Turbo Engine Skateboard

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Turbo Engine Skateboard

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Japanese name: ターボエンジン付きスケートボード
Romaji name: Tāboenjin-tsuki Sukētobōdo
Created by: Professor Agasa
Used by: Conan Edogawa
First appearance: Manga: Volume 9 - File 2
Anime: Episode 12
Appearances: Chapters: 6
Episodes: 24
Movies: 16
OVAs: 3
Openings: 28
Closings: 3
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Turbo Engine Skateboard is the seventh gadget created by Professor Agasa for Conan.


Turbo Engine Skateboard Technical Details

Agasa created this super fast skateboard for Conan to help him chase down criminals. Unfortunately, without solar power the skateboard's engine will not work. Although it is commonly shown in the anime and movies, it has only appeared twice in the manga: its introductory case where Conan uses it to keep up with the car where Ayumi had been accidentally locked in a trunk, and briefly when Conan used it to rendezvous with Agasa and Haibara at a restaurant after they warned him about two suspicious people.

The skateboard's engine receives an upgrade in The Last Wizard of the Century enabling Conan to use stored solar energy in order to use the skateboard at nighttime. Once again, it is upgraded in Quarter of Silence, allowing the Skateboard to be converted into a Turbo Engine Snowboard. With its upgrades, the skateboard can outspeed a car.

A new red-colored version was introduced in Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie that could travel on water and had retractable wheels. The skateboard was destroyed however by Goemon Ishikawa slashing it in two with his Zantetsuken. Haibara later tells Conan that the original blue skateboard suits him better anyway.

In the media[edit]

The Turbo Engine Skateboard is one of the most represented gadget on pictures, merchandise or advertisements promoting Detective Conan, as seen on movie posters, DVD covers, wallpapers and more, even though it has appeared in fillers way more than in the manga.


Source Reason
Episode 12 Following the car of Ayumi's kidnappers.
Episode 107 Following Megure's car.
Episode 109 Following a driver who hit Ayumi.
Episode 128 Following Masami Hirota.
Episode 183 Tracking down the culprit.
Countdown to Heaven Jumping from Tower B to Tower C.
The Lost Ship in the Sky Tricking the Red Siamese Cats.
Quarter of Silence Reaching the culprit before he activates the bomb.
The Eleventh Striker Propelling himself on the roof of the stadium.
Episode 686 Following the car carrying a time bomb.
Episode 692 Following Kogoro's boat.
Episode 733 Go checking that the victim isn't dead.
Dimensional Sniper Following the culprit, and landing on the roof of a building.
Episode 775-776 Following the car of the culprits, and hitting an accomplice (776).
Episode 795 Following the car of the culprit and save Ayumi.
Episode 800 Following a woman.
Episode 804

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