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Title: The Last Wizard of the Century
English Title: The Last Wizard of the Century
Japanese Title: 名探偵コナン 世紀末の魔術師
(Meitantei Konan: Seikimatsu no Majutsushi)
Original airdate: April 17, 1999
English airdate: December 29, 2009
Broadcast rating when aired on television: 23.3% (aired on March 20, 2000)
19.8% (aired on October 7, 2002)
8.7% (aired on September 29, 2008) [1]
11.1% (aired on March 22, 2019)
Cast: Conan Edogawa
Shinichi Kudo
Ran Mouri
Juzo Megure
Ninzaburo Shiratori
Wataru Takagi
Hiroshi Agasa
Sonoko Suzuki
Detective Boys
Ai Haibara
Kaitou Kid
Heiji Hattori
Kazuha Toyama
Ginzo Nakamori
Shintaro Chaki
Shiro Suzuki
Detective Yokoyama
Detective Kobayashi
Detective Yokoyama
Detective Kojima
Police detective
Police detective
Mrs. Yoshida
Case solved by: Conan Edogawa
Director: Kenji Kodama
Screenplay: Kazunari Kouchi
Storyboard: Kenji Kodama
Technical Director: Masato Sato
Atsushi Yano (asst.)
Animation director: Masatomo Sudo (chief)
Yoshiharu Shimizu
Takashi Hyodo
Junko Yamanaka
Masahiko Itojima (effects)
Character Design: Masatomo Sudo
Design Works: Junko Yamanaka, Masahiko Itojima
Theme song: ONE
Soundtrack: Detective Conan "The Last Wizard of the Century" Original Soundtrack
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The Last Wizard of the Century is the 3rd movie in the Detective Conan franchise. It was released in Japan on April 17, 1999.

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Ayumi watches a vampire movie on TV. The movie has just reached an exciting part, a vampire meets a woman dressed in white, when Ayumi's mother comes in and tells her to go to bed. Ayumi asks if she can continue watching for a bit but her mother reminds her that she has to go to school and that her class is going swimming the following day.

Ayumi goes to bed and sees a strange shadow on her balcony. It turns out to be the master thief Kaito Kid. Ayumi, still impressed by the movie, wants to know if Kid is Dracula but Kid tells her he isn't, he just needed a little rest and that Ayumi shouldn't tell anyone she's seen him. Kid gently presses a kiss to the back of Ayumi's hand. Suddenly, a police helicopter comes flying in and they hear Inspector Ginzo Nakamori shouting that he's spotted Kid and that they have to catch him now. Kid quickly says goodbye to Ayumi and jumps, opening his hang glider and flying away from the police.

At school, Ayumi excitedly tells her friends that she met "handsome" Kaito Kid. Conan thinks that he is going to catch the master thief one day.

On August 19, the police hold a meeting about Kaito Kid at Tokyo Metropolitan Police Headquarters. They start by giving an overview of Kid's criminal career: The thief with the case number 1412, better known as Kaito Kid, has committed 134 heists 15 in 12 other countries other than Japan, including America, France and Germany, stealing jewels worth a total of 38,725,000,000 yen. Kid recently announced his new heist in his usual cryptic fashion: "Between the dusk of the Lion and the dawn of the Virgin, when the second hand on the clock indicates the twelfth symbol, I will take the Memories Egg from Shining Sky chamber. The last wizard of the century, Kaito Kid."

The Memories Egg is a priceless egg made by famous jeweler Fabergé and belonged to the Russian Imperial family, the Romanovs. It was recently discovered in a collection of antiquities belonging to the Suzuki corporation.


Imperial Easter Egg.jpg

Thief: Kaitou Kid
Target: Imperial Easter Egg
Owner: Suzuki Financial Group
Location: Suzuki Modern Art Museum in Osaka
Date: August 22
Advanced Notice: Between the dusk of the Lion and the dawn of the Virgin, when the second hand on the clock indicates the twelfth symbol, I will take the Memories Egg from Shining Sky Chamber.

The Memories Egg was originally a gift from the Russian czar to his wife on Easter Sunday. It belonged to a collection of rare eggs made by famous jeweler Fabergé between 1885 and 1916. So far, fifty of these eggs have been found worldwide, meaning the Memories Egg will be the fifty-first piece. The Suzuki corporation which currently owns the egg plans to display it in the Modern Arts museum in Osaka beginning on August 23rd.

Inspector Nakamori explains the current state of the investigation. Police believe that "between the dusk of the Lion and the dawn of the Virgin" indicates the day Kaito Kid plans to commit his heist. The astrological sign Leo ends on August 23 and the astrological sign Virgo begins on August 23, meaning Kaito Kid wants to steal the egg between dusk on August 22 and dawn on August 23. As for the next part, "when the second hand on the clock indicates the twelfth symbol", police think this must be a reference to the time Kaito Kid wants to break into the museum, but they don't have a definitive answer yet. Following Director Suzuki's wishes, the police asked Kogoro Mori to help protect the egg. They also believe Kaito Kid will show up at Osaka Castle. Nakamori implores his officers to work together with their colleagues in Osaka and to protect the egg at all costs, telling them it doesn't matter if Kid escapes this time ... but then he changes direction and holds a fiery speech, telling everyone their reputation is on the line if they don't catch Kid as well and that they have to finally put him behind bars. He is met with loud cheers.

Kogoro, Ran and Conan get off the train in Osaka and Sonoko picks them up, announcing that she's giving them a ride in the family limousine. She introduces everyone to their driver, her father's secretary Masato Nishino who speaks English, French and German fluently and has already visited lots of overseas countries.

Meanwhile, the Detective Boys visit Professor Agasa and tell him it's unfair that Conan gets to go to Osaka by himself. Agasa cheers them up by bringing them slices of watermelon. When they want to eat, Agasa stops them, saying they are only allowed to eat if they solve his newest riddle: "I (meaning Agasa) have many grandchildren, how old are they?" Ai answers: "zero" which is correct and Agasa asks her to explain her reasoning. The solution is one of Agasa's beloved puns: "washi" (a way for elderly people to say "I") can also be read as "eagle" and "many ooku no mago" (grandchildren) can also mean many "egg's children" (tamago) - and an egg is zero years old. The Detective Boys are impressed with Ai, as is Agasa, and they all happily eat watermelon.

The limousine arrives at the Suzuki Modern Arts Museum which is guarded by many police officers. Ran, Sonoko, Kogoro and Conan get out of the car and run into Heiji and Kazuha.

Sonoko takes her guests to see her father Shiro who is delighted to see Kogoro. Sonoko introduces Heiji and Kazuha to her father as well and Chairman Suzuki presents his guests: Sergei Ovchinnikov, a high-level representative of the Russian Embassy, Shoichi Inui, an arts dealer, Seiran Hoshi, a Chinese historian specialising in the Romanov Dynasty and freelance reporter Ryu Sagawa, who is currently investigating the Memories Egg and its origins. Kogoro wants to know more about the egg. Inui explains it is valued at 600 million yen and he would be able to afford it if Chairman Suzuki wants to sell the egg. Ovchinnikov angrily interjects, saying the egg belongs to Russia and needs to be sold to the Russian National Museum instead of just "some" arts collector, which offends Inui.

Inui and Ovchinnikov leave, telling the chairman they'll discuss this later. Nishino brings the egg into the room and Chairman Suzuki orders him to get everyone something to drink while he opens the egg. The egg contains several figures, Tsar Nicholas II and his family crowded together around a book, all made of gold. There is a lock for a key in the front of the egg and when a key is inserted there, the pages of the golden book on the Tsar's knees begin to turn. On a photo of the egg that is in the box as well, it says "ВОСПОМИНАНИE" which is a literal translation of the English "Memories Egg" and it also says "memories (RU: Воспоминания)" on the book inside the egg. Conan asks why the book is also called memories and Kogoro says it is obviously meant to show the Tsar and his children looking at a photo album and reminiscing together and that in itself is a memory. The Tsarina is missing from the egg which is odd to Conan as the egg was supposed to be a gift to her, so he wonders if she wouldn't have felt left out. Chairman Suzuki says that the egg was created in a time of great financial hardship for Russia.

Heiji brings everyone's attention back to Kid's message and asks the group what the "Shining Sky Chamber" could refer to. Kazuha replies that there is a saying that the fundaments of Osaka Castle are especially beautiful so maybe Kid meant "Osaka Castle is a shining light for the city". Superintendent Chaki and Inspector Nakamori join them and report that they are certain Kid will appear at Osaka Castle but they still haven't figured out when. Kogoro has a sudden "epiphany" and declares that "the twelfth symbol" refers to the 12th letter of the Latin alphabet, which is the letter L. At 3 AM, the hands on a clock form the letter L so that must mean Kid will appear at 3 AM.

Ran, Conan, Heiji and Kazuha visit Naniwa Buddha Shrine and get their fortunes read. Ran is excited about her "good" fortune and the message that tells her "if you wait, you will meet your love once again". Conan and Heiji leave the girls to it and discuss the riddle again, they are not certain that 3 AM really is the right answer. On the way back, Conan has a look at his message from the shrine and is confused - it says "when a tsunami destroys your home, nobody will be hurt", but also, and that alarms him: "a secret will be revealed".

Chairman Suzuki and Kogoro plan to eat at a restaurant since it is a while until Kid is supposed to show up. Inspector Nakamori wants to collect the egg and Kogoro asks if he's going to carry it to the exhibit. Nakamori reveals that the egg is fake, the original plan was to take the original egg to the place Kid mentions in his notice and set a trap for him, but Kid is too smart for that, so the police will hide the egg somewhere Kid doesn't know. Nakamori can't tell Kogoro where the original egg is, only he himself and his subordinates know. He already did a "face check" on his subordinates to see if Kid hasn't snuck in, wearing an elaborate disguise. Kogoro suddenly grabs Nakamori, pulling at his cheeks to check if he wasn't actually Kid in disguise, explaining that someone has to check Nakamori as well. Nakamori angrily does the same to Kogoro and while they "wrestle", a white pigeon wearing a record device can be seen on the windowsill.

Chairman Suzuki and Kogoro have a good time at Restaurant Kakahei and watch the "unexpected" fireworks.

Conan says the fireworks were an attempt to divert attention away from Tsuuten Tower and asks Nishino if he knows where the egg is. Nishino replies that Nakamori took it to a different secret location. There is another sudden explosion at Haginochaya electric substation which causes a blackout in the entire city. Kid planted bombs at the station to watch where emergency power is turned back on after the blackout, helping him figure out where the egg actually is. He watches from the top of Tsuuten Tower and realises the egg is in an abandoned warehouse.

Kid flies to the warehouse on his hang glider, chased by Conan on his skateboard but Conan gets stuck in a dead end. Heiji picks him up on the motorcycle and they reach Kid's location. Conan enters the warehouse alone and goes upstairs, finding Kid who has already taken the egg and has knocked Nakamori and his officers out. Kid activates his car gun, filling the room with smoke and uses the confusion to fly away. Conan escapes the warehouse and Heiji and Conan chase after Kid on his motorcycle. Heiji injures himself and tells Conan to go run after kid, when suddenly, a shot is fired, aimed at Kid's right eye, who crashes and falls into the sea.



Location: Sky of Osaka
Victim: Kaitou Kid
Cause of death (?): Gunshot wound (Right eye)
Suspects: Scorpion
The culprit shot Kid's right eye and let him fall in the sea.

Conan retrieves the egg and Kid's injured pigeon. A wide-range search for Kid's body gets underway, but the police can't find any traces of the master thief and nobody knows if he is still alive.

The following day, the exhibition is cancelled to keep the egg safe. Everyone returns home on a luxury liner belonging to the Suzuki Corporation.

On board, Natsumi explains herself to Chairman Suzuki. Her great-grandfather's name was Kiichi, he was a craftsman working for Fabergé in Russia. He fell in love and married a Russian woman and they returned to Japan together. Her great-grandmother had a daughter and died soon after giving birth. Nine years later, her great-grandfather also died, aged just 45 years. Natsumi was raised by her grandmother, Kiichi's daughter, after her grandfather and her parents died in a car accident when Natsumi was five. A month ago her grandmother passed away as well.

Natsumi worked as a beautician in Paris but returned to Japan after her grandmother's death. She found an old sketch by her great-grandfather when she looked through her grandmother's possession, which she now presents to the group. The sketch shows the Memories egg, but it looks like a middle part is missing from the egg. Conan examines the picture and asks if it's possible there were originally two eggs because the outlines would align if you added a middle part. Conan asks himself what "Memories" actually refers to and looks at the egg once again when he notices a small glass piece on the bottom of the egg. When he tries to touch it, it falls out.

Conan picks it up and sees that something has been printed on the glass. He asks Nishino to turn the lights off and shines his wristwatch at the glass, making a picture of a castle reflect on the nearest wall. The glass is a mirror on which images were printed. Legend has it that Christians used these secret mirrors to project crosses onto the nearest wall to worship in secret.

Natsumi recognises the castle as Yokosuka Castle, built by her great-grandfather and inherited by her grandmother. Kogoro says that Natsumi's great-grandfather must have taken the eggs with him when he fled Russia during the Russian Revolutions. He must have sold the gems from the second egg to build Yokusuka Castle and the egg must have been hid inside. He then left the message in the first egg's mirror for his descendants. Natsumi shows Kogoro the key she found among her grandmother's possessions and asks if the key is important. Kogoro excitedly replies it has to be and that they will all look for the second egg in Yokosuka Castle once they are back in Tokyo.

Ran and Conan care for Kid's pigeon and bandage its injured wings. There is a knock at the door and they open it, revealing Sagawa who records them on his camera and leaves. Sonoko, Natsumi and Nishino join them. The pigeon flaps his wings and Nishino flees in panic, covering his nose.

Sonoko and Conan ask Seiran to join them in Ran's room. Seiran thanks them for the invitation and gets ready when Sonoko and Conan spot a photo frame on her desk that says "Grigori" on the back. Sonoko asks Seiran if that is a photo of her boyfriend and Seiran quickly says yes, putting the photo down on the desk.

Natsumi tells Ran that she has been living in Paris since she was twenty. They notice Natsumi has grey eyes, the same colour as her mother and grandmother and - incidentally - Seiran.

Ran and Seiran chat about the differences between Japanese and Chinese. Ran says her name is "orchid" and Seiran would be "blue orchid" in Japanese. Seiran explains that her actual name is Chinglan ("sei" being "ching" in Chinese and "ran" being" lan), she just goes by the Japanese transcription when she is in Japan. Her last name Hoshi is actually "Pusu" in Chinese. Ran and Sonoko ask her about their Chinese names - Ran would be Lan Maoli and Sonoko Yuanzu Lingmu.

Natsumi wonders whether Seiran is her age and they find out they were born in the same year, two days apart - Seiran's birthday is May 5, Natsumi's is May 3. Conan tells them he was born in the middle of them on May 4, which briefly makes Ran suspicious that he could be Shinichi because May 4 is Shinichi's birthday as well but she quickly dismisses that as nonsense.

Natsumi and Seiran join Kogoro and Chairman Suzuki for a drink. Sagawa watches them and Seiran asks Sagawa about the pendant he wears - a ring labeled "Maria". Sagawa explains that this ring used to belong to Maria, a daughter of Tsar Nicholas II and goes back into the ship.

Sagawa is murdered that evening at 7:30 PM, shot in the right eye by the unknown culprit.

Nishino discovers the body and runs to tell Kogoro. Kogoro, Ran and Conan accompany a panicked Nishino to Sagawa's bedroom and find his dead body.



Location: Suzuki's Luxury Liner (Sagawa's room)
Victim: Ryu Sagawa
Age: 32 years old
Time: 7:30 PM
Cause of death: Gunshot wound in right eye
Suspects: Scorpion
Ryu Sagawa is found dead in his room, shot through the right eye by Scorpion.

Kogoro examines the body and says that the murder must have been committed 30 minutes ago. The pendant is missing as well. Kogoro tells Chairman Suzuki to call the police.

Inspector Megure is at police headquarters in Tokyo when he receives the call and the officers decide to take a helicopter to the luxury liner. Shiratori and Takagi join Megure.

Kogoro welcomes his former colleagues and they examine the crime scene together. Kogoro explains about the ring that was taken from Sagawa and says that he thinks this was the motive for the murder. One of their constables finds a pen near the body which looks like the pen that Nishino carries with him so they decide to ask him about it. Nishino is surprised, confirming that this is indeed his pen but says he has no idea how it ended up in Sagawa's room. Kogoro questions him about his alibi. Nishino was preparing dinner for everyone and had just got everything ready, so he planned on telling Sagawa, went to his room and found him dead. He claims he took a shower at 7:10 PM and had a short nap, saying that he must have slept at the time the murder was committed. Takagi comes back from the crime scene and reports that Sagawa's video tapes have gone missing which would explain the chaos in the room. Upon hearing that, Conan suddenly runs off and Ran chases after him. Shiratori stops her, telling her to stay with the others and he will find Conan for her.

Conan calls Professor Agasa and asks for his help. He wants Agasa to search online for murders that were committed by shooting the victims in their right eye. Agasa tells Conan he'll get to work immediately. When they speak again a while later, Agasa says that he had a look at the ICPO crime database and someone, whose age, gender and origins are currently unknown, is indeed wanted for committing murders in that fashion. The ICPO have given the name "Scorpion" to the unknown serial killer.

Takagi finds the missing ring under Nishino's bed which makes Nishino the main suspect. Nishino defends himself. Conan has a closer look at the bed and notices a padded pillow on the mattress, asking Nishino if he is allergic to feathers. Nishino says yes and Conan tells everyone that that confirms Nishino couldn't have been the murderer. They found feathers all over the crime scene in Sagawa's room, the murderer searched the entire room and tore the feather pillows open, which is something someone with feather allergies could not have done. Chairman Suzuki confirms Nishino's story, saying Nishino is so severely allergic to feathers that he gets sneezing fits whenever he is near a bird, that's why he uses a different pillow. Sonoko says she now understands why Nishino ran out of Ran's room when he saw the pigeon.

Megure wonders who the murderer might be. Conan tells everyone about "Scorpion" who specialises in stealing treasures belonging to the Romanov dynasty and shoots his victims through the right eye which makes him a prime suspect for Sagawa's murder and also for the attack on Kaito Kid. Kogoro wants to know how Conan knows such things. Conan has no idea how to answer and panics when suddenly, Shiratori comes to his help, replying that he heard Conan talk to Professor Agasa. Megure says he doesn't understand why the ring was placed in Nishino's room when it was Scorpion who killed Sagawa. Nishino remembers that he met Sagawa three years ago in another country. Sagawa was filming a crying girl whose house had just burned down. Nishino told him to stop, but Sagawa didn't listen, so Nishino punched him.

Kogoro says it all makes sense to him now. They are actually investigating two different cases - first, Sagawa wanted to frame Nishino for stealing his ring. Sagawa made sure everyone on board saw the ring, then, while Nishino took a shower, Sagawa snuck into his room, placed the ring under his bed and took his pen to stack evidence against Nishino. While he was back in his room, Scorpion shot Sagawa. Scorpion feared their true identity was revealed on Sagawa's videos, shot him and tore the entire room apart, looking for the tapes and the ring. Shiratori says he saw a lifeboat missing which means Scorpion must have already escaped.

Everyone agrees that Scorpion is now after the second egg and will show up at Yokosuka Castle. Shiratori decides to accompany Natsumi to the castle as well.

The following morning, August 24, the luxury liner arrives in Tokyo.

The Detective Boys are going to meet Professor Agasa and are just about to arrive at his house when they hear Ai telling Agasa "let's go to the castle". Genta decides Agasa isn't going without them so they hide in the back row of the car and pop up as Agasa drives away, surprising him.

Shiratori and the others take two separate cars to the castle. Sergei, sitting next to Kogoro, asks if the police can confirm that Sagawa's ring really belonged to Maria Romanova. Kogoro replies that the ring is currently being examined and they can't say for certain. Sergei says it would be a miracle and tells everyone that Maria is said to have been the kindest of the Tsar's four daughter and had beautiful grey eyes. It is recorded that the entire Romanov family was executed after the Russian revolution but they still haven't found Maria's or her brother's corpses.

The cars stop in front of Yokosuka Castle. Everyone immediately notices that it resembles the well-known Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. Natsumi says the castle has been called "perfect for Cinderella." Conan wonders why the castle looks German when Natsumi's grandparents were from Russia.

Professor Agasa and the Detective Boys turn up and Agasa hands Conan a new pair of glasses, telling him they have "a special upgrade." Inui arrives later than the others, explaining that he had an errand. He now carries a bag. Everyone enters the castle and Kogoro asks Sawabe to lock the doors so the children can't get in and into danger. The Detective Boys, undeterred, decide to find another entrance to "hunt the treasure".

Natsumi shows everyone around. They visit an armor gallery full of medieval Western European designs and the "lady's lounge" where Natsumi's grandmother preferred to spend her days, as well as the "Tsar's Gallery". Inui sneaks back into the lounge, believing there is a secret door or vault in the room. He searches the lounge and finds a vault hidden behind a large picture, grabs a lockpick from his bag and opens the vault. When he tries to grab the jewellery hidden in the vault, his hand is caught by a metal cuff. A trapdoor in the ceiling opens and swords fall from the ceiling, hanging on chains. Inui yells out in shock and the others find him. Sawabe lets him out using a key on his set of keys and explains that Kiichi created this trap to protect the family treasure from thieves. There are many of these traps all around the castle.

Sawabe leads the group into the old study and they notice photos of Kiichi, his family and Kiichi following his hobbies on the walls. Conan can't find a photo of Kiichi's mother so he asks Natsumi if it was taken down. Natsumi replies she has never seen a photo of her grandmother and has no idea what she looked like. Inui points out a photo of Rasputin which even has his signature, G. Rasputin (RU: Г. Распутин), at the bottom. Ran has no idea who Rasputin was and Kogoro tells her he was called "the most evil man of the century". Inui explains that Rasputin was also known as "the Mad Monk" and is said to have been responsible for the downfall of the Tsar and the ruin of the Romanovs. The Tsar's brother Duke Yusupov killed Rasputin to avenge his brother's family and Rasputin's body was found in a river. One of his eyes was missing.

Murder? (Past)


Location: Russia
Victim: Grigori Rasputin
Cause of death (?): Gunshot wound (Right eye)
Suspects: Felix Yusupov
The deadbody of Rasputin is found in the Malaya Nevka River the body sink and lost the right eye.

Kogoro lights a cigarette and Conan notices the smoke moving unusually so he asks Kogoro to give him the cigarette, holds it up and says there must be an air current coming from the floor. They peel back a carpet and find a keyboard with buttons with the Russian alphabet (The modern Russian alphabet consists of 33 letters: twenty consonants (⟨б⟩, ⟨в⟩, ⟨г⟩, ⟨д⟩, ⟨ж⟩, ⟨з⟩, ⟨к⟩, ⟨л⟩, ⟨м⟩, ⟨н⟩, ⟨п⟩, ⟨р⟩, ⟨с⟩, ⟨т⟩, ⟨ф⟩, ⟨х⟩, ⟨ц⟩, ⟨ч⟩, ⟨ш⟩, ⟨щ⟩), ten vowels (⟨а⟩, ⟨е⟩, ⟨ё⟩, ⟨и⟩, ⟨о⟩, ⟨у⟩, ⟨ы⟩, ⟨э⟩, ⟨ю⟩, ⟨я⟩), a semivowel / consonant (⟨й⟩), and two modifier letters or "signs" (⟨ь⟩, ⟨ъ⟩) that alter pronunciation of a preceding consonant or a following vowel.) on the floor. First types the password "Memories" in Russian Воспоминания (vospominaniya) then types the password "Kiichi Kosaka" in Russian Киити Косака (Kiiti Kosaka) but password is incorrect Sergei says he has an idea about the password and types "The Last Wizard of the Century" in Russian Последний волшебник века (Posledniy volshebnik veka), at which point the door opens and they see a staircase leading into the basement.

Natsumi goes downstairs with her visitors and explains that "the last wizard of the century" was her great-grandfather's nickname.

In the meantime the Detective Boys found a different entrance to the castle, but they all fall through a trapdoor into the basement. Instead of waiting for Professor Agasa to come and help, they decide to follow one of the tunnels to find the "treasure". Conan hears them making a sound in a nearby tunnel and, accompanied by Inspector Shiratori, goes to find the source of the noise.

Inui notices a shadowy figure in another tunnel, chases after it and he is shot in his right eye by the unknown killer.



Location: Yokosuka Castle
Victim: Shoichi Inui
Age: 45 years old
Cause of death: Gunshot wound (right eye)
Suspects: Scorpion
Inui is killed by Scorpion after accidentally finding out their identity.

Conan and Shiratori find the Detective Boys and after Conan told them off, they continue their search together with the rest of the group. They eventually end up in front of a massive wall with ornate engravings and paintings. Conan immediately figures the mechanism out and tells Inspector Shiratori to shine his flashlight at a two-headed vulture on one of the paintings which wears a single crown encrusted with jewels. The beam of light activates a photo-switch in the crown and a set of hidden stairs appears which lead further underground.

The investigation party finds itself in a chamber designed like a crypt with a small shrine surrounded by water. In the middle of the chamber there is a massive coffin with a lock made out of copper. Natsumi realises that the key she found among her great-grandfather's possessions could fit into the lock and it does. When she opens it, they find a skeleton in the coffin which holds the second Memories egg on its chest. The corpse is female and Natsumi says it must be her great-grandmother who could not get a funeral in an ordinary cemetery because she was Russian. They carefully retrieve the egg and notice it is empty. Ayumi asks if the egg couldn't be a Matryoshka Doll, maybe it needs to be put into something else or something else needs to be put into the egg. Shiratori reveals that he had the first egg with him all along, having borrowed it from Sonoko's father. They insert the first egg into the larger second egg, but nothing happens. Conan notices another round piece of glass on the bottom and wonders if the many round glass pieces on the inside and outside of both eggs are a lens. He asks everyone to extinguish the candles in the chamber. Shiratori's flashlight is placed into a candle holder shaped like a goblet and they put the eggs on top of the flashlight.

The light triggers a switch and the mechanisms inside both eggs. Multiple beams of light are projected out from the eggs onto the walls, revealing pictures of Nicholas II's family and friends. They now realise that the golden figurines inside the first egg are looking through a photo album and that's why the eggs are called "Memories eggs". They notice Kiichi among the pictures, together with a woman with grey eyes which has to be Natsumi'S great-grandmother. The lights begin to fade and Ai wonders why Rasputin was missing from the pictures when he was such a close friend of the Tsar's. Conan also wonders where Inui went.

Just before it gets dark, Conan sees a laser point tracking Kogoro's body and creeping up to his right eye. There is a shot but Conan saves Kogoro by hitting him with his flashlight.

Attempted Murder


Location: Yokosuka Castle
Victim: Kogoro Mouri
Attack types: Shooting
Suspects: Scorpion
Scorpion attempts to shoot Kogoro in his right eye but Conan gets him out the way by throwing a flashlight at Mouri.

However, the laser pointer is now aimed at Ran. Conan pushes her out of the way and runs after Scorpion.

Attempted Murder


Location: Yokosuka Castle
Victim: Ran Mouri
Attack types: Shooting
Suspects: Scorpion
Scorpion then targets Ran but Conan pushes her out of the way and chases after Scorpion.

Everyone panics and tries to flee. Natsumi drops the eggs when she stumbles and Scorpion picks them up. Conan follows Scorpion and Shiratori runs after Conan.


  • Characters from the past

  • Resolution

    Translation changes


    • The names of the characters in the Funimation Dub are:
    • Masato Nishino - Maxwell Nishino
    • Shoichi Inui - Giordano Infantino
    • Ryu Sagawa - Ray Segue
    • Natsumi Kousaka - Natasha Kousaka
    • Kuranosuke Sawabe - Kuranosuke Sotheby
    • In addition to the caption changes that were also done in the previous movie, several other instances of on-screen text were altered as well, such as the blue words that appear on the big screen when the Osaka Police are analyzing the Kaitou Kid's message.


    • While on the cruise-liner after bandaging the bird, there is a brief glimpse of the room on the ship Conan is in. He is staying in room 221-A. 221-B Baker Street was Holmes' apartment in London. This is an obvious homage to the Holmes' series which is referenced in the anime quite frequently.
    • This marks the first appearance of Ai Haibara, as Vi Graythorn in the English Dub. Oddly, she was never introduced in the english dub due to Funimation cancelling the dub only a few episodes short of her debut. Weirdly, she appeared in the movie, but for English only viewers, people questioned who she was because she was never introduced before.
    • Kaito Kid becomes aware that Conan is Shinichi after he overhears Conan talking to Professor Agasa about Scorpion by tapping the lines to confirm his suspicions about what was going to happen on the ship.
    • The balcony encounter between Ayumi and Kaito Kid is reprised by Kid and Sonoko in the canon manga story Twin Bets and its TV anime adaptation.
    • In file 1018 there were rumors that Kaitou Kid stood on the top of the Tsutenkaku before, but back then Kazuha never saw him with her own eyes. This is an allusion to the movie plot, but it is not canon.
    • The English dub script for this movie is noticeably much closer to the original Japanese version, as per Funimation's current dubbing policy. However, the dub names were still changed.
    • Nishino Masato drove a blue 1986 Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham Stretched Limousine O'Gara Coachworks 'VIP' in Osaka.
    • From Russia With Love, a TV Special of the anime Lupin III, is the source of inspiration for this movie.[2]
    • While entering the password of the secret pathway at Yokosuka Castle, Sergei typed Kiichi Kousaka in Russian incorrectly. Instead of Киичи, he wrote Кииуи, which is spelled Kiiui in Latin.
    • Shoichi Inui drove a Brilliant red Volvo 850 Estate T-5R.
    • The castle is based off the Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany.
    • Scorpion's weapon is a customized Walther PP with a scope, rail, and laser sights.
    • Prince Felix Felixovich Yusupov shot Grigori Rasputin with a Nagant M1895.
    • The four Fabergé eggs shown are the Blue Serpent Clock (1895), the Basket of Wild Flowers (1901), the Swan (1906) and the Mosaic (1914).
    • The song that the Detective Boys were singing when they met Conan and Inspector Shiratori in the castle was the third opening, Nazo.
    • The Suzuki Modern Art Museum in Osaka is the National Museum of Art of Osaka.
    • By the beginning of this movie, the first Kaito Kid has struck 134 times so far: 15 have been overseas, and 12 in different countries.
    • Sonoko claimed that she unknowingly played with the Memories Egg when she was small.
    Conan's fortune
    • When drawing their fortunes, Conan gets "Some Luck", which is pretty vague. However it also included four categories: Exams, Business, Travel, and Illness.
      • Exams said, "Do your best, and Leave the rest to fate."
      • Business said, "Do not push too hard, but do not get too relaxed either."
      • Travel said, "Your secret will be exposed. Give it up."
      • Illness said, "Precaution is your best defense."


    In other languages

    Language Title Translation
    Flag of Arabic Arabic الرجل اللغز The Mystery Man
    Flag of Catalonia Catalan (Catalan dub) L'últim mag del segle The last magician of the century
    Flag of China Chinese (Simplified) 世纪末的魔术师 The Magician of the End of the Century
    Flag of Netherlands Dutch (Subbed) De laatste tovenaar van de eeuw The last wizard of the century
    Flag of France French (Dubbed) Le magicien de la fin du siècle The Magician of the End of the Century
    Flag of France French (Subbed) Le dernier magicien du siècle The last magician of the century
    Flag of Galicia Galician O derradeiro mago do século The last magician of the century
    Flag of Germany German Der Magier des letzten Jahrhunderts The Magician of the Last Century
    Flag of Italy Italian L'ultimo mago del secolo The Last Wizard of the Century
    Flag of South Korea Korean 세기말의 마술사 The Magician of the End of the Century
    Flag of Iran Persian آخرین جادوگر قرن The Last Wizard of the Century
    Flag of Chile Spanish (Latin America dub) El mago de fin de siglo The magician of the end of the century
    Flag of Chile Spanish (Latin America sub) El último mago del siglo The last magician of the century
    Flag of Spain Spanish (Spain) El último mago del siglo The last magician of the century
    Flag of Thailand Thai ปริศนาพ่อมดคนสุดท้ายแห่งศตวรรษ Mystery of the Last Wizard of the Century
    Flag of Vietnam Vietnamese Ảo thuật gia cuối cùng của thế kỉ The Last Wizard of the Century


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