Volume 28

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Volume 28

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Release date: July 18, 2000
Chapters: 274-284
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-125498-5
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: March 17, 2009
English ISBN: ISBN 1-4215-2196-2
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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Kyosuke Kamizu
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Shizuka Ikenami
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Volume 28 was released on July 18, 2000 in Japan.



Bear Hunters Case[edit]

File 274 - The Shrunken Target[edit]

Mitsuhiko gets congratulated by Haibara for treating her sprain very well, and she tells him that he's not less clever than Conan because the most important isn't to learn how to do something, but to manage to do it again just like now. The two are being followed by a bear cub, and spied on by a mysterious threatening shadow. Conan and Agasa find the corpse of the hunter with the group and Conan starts to suspect something seems fishy, and that Haibara and Mitsuhiko may be fleeing the murderer, probably one of the three hunters searching with them. Mitsuhiko and Haibara leave a message to Conan in a clearing, a branch where three different mushrooms are put on a spit, hoping Conan finds it and discovers the truth. Conan indeed does so but thinks about something and decides not to tranquilise the hunter.

File 275 - True Motive[edit]


Old Photograph Murder Case[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

File 276 - The Client Full of Lies[edit]

A mysterious and beautiful client asks Kogoro to find her first love Shiro Shibata, and Conan discovers that this client, Shizuka Ikenami, tells many lies. They finally figure out Shiro's living place and meet one of his neighbours and friends, Takezo Yoshikawa, thus that Shiro's wife, Keiko. But Shiro is found dead, bludgeoned, holding a picture of Shizuka in his hand.

File 277 - The Evidence Held[edit]

Conan realises Shizuka has a very extended knowledge of legal and judiciary system, and her strong-mindedness reminds Conan of someone. Meanwhile, Conan finds out who killed Shiro.

File 278 - The Horrifying Woman[edit]


Mermaid's Curse Case[edit]

Shiho Miyano's name is in a guestbook logging past contestants for the immortality arrows.

File 279 - The Mermaid's Curse?[edit]

Heiji invites Conan, Ran and Kogoro to join him and Kazuha on a case he got a letter about. The letter is from a woman named Saori, who lives on a tiny island off Wakasa Bay in Fukui Prefecture, known as the Island of Mermaids. It is famous due to it's elder who is over 100-year-old and rumored to be immortal. Apparently Saori is afraid of getting killed by mermaids. Conan isn't pleased with being dragged in this case, but Heiji reveals to him that while the letter was sent to his address, it was meant for Shinichi. After arriving on the island, the group learns that Saori has disappeared three days ago. No one worries because it's not unusual for Saori to leave home when she has had a fight with her father. They meet four of Saori's childhood friend, Naoko, a shop clerk, Toshimi and her fiancé Rokuro, and Kimie, a shrine maiden who is also the great-granddaughter of the elder. Each year there is a festival on the island where the elder awards three winners with a dungong arrow, that wields protection for it's bearer. Saori won one last year, but lost it last week, and up to her disappearance, she had become fearful of being cursed of mermaids. Kimie reveals that last time she saw Saori was three days ago. Kimie needed to go the dentist on the coast, and Saori went with her. She promise the group to take them to Saori's house after the festival, and offers Ran and Kazuha each a ticket to the lottery for the Dungong Arrow. She had two left after a couple cancelled. During the festival the Elder reveals the winning numbers, and Kazuha's number is one of the three. Later at the mermaid waterfall, Kazuha and the two other winners, Naoko and Saori's father, receives their arrows, but as the firework is shoot up, the audience sees a body hanging in the waterfall.

File 280 - The Elder's Prophecy[edit]

The body is Toshimi. The cause of death was hanging. It is uncertain to determent if it was an accident or a murder, but Heiji asks what she would be doing in the forest instead of attending the festival at the waterfall. Naoko suggests that she was looking for a grave of a mermaid. Three years ago after the festival, a warehouse near the shrine was burned to the ground and a body was found in the remains. The body is buried in the forest. Kimie recalls that Toshimi often spoke of that grave. Skeptical Heiji asks if it really was a mermaid's body. Kimie says that the locals thinks so, but the police determined that the body was of a middle aged woman. Naoko and Rokuro futher tells that the body didn't have any legs, and that is the reason behind the idea that it was a mermaid. It gained a lot of attention and the Elder became famous. Kimie tells that the police concluded that it might have been a tourist who was searching for an extra arrow and accidently set the warehouse on fire. It was never discovered who it was and the bones were buried on the island, but later moved to a secret spot in the forest on orders from the Elder after tourists had been trying to steal bones from the grave, since it is said that a bone from a mermaid gives long life. Rokuro doesn't appear to grieve much over the death of his fiancée, since the engagement was arranged by their parents. After moving Toshimi's body from the forest, the group decides to ask the Elder how she picks the winning number for the contest. But the Elder claims that it's just random picking. The Elder then warns Kazuha that if she loses her arrow, bad fortune will follow her. The next day there is hold a wave for Toshimi at her family's home, but then Naoko is found dead outside the house, strangled by fishing net.

File 281 - The Devil's Arrow[edit]

Naoko's crime scene is set up to make it appear she was murdered by a mermaid. And her Dugong Arrow is missing. The police arrives from the coast and takes over the investigation. Conan and Heiji discuss the case. The two victims and the missing Saori has one thing in common. They all three believe that the Elder was immortal and in the power of the arrow. They then decides to check the book that holds the list of the contestants in the lottery and their numbers. Kimie takes them home to herself, but the recent one has gone missing. She denies that the Elder should have taken it and decides to search the other rooms. While they wait Heiji and Conan takes a look at the older books. Heiji is amazed by the names of the high ranked people, but Conan finds a familiar name - Shiho Miyano. He recalls that it was Haibara's real name, but doubts it's her, because she doesn't appear to the type who want immortality. But then Ran and Kazuha screams up, they have seen a figure outside that is similar to the missing Saori. After that the new warehouse has caught fire and is burned down, and like three years ago a body is found inside. After noticing that Kimie is nowhere to be found, they contacts the dentist she visited, and he confirmed that the body's teeth matches Kimie's. Rokuro breaks down mourning over Kimie's death.

File 282 - The Last Arrow[edit]

The Elder takes to the bed after learns of her great-granddaughter's death. The locals begins to talk about ending the festival, since Kimie now was dead. Then Ran answer a strange phone call to the shrine. Someone wants to say thanks to a man, apparently working for the shrine, who sold an arrow a million yen. Kazuha and Ran guess that it might be the couple, which lottery numbers they took over. From the description Ran has been given, Heiji and Conan realize that it's Benzo, Saori's father.

File 283 - Uncompensated Heart[edit]


Girl Clubbing Case[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

File 284 - The Buried Secret[edit]

A serial killer targets tan blond-haired "ganguro-style" girls and bludgeons them. Kogoro is mistaken for the killer and the police has to explain him the case. Meanwhile, Ran discovers the corpse of a ganguro girl beaten to death in the Haido General Store parking lot. The victim, Tae Aizawa, is the first killer's victim to be killed. As the grieving victim's boyfriend tells police they're useless, Megure is reminded of an old and painful case.


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  • Shiho Miyano's name is listed among contestants in the Dungong's arrow festival. Conan noticed this, but doubts that it is her.

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