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Miyuki Ichijo

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Gender: Female
Date of birth: August 23, 1949
Place of birth: Mizusawa, Iwate, Japan (now Oshu)
Voice of: Jodie Starling

Miyuki Ichijo (一城 みゆ希 Ichijō Miyuki?), born August 23, 1949 in Mizusawa, Iwate, is a Japanese voice actress. Her real name is Hiroko Chieda (千枝 浩子 Chieda Hiroko?) and she likes travelling and visit art galleries and museums. She is a skilled dancer.

In Detective Conan, she voices Jodie Starling.

Other roles in Detective Conan

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  • Mars Daybreak : Elizabeth Liati
  • Mobile Suit Gundam : Roselucia Deikun
  • Umeboshi Denka : Umeboshi Queen
  • Yawara! : Jody Rockwell
  • And many other anime and non-anime roles.


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