Witness Protection Program

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In Detective Conan, the witness protection program is a program administrated by the FBI designed to protect threatened witnesses. The FBI helps the witness change their identity and hometown, but at the cost of not being able to contact any of their former friends and family. For more information about the real life witness protection program, please see United States Federal Witness Protection Program.


  • Jodie Starling: Jodie changed her family name from Starling to Saintemillion. Twenty years prior to the current timeline, Vermouth killed Jodie's parents and was searching for Jodie. Jodie initially refused the witness protection program until she was extracted a promise from James Black to be allowed into the FBI when she was older so she could look for her parents' killer.


  • Ai Haibara: Haibara declined to join the program after being threatened by Vermouth and the Black Organization because she wanted to remain with her friends and continue to oppose the Black Organization.
  • Eisuke Hondou: Eisuke declined to join the program despite being a potential target of the Black Organization because he hated to be tied down and he wished to follow in the footsteps of his CIA's father and sister.
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