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Movie 8

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Title: Magician of the Silver Sky
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 銀翼の奇術師(マジシャン)
(Meitantei Konan: Gin'yoku no Majishan)
Original airdate: April 17, 2004
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Sonoko Suzuki
Ai Haibara
Detective Boys
Hiroshi Agasa
Kogoro Mouri
Eri Kisaki
Ginzo Nakamori
Detective Konno
Kaitou Kid
Juzo Megure
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Wataru Takagi
Shinichi Kudo
Inspector Nishimura
Detective Tamura
Yoko Okino
Heiji Hattori
Yukiko Katsuragi
Ayako Ninagawa
Case solved by: Eri Kisaki (via Conan)
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Masaharu Okuwaki (asst.)
Akira Nishimori (asst.)
Producer: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Chiharu Sato
Yasuhito Kikuchi
Animation Director: Masatomo Sudo (chief)
Junko Yamanaka
Yoshiharu Shimizu (asst.)
Seiji Muta (asst.)
Masahiko Itojima (asst.)
Chiharu Sato (action/mecha)
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Mechanical Design: Chiharu Sato
Layout checker: Yoshiharu Shimizu, Seiji Muta, Masahiko Itojima
Design Works: Junko Yamanaka
Theme song: Dream x Dream
Soundtrack: Detective Conan "Magician of the Silver Sky" Original Soundtrack
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Magician of the Silver Sky is the 8th movie in the Detective Conan franchise. It was released in Japan on April 17, 2004.

Gadgets introduced[edit]





Kogoro Mouri has a new client, an actress named Juri Maki, who comes to visit him with her manager. She shows Kogoro a note from Kaitou Kid who announces that he is going to steal Juri's "Jewel of Destiny", a star sapphire that she wears in a silver ring in her newest theatre play. She is going to play Josephine, the wife of the French emperor Napoleon. As usual, Kid left a cryptic message announcing the theft.


Jewel of Destiny.jpg

Thief: Kaitou Kid
Target: Jewel of Destiny
Owner: Juri Maki
Advanced Notice: Romeo Juliet Victor Bravo! While the 26 letters soar around, I am going to steal your Jewel of Destiny.
A star sapphire that has three streaks of criss-crossing representing faith, hope, and fate.

Juri invites Conan, Ran and Kogoro, as well as the Detective Boys, Sonoko, and Professor Agasa to the opening night of "Josephine" and shows them around backstage. They eagerly inspect her dressing room and Ayumi is interested in the make-up Juri is going to wear on stage. She wants to try a lipstick but Juri's make-up artist, Natsuki Sakai, stops her. Kogoro sees a photo of Juri in a wetsuit on her mirror and asks her about it. Juri replies she recently took up diving as a hobby.

The rest of the cast, Bunjiro Narusawa, Tenko Tajima, Iaso Shinjo, who is currently dating Juri, and Toru Ban, greet their guests. Shortly after that, Ginzo Nakamori enters the changing room as well, explaining that he brought a special guest to help protect Juri's sapphire from Kaito Kid. He says Inspector Megure gave him the idea. The door opens to reveal Shinichi Kudo. Everyone, especially Ran and Conan, is speechless. Conan can't stop himself from shouting "that's not Shinichi!" Kogoro rounds on him, wanting to know how Conan knows that, but Conan, picking up a look from Ai, doesn't reply.

Inspector Nakamori pinches "Shinichi's" cheeks and says he isn't wearing a mask and that this has to be actual Shinichi. Conan thinks Kid wouldn't have to wear a mask as he looks quite similar to Shinichi. Nakamori proceeds to pinch everyone's faces to check that Kid hasn't disguised himself as one of the others. "Shinichi" announces he is going to inspect the theatre by himself and asks Ran to come with him. Conan does not want to let Ran spend any amount of time alone with Kid, so he begs Ran to take him with them as well. "Shinichi" and Ran check all the doors and he then explains he is going to find his seat in the theatre. Ran and Sonoko chat and Ran says "Shinichi" is behaving strangely.

The play begins and Conan switches his glasses on to night vision to keep an eye on Kid. Eventually, Kid waves at Conan and leaves the auditorium. Conan gives chase and catches Kid on the roof of the theatre, determined to settle this once and for all. Kid grins triumphantly, saying Conan's girlfriend would be sad if he missed dinner and Conan suddenly hears Ran saying "Conan, come, dinner is ready!" Perplexed, Conan looks back at Kid and realises Kid can change his voice without any technical aid. Conan tries to knock Kid out with his ball-dispensing belt but misses. He stumbles backwards and has to catch himself on the railing to avoid falling off the roof.

Kid fires his card gun. Conan ducks but falls off the roof. Kid is concerned and jumps after him, opening his hang-glider. Conan tries to hit him with his stun watch but Kid dodges the needle. Conan then pulls on a cord from his backpack, which transforms into a parachute and he flies after Kid. Kid manages to escape once again.

The cast invites everyone to go to Hokkaido to thank them for keeping Juri's sapphire safe.

The following evening, everyone meets at the airport to board the plane to Hokkaido. Conan can't shake off the feeling someone is watching him. Inspector Nakamori has gone up to Hokkaido early to make sure Kid isn't planning to trap them at Juri's holiday cabin. The police inspect the cabin and see a silhouette of Kaito Kid.

Conan and his friends are delighted to see they all have seats in first class. Kogoro's mood, however, sours quickly as he realises Eri is joining them as well, she was invited by Ran.

Shinjo arrives late and kisses Juri's sapphire ring, apologising to "his Josephine".

Conan suddenly realises the meaning of Kid's note - he referred to the alphabet code used by pilots and wants to steal Juri's ring on the plane.

When the plane takes off, Juri immediately goes to the toilet. She stays in there for a very short time. When she leaves, she seems visibly relaxed and goes to the cockpit to say hello to the pilot and co-pilot, explaining that she knows both of them and that she used to be a pilot as well.

Once she returns, her manager offers her some chocolate and she eats a piece. Kogoro also eats one.

Juri licks her lips, begins to choke and falls back into her chair, dead.


Movie8 Case.jpg

Location: Airplane
Victim: Juri Maki (Fatal), Nakaya and Okoshi (Non-fatal)
Age: 37 years old (Juri), unknown for the two others
Cause of death: Cyanide poisoning
Suspects: Masayo Yaguchi, Natsuki Sakai, Bunjiro Narusawa, Tenko Tajima, Isao Shinjo, and Toru Ban

Masayo, Juri's manager, immediately becomes the main suspect because of the chocolate. Natsuki, Juri's make-up artist, defends Masayo, saying she isn't the only one who had a motive to kill Juri and actually "everyone's glad she's finally dead".


  • Resolution[edit]


    Bunjiro in movie 17.
    • The SKY-J is a reference to JAL (Japan Airlines) from real life.
    • The airplane is a Boeing 747-400D.
    • Kaito Kid's car whilst disguised as Shinjo is a 1962 Mazda Carol 360 Deluxe [KPDA].
    • Ginzo Nakamori, Detective Konno, Juzo Megure's and the other police officers' cars are 1991 Toyota Crowns [S140] (Nakamori, Konno and Megure's is gray, while the other ones are black and white.)
    • The plane's landing takes place in Muroran Port, Sakimori Wharf, Muroran-shi, Hokkaido.
    • Bunjiro reappears in Private Eye in the Distant Sea.
    • This case is the only time that Professor's new Invention, Hang Glider/Paraglider was used, and it was used only once.
    • When Conan was talking about his gadgets that were invented by Professor Agasa, he showed Earring Cellphone, which had just recently showed up in its last case, probably replaced by his actual cell phones, and Portable Bento Box Fax, which only showed up in a total of 1 case, Pro Soccer Player Blackmail Case, also called Episode 10.
    • This is the first case that the Stun-Gun Wristwatch was used twice, although he probably had a second dart inserted, after he missed Kid that first time.
    • This is the first time that Ran says "Ah le le," which was shortly after Eri showed up on the plane.
    • Although the movie list most of the Phonetic ALphabet, it does leave off the words for O, P, and Q.
    • This is the first time that Professor Agasa and Haibara are shown on an airplane.
    • This flight seems to have the same stewardesses as in The Locked Room in the Sky: Shinichi Kudo's First Case.
    • A total of nine gadgets in all were used in this movie:
    • This case is the first, if not the only case that Conan had tranquilized Ran's mother, Eri, and it was by accident, as he was aiming for Kogoro, and he also used the Button Speaker on her as well.
    • This movie is the actual first movie with Kaito Kid since The Last Wizard of the Century, When Kaito Kid overheard Conan on the phone with Professor Agasa, and discovered that "Conan Edogawa, Detective" is in fact "Shinichi Kudo, High School Detective of the East," however these movies are non-canon, so Kid only knows his identity in the movies, OVAs, and possibly specials, but not in the manga or anime, at least not yet.
    • This is the case that Conan stated that his father taught him how to pilot a Cessna in Hawaii, although that was with feet planted firmly on the ground. He had never flown for real.
    • This non canon movie added to the non-canon quality time that Yusaku spent with Shinichi in Hawaii: In The Fourteenth Target, it was how to shoot a gun, in Captured in Her Eyes, it was to drive a boat, in Countdown to Heaven, it was to drive, probably a car, and in this movie, it is to pilot a Cessna, probably using simulators.
    • When the fake Kid said that "He once stole a clock," Ginzo Nakamori said, "See you are Kid," what he is referring to was in The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid, when a clocktower was the target.
    • This is the second time that Kaito Kid had been disguised as Shinichi Kudo. The Last Wizard of the Century movie, was the first time in noncanon.
    • In this case, Kaito Kid has been disguised as 4 different people:
      • Kid changes his Shinichi disguise to a guard disguise after leaving the play to attempt to deceive Conan. This is really the second disguise, but it was shown in the opening scene. After that, we see what happened 10 hours earlier.
      • Kid uses Shinichi's identity to get closer to The Jewel of Destiny, and also to draw Conan's attention to himself.
      • Back to the guard disguise after leaving the play. Really, it is probably more for an extremely suspicious Conan to chase him.
      • Kid used Isao Shinjo identity to confirm if the jewel was real.
      • Kid uses a paramedic disguise to check on Ran after she lands a plane.

    In other languages[edit]

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) El mag del cel platejat The Magician of the Silver Sky
    Flag of China Chinese 银翼的魔术师 Magician with the Silver Wings
    Flag of France French (Subbed) Le Magicien du ciel argenté The Silver Sky Wizard
    Flag of Galicia Galician O mago do ceo prateado The Magician of the Silver Sky
    Flag of Germany German Der Magier mit den Silberschwingen The Magician with the Silver Wings
    Flag of Italy Italian Il mago del cielo d'argento The Magician of the Silver Sky
    Flag of Thailand Thai มนตราแห่งรัตติกาลสีเงิน Magic of the Silver Night
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Nhà ảo thuật với đôi cánh bạc Magician with the Silver Wings


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