip and fall when he turns and sees her standing below, but she raises her arms with a smile to catch him.
  • Ran and Shinichi meet on a beach, and Shinichi says "aishiteru" (Japanese for "I love you") along with the song with a soft, fond expression.
  • Conan runs through Tropical Land and spots Ran riding the Ferris wheel alone, in the clothes she wore on the day Shinichi shrank. She glances at the empty spot beside her sadly.
  • At night, surrounded by fireflies, Shinichi carries Ran as she sleeps. When she wakes up, he smiles at her.

Opening 27: "Magic"

  • Ran leans against a wall in her room, talking with Shinichi on his cellphone. Rather than him walking through the streets like she imagines, however, it's Conan on his bowtie in the other room, leaning against the same wall.
  • Conan "wakes" from the memory of how he shrank to see Ran smiling at him, holding his hand as they walk to her home from Agasa's, as in Episode 2.
  • Ran runs through falling autumn leaves after Shinichi, but he vanishes into thin air as she tries to hug him. Her disappointment is interrupted by Conan, who smiles at her.

Opening 28: "As the Dew"

  • Conan meets up with Ran as the sky finally clears of rain and smiles. Shinichi is shown between them as they look at each other.

Opening 29: "SUMMER TIME GONE"

  • At a train station with Kogoro and Kazuha, Ran gets a surprise call from Shinichi, and blushes when Kazuha notices. At the other end, Conan uses his bowtie to talk as Shinichi, than stops at Heiji's teasing grin and turn around with a faint blush.
  • Conan runs off, and when Ran reaches after him she's reminded of how Shinichi similarly went off and then disappeared.

Opening 31: "Don't Wanna Lie"

  • Ran smiles as she speaks to Shinichi on the phone, who is actually Conan with his bowtie.
  • Back-to-back, Ran and Conan watch shooting stars fall and then glance over at each other and smile.
  • Shinichi and Ran stand beneath Big Ben in London, as seen in Episodes 616 and 621. Conan appears in the sky above, watching.

Opening 33: "Miss Mystery"

  • In the beginning, Conan and Ran are holding hands while running. Later, as an explosion separates them, they reach their arms out toward each other.
  • In the next scene, Conan is surrounded by numerous pictures of Ran.
  • As Ran falls from a pillar, Conan skateboards off the cliff, jumps off, tumbles down on the ground, and shoots out a large soccer ball below Ran as a cushion. Once Ran lands safely, Conan is relieved and Ran smiles back at him. In the end, Conan stands up and holds Ran's hand as both of them look up into the sky.

Opening 34: "Kimi no Namida ni Konna ni Koi Shiteru"

  • Shinichi and Ran are standing, facing each other. In the next scene, their shadows are displayed, with Shinichi's gradually disappearing. Ran looks visibly sad as she watches the bird flying.

Opening 37: "Butterfly Core"

  • Shinichi, Ran, and Conan all look sad while talking on the phone.

Opening 41: "Nazo (La PomPon)"

  • After Ran catches up to an impatient Shinichi on the streets, they walk together and talk.
  • Ran, Shinichi, and Conan are visibly sad while on the phone.

Opening 46: Everything OK!!

  • Ran and Shinchi have a argument but then they make up.
  • Young Ran and Young Shinchi play together.
  • Shinichi holding Ran's hand

Opening 47: Countdown

  • Conan saving Ran from a bunch of criminals.
  • Ran embracing an injured Conan.


  • Conan receives messages from Ran via Shinichi's phone.
  • Shinichi and Ran are standing, facing each other. Later, they are running to each other.

Opening 53: ZERO kara Hajimete

  • Ran sleep on Conan shoulder.

Ending Themes

Closing 1: "STEP BY STEP"

  • Conan and Ran have tea in London with just the two of them.

Closing 4: "The Summer Without You"

  • Standing at the edge of a field, Ran loses her hat to the wind and runs after it. When she realizes that it came to rest at Shinichi's feet, she smiles, and although by the time she reaches him he's become Conan, they smile at each other as he offers her hat back.

Closing 5: "Just One Wish"

  • A framed photograph of Ran and Shinichi together in their high school uniforms sits on Ran's desk.
  • Shinichi and Ran watch the sunset together, surrounded by cherry trees.
  • Ran stands in the falling snow outside Shinichi's house, looking melancholy, but her face lights up when someone unseen covers her head with an umbrella. Ran falls asleep writing in her diary about the incident, with the aforementioned photograph beside her. The last image is Conan alone, holding the closed umbrella across his shoulders and smiling.

Closing 6: "Like Standing on Ice"

  • Shinichi's face is covered by a hand, but vanishes from beneath it. The hand is revealed to be Ran's, and she hugs it close to her chest, looking vulnerable and sad.

Closing 7: "Still for your love" by Rumania Montevideo

  • Ran and Shinichi are spotlit amid darkness, walking sadly in opposite directions. Ran abruptly stops and turns as if called, and sees Shinichi smiling at her for a moment before he turns into Conan, still smiling.
  • Ran wiped off snow on Conan head.

Closing 9: "Secret of my heart"

  • A montage of photographs show Ran smiling and blushing faintly when she sees Shinichi fall asleep in class, and she holds onto Shinichi's arm at a skating rink. Shinichi and Ran pose together in a park, but as the scene turns into a photo Shinichi turns into Conan standing beside Ran.

Closing 13: "On This Blue, Blue Star" by Azumi Uehara

  • A red shroud covering Conan is blown off by the wind, allowing Ran to see him, and she smiles; in the background behind Conan as they face each other, Shinichi's face fades in with a soft smile of his own.

Closing 18: "The Light Called "You""

  • Ran turns around to see Shinichi as the Knight from the play. He removes the helmet to give her a smile. She runs toward him with a delighted look, but then runs right through him - when she turns around, Conan stands in Shinichi's place and smiles.

Closing 21: "June Bride ~Only You I See~"

  • Young Shinichi helps young Ran get the momentum up for a bike that she can pedal on her own, then jumps onto the back.
  • Young Ran admires young Shinichi as he practices juggling his soccer ball. Shinichi helps Ran on how to kick a soccer ball, Ran bounces the ball instead. Shinichi tries to tell her to kick, then teases her, earning him a well deserved karate kick with the ball to Shinichi's head.
  • Ran then tries to get Shinichi to come with her to play with a young Heiji and Kazuha.

Closing 26: "White Snow"

  • Ran walks alone through the falling snow, until she sees Conan. The smile at each other, with Shinichi in the background.

Closing 31: "GO YOUR OWN WAY"

  • Ran sits on a swing with a daisy, pulling petals in the classic 'he loves me, he loves me not' manner. On the last petal, she looks disappointed, but suddenly Conan presents a full bouquet of daisies with a smile.

Closing 32: "In the Radiance of My Love"

  • Ran stands in the falling snow, and Shinichi appears with an umbrella. She smiles, and covers his hand with hers to help hold the umbrella. As they walk through the street, she pulls herself closer in toward Shinichi, so that it covers both of them better. Shinichi looks surprised for a moment, then smiles at her.

Closing 35: "Hello Mr. my yesterday"

  • Ran sits in her room at night, looking at her phone, while Conan sits against a building elsewhere in the city. Conan's bow-tie turns into a butterfly and flies toward the Agency with him chasing after it. As the sun rises, the butterfly alights on Ran's open phone and reverts back to being a bow-tie just as the picture Shinichi took of her when he picked up her Valentine's chocolate shows up on the phone's screen.

Closing 36: "Tomorrow is the last Time"

  • Ran dreams of running through a large hall, chasing after the shadow of Shinichi. She finds him hiding behind a large Ace of Spades, and silhouetted behind the card Shinichi offers his hand, which Ran takes.

Closing 38: "Tsukiyo no Itazura no Mahou"

  • Ran finds a bottle washed up on the beach. When she opens it, a fairy turns into Conan and offers her his hand. Together, they fly off on the magic skateboard toward the moon.

Closing 40: "Your Best Friend"

  • Young Ran and Shinichi rides a wooden cart surrounded by butterflies on a lavender field.

Closing 43: "Koi ni Koishite"

  • Shinichi, seemingly frustrated, is alone practicing soccer when a towel was thrown and wrapped around his head. Confused, he turns around to see Ran gesturing that he has dirt on his face. He uses the towel to rub it off and smiles at Ran gratefully, which Ran returns. Unbeknownst to both Ran and Shinichi that the latter's secret admirer is watching.

Closing 44: Hitomi no Melody

  • Ran and Conan running together and standing together.

Closing 45: Kimi no Egao ga Nani Yori mo Suki Datta

  • Ran and Conan are chasing after each other
  • Ran and Conan under the tree

Closing 46: Ima Aitakute...

  • Ran Happily talk to Shinchi on the phone

Closing 47: RAIN MAN

  • Young Shinichi and Ran are looking at each other in the rain
  • Young Ran gave young Shinichi an umbrella
  • Ran is "secretly" looking at Shinichi in the rain
  • Shinichi is "secretly" looking at Ran in the rain (middle school)
  • Shinichi shares his umbrella with Ran

Closing 50: "Unmei no Roulette Mawashite (La PomPon)"

  • Conan puts a blanket over Ran, who has already fallen asleep after reading a book.


  • Ran look at a photo of Shinichi while in her bed
  • Conan put a blanket on her with a sad face.
  • Ran tries to reach out Shinichi photo in her dream but Ran takes Conan by surprise when she reaches out his hand in real life and she looked at him in surprise.

Closing 54: Yume Monogatari

  • Ran and Shinichi walk together in there elementary ages, middle school ages and high school ages.

Closing 57: Sadame

  • Ran and Shinichi holding hands
  • Ran sleeping and lying on a couch with tears in her eyes. Then Conan cover Ran with a blanket.

Closing 58: Aozolighter

  • Ran happy to see Shinichi.
  • Ran and Shinichi sit together at a bus stop.

Closing 62: Hoshiai

  • Ran and Shinichi stargazing together.

Drama Episodes

Drama TV Special: A Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudo ~Prologue Until Goodbye~

  • Shinichi tells Ran her pink underwear is showing, causing Ran to be embarrassed.
  • Ran is jealous of all the love letters Shinichi has received from his fans.
  • Ran tells Shinichi she's sad that he never gives her birthday presents anymore, but Shinichi shyly explains he doesn't know what a high school girl would want.
  • Sonoko refers to Ran and Shinichi as "Husband and wife", and Ran tells her to stop.
  • Shinichi tells Ran to have fun on the school trip, and Ran is sad and disappointed that he won't be attending.
  • Ran is happy that Shinichi decided to come on the trip, and Sonoko teasingly tells them now they can have their "honeymoon".
  • Ran takes some pictures with Shinichi.
  • Ran grabs Shinichi's arm when volunteering them both to look after Sonoko.
  • Ran notices that Shinichi has been acting strangely.
  • Shinichi and Ran look for the missing Sonoko together.
  • Ran offers an umbrella to Shinichi, and grabs his hand, as well as telling him to come inside from the rain.
  • Ran brings some food for Shinichi so he won't get so caught up in the case he'll forget to eat. Shinichi thanks her for the gesture.
  • Shinichi confesses to Ran about the challenge letter sent to him, which makes her tearfully ask why he didn't inform the police. Shinichi asks her to trust him, and she said she will, if he promises not to keep secrets, Shinichi promises Ran he won't.
  • Shinichi tells Ran to go to her room, noting that she hasn't gotten a lot of sleep.
  • Kogoro asks Shinichi to take care of Ran, with Shinichi telling him [Kogoro] in his mind that he knows.
  • Ran grabs Shinichi's hand just about when the time is noon.
  • Shinichi goes into a panic when Ran goes missing and even roughs up Kitajima-sensei (one of the suspects) and demanded to know where Ran was.
  • Ran comforts Sonoko that Shinichi will save them for sure.
  • Shinichi gives a warm smile to Ran before she's taken away by the ambulance.
  • Shinichi takes Ran to Tropical Land as an award for winning the Karate Tournament.

Drama TV Special 2: Shinichi Kudo Returns! Confrontation with the Black Organization

  • Sonoko teases Ran that she wishes Shinichi was staying at the hotel with her, causing Conan to become embarrassed.
  • Ran tries to call Shinichi to help in a blackmail case.
  • Ai (now back to Shiho) refers to Ran as Shinichi's "girlfriend".
  • Ran is able recognize Shinichi by only his hand and rushes to hug him, telling him how much she's missed him. Shinichi also tells her he wanted to see her, before teasingly telling her that she' put on weight.
  • Ran is surprised by the way Shinichi and Hairi were nteracting, especially when he tells Ran, after she asked who she [Shiho] is, that it doesn't involve her [Ran].
  • Ran feels nervous about Shinichi's relationship with his "assistant" "Hairi" (Shiho's fake name), and feels like she doesn't know Shinichi anymore.
  • Shinichi promises to Haibara he'll protect both Haibara and Ran.
  • Ai tells Shinichi that her presences is painful for Ran to watch, and that she's trying to hide it, and tells Shinichi he shouldn't be so mean to her, making Shinichi reply that the separation would be harder if he was nicer.
  • Ran worriedly asks Shinichi what's wrong after he nearly collapses (he's about to turn back into Conan). Shinichi only asks her to gather everyone, which Ran does, silently saying to herself that she'll wait for him and her faith in him we'll never stop.
  • Shinichi and Ran glance at each other when the culprit Amano for his feelings for the victim, Kotobuki:
We trusted each other before. However, if we are apart from each other will that kind of feeling become a lie?
  • Ran is surprised when she see Haibara hugging Shinichi.
  • Shinichi tells Ran her idea for calling her dad was a great one.
  • Before hitting her with his tranquilizer watch, Shinichi apologizes to Ran, and Ran's last word before she passes out is his name.
  • Shinichi asks Haibara to tell Ran he'll always watch over her and to take care of her. He keeps giving Ran loving looks as he asks his favor and before the elevator closes.
  • Ran can't believe that Shinichi is dead, and is on the verge of tears.
  • Conan (with his bowtie) calls Ran as Shinichi to let her know he's alive. He tells he can't come see her at the moment, but he will see her one day.
  • Conan gives Ran a loving look when they look at the full moon, and Ran asks Conan if he thinks that Shinichi is watching the moon as well. The last scene has Conan transforming into Shinichi and answering Ran's question that's he's looking at the moon with her.

Drama TV Special 3: A Challenge Letter to Shinichi Kudo ~The Mystery of the Legendary Bird~

  • Ran comes to Shinichi's aid when the latter is hounded by the police, at one point she holds his hand to do so.
  • Shinichi and Ran have dinner at Eri's apartment.
  • Shinichi grabs Ran when she nearly trips on the bridge.
  • Ran is worried when she thinks that Misa Wakura is flirting with Shinichi.
  • After Misa mentions that if a couple kissed under God's Perch, they will always be together and eventually marry, Ran looks over in Shinichi's direction.
  • Shinichi and Ran go for a walk, and nearly kiss under God's Perch, before they discover the dead body of Ryoji Wakaru.
  • Shinichi helps Ran up after falling and places a protective arm in front of Ran to prevent her from falling over the cut bridge.
  • Shinichi gives Ran his coat so she won't catch cold, but Ran who is also worried that Shinichi might get sick, decides to place each sleeve of his coat around both of their shoulders. They end up sitting together, Shinichi's coat still around them.
  • Eri teasingly states that Kogoro made Shinichi and Ran miss a big chance of their relationship, but they both immediately deny it.
  • After the case is resolved, Shinichi tells Ran the reason why he came to save her, when she was chasing the criminal:
I did it because it was RAN.
  • The pair try for another kiss, but are interrupted by the bickering of Kogoro and Eri.

Drama TV Special 4: Shinichi Kudo and the Kyoto Shinsengumi Murder Case

File. 1

  • After waking up in a white room, Shinichi immediately goes to Ran to see if she's alright. They both soon discover that their hands are in handcuffs
  • Ran comments that she longs to have wedding photos like the one's from Tsubouchi's wedding and Shinichi agrees.
  • Shinichi thanks Ran for giving him the clue to solve the murder.
  • After Shinichi wagers to Tsubochi that he'll up give up being a detective if he ends up wrong about the camera, Ran gives a worried look and asks if he's sure.

File. 2

  • Washimi refers to Ran as Shinichi's "girlfriend" when he threatens to kill her because the detective mocked his ESP skills. Shinichi then tells Ran not to worry and grabs her arm briefly to ask a favor.
  • Shinichi teases Ran when explaining about a trick used in the murder, by pretending to look at her bra. This causes Kogoro to ask if they're in that kind of relationship. Earning him a powerful punch by his daughter.
  • Back in the white room, the trio hear a loud bang, and Shinichi instinctively puts his arm protectively in front of Ran.
  • Another loud bang in the white room occurs, and a scared Ran covers her ears, and Shinichi grabs one of her hands to comfort her.

File. 3

  • When Shinichi is looking at flowers on his phone to possibly give Ran as a gift, Eri catches him and suggests buying underwear instead, saying it's a popular present in foreign countries for lovers.
  • Shinichi smiles sweetly at Ran when the case is resolved.
  • Kogoro and Eri advise Shinichi and Ran, respectively to choose their spouse carefully.

File. 4

  • In the white room, Kogoro tells Ran he was trying her "precious boy's [Shinichi] first kiss".
  • Sonoko chides Ran that she should've just asked Shinichi take her out properly instead of using a penalty game to make him, an embarrassed Ran explains that it would be too embarrassing.
  • Ran becomes enraged when she thinks Shinichi has been kissing at the wedding, but Shinichi tries to explain he hasn't.
  • Back in the present, Ran is relieved to know that Shinichi hasn't had his first kiss yet.
  • While leaving the fourth white room, Ran wants to keep the dress. Shinichi asks if it wouldn't just be better to get a new one, confusing Ran and causing Kogoro to tell Ran she's not a bride yet.

File. 5

  • Ran is jealous when Shinichi is supposed to do a love scene with the actress Saori.
  • Director Nagata, catching on to Shinichi and Ran's actions around each other, suggests that Shinichi and Ran should do the love scene instead, embarrassing both of them.
  • Back in the present, Ran is struck by a poisoned needle, and Shinichi (with Kogoro) starts to panic. As Shinichi and Kogoro figure out the next date, the former is carrying Ran, telling her to hang on.

File. 6

  • Ran punches Shinichi when it looks like he's paying too much attention to the hostesses.
  • One of the hostesses, Kazuyo, correctly guesses that Ran is in love with that "detective boy" [Shinichi].
  • When Shinichi is about to deliver the antidote to Ran, he gives this profound statement to her:
Ran. I wouldn't kill someone for your sake. But...I would NEVER let someone I loved die.
  • Shinichi places a protective arm in front of Ran when a balloon in the room keeps on growing.

File. 7

  • Shinichi places a comforting hand on Ran's shoulder, when she couldn't find out what happened to Sonoko.

File. 8

  • After capturing the molester on the bridge, Shinichi comments that he's the only one allowed to touch Ran. Ran however isn't amused and threatens Shinichi with a kick.

File. 9

  • At one point in the case, Shinichi holds Ran by the hand.
  • Shinichi notices Ran watching Heiji very closely. Shinichi comments on it making Ran ask if he's jealous. Shinichi quickly claims he's not.
  • An equally jealous Kazuha asks if Ran has feelings for Heiji, but Ran explains he was only watching him [Heiji] because he reminded her of the guy [Shinichi] she thinks about.
  • Kazuha asks if Ran is dating the "mystery-loving-nut" she was commenting on earlier and as Ran explains she isn't quite sure what their relationship is, and an embarrassed Shinichi overhears the girls' conversation.
  • Sato teasingly warns Shinichi and Heiji to be careful with their bonds towards Ran and Kazuha, respectively.
  • Shinichi thanks Ran for saving their life from the bomb.
  • Ran lifts up the wrist cuffs holding her and Shinichi an admits she worries if their bond can hold on.
  • The wrist cuffs unlocks, separating Ran and Shinichi into different rooms. They both frantically call for each other's name.

File. 10

  • When Shinichi and Ran see each other through an online chat, the former asked if the latter is alright.
  • Ran desperately asks for Shinichi to save her.
  • Shinichi places his hand on Ran's shoulder numerous times out of comfort.
  • Ran assists Shinichi in acting out the scenario the crime was committed.
  • When the video chat between Ran and Shinichi goes off in the white room, Shinichi is visibly panicked. He calls out for her name when he enters the next room.

File. 11

  • Similar to the Desperate Revival Arc, Shinichi invites Ran to the same restaurant his father took his mother, to confess his feelings for her, but a case happens and he can't do it yet.
  • Ran hears from a waitress about a detective from 20 years ago solved a case then proposed to his date. An embarrassed Ran quickly denies that Shinichi would do that.
  • When Shinichi is about to confess to Ran, the lights in the restaurant turn off, meaning closing time. Leaving the pair disappointed.
  • After Shinichi figures out the word to the white room and the door opens, Ran appears. Shinichi quickly goes to her, but it shocked when she tells him to stop.

File. 12

  • Shinichi tells Ran to hang on when she's in the center of infrared lenses.
  • Shinichi quickly comes to Ran's aid when she's freed.
  • Putting on a sad expression, Shinichi deduces that Ran was the one who put them and Kogoro in the white room.

File. 13

  • Shinichi and Ran separated by a glass wall and are put to sleep with gas, and they call for each other's name until they both pass out.
  • After seeing Ran's body (which is faked), Shinichi goes into a state of panic, trying to run to her body, but is held back by Sato and Takagi.
  • Shinichi yells at the criminal Hajime Hirata to save Ran.
  • After learning that Hajime forced Ran to give sleeping pills to her father, Shinichi, and herself by threatening the life of her mother. An arrogant Hajime assumes that Shinichi must feel regret or vexed. However, an angered Shinichi proclaims:
This isn't regret. I'm pissed off like crazy! You [Hirata] took advantage of Ran's gentle heart, you bastard!
  • Shinichi finds Ran in the morgue, and tries to wake her up, but nothing happens. Overwhelmed by agony, Shinichi cries, stating that he hasn't been in time to save her.
  • When Ran comes to finally, both of them apologize to each other, and Shinichi says he is glad that Ran is safe.
  • While piggy-backing Ran to the hospital, Shinichi offers to take Ran to an amusement park after she recovers and wins the city Karate Tournament.
  • Several months later, Shinichi takes Ran to Tropical Land and gives her another phone strap as a present.

Quotes About The Couple


  • Fans sometimes call the Shinichi-Ran couple "ShinRan".
  • Both can play an instrument very well (Ran with the piano and Shinichi with violin), though Shinichi demonstrates an inability to read sheet music in Episode 11.
  • Both have unique hairstyles. Ran's trademark feature is a large lock of triangularly projecting hair many fans refer to as her "horn", while Shinichi has a large cowlick of hair in front and a distinct gravity defying tuft in the back of his head.
  • Shinichi and Ran are the first (and most important) couple in Detective Conan to be introduced as childhood friends who developed strong romantic feelings for each other. Other childhood sweetheart pairs are listed at the relationships page.
  • Ran always hug Conan whenever she is scared like in episode 625, episode 594, Episode 830 etc.
  • After the events of the Bell Tree Express where Amuro reveal to be Bourbon and up until Amuro reveal to be with the National Policy Agency Security Bureau, Conan became worries for Ran's safety around a member of the Black Organization as shown in episode 705.
  • Shinichi has been in love with Ran since they were kids, which means that he shows absolutely no romantic or sexual attraction to anyone else.
  • At numerous openings Ran was shown to wear a white dress which white has been an auspicious color in Japan for much of its history. White represents purity and cleanliness in traditional Japanese society, and is seen as a blessed color. Because of the sacred nature of the color, white is the color of weddings and other joyful life events, and appears on the Japanese flag.
  • Kogoro indirectly lead to Shinichi and Ran first meeting each other, by accidentally breaking Ran's cherry blossom-shaped daycare tag. She tried to make one made of paper and Shinichi asked her for one for himself.
  • It reveal Shinichi give Ran an extra key to his house before his parents went to LA according to the LOVE PLUS Super Digest Book.
  • Ironically both Ran and Shinichi had someone they admired and loved before they got disappointed and heartbroken when they find out their idol is revealed to be a murderer, for Ran, it's Akiko Yonehara from Ski Lodge Murder Case who was her old elementary school teacher while for Shinichi it was Ray Curtis from The 3 "K"s of Osaka Case who was a soccer player who Shinichi was a fan.
  • Ironically they both have a parent that wears glasses, for Shinichi it’s his father while Ran it’s her mother.


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