Magic File 2: Shinichi Kudo, The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Lab

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OVA Magic File 2

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Title: Magic File 2: Shinichi Kudo, The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Lab
Japanese Title: 工藤新一 謎の壁と黒ラブ事件
(Kudō Shin'ichi Nazo no Kabe to Kuroirabu Jiken)
Original airdate: April 19, 2008[1]
Cast: Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Yusaku Kudo
Yukiko Kudo
Detective Boys
Sonoko Suzuki
Conan Edogawa
Reiko Akiba
Case solved by: Shinichi Kudo
Yusaku Kudo
Director: Yasuichiro Yamamoto
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Minami Akitsu
Technical Director: Naoki Horiuchi
Animation Director: Akira Takeuchi
Kouki Sugawara
Hiroaki Kawaguchi
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Junko Yamanaka
Production Cooperation: drop
Closing song: Yukidoke no Ano Kawa no Nagare no Yō ni
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Full Score of Fear pre-story

Shinichi Kudo, The Case of the Mysterious Wall and the Black Lab (工藤新一 謎の壁と黒ラブ事件 Kudō Shin'ichi Nazo no Kabe to Kuroirabu Jiken?) is an OVA of Detective Conan that was released in Magic File 2 exclusive DVD on April 19, 2008. This OVA is a pre-story for Full Score of Fear.




Fourteen-year-old Shinichi Kudo practices soccer in Beika Park, being admired by several children who compare him to Hideo Akagi. A man, Koichi Akimoto, interrupts to ask if Shinichi had seen Koichi in the park at 10:00 AM the previous Thursday. Shinichi did not, but he loiters in the park to watch as the man tries to find other witnesses. Koichi is shocked that Shinichi did wait and asks why. Shinichi answers that he is a detective, and notes that two other men in the park are actually two undercover cops watching Koichi. From that display of skill, Koichi asks Shinichi to help clear him of the charge of murdering his grandmother. Shinichi realizes that Koichi is trying to establish witnesses for his alibi, which was that he was drunk and sleeping on a secluded patch of grass in the park, having cancelled a trip to visit his grandmother. With some prodding of his memory, Koichi recalls that when he was in the park before he heard a bark and saw a woman walking by on the other side of a short retaining wall with something black, which he believes was a black dog. Shinichi concludes that if a woman walked a dog that day, she will likely be in the park at the same time on other days. He promises to meet Koichi at Beika Park the next morning to investigate, even though that means skipping class to do so.

Walking to school the next day, Shinichi discusses the case with Ran. Ran mentions she knows a woman who walks her dog every day in the park, but Shinichi is disappointed to learn that her walking route is not visible from where Koichi had been. Ran suggests that Koichi might be clairvoyant to have seen them anyway, but Shinichi strongly protests that such abilities don't exist, otherwise there would be no need for detectives or police to solve mysteries. Ran insists that there are some mysteries that no one can solve, even though Shinichi says he can, and they stop talking to each other without resolving the argument. Later that morning, Shinichi finds the woman and dog that Ran mentioned. However, to Shinichi's disappointment, the woman is positive she did not walk past Koichi's position while he was there. Shinichi heads straight home, pondering what Koichi saw and how to confirm the alibi.


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