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Title: The Fourteenth Target
English Title: The Fourteenth Target
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 14番目の標的(ターゲット)
(Meitantei Konan: Jūyon Banme no Tāgetto)
Original airdate: April 18, 1998
English airdate: November 20, 2007
Broadcast rating when aired on television: 21.3% (aired on March 22, 1999)[1]
16.0% (aired on February 7, 2014)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Ran Mouri
Kogoro Mouri
Eri Kisaki
Midori Kuriyama
Juzo Megure
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Hiroshi Agasa
Sonoko Suzuki
Detective Boys
Shinichi Kudo
Yusaku Kudo
Case solved by: Kogoro Mouri (via Conan)
Director: Kenji Kodama
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Masato Sato
Hiroshi Matsuzono
Kenji Kodama
Technical Director: Masato Sato
Atsushi Yano (asst.)
Kazuhiko Ishii (asst.)
Animation director: Masatomo Sudo (chief)
Satoshi Ishino
Masahiko Itojima
Seiji Muta
Kumiko Shishido
Takashi Hyodo
Yoshihiro Shimizu
Yasuo Hoshina
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Layout: Seiji Muta, Akio Kawamura, Kumiko Shishido, Michiyo Sakurai
Design Works: Satoshi Ishino, Masako Dohi, Yasuhiro Moriki, Kumiko Shishido
Theme song: Shōjo no Koro ni Modotta Mitai ni
Soundtrack: Detective Conan "The Fourteenth Target" Original Soundtrack
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The Fourteenth Target is the 2nd movie in the Detective Conan franchise. It was released in Japan on April 18, 1998.

Characters introduced





At the beginning, Ran dreams about her mother Eri getting shot. After waking up she immediately calls Eri to ask if she is okay and tells her mother about her dream.

The scene then briefly changes to a scene of a jail, where a man named Jo Murakami holds out a notebook that says, "Beika City, Kogoro Mouri."

Ayumi tries Conan's fortune, which is "A chance for an A (kiss)".

The scene transitions again to the Detective Boys waiting for Professor Agasa on a bench . While waiting, Ayumi plays with a love oracle, and the machine tells her her and Conan are a perfect match. She then asks the oracle to tell Conan's romantic fortune, which is "A chance for an A (kiss)". Conan wonders just how old that machine is - "A", "B" and so on were very ancient expressions for romantic events. Agasa finally turns up and takes the Detective Boys to the Tohto Aeronautic Memorial Museum.

There are many kinds of helicopters and planes on display at the museum. Agasa wants to ask his traditional riddle to the children, but Mitsuhiko interrupts him and tells everyone he has also got a riddle for them. Mitsuhiko's riddle: Three guys, born on New Year's Day, April Fool's, and Children's Day formed a club. What was their club called? The answer: Tonakai (Reindeer). If you add up their birthdays, they become To-na-kai, a kind of audio-visual pun. Conan figures out the answer, and they spot the photographer Shishido Eimei taking pictures around the museum.

Back at the Mouri Detective Agency, Jo Murakami is shown knocking on the door. When he gets no answer, he leaves.

Ran and Sonoko attend an autograph session with Minoru Nishina who has written several cookbooks. Ran is a big fan of Nishina's and tells him to keep writing "tasty" books. The girls later go to a café, and Ran tells Sonoko about the fight that caused Kogoro and Eri to separate when she was seven years old. Ran also says they are going to meet up with Eri for dinner at seven o'clock that evening.

Conan comes back home late just as Kogoro is getting ready for their dinner. The TV is on and Katsuyoshi Asashi, the owner of "Aquacrystal", a new entertainment complex, is being interviewed. Ran turns the TV off and tells Conan to hurry up and get changed.

When they meet Eri at the restaurant "La Fleur", she is as sharp as always, correctly guessing that Kogoro would be late because he played mahjong until late the night before. Hiroki Tsuji, a professional golfer and an acquaintance of Kogoro's, also enters the restaurant and Kogoro introduces him to his family. Tsuji explains he is currently training for the US Open.

During dinner, Ran shows a suprising amount of knowledge about wine, explaining to Conan why the sommelier Kohei Sawaki wears a grape badge and what a tastevin is for. Eri and Kogoro realise their daughter has grown up a lot. Conan enjoys his meal as well. Ran notices he has got some foid in the corner of his mouth, and tries to wipe him off with a napkin. Conan thinks back to the oracle telling him he has "A chance for a kiss" and blushes. Kogoro interrupts them to wipe Conan's mouth off roughly. Kogoro and Eri get along surprisingly well during dinner. They remember going on a date to the same restaurant ten years earlier and revel in the memory for a bit, when Kogoro suddenly notices Peter Ford, a journalist, near Towako Okano. Kogoro gets jealous, believing Ford is flirting with Okano and Eri angrily gets up and leaves as she has enough of Kogoro's flirting with other women.

A week later, Inspector Megure is shot by an arrow while out for a run.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case1.jpg

Location: Park
Victim: Juzo Megure
Injury: Arrow shot wound in abdomen
Suspects: Unknown culprit
During Megure morning jogging through the park he is shot by an arrow in his stomach! Fortunately he is quickly sent to hospital and recovered. A western sword was also found at the scene.

Kogoro, the Detective Boys, and Ranvisit Megure in the hospital. Shiratori tells them that the arrow was shot from a crossbow, and a western sword was found at the scene.

Eri is at work and her assistant brings her a package with Zigoba chocolates. The brand is Eri's favourite and Kogoro used to give it to her as a present. She therefore believes Kogoro has sent the chocolates, trying to make up with her, eats one, and collapses to the floor. There was poison in the chocolate.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case2.jpg

Location: Kisaki's office
Victim: Eri Kisaki
Injury: Dichlorodiphenyltrichloroethane (DDT) poison in chocolate
Suspects: Unknown culprit
Eri receives her favorite chocolates from Midori Kuriyama, believing it to be from Kogoro, and eats one of it. However, the chocolates are poisoned and Midori quickly calls for the ambulance in time, saving Eri's life.

Midori Kuriyama calls for an ambulance and gets Eri to the hospital in time so she survives the poisoning. There is a paper flower on the chocolate box that seems familiar to Conan.

Conan visits Professor Agasa to get his skateboard repaired. Suddenly someone throws a rock through Agasa's front door. Agasa goes to look for the culprit and someone drives by on a motorcycle and shoots at him with a crossbow.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case3.jpg

Location: Agasa's house
Victim: Hiroshi Agasa
Injury: Arrow shot wound from behind
Suspects: Unknown culprit
Professor Agasa was shot in the back by an arrow similar to Megure's case when he was lured outside the house. Fortunately, the damage is not fatal.

Conan chases after the culprit with his skateboard but loses him at a crossoad. He contacts the Detective Boys with their micro remitter and tells them to keep an eye out for a motorcycle. The children spot the culprit racing past them and quickly tell Conan who gives chase. When the attacker sees Conan, he makes a sudden sharp turn and rides up and down a stairway. Conan tries to follow, but is distracted by an old woman who stumbles on the stairs, and loses sight of the attacker. Back at Agasa's house, Conan finds a mysterious object in the grass, and finally realizes the connection between the sword, the flower, and the strange object, as well as the victims.

The sword is held by the King of Spades In addition, Megure's first name, Juzo, can be read as 13.

All objects relate to playing cards, with the sword, flower and the odd object being held by the king, queen and jack respectively. Furthermore, Megure's first name Juzo can be read as 13. Eri's last name Kisaki means queen in English and the last character of Agasa's first name Hiroshi, is a combination of the characters for 10 and 1 or 11 in short.

Megure visits Eri, Ran, Kogoro and Conan in hospital to update them on the state of the investigation. The police believe the serial killer might be Jo Murakami, a former card dealer who was just released from prison. Kogoro says he wouldn't be surprised if Murakami was after him, after all it was Kogoro who arrested him ten years earlier. Shiratori wants to tell Ran and Conan all about the case but Megure stops him, saying they now have to focus on preventing the next murder. They believe that Murakami is now after someone among Kogoro's friends or acquaintances whose name contains the word or character for 10. Kogoro is shocked as he realises that he does indeed know "a ten" - Towako Okano, her name contains the word for ten, "to".

The police quickly dispatch two officers to guard Towako's house.

Shiratori is pressured by Ran and Conan and starts to explain the facts of the Murakami case to them. Murakami had just been interrogated at Kogoro's police precinct when Eri arrived at the station with a young Ran, because they wanted to surprise Kogoro and pick him up from work. Murakami was being led to his cell when he saw Eri and tried to escape, taking her hostage in the process.

Hostage Situation (Past)

Movie 2 Eri Case.jpg

Location: Beika Police Station
Hostage: Eri Kisaki
Culprit: Jo Murakami
Murakami escaped from the interrogation and used Eri as a hostage.

As part of his police training, Kogoro had been taught never to shoot in a hostage situation, but on that day he did, injuring Eri and causing Murakami to let go of her, leading to his safe arrest and transfer to prison. This was the case that led Kogoro to quit the police force.

Conan mentions that although Kogoro did shoot Eri, he questions if that was the whole truth, and hangs up.

When Conan calls Ran as Shinichi later, she asks him if he would do the same if Ran was held hostage, even if it meant injuring Ran. Conan says that although Kogoro did shoot Eri, he wonders if that was the whole truth, and hangs up.

At the agency, Conan later remembers another person with "ten" in his name, Hiroki Tsuji. Megure, Kogoro, and Shiratori quickly rush to Tsuji's house along with Ran and Conan. Tsuji was planning to go on a helicopter ride. The police warn him not to leave but he refuses to cancel the trip. He does allow Megure and Kogoro to escort him to Tohto Airport. Conan sneaks onto the helicopter as well. During the flight, Tsuji suddenly can't keep his eyes open any longer and can't tolerate sunlight.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case4.jpg

Location: Helicopter flying in the sky
Victim: Hiroki Tsuji
Age: 36 years old
Injury: Helicopter crash
Suspects: Jo Murakami
Somebody replaced Tsuji's eyedrops with a chemical solution that made him unable to keep his eyes open in direct sunlight. Kogoro, Megure and the weakened Tsuji join forces and help Conan to crash-land Tsuji's helicopter at Teitan Elementary.

Conan attempts to land the helicopter at Teitan Elementary. While doing so, he contacts the Detective Boys with their badge, asking them to help evacuate the schoolyard. The helicopter is caught by a downdraft and crashes onto the ground. Tsuji, Kogoro, Megure and Conan just about escape before the helicopter explodes due to gas leaking out.

The investigation reveals that someone replaced Tsuji's eyedrops with mydriatic drops, which caused his pupils to dilate and become light-sensitive. Because the effect of this medicine wear off in ten days to two weeks, Tsuji has to withdraw from the US Open.

The search for the next target, a "number nine", continues. Kogoro says he can't think of anyone but he does know someone with an eight, Kohei Sawaki. Therefore, Megure, Shiratori, Ran, Conan and Kogoro visit Sawaki at home to warn him. He shows them around and presents his large wine collection to them. Conan has a look through Sawaki's apartment and notices a dent in the floor. Sawaki explains he dropped a wine bottle. When asked about his plans for the next couple of days, Sawaki explains that he is supposed to meet Kazuyoshi Asahi in his not-yet-opened complex AquaCrystal to discuss the restaurant Asahi plans to open in the building.

Shiratori suddenly notices that Asahi has a nine in his name.

The Aquacrystal

Everyone joins Sawaki for his meeting in the AquaCrystal restaurant. To their alarm, Nana (seven) Osanai, Minoru Nishina (two), Eimei Shishido and Peter Ford (his last name sounds like "four") are also waiting to board the monorail to the main building, all claim they have been summoned by Asahi. On the way to the restaurant, they also notice there is a three in Ninzaburo Shiratori's name. Ran is anxious when she realises Shinichi could also be a target as "ichi" means "one".

Osanai and Nishina get into an argument. Osanai complains that a restaurant that Nishina recommended in his book was actually terrible and that he has no taste at all. She wants to challenge the critic once they arrive at the restaurant and gets him to taste a wine without looking, making him guess the type of grape. Nishina says it's a Chambertin but is wrong. As sommelier, Sawaki takes on the challenge as well and correctly detects a Beaujolais Moulin-a-vent.

Everyone decides to get something to drink while they wait for Asahi to join them. Conan gets a box of juice for Ran and is surprised to see Kogoro help himself to a juice as well. When Conan goes back to the storeroom, he notices Sawaki with chili powder on his hand, apparently trying to taste it.

The guests decide to explore the spacious wine cellar belonging to the restaurant. While they look for a wine, Sawaki narrowly avoids getting shot by an arrow, a trap with Eight of Spades apparently set by Jo Murakami.

Attempted Murder

Movie2 Case5.jpg

Location: Aquacrystal wine cellar
Victim: Kohei Sawaki
Age: 36 years old
Attack types: Shooting
Suspects: Jo Murakami
Sawaki dodged the arrow and he's safe.

The police worry that Asahi might already be dead.

As the guests go back upstairs to the restaurant and prepare to leave, Asahi's dead body suddenly floats past them in the fish tank. Nana yells out in panic. Asahi has a Nine of Spades on his chest.

Kogoro decides to tell everyone about the ongoing investigation, saying he fears Jo Murakami, who has recently been released from prison, might target all of them.


Movie2 Case6.jpg

Location: Aquacrystal aquarium
Victim: Katsuyoshi Asahi
Age: 61 years old
Cause of death: Drowning
Suspects: Jo Murakami
As the group is about to leave Aquacrystal, Nana notices Asahi's body floating in the fish tank and screams. The Nine of Spades is found on his chest.

Conan notices Nana behaving strangely when Kogoro tells them about Murakami and asks her about it. Dejected, Nana reveals that she caused a serious accident three months ago. She was driving recklessly, as usual, and hit a motorcycle whose driver suffered serious injuries. Panicking, she fled the scene before the emergency services and the police arrived.

Hit and Run

Movie2 CaseNana Accident.jpg

Victim: Unknown motorcycle driver
Culprit: Nana Osanai
Three months ago, Nana caused an accident and injured a motorcycle driver.

The group heads for the emergency exit, which, to their dismay, has been blocked with cement. They decide to spread out to look for alternative exits and leave Nana with Ran and Conan in the restaurant. Conan wants to sneak off to help look for the emergency exit but Ran catches him. There is a sudden blackout which makes Nana panic. Conan notices a pink light and realizes her nail polish is actually fluorescent paint.

The power comes back on and Nana lies dead on the ground. She has been stabbed. Conan immediately notices something unusual. On her body there are two playing cards- the seven and the Joker of Spades, the culprit must be right-handed according to the handprint on Nana's back and the wine cork Nana had been playing with is missing.


Movie2 Case7.jpg

Location: Aquacrystal restaurant
Victim: Nana Osanai
Age: 21 years old
Cause of death: Stab wound in the back.
Suspects: Eimei Shishido, Minoru Nishina, Kohei Sawaki, and Peter Ford
During the blackout, someone stabbed Nana in the back with a knife. However, something is not right as this time both seven and joker of spade are found, the culprit is right-handed, and also the cork kept by Nana is missing.

Conan sees the handprint on Nana's back and realises it has been left by someone who is right-handed. This effectively excludes Jo Murakami who is left-handed.

Conan goes to get everyone something to drink from the storage and hands them glasses with mineral water. While watching them, he realises who actually committed the murders. Just as he does so, a bomb causes the lights to shut down once again and a second bomb breaks the fish tank, causing the restaurant to flood.

Everyone swims for their lives. Kogoro has to save Nishina who can't swim.

They eventually make it to a helicopter launchpad and Conan, terrified, realises Ran is missing.

Explosion - Attempted Murder

Movie 2 Explosion.jpg

Location: Aquacrystal
Victims: Conan Edogawa, Ran Mouri, Kogoro Mouri, Ninzaburo Shiratori, Juzo Megure, Eimei Shishido, Minoru Nishina, Kohei Sawaki, and Peter Ford
Age: 45 years old (Shishido), 37 years old (Nishina), 36 years old (Sawaki), and 40 years old (Ford)
Suspects: Eimei Shishido, Minoru Nishina, Kohei Sawaki, and Peter Ford
Shortly later, a bomb explodes and brings in the ocean water. With quick thinking, the group are able to escape to the outside by swimming into the ocean. However, Ran is still trapped inside.

Ran's feet got caught in the wheels of a car that was left in the restaurant. Conan swims back and dives to help her out but gets stuck as well. He falls unconscious but Ran helps him by giving him oxygen in form of a kiss before she passes out as well. Conan uses his elastic suspenders to move the car and helps Ran back to the surface. Sawaki Point to the floating Two to Six of Spades.

Conan knocks out Kogoro and starts his deduction.

Sawaki tries to resuscitate Nishina but Shiratori blocks him and gives Nishina CPR instead.

Conan hits Kogoro with his stun-watch and presents his deductions.


  • Resolution

    Translation changes


    • The names of the characters in the Funimation Dub are:
    • Jo Murakami - J.T Morono
    • Eimei Shishido - Emilio Cantore
    • Minoru Nishina - Mason Norfolk
    • Nana Osanai - Nina Oliver
    • Katsuyoshi Asahi - Chris Ashton
    • Hiroki Tsuji - Henry Tish
    • Kohei Sawaki - Kevin Simms
    • Towako Okano - Tammy Diez
    • Due to the name changes in the Funimation Dub, the clues for each target (Aside from Jo Murakami) were changed to the following:
    • Juzo Megure (First name means 13) - Joseph Meguire (Whole name is made up of 13 letters)
    • Eri Kisaki (Last name means Queen) - Eva Kaden (First name means Queen in some other languages)
    • Hiroshi Agasa (Shi is a combination of 10 and 1) - Hershel Agasa (Has 11 patents on inventions)
    • Hiroki Tsuji (His name contains the kanji for 10) - Henry Tish (He is ranked as the 10th best golfer in the world)
    • Towako Okano (She was suspected as the target's name contains the kanji for 10) - Tammy Diez (She was suspected as the target's last name is the number 10 in Spanish)
    • Katsuyoshi Asahi (His name contains the kanji for 9) - Chris Ashton (He owns 9 buildings)
    • Kohei Sawaki (His name contains the kanji for 8) - Kevin Simms (He went to a culinary school with an 8 year program)
    • Nana Osanai (First name is a Japanese reading of 7) - Nina Oliver (She was a model since the age of 7)
    • Eimei Shishido (His name contains the kanji for 6) - Emilio Cantore (He has 6 children)
    • Kogoro Mouri (His name contains the kanji for 5) - Richard Moore (His last name has 5 letters)
    • Peter Ford (Last name is phonetically similar to 4) - Peter Ford (His last name has 4 letters)
    • Ninzaburo Shiratori (His name contains the kanji for 3) - Inspector Santos (He is the 3rd child of 3 siblings, each born 3 years apart)
    • Minoru Nishina (His name contains the kanji for 2) - Mason Norfolk (He wrote two books)
    • Shinichi Kudo (His name contains the kanji for 1) - Jimmy Kudo (Only child and number 1 at many things)
    • Jo Murakami (His nickname in the casino is "joker") - J.T Morono (His nickname in the casino is "joker")
    • In this movie, as well as all subsequent movies released by Funimation, the Japanese on-screen captions were replaced with English captions.


    • Nana Osanai drives a 2002 red BMW Z3 [E36/7]. The license plate number is 新宿57, な • 3 71 (Shinjuku 57, Na • 3 71).
    • Peter Ford's car is a 1994 purple Ford Mustang [SN95].
    • Eimei Shishido drives a 1996 green Jeep Cherokee [XJ]. The license plate number is 新宿 831, と 44-10 (Shinjuku 34, To 44-10).
    • Minoru Nishina drives a 1987 pearl white Jaguar XJ6 [XJ40].
    • Hiroki Tsuji drives a 1990 red Porsche 911 Carrera [964].
    • Ninzaburo Shiratori's car is a white Renault 9 Phase 3 Sedan.
    • The vehicle in the Aquacrystal restaurant is a rosso corsa Ferrari F40 LM.
    • Kohei Sawaki's motorcycles are a 1996 black Suzuki DR 650 SE and a 1985 red Yamaha XS 650.
    • The revolver in the scene is a Nambu Model 60.
    • The location shown in the ending song is Tokyo Bay Aqua-Line.
    • Although Kogoro does not state that he has a fear of heights, he did say he has a fear of flying in this movie.
    • Eri likes Zigoba Chocolates, a knock-off of Godiva.
    • Eri and Kogoro went out to eat at La Fleur French Restaurant fifteen years ago.
    • Hiroki Tsuji competed in the same charity golf tournament that Kogoro competed in The Golf Driving Range Murder Case.
    • Kogoro was once hired by Katsuyoshi Asahi to find his pet cat.
    • According to Megure, neither he or Shiratori are good with guns, as opposed to Kogoro, whom Megure remembered as being one of the two best marksmen at the police academy.
    • Shinichi practiced shooting a gun at a shooting range at their Summer Retreat in Hawaii, when he was with his father.
    • Many anime version's paintings in the Sunset Manor are from this movie, although with an inverted orientation: in the dining room, the one with cherry in bloom at Mount Takao from The Mist Goblin Legend Murder Case in the French Restaurant "La Fleur", and the one with a sunset beach girl in Aquacrystal restaurant, but both divided into two; in the piano room, the one about a castle in Sawaki's apartment. Those with trees foliage and a sunset beach girl in the dining room appeared in the apartment building front entrance from The Historical Actor Murder Case, as correct orientation but respectively with cherry blossom petals and cut out the girl, the one with cherry in bloom in Suzuki ship and the first in Yokosuka Castle, but in white and black, from The Last Wizard of the Century. The oil painting with a sunset beach girl also appeared in a hotel room from The Ten Planets in the Night Sky. Open spoiler box to see images.


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Arabic Arabic الهدف الرابع عشر The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) La catorzena víctima The Fourteenth Victim
    Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 第十四个目标 The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Republic of China Chinese (Traditional) 第十四號獵物 The Fourteenth Prey
    Flag of Netherlands Dutch (Subbed) Het veertiende doelwit The fourteenth target
    Flag of France French (Dubbed) La quatorzième cible The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of France French (Subbed) La quatorzième cible The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Galicia Galician A décimo cuarta vítima The Fourteenth Victim
    Flag of Germany German Das 14. Ziel The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Italy Italian L'asso di picche The Ace of Spades
    Flag of South Korea Korean 14번째 표적 The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Iran Persian هفدهمین هدف The Fourteenth Target
    Flag of Mexico Spanish (Latin America) La décimocuarta víctima The Fourteenth Victim
    Flag of Spain Spanish (Spain) La décimocuarta víctima The Fourteenth Victim
    Flag of Thailand Thai คดีฆาตกรรมไพ่ปริศนา The Mysterious Cards Murder Case
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Mục tiêu thứ 14 The Fourteenth Target


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