Volume 32

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Volume 32

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Release date: April 18, 2001
Chapters: 318-328
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-126162-0
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: November 17, 2009
English ISBN: ISBN 1-4215-2200-4
English Publisher: Viz Media
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Mike Hammer
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Goro Otaki
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Volume 32 was released on April 18, 2001 in Japan.



Tiger Scroll Case[edit]

File 318 - The Ruler's Treasure[edit]

The shopkeeper actually has Kazuha's wallet and the latter is overjoyed. She says there are plenty of charms in it in order to bring good luck around her, yet she adds it doesn't always work as the shopkeeper comments on a murder which has just occurred near the store. Otaki and the police arrive and Kogoro has some empathy for the inspector who has to solve two murders in two days. Kogoro says he quickly found the identity of the victim since the latter wore the paulownia flower badge emblem of Hideyoshi, then it's Yuji Kato, who plays Hideyoshi in the game trip. The four other participants introduce themselves to Otaki and confirm Kato's death, and explain Otaki the game. Kato had been missing and they all went and looked for him, hoping to find him very quickly as he wore a big and very noticeable red woolen jumper. They never expected him to die, and don't know at all the reason why Kato committed suicide by setting himself alight. Otaki asks why Kogoro thinks Kato killed himself, and he answers that Kato deliberately put on such a flammable jumper, and climbed up the roof, despite heavy rain, in order to commit suicide in a rather spectacular way.

Meanwhile, Heiji ties a rope around Conan and cranes him down over the roof, in order to hold him since the roof is dangerous and slippery. Conan investigates the place where Kato started to burn, and notices some small charred remains, along with a lighter, and under the lighter he notes there is a kind of cone-shaped mark. The four participants discuss Kato's death, and Katagiri says none can really know what one truly hides in their deeper self, and Kasuya adds Kato chose to die as a war hero on the Osaka Castle. Heiji shows Kato's lighter to Otaki, but refuses to believe the suicide theory : when someone sets themselves on fire, they don't usually take the time to close their lighter and put it leisurely over the roof. It's very likely that the lighter could have closed itself when falling from Kato's hand on the roof, but then why is it on the flat part of the roof, why didn't it slide along the curved part, and then fell down somewhere on the roof or on the ground ? Moreover, something cylindrical had been placed on the flat part of the roof before it started raining, and then someone removed that item, and put the lighter instead, explaing the cone-shaped mark. This item certainly has to do with the small charred remains over the roof.

The forensics show Otaki Kato's burned belongings, among which a small piece of burned earthenware, and a burned scroll. When Otaki says the ideogram "dragon" is featured on the top right corner of the scroll, the four participants suddenly get tense. Kazuha says the piece of earthenware maybe has to do with the similar ones found on corpses that were discovered at Osaka Castle recently and thirteen years ago, both completely burned. She goes on telling Heiji about the conversation she heard in the car yesterday, explaining the 848, the location of the bodies, and so on. As she tells about "the treasure of the mortals", the other participants listen carefully and with a certain excitement. Conan tells Heiji the inner part of the earthenware has shiny sparkles, which might be gold, but doesn't seem to be very worthy. Both detectives try to think more deeply about the case, and are reminded of Kato's dying message with the umbrella. They reflect on the link between umbrella/rain and Osaka Castle. Heiji says Osaka Castle's Sakura Gate has a stone called Tako on its left and right, and there is also a wall protecting its central tower, with a stone called Ryuko. And just like the Tako stone, the Ryuko stone, when it's raining, shows a kind of mirage where it's possible to make out a tiger and dragon.

Conan and Heiji suddenly realise something then, and snatch the scroll from Otaki's hands to wet it under the rain : their idea turns out to be the right one as the water discloses a hidden message on the scroll : a kind of double-circle item and its measurements (with old medieval units) on the left, and an illegible message on the right. Conan and Heiji believe there is indeed a hidden treasure somewhere in the castle, which greatly arouses Fukushima's curiosity, while Wakisaka is examining a piece of earthenware he seems to own, and Kasuya calls someone to which he says they should wait a moment and stay where they are for now, as the police seems to still have a long way to go. He adds they shouldn't worry as the item in question is close to hand, therefore no need to change their plans. Katagiri, as to her, mysteriously smirks at the whole situation.

File 319 - Back to the Past...[edit]

Heiji and Conan found out part of the truth about the treasure, and Heiji reveals that the pieces of earthenware found on the three victims, and that contain gold, are actually made of sand mixed with gold. He adds that rainwater actually disclosed the truth about the scroll : it was composed of several sheets stuck together one over the other, and only wetting it could enable the true scriptures to appear. Heiji says it's just like the Tako or Ryuko stones : when rainwater comes in contact with them, some dragon and tiger shapes come out, due to wetting. Though, Otaki says most of the scroll's instructions went into ashes. And Kogoro doesn't get the meaning of the double-circle shape on the scroll, and Ran and Kazuha say it might be a flask, an item which is representative of Hideyoshi's notorious alcoholism. Therefore, the piece of earthenware may be a flask's, in which gold dust would have been stored. As Kogoro says that, according to the measurements, the flask is quite small (30 centimetres), which makes for a rather tiny treasure, Heiji underlines that, indeed, a single flask of gold dust would not be enough, but what about that legend according to which Hideyoshi would, after each victory, tie a little flask to his spear, and it is said that his spear was considered as the symbol of his riches, since it would then carry not less than 1000 flasks each filled with gold dust, the "Bunch of the 1000 Flasks", which would resemble his paulownia emblem, with a huge flask on the top, the tiny others below, and several ribbons fluttering in the wind. If the scroll leads to the 1000 flasks Hideyoshi could have hidden in his castle after his death, then that really makes for a colossal wealth, not forgetting the added value of 500-year-old famous golden items.

Heiji supposes that, given three people were killed in the same way, each having a piece of flask in his pocket, and probably looking for the treasure, especially since Kato had a scroll, this means someone close to them and mad about Hideyoshi and his treasure could have killed them, in order to be the sole owner of the treasure, and, saying so, Heiji casts a suspect glance at the participants. Kazuha adds her father and Heiji's figured out the truth even without the scroll since one of the fragments Toyama had with him and had found on one of the first corpses had the shape of a jar opening, and moreover the 848 number could lead to the flask being the 848th out of the 1000. If they found gold dust inside, then it's perfectly normal they came up to that conclusion. This can't only be a myth then, since it is said Hideyoshi had poured a great quantity of gold dust into his castle's wells in order to purify the water, and Ieyasu would shudder at imagining his rival's enormous riches. Hideyoshi though made the whereabouts of his treasure secret as he concealed the clues that could lead to it : sticking the sheets of the scroll together, mixing gold dust with sand inside the flasks, etc.

Toyama comes along and interrupts Heiji to add that the dragon scroll inevitably refers to the tiger's one, since just like both Tako and Ryuko stones show a dragon and a tiger, there are actually two scrolls, one for the dragon to show part of the clue to the treasure, and one for the tiger to show the other part, and it's necessary to wet the tiger's one just as well to figure out the truth. Kazuha says she's the one who called her dad, as the Prefectural Police is very close, and she wants her father to investigate the case for Heiji to leave the crime scene at last, and come with her and the others to have a bite to eat. Besides, Toyama knows more about the previous similar cases than Heiji does. The latter starts yelling at Kazuha just like usual, but quickly stops as Toyama coldly glowers at him, and rather suggests she should go and wait for him there. Kazuha then leaves in anger, but turns around discreetly to cast a glance at Heiji and behold, with a certain loving interest, her friend's deep and passionate concentration on the case. The game participants ask if they can do the same, and then come back, as they haven't eaten a single thing since noon, and they want to change clothes due to rain. Otaki agrees to let them go as their hotel is near, but orders them to come back to the Castle as quick as possible once they're done. Toyama suddenly turns around as he recognises a voice he heard a long time ago, and which has to do with a bloody crime scene with banknotes all over. Toyama then gives Otaki a secret order and the latter complies and goes away, while Toyama gives a phone call to Heizo.

At the noodles restaurant close to the castle, Ran has Kazuha own up to having actually called her father to increase Heiji's interest in the case, and having the pleasure then to behold his lovely face when he's overfond of something. Ran says Kazuha's just as stupid as she is, since Ran also loves seeing Shinichi's passionate face during cases, though it gets on her nerves somehow. Ran realises Conan is not with them and probably remained at the castle. That same Conan finds a burned battery near the place where Kato had fallen, and he and Heiji realise Kato's death is actually not a suicide but a well-performed murder. Ran and Kazuha quickly leave the restaurant after eating since Ran is worried about Conan, and Kazuha tries to comfort her saying police agents are everywhere due to the recent crime, and he's not in danger, and no murders can occur any longer. Though, they notice in front of her Maho Katagiri who sets herself alight with a lighter and throws herself into the river. Ran and Kazuha rush to the bridge's guardrail and see her burning corpse in the river, and they start screaming and calling the police. Suddenly, they spot someone spying on them from behind, but the person runs away.

Katagiri's body is fished out, half-burned, and Otaki notices she actually died of a blunt force trauma, probably when her head violently hit one of the bridge's pillars when she jumped, leading them to believe she indeed committed suicide. However, Heiji harshly questions Kazuha, saying it's impossible she killed herself, and that the runaway person they saw must be the one who killed her from far, using a kind of trick. The girls though deny it as impossible. Heiji gets infuriated and starts searching the victim's corpse, despite this being strictly forbidden, and suddenly Heizo grabs him by the collar and punches him violently in the face.

File 320 - Naniwa Kanjinchō[edit]

Heiji doesn't get why his father punched him, and the latter answers his son is completely unable to keep a cool head, instead just annoying police, he's nothing but a vain sprog thinking he's a great detective but actually just destroying paramount exhibits by searching a corpse in such a disrespectful way. Heizo then tells his son to clear off, as the police will try to prevent the murders Heiji was unable just to foresee. As Otaki tries to step in, Toyama holds him back, asking him if he did follow his orders to have a certain person shadowed by his men. Hearing that, Otaki figures out why Heizo acted that way with Heiji : in order to protect his son. Otaki tells Heizo about the murders, adding that the forensics actually found nothing but Kato's fingerprints on his lighter. He underlines there's no point thinking about anything else but suicide, unless they find any other elements. Heizo orders him to leave a couple of agents dealing with the case, and tells the other ones, including himself, Toyama and Otaki, to leave the place since police have more serious cases to investigate than such base ones. Otaki stands flabbergasted while Toyama can't believe Heizo really "has the intention to do it". Meanwhile, a mysterious suspect is glaring at the police officers from among the crowd.

Otaki tries to convince Heiji to stop sulking and being so sad, since his father did it "just because he's infuriated at the fact two people were killed near the police headquarters". While Kogoro says this is not a reason to punch him in the face, Kazuha says maybe Heizo did it due to what she heard in the car, the fact that the murderer could be that serial bank robber who started to operate just after the first discovery of the burned out body thirteen years ago. Those 5 bank heists were responsible for the death of not less than seven people, and the robber and his dangerous gang are still walking free. Kogoro understands and pokes fun at the situation of a caring father going as far as beating up his son in order to protect him from a case which is even more dangerous than he thinks. Heiji gets up and says he would almost cry about this situation too, actually cry about his father's utter stupidity, since hitting him made him even more eager to looking for the true murderer, and he adds he's not as cowardly as Minamoto no Yoshitsune, who refused to fight back after his cousin's humiliation.

Conan thinks about it, and wonders why Heizo beat up his son, knowing this would prompt him even more to disobey. Heiji says Katagiri didn't commit suicide, and asks Otaki to have a look at Katagiri's coat's right side, where they spot three strange but similar small blood marks. This probably means Katagiri was bashed by her attacker, and her blood splashed on the latter, who left three blood marks of "something" from his clothes on Katagiri's coat while carrying her body. This also means she was probably already dead when Kazuha and Ran saw her, though the girls deny it absolutely, since she was moving as if she suffered from fire. Anyway, Heiji says the three participants are the most suspicious ones since two victims out of the four were from their own tour group, and Heiji and Otaki question them as they arrive at the Gokuraku Bridge, wondering what's happened. Fukushima wonders why she committed suicide, and Otaki says suicide is just a possibility. Kasuya declares he went to have a snack in a close-by bar, while Wakisaka did the same but not at the same place, and Fukushima went back to Nanayari Hotel to change clothes and come back right after. He was with Katagiri but underlines he would have stayed with her if he had known what was about to occur. As Kogoro hears the girls say Kato and Katagiri might have been "ordered" to kill themselves, he turns to Wakisaka, saying that "Nobunaga" could have ordered them to die...

Kasuya steps in, saying Fukushima could have used Mitsuhide's three minutes to switch roles with any of the other characters and order something just as well. Kasuya also emphasizes that, being Ieyasu, he can't have ordered such a thing. Though, Wakisaka and Fukushima believe it impossible that someone just kill themselves on orders from anybody. What's more, Katagiri had the role of an observer, and then she would have certainly been more suspicious than usual, and it's just unlikely to think they kept on playing the game even though one of them had died before their eyes. The forensics tell Otaki they've found another fragment on Katagiri, along with a photograph showing five people standing around the dragon's scroll, including younger Kato and Katagiri, implying they know each other. None seems to know who are the three other people on the picture except the younger Hirano, the trip's planner, who was supposed to come with them but had a last-minute hitch which had him postpone his coming. The three participants say Hirano should be the first one to be questioned if the serial killer has a connection with the trip, and they tell Otaki the name of Hirano's website, before going back to their hotel.

Conan believes the person Kazuha and Ran saw on the bridge has to be the murderer, though he still can't figure out how Katagiri was killed since the girls saw her suffering from fire before leaping into the void. Both detective boys deduce the culprit left blood zipper marks on Katagiri, yet all three participants wear clothes with zippers, and Conan wonders what could be the reason why the murderer changed clothes before and after his deed. And eventually, he and Heiji find out something interesting. The wind then starts to pick up and Ran's umbrella flies away in the air, and at last the detectives understand their mistakes and discover the whole truth. Kazuha tells Otaki and co that Heiji seemed to have found out who the murderer is, and he's quickly run away with Conan. Both boys indeed rush into the city to try and find the three participants. Conan seems to have phoned the hotel and gotten confirmation that one of the participants at least is innocent since he directly went back to the hotel, while the two others didn't.

Heiji fears the killer might murder another person, and Conan says indeed it's the case, since the police will quickly find out something went wrong with the "suicides", and thus there's only little time left for the killer to assassinate his last victim. They suddenly spot Kasuya and deduce "he probably wants to erase the evidence of his guilt". Conan decides to call the police but Heiji tells him to hang up : police will probably have the murderer fly away, whereas a deduction show from two kids won't scare him and will lead him to confess more easily.

Saying so, they start tailing Kasuya, but are completely unaware that they are being followed by a gang of dangerous crooks.

File 321 - The Sad Tiger Scroll[edit]

Heiji and Conan notice Kasuya enters a strange warehouse, while Conan's got the feeling they are being watched for and followed. Indeed, as they enter the warehouse too, they don't realise the gangsters are just nipping at their heels. Conan prepares his stungun wristwatch while Heiji keeps an eye on Kasuya's moves. Suddenly, Conan is discreetly abducted by an unknown assailant in the dark, without Heiji's noticing it, and the latter says he'll go first after Kasuya, and Conan will follow him once he's done with relieving himself. Kasuya knows he's being tracked by Heiji but pretends not being aware of it, and keeps on climbing up the stairs, at the top of which he meets...


Wounded Idol Case[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

File 322 - A Long-Awaited Gathering[edit]

Kogoro Mouri gets an invitation for an engagement party from his favorite idol, Yoko Okino. Kaoru is the one who is getting engaged is another star and a former member of a group they all used to be in. She is a fan of Kogoro Mouri and wanted him to find out who was stalking her. Kaoru decides to take a bath. And the rest of the girl group decide to dress up and sing their old song to surprise her. Conan discovers blood leading to the door and they find her attacked. Bloody clothes are found outside which were made to make it seem like it was Kaoru's stalker but really is someone at the party.

File 323 - The Secret of the Idols[edit]

Megure searches everyone for the murder weapon but it isn't found. Though they discover a listening device and find drawers tampered with.

File 324 - The Idols' Regret[edit]


Kidnapped Tourist Case[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

File 325 - Something the Lion Dropped[edit]

Conan, Ai, Professor Agasa, and the Detective Boys are enjoying the animal show at the place called the "Animal show with Paul & Annie". After the show, Ayumi says she and Ai bought a "Leon the White Lion" keychain. As Conan seems to look down on Ai for liking that kind of things, she ironically replies it's always better than spending one's days smelling the scent of blood during mysterious murder mysteries. They notice Randy Hawk, the show's sponsor, is being interviewed. Hawk is an American businessman from Oklahoma who started to buy animals and create a show after making a fortune in oil industry. He passed his passion down on his children Paul and Annie, and since then he's been travelling the whole world with his famous animal show. He said in a previous interview that he is a cow-boy and cow-boys know how to defend themselves, and don't need any bodyguards then. Agasa notes Hawk speaks Japanese very well. "Hawk" though keeps telling the reporters he's not Randy Hawk, that's a misunderstanding. Yet, they keep harassing him with questions such as why he came back to Japan after a three-year absence, why he donated half of the show's takings to zoos, etc. So much that "Hawk" shouts "Can you give me a break !!", and Conan notices something strange. Agasa says it's odd cow-boys easily lose their temper, and Ai comments on the fact that it serves him right since he comes here alone and without bodyguards, and tries to hide himself, then no wonder this occurs. Conan rather says they should give him a hand rather than laying it on thick, they should rescue the cowboy's princess, surrounded by cows and about to pass away.

Saying so, Conan comes forward and tells everyone "Hawk" is Professor Thomas, their friend they had been searching for so long, an English teacher moreover. Conan pulls him aside, and once they're out, the person thanks them a lot and says it's the first time he has been misunderstood that far, since he's aware of his likeness with Hawk. He says he loves P&A show and came to Japan on prupose to buy a made-in-Japan Leon keychain. He adds due to that problem he missed his appointment with his long-haired friend at the exit. Conan explains he deduced that man wasn't Randy Hawk since the way he said "can" was typically British, and not at all American, especially Southern American. Hawk has a very thick Texan accent, and besides he clearly hasn't the same face features as that man. Conan tells him Japanese can't make the difference between two Europeans, and James bends closer to Conan to congratulate him for being so perceptive of things. The man introduces himself as James Black, and Conan says he's Conan Edogawa, a detective. The kids come closer as well and say they are the Detective Boys, and Ayumi shows him her badge, on which he obviously recognises Sherlock Holmes. And then, James says they're the Baker Street Irregulars, Baker Street's children who often help Holmes in the novels. James reveals he was actually born in Baker Street, and he decides to treat his Baker Street friends to a nice dinner in a fine restaurant.

Agasa says he's only got five seats in his car, therefore James has to go and fetch his crossover car parked not far away. Though, he emphasizes that Agasa should drive it since he's not very familiar with left driving. Conan remarks however he should, given he's British, but James said he was born in England but raised in Chicago, Al Capone's city, in America, where they drive on the right. Ai has a strange feeling with James but Conan says he doesn't feel anything particular in him, and she is comforted afterwards. While James walks towards the car park, an unknown person is observing him from far, and phoning. As James opens his car's door, two police officers inetrrupt him and ask him to follow them, since his car is a stolen one, and they want to know the exact circumstances during which James rented it. They ask him to come to their police car, saying it won't be long, though James says he needs first to inform his friends that he might be late. The "policeman" then points a gun at him and violently kicks him into the car, and James drops his keychain on the ground. He says he cut his finger due to the blow's violence, and when he tells them he has the feeling they're not police agents, they tell "that upstart cowboy" to shut up.

James says it's another misunderstanding, he's not Hawk, but they say they'll have him share his enormous wealth a little with them. The two crooks then tell their driver, an accomplice, to start up and leave. Meanwhile, Agasa's group wonder at James's absence for about 40 minutes now, and they look for him in the close-by car parks. They eventually spot his car but find it strange he left his keys into his open car's door lock. They can't find him until three kids who were playing around tell them a mustached foreigner went with two other men in that direction. They follow it but find nothing except the keychain. The DBs believe James eventually left in another car to meet his friend. But Conan denies it since there is blood on the keychain, James's own blood he deliberately left (when he "cut himself") on the "P" "&" "A" of "Paul & Annie" in order to convey a message and tell them what happened to him, when they would find the chain. Then he was involved in an unexpected and dangerous case. They're about to call the police and Conan wonders what the meaning of the message is. In the car, James seems calm and composed, unscared, sucking his finger, with a dark look on his face.

File 326 - P & A[edit]

The crooks brag about their "good catch" and say they'll get millions as ransom in exchange for his release. They thank the fake police car's driver, dressed in a police agent's uniform, telling him he had a brilliant idea. They also mock "Hawk"'s getting around wihtout any bodyguards. James says they're completely mistaken, and when giving his name, the abductors believe he's from the British intelligence, thinking about James Bond. Though, they say it's not so important, and they order him to behave himself or else they'll get angrier. They tell "007" to watch how they'll easily extort money from his children, but James thinks to himself he is actually less interested in observing them than in observing how another person will behave and act. Agasa and the DBs hardly manage to have police agents believe James was abducted, since they didn't really see him being kidnapped, and none in the neighbourhood noticed anything, and it's hard indeed to find a specific old mustached foreigner, as there are many fitting that description. Ayumi shows the policeman a picture of Randy Hawk, saying James and him look alike. The policeman replies Hawk is currently being interviewed on the radio. Conan suddenly takes fright at the thought that James could be silenced by the crooks if the latter ever found out Hawk is actually on the radio, and that they did a big mistake.

Unfortunately, the crooks' driver turns on the radio and they are very negatively surprised to hear the businessman. One of the abductors gets angry and threatens to shoot James down straight away, but his sidekick orders him not to do it, since he would then have to wander around Tokyo with a bloody corpse on his shoulders. He rather suggests they drive as planned to Gunma mountains where they'll eliminate and bury the wrong Hawk, and afterwards they'll go back to Tokyo to really abduct Randy. None will ever expect nor discover who they really are and what they are planning to do, and when they will, the crooks will have been very far away now. The police agents agree to take the keychain to the station to analyse it, and especially James's blood, and they promise to investigate the kidnapping. As they leave, Agasa and the DBs try to figure out the meaning of P&A : is it "PA" ? Is it pistol and assassin ? PC and Access ? Parking Area ? Conan answers to that idea, saying he actually went near James's car in order to investigate, but found nothing at all. They decide to go and ask the neighbours about what they could have seen, each of them going in their own direction, and informing the others with their badges when they have found a nice clue. But suddenly, Ayumi is reminded when she gave her badge to James and he didn't give it back to her, and Conan takes advantage of this opportunity, locating it with his glasses.

He eventually finds out James is in a car which is going northwards-westwards on Ikumo Road 16 kilometers away. Conan decides to call Takagi, and asks him to settle roadblocks on Ikumo Road before Saitama Department, but Takagi says he can't implement such a presence as that information isn't checked, even if it seems dangerous. Sato overhears their conversation and quickly grabs the phone from her colleague's hands, saying she can ask Yumi to keep a close eye on cars there, since the latter had been sent to Ikumo Road to help with traffic due to a recent accident. Sato records Conan's description of James in front of an astounded Takagi, and she promises she'll phone Yumi as soon as possible. She adds she'll also go there with Takagi, given they are free at the moment, and Sato believes in Conan when he tells her they are dangerous abductors. Conan then tells Agasa they'll go to Ikumo as well with his Beetle to give Yumi a hand. Ai tells Conan she's intrigued by how the case all started : she finds it hard to believe that James was taken by two men from his car up to another car, through the alley, and that he deliberately left a blood message once in this alley to warn them. She thinks it far too complicated for such a mere old man, but Conan replies he was probably threatened with firearms when on the car park, and he tried to find a few seconds once in the dark alley to discreetly leave a message to anyone. Though, Ai still believes James knew the men were fishy from the beginning, and therefore he had well enough time to think about that plan. Then, he could have decided to follow them of his own free will, and to leave that kind of message just before, expecting the DBS and Agasa to find out the truth. Conan doesn't get it, and Ai says someone seems to be trying to lure them into a trap. As she says so, a big American pickup drives past the group, with Shuichi Akai in it (Vol. 29), discreetly glaring at them. Ai turns around panic-stricken, asking Conan if he saw who was in the car, to which he answers he didn't, and Ai feels comforted then.

At Ikumo, Yumi peeps into the cars one after the other, and suddenly she is hailed by the abductors, who ask her to grant them permission to leave before everyone else, since they have a rather urgent case to settle, with a "man who raised hell at his mistress's", hidden under a blanket, being secretly targeted by one of the crooks' gun, and moreover they have an inspection to carry out quickly before the night. Yumi agrees to free the way for them only, and resumes her search. Conan and co turn up and can't believe Yumi didn't find the abductors neither James. Conan wonders how they made it through the police's without being spotted. He says the car is still 8kms ahead from them, yet his transmitter-receiver is almost dead. Genta suggests they should call the badge, but Ai says it's a very bad idea : the kidnappers may get angrier and either kill James or hurt him very badly, along with destroying the badge, their only chance to ever find James. Yumi thinks P&A could refer to where they are going, and everyone starts thinking again about the message, with Ai's gallows-humoured suggestion that it could be Peritonitis & Apoplexy, then a hospital... Ayumi also makes a guess and says it has to do with animals : Pelican & Antelope, since James loves the animal show. Conan deduces something from her guess, and eventually congratulates her for helping him to find out the truth. Meanwhile, in the fake police car, James sees through the rear-view mirror Shuichi Akai's pickup following them closely, and he smirks mysteriously.

File 327 - A Stupid Plan[edit]


Sato's Omiai Case[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

File 328 - Sato's Omiai[edit]

Sato's mother laments that her daughter is spending her day off lying lazily in the living room, after getting up at noon, eating mandarins and watching sports on TV, while this is not a behaviour that suits an important police officer. Instead, she suggests Sato should have a look at the pile of pictures her mother places in front of her, and Sato gets it that here we go again with the Omiai (arranged meeting and/or marriage in Japan) discussion, and as usual she has to force herself to get stuck with all the pictures of potential husbands. She first refuses to do it, explaining she sees enough pictures of corpses as part of her job, but her mother starts crying and tries to have her do it, saying she's been feeling so alone since Sato's father died in action. Miwako then accepts to only meet that person, and she flings a picture at random at her mother with her toes. Mrs. Sato opens the folder and when seeing the picture, she feels overjoyed, saying Miwako is indeed her daughter, given they have the exact same likes.

Meeting them in the street, Yumi tells Ran, Sonoko and Conan about Sato's doing a Omiai and being, at the moment, at the Japanese restaurant in order to meet her "future husband". Conan and the girls can't understand she chose a picture at random. Though, it's really unlikely any men, except unexperienced or serious ones, would accept dating a policewoman, spending most of her time on crime scenes. Yumi says not even Takagi is aware she's doing a Omiai, since all men at the police's are crazy about her, and she didn't want to wreak havoc nor shame herself by revealing it, and anyway she won't say yes to marriage. Moreover, there's absolutely no chance at all she will have to answer a proposal, since actually Yumi was tasked to tell Takagi about it, and she knows he will rush to the restaurant to stop her from saying yes, telling her she has "an unexpected and urgent case to investigate". After that, no groom will ever want to meet her again. Yumi wishes Takagi would at last declare his love to Miwako. Sonoko wants to see the Omiai with her own eyes, but Yumi can't give them a lift there since she's currently on duty. Though, they unexpectedly meet Dr. Araide, and ask him to drive them there. They want to see if Takagi really will come or not, as they know he and Miwako actually love each other.

At the Minatoro Restaurant, Sato, dressed up to the nines in a traditional Japanese outfit, gets annoyed at her "husband"'s being more than 10-minute late, and she's about to leave as Isokichi Kamoi, the "groom"'s butler, comes in and apologises for his young master's lateness. The master's parents are away and couldn't come, and that master comes in too, saying he's late due to taking much time to choose the most suitable flowers to "Inspector Sato", and he's revealed to be Shiratori. Mrs. Sato and Shiratori seem to know and like each other. Sato understands her mistake, though it's a rather huge stroke of bad luck. Sato's mom tells her that, just like herself, her daughter has a crush on police agents. Sato tries to have Shiratori believe she really chose him at random, and he replies fate then decided for them to meet and get married maybe. Miwako secretly hopes Yumi didn't forget her promise to tell "her knight" to go and fetch Miwako before things get worse. Though, Miwako wonders who "Yumi's knight" actually is - she is ignorant of him being actually Takagi.

Takagi has a sneezing fit as if someone were thinking about him. He gets Yumi's phone call telling him to check his text messages since she sent him something. Suddenly, someone screams behind him, saying a robber burglarised the convenience store and is trying to run away. Takagi and Chiba chase him, leaving Yumi's phone call into the car. They tell the crowd to stand aside and free the way for them, and they find an old man who's just been bumped into by the robber. The man says the robber went to hide into the park's public restroom. Takagi and Chiba rush there and find the gloves, helmet and long coat the robber was wearing, along with the booty bag, and they enter the restroom, ordering everyone to leave cabins and show up. Three people emerge : a tall and built man wearing a blue jumper and an earring named Hiroshi Zama, a small woman wearing a black hoodie named Eiko Koshimizu, and a middle-sized man wearing a green pullover. Takagi takes them near the old man, and asks him to tell them which of the three jostled him. He says he can't say for sure since his glasses had fallen during the shock, but he can at least say it was a woman wearing a blue jumper under her coat, smaller than or as small as him. Takagi doesn't understand since the only woman wears a black sweater... The three ask the police agents the permission to leave, since it seems they're out of the picture in that case, but Takagi and Chiba ask them to wait a moment as they need to listen to some other testimonies.

Sonoko and co are told by the restaurant's waitress that Sato is dating Shiratori in one of their rooms. They are astounded and don't know what to do, but Conan says they are old friends of Shiratori's parents, and they came to prepare a nice surprise for the couple, but they need some more time to finish it, and they ask to go into the next room to theirs to do so. In the meantime, the Satos, Shiratori and Kamoi are enjoying a delicious Japanese dinner, since Miwako doesn't appreciate French cuisine. Her mother is surprised to hear that, but Miwako seems to be lost in her thoughts, and Shiratori notices it.

Takagi asks the gathered crowd about any witnesses of the robbery around, and Zama, in the police car with the others, suggests Chiba should ask the convenience store about the robber. Chiba replies they did : the robber came in the place at around noon, when there's usually none or only a few people, and threatened the cashier and the manager with a knife, showing a "Take out money" paper to them. None could tell about his/her voice or appearance then. A high school student tells Takagi she was in a clothes' shop when she heard the scream and saw the robber running past the store : he/she's a very tall person, as he/she was at least one head taller than the other people in the crowd, and he/she wore a green sweater. She'd say the robber is a man, given his/her size and bulk. Takagi says the tallest suspect is Zama, but his sweater is blue. A passer-by then tells Takagi that a close-by bar's manager bragged about seeing the robber running past him. The manager is questioned, but can't say if the robber is a man or a woman, though he knows he/she wore a black sweater under his/her coat, and he/she's about 1.70 meters tall. Takagi says Kamieda is that tall but he wears a green jumper... The inspector is therefore all at sea and can't match testimonies.

In the meanwhile, Mrs. Sato and Kamoi decide to leave the couple alone, and Shiratori casts a glance at Sato who keeps looking at her phone in wait for the "knight" to call her. Shiratori tells her, all of a sudden, that he knew she expects a "valiant knight to come up and rescue her from the ugly ogre". Sato pretends not to understand a word he says, and he answers he agrees to make a deal with her : if Takagi comes along, Shiratori will leave the place and accept things how they are. But if Takagi doesn't, Sato will have to accept his marriage proposal. Sato asks him why he speaks about Takagi, and Shiratori says why not, and bursts into laughter, saying he got her there. Sato starts thinking deeply, while Conan and co are eavesdropping their conversation from the next room, and they suddenly hear Sato saying she agrees to the deal.


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