Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt

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Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt

Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt Profile.jpg

Japanese name: どこでもボール射出ベルト
Romaji name: Dokodemo Bōru Shashutsu Beruto
Created by: Professor Agasa
Used by: Conan Edogawa and Professor Agasa
First appearance: Manga: Volume 37 - File 8
Anime: Episode 309
Appearances: Chapters: 4
Episodes: 48
Movies: 16
OVAs: 3
Openings: 8
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Anywhere Ball Dispensing Belt is the nineteenth gadget created by Professor Agasa for Conan Edogawa.


With the press of a button, the belt inflates a soccer ball for Conan to kick at criminals. Since the introduction of this gadget, he's rarely had to be worried about not finding an appropriate object for the kick. Unfortunately, the ball will deflate after 10 seconds because of the material used, which requires Conan to act fast. Can be used twice consecutively.

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