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A map of Beika City supplied in OVA 7 by Agasa.

Beika Ward (米花区 Beika-ku?)[1] (Beika City (米花市 Beika-shi?) in the expanded universe[2]) is a fictional ward of Tokyo or a city inside the Greater Tokyo Area. It's the main setting of Detective Conan and also appeared in the Zero's Tea Time, Magic Kaito: Kid the Phantom Thief Specials, Magic Kaito 1412, Hanzawa the Criminal, as well as in Detective George's Mini-Mini Big Strategy and Play It Again.

It's roughly located on the upper western part of Tokyo Bay and contains at least two districts: The homonymous Beika (Beika Town (米花町 Beika-chō?)) and Haido (Haido Town (杯戸町 Haido-chō?)). The equally fictional districts of Toriya (Toriya Town (鳥矢町 Toriya-chō?)), Okuho (Okuho Town (奥穂町 Okuho-chō?)), Sutan (Sutan Town (須単町 Sutan-chō?)) und Buroku (Buroku Town (分禄町 Buroku-chō?)) may also be part of it.



Tokyo Tower is less than 1.34 km (0.83 mi) away from the Mouri Detective Agency.
The map from Super Digest Book 10+ seems to equate Beika with Minato.

Tokyo actually consists of 21 wards of this type. Although this one is fictional, some buildings and places in it are based on existing structures, which are mixed with fictional locations, and canon statements about its relative position are repeatedly made in the Manga.[3]

Beika seems to be around 4 kilometres (~2.5 miles) to the south-east of Shinjuku.[4] Conan Edogawa and the Detective Boys also took a ride starting from a bus stop at Beika Park on the real To06 bus line (都06) by Toei Bus to Tokyo Tower, which leads from Shibuya Station in Shibuya through Minato, with its final destination at Shimbashi Station.[5] They also took a detour on the way to Professor Hiroshi Agasa's house to the real Ebisu Bridge on the border between Shibuya and Minato, implying it to be close to Beika Town.[6] Masumi Sera's skyscraper hotel shares a position with the Daikanyama Address Building, which is also close to Ebisu.[7]

It's shown that the Mouri Detective Agency is located somewhere inside a radius of less than 1.34 kilometres (~0.83 miles) around the Shorodo right next to the Tokyo Tower, with Buroku and Sutan inbetween.[8] This would, in real life, partly encompass the districts of Mita, the Shiba area, Kaigan, Atago, the Shinbashi area, Toranomon, Akasaka, Roppongi and the area of Azabu, which are all in Minato. A Toei Cinema in Roppongi is also visited by Conan, Ran, Masumi, Sonoko and Makoto in one chapter.[9]

Beika Station is on the Shounan-Shinjuku Line, right after a real section of the tracks before Gotanda Station, close to the border of Minato and Shinagawa.[10] Shinagawa Station (which, despite its name, is located in Minato) also seems to be close to Haido.[11]

Conan Edogawa's and Kaitou Kid's first meeting on the roof of the Haido City Hotel is shown to be right next to the real Shiroyama Trust Tower, with Tokyo Tower right behind it, placing the hotel on the location of the ANA Intercontinental Tokyo Hotel in the Akasaka District of Minato.[12] The 4th block of Haido is firmly located between the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and Yotsuya Station.[11] The Haido Port and its surroundings, on the other hand, seem to be identical to Minato's Hinode Pier.[13]

This would make the Beika Ward largely identical to Minato Ward, overlapping with small parts of Shibuya, Chiyoda and Shinagawa bordering on it. This approach is also taken by the map from the Super Digest Book. Despite this, Minato is still its own, distinct ward in the world of Conan.


Conan Drill[edit]

Beika City

<dcmap>File:Conandrillmap.jpg|1000px|Map of Beika taken from Detective Conan Drill: The Decipherment of Conan. Click to enlarge. poly 757 687 857 682 832 772 741 749 Teitan High School poly 873 684 965 687 934 794 855 777 Teitan Elementary School rect 703 350 877 547 Teitan Elementary School poly 0 1276 78 1276 93 1258 228 1258 228 1276 298 1276 298 1295 231 1391 0 1391 Teitan University poly 530 55 581 55 591 39 628 39 626 55 699 55 734 72 705 159 487 159 Beika University rect 1416 532 1459 560 Mouri Detective Agency rect 1208 500 1382 697 Mouri Detective Agency poly 1310 745 1406 749 1404 806 1295 796 Kudo Residence rect 1139 924 1314 1125 Kudo Residence poly 1442 765 1454 766 1458 757 1463 748 1469 744 1482 746 1487 747 1492 753 1492 758 1506 758 1500 800 1445 801 Agasa Residence rect 1722 770 1763 833 Beika Center Building rect 1603 440 1656 492 Beika Department Store poly 346 733 365 714 418 722 401 743 401 780 346 775 Beika Post Office rect 1504 432 1534 535 Beika General Hospital rect 2395 41 2455 180 Haido City Hotel rect 1848 829 1885 870 Donny's rect 1382 1222 1452 1250 Donny's poly 2550 751 2709 751 2710 747 2719 739 2729 731 2746 738 2755 754 2757 767 2759 773 2758 789 2756 804 2753 815 2750 820 2743 832 2726 822 2729 851 2555 851 Haido Town Shopping Mall poly 1944 757 1962 724 1967 702 1971 680 1979 595 1986 670 1991 702 2000 728 2020 758 Tohto Tower poly 1717 987 1729 965 1772 977 1764 1014 1717 1012 Hotel New Beika poly 1372 249 1372 216 1428 216 1445 191 1468 216 1524 216 1524 249 Beika Station </dcmap>

Points of interest

01) Haido City Hotel (File 156) 杯戸シティホテル
02) TR Haido Station (File 344) TR杯戸駅
03) Haido Department Store (File 284) 杯戸百貨店
04) Sonoko Suzuki's house (File 104) 鈴木園子の家
05) Haido Town Shopping Mall and Ferris Wheel (File 369) 杯戸町のショッピングモール&大観覧車
06) Tohto Tower (File 36) 東都タワー
07) Family Restaurant "Donny's" (File 37) ファミレス「Donny's」
08) Tsukimi Avenue (File 37) 月見通り
09) Yamago Highway (File 38) 山越街道
10) Nanbu Aquarium (File 37) 南部水族館
11) Hotel New Beika (File 377) ホテルニュー米花
12) Beika Center Building - Outlook Restaurant "Arséne" (File 258) 米花センタービル・展望レストラン「Arséne」
13) Kisaki Law Firm Office (File 237) 妃法律事務所 (オフィス)
14) Beika Hotel (File 50) 米花ホテル
15) Professor Agasa's house (File 2) 阿笠博士の家

16) Shinichi Kudo's house (File 2) 工藤新一の家
17) Family Restaurant "Donny's" (File 170) ファミレス「Donny's」
18) TR Beika Station (Station Building) (File 304) TR米花駅 (駅ビル)
19) Mouri Detective Agency (File 2) 毛利探偵事務所
20) Beika Park (File 27) 米花公園
21) Araide Clinic (File 234) 新出医院
22) Teimuzu River (File 82) 提無津川
23) Beika Library (File 96) 米花図書館
24) Beika University (File 84) 米花大学
25) Nichiuri TV Station (File 102) 日売TV局
26) Teitan University (File 83) 帝丹大学
27) Beika Tunnel (File 82) 米花トンネル
28) Beika Bridge (File 82) 米花大橋
29) Expressway (File 82) 高速道路
30) Beika 2-chōme Intersection (File 82) 米花2丁目交差点
31) 4-chōme Avenue (File 82) 4丁目通り
32) Church (File 78) 教会

33) Beika Post Office (File 368) 米花郵便局
34) Teitan High School (File 255) 帝丹高校
35) Teitan Elementary School (File 10) 帝丹小学校
36) Beika General Hospital (File 27) 米花総合病院
37) Beika Department Store (File 166) べいかデパート
38) Jodie Saintemillion's Apartment (File 341) ジョディ・サンテミリオンの自宅
39) Beika Art Museum (File 30) 米花美術館
40) Beika Museum (File 156) 米花博物館
41) Ayumi Yoshida's apartment (File 398) 吉田歩美の自宅
42) Genta Kojima's house (Liquor Store) (File 303) 小嶋元太の家 (酒屋)
43) Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya's house (File 358) 円谷光彦の家
44) Daikoku Building ("Cocktail" Bar) (File 116) 大黒ビル (バー「カクテル」)
45) Expressway Entrance (File 82) 高速道路入り口


Beika Town[edit]

Beika Town (米花町 Beika-chō?) is where Conan and a majority of the other main characters live. It consists of at least seven blocks. Like Beika City, it is named after Baker Street.

1st Block[edit]

Apartment complex from the Delivery Service Case[edit]

The apartment of the murder victim of the deliverymen from Cheetah Delivery is located in here.

Beika Driveway[edit]

Beika Tunnel[edit]

Teitan University[edit]

Campus of Teitan University, as seen in episode 573.

Teitan University (帝丹大学 Teitan Daigaku?) is associated with Teitan Elementary School and Teitan High School. Conan, Mitsuhiko, Genta and Ayumi were forced to act in a play at the university in Ayumi-chan Kidnapping Case. Teruaki Kunisue, an acquaintance of Kazuha, is a student there and is a member of the tennis club.

Yotsubishi Gas Station[edit]

2nd Block[edit]

Beika Supermarket[edit]

Beika Supermarket (米花スーパー Beika Sūpā?) is where Ran went to buy groceries. It is located in Beika Town District 2 (米花町2丁目 Beika-chō 2-chōme?).

Hiroshi Agasa's residence[edit]

Agasa's house
Agasa's backyard and garage.

Located next door to the Kudo residence, this is where Professor Agasa and later Ai Haibara live. Agasa's residence includes an upper circular floor, a circular kitchen, and a lab where he works on various inventions and where Haibara works to synthesize an antidote to APTX 4869. Agasa's house has a rarely seen backyard with his garage.

Agasa's house is located at:
Beika City Beika Town (米花区米花町 Beika-ku, Beika-chō?)
District 2, Block 22 (2丁目22番地 2-chōme, 22-banchi?)

Kudo family residence[edit]

Kudo Residence

House where Yusaku, Yukiko and Shinichi Kudo lived. Current residence of Subaru Okiya after receiving permission from Conan Edogawa. After Yusaku and Yukiko traveled to America, Shinichi stayed in the house by himself while continuing to attend Teitan High School. Notable features of the house include its massive size and a huge library with dozens of shelves filled to capacity with mystery novels from all over the world.

According to the Detective Boys (who think it's a haunted house) in The Scary Building Case and the address on the letter from Teiji Moriya in The Time-Bombed Skyscraper, Shinichi's house is located at:
Beika City Beika Town (米花市米花町 Beika-shi Beika-chō?)
District 2, Block 21 (2丁目21番地 2-chōme, 21-banchi?)

The "2-21" number is a direct reference to Sherlock Holmes' residence at 221B Baker Street.


Burned remains of Mokuba-sō.

Mokuba-sō (木馬荘 ?) was a small apartment building in between Agasa's house and Teitan Elementary where Subaru Okiya lived before it burnt down in an arson case. It appears in Mobile Suit Gundam. Mokubasou was located at:
Beika City Beika Town (米花区米花町 Beika-shi Beika-chō?)
District 2, Block 23 (2丁目23番地 2-chōme, 23-banchi?)
Past residents were:

  • Kaito Sugiura, a boy whose parents owned the house and a classmate of the Detective Boys'
  • Ryuhei Hosoi (25 years old), a carpenter
  • Mr. Sugiura, Kaito's father who has been injured during the fire
  • Ginya Makabe (29 years old), a part time worker.

3rd Block[edit]

Beika Mansion[edit]

A certain Mr. Sasagawa lives in an apartment with the number 205 inside Baker Mansion.

Beika Post Office[edit]

Beika Post Office (米花郵便局 Beika Yūbinkyoku?) is located in Beika Town District 3 (米花町3丁目 Beika-chō 3-chōme?).

4th Block[edit]

Karaoke Beika[edit]

It appeared in Episode 971.


Unknown addresses[edit]

Two recipients of Cheetah Delivery are families named Yamada und Nishino, who live in the 4th Block.

5th Block[edit]

Café Columbo[edit]

Café Columbo (喫茶コロンボ Kissa Koronbo?) was first mentioned in chapter 2 of the manga. It is the restaurant that Professor Agasa had been to right before meeting Conan. The restaurant itself first appears in the The Forgotten Cell Phone. The restaurant gets its name from TV detective Columbo, whose show is very well-loved in Japan. It is located in Beika Town District 5 (米花町5丁目 Beika-chō 5-chōme?).

Café Poirot[edit]

Café Poirot (喫茶店ポアロ Kissaten Poaro?), where Azusa Enomoto and Rei Furuya work, is located directly beneath the Mouri Detective Agency. The café gets its name from one of Agatha Christie's most popular detectives, Hercule Poirot. It is located in Beika Town District 5 (米花町5丁目 Beika-chō 5-chōme?).

Iroha Sushi[edit]

Iroha Sushi (いろは寿司 iroha zushi?) is a sushi restaurant located just next-door to Cafe Poirot. It usually opens all week 7/7 days and on nights. Kogoro Mouri is a regular to that restaurant when he wins horse races. It sells many variety of sushis, sashimis, grilled fish (not found in every sushi shop) and many delicious dishes. It is the workplace of Kanenori Wakita, a sushi chef who regularly changes of workplaces and his Boss. Its owner usually organizes parties with the Café Poirot Master and other restaurant owners of the district. It is located in Beika Town District 5 (米花町5丁目 Beika-chō 5-chōme?).

The Mouri Detective Agency above Café Poirot, with Iroha Sushi to the right.

Mouri Detective Agency[edit]

The Mouri Detective Agency (毛利探偵事務所 Mōri Tantei Jimusho?) is the place where Detective Kogoro Mouri lives with his daughter, Ran. Conan Edogawa begins living there when he is shrunk in order to gain more information about the Black Organization. It is located in Beika Town District 5 (米花町5丁目 Beika-chō 5-chōme?).[14] According to The Meguro Sanma Case, it is located on block 39 (39番地 39-banchi?), but this information is non-canon.

The Mouri Detective Agency takes up the upper two floors of a three story building. The second floor is the detective agency proper, and is where Kogoro meets potential clients and stores his files. The windows are lettered with "Mouri Detective Agency". The third floor is the Mouri family living space. Part of the floor space is a living room with a kotatsu and television. There is also a small kitchen and a bathroom. Kogoro's bedroom, which is shared by Conan, has a sliding door out onto a small balcony overlooking the street. The agency is accessed via a covered staircase to the right of Café Poirot.

Police Station 5th Block Beika Town[edit]

The Police Station 5th Block Beika Town (米花町五丁目交番 Beika-chō Go-chōme Kōban?) is a so-called Kōban (a Japanese type of small police house, each belonging to a specific block and/or district) for the 5th Block of Beika District. The appearance of the police station is based on the real Police Station 5th Block Sendagaya (千駄ヶ谷五丁目交番 Sendagaya Go-chōme Kōban?) in the Shibuya Ward of Tokyo.

6th Block[edit]

Didn't appear and wasn't even mentioned so far, but since Beika Town has a "7th Block", a 6th Block has to exist, too.

7th Block[edit]

The last recipient on the route of the two murderous deliverymen from Cheetah Delivery lives somewhere in here.

Unknown block[edit]

Great Suzuki Museum[edit]

It appeared in Kaitou Kid and the Ocean's Miracle.

Ranburi Shrine[edit]

It appeared in the rooster man case.

Komehana Café (Rice Flower Café)[edit]

EP919 4.jpg

It appeared in the Cafe Rice Flower case.

Takanasi jewelry[edit]

It appeared in jewelry robber suicide case.

Black Bunny's Club[edit]

It appeared in Black Bunny's Club case.

Beika Hospital[edit]

It's appeared File 166.

Jr Beika Station[edit]

It appeared in ep 350.

Beika City Hall[edit]

It appeared in Ep 473.

Tohto Zoo[edit]

It appeared in Ep 421-2.

Tohho Cinema[edit]

It appeared in File 533.

Beika Library[edit]

It appeared in Ep 22.

Beika University Hospital[edit]

It appeared in File 1017.

Cafe Zoo-Too[edit]

It appeared in File 1047.

Beika Aquarium[edit]

Beika Art Museum[edit]

Beika Hotel[edit]

It appeared in the Soul Detective Case.

Beika Church[edit]

It appeared in Detective Conan: The Magician's Challenge Letter!, A June Bride Murder Case and Lawyer Kisaki SOS.

Beika West Hotel[edit]

It appears in Actress Blog Case.

Beika Art School[edit]

Beika Art School (米花美術学校 Beika Bijutsu gakkō?) is an art school in Beika Town in the Tokyo Metropolitan Area. Its existence is only mentionned in The Detective Boys Become Models which makes it still not confirmed in the canon plot.

Beika Branch Office[edit]

Beika Park (米花出張所 Beika Shutchōjo?) is the town hall for the Beika District. Shinichi Kudo and Ran Mouri stopped at this facility ten years ago as children during a scavenger hunt with Professor Hiroshi Agasa.

Beika Center Building[edit]

Beika Center Building (米花センタービル Beika Centā Biru?). It has a top floor restaurant called "Arséne" where Shinichi Kudo intended to confess to Ran Mouri in The Desperate Revival until a murder case interrupting things. Arséne is mentioned in File 976.

Beika City Building[edit]

Beika City Building (米花シティビル Beika Shiti Biru?) is where the climax of The Time-Bombed Skyscraper occurs. There is a movie theater on the bottom level.

Beika Department Store[edit]

Beika Department Store

Beika Department Store (べいかデパート Beika Depāto?) is a multistory department store near the Teito Bank. It has a space for children to play on its roof. The floor with the sports department was hijacked by a bomber during the thirteen red shirts case. There is a fancy restaurant at the top floor as mentioned by Agasa in File 939. The sports department is on the seventh floor, camera store and the toy store is on the fifth floor and the bags & clothes store is on the first floor as shown in File 939. It’s Sports department and a hat store appeared in 13 red shirt case.

Beika Drugstore[edit]

It appeared in File 1058.

Beika East Park[edit]

It appeared in File 1013.

Suzuki Musuem[edit]

It appeared in File 1018.

Beika Children’s Park[edit]

It appeared in Episode 853-854.

Beika General Hospital[edit]

Beika General Hospital (米花総合病院 Beika Sōgōbyōin?) is a major Beika hospital close to the Beika Department Store where a would be murderer planned to take revenge on a doctor after his son died during surgery. Jodie Starling enrolled in this hospital after she was shot by Calvados during a showdown with Vermouth.

Beika Museum[edit]

It appeared in episode 76.

Beika Park[edit]

Beika Park (米花公園 Beika Kōen?) is a park in Beika Town usually involved in cases. It's located somewhere on the To06 route of Toei Bus between the train stations Shibuya and Shimbashi. It has a Flower Clock as seen in the non canon ep 631.

Beika Preschool[edit]

It appeared in Ep 853. It's Ran, Shinichi and Sonoko own preschool.

Aska restaurant[edit]

It appeared in the Big couple murder case.

Kisaki Law Firm[edit]

It appeared in Ep 901-902.

Grand Suzuki Museum[edit]

It's appeared in Kaito kid and Twin bets case.

Sports Club[edit]

It's a Bar. It appeared in File 693.

Sports shop Apollo[edit]

It appeared in File 439.

Ristorante Sundayrino[edit]

It's appeared in Wedding Eve.

Simusa clothing shop[edit]

It appeared in Episode 878-879. It is in a upscale apartment store.

Beika Station[edit]

Beika Station

The main train station of the ward and its district of the same name. In the Manga, it is somewhere on the (real) Shōnan-Shinjuku Line between Shinjuku and Yokohama, probably on a section between the train stations of Ebisu and Gotanda.

In the Anime, on the other hand, it's located on the Tōto Line, which is a fictionalized version of the real Wikipedia:Yamanote Line|Yamanote Line. In both versions of the story, its appearance and surroundings are heavily based on the actually existing Shin-Okubo Station in the Hyakunin District of Shinjuku.

Beika University[edit]

Beika University (米花大学 Beika Daigaku?) is a university in Beika City, Beika Town. Its drama students occasionally put on performances for the public. The University has appeared very rarely in the series, but its alumni make frequent appearances.
A student from the Beika University School of Medecine was once a suspect in a case, and students from Beika University School of Agriculture made the Detective Boys visit a lab in Deadly Poisonous Spider Trap.
The first filler episode of the series was about the tensions inside the Tennis club of Beika University. The university has a film club whose members are shown in Solving Mysteries at the Poirot Café.

Beika Women's University[edit]

Beika Women's University (米花女大学 Beika On'na daigaku?) is a university in Beika City, Beika Town. It is a women only university, but its existence has only been shown in an anime-original case, so it is not canon. It appeared in A Woman Standing by the Window as one of its teacher, Junnosuke Tachibana, is a suspect and lives in high-rise building where the victim fell. Its students seem to like him for his beauty and handsomeness.

Chateau Beika Mansion[edit]

Chateau Beika Mansion (シャトー米花マンション Shatō Beika Manshon?) is a luxurious skyscraper and the place Shukichi Haneda currently lives at on the 18th floor.

Hotel New Beika[edit]

The name of the hotel is probably a play on the real "Hotel New Otani" in Chiyoda, on the border it shares with Minato, which also played a significant role in a James Bond film and could be seen in the background of the first chapter of Magic Kaito.

Jikogenba High School[edit]

This school is mentioned by Conan in episode 393 and is said to be near Beika Park. This location is non-canon.

Karaoke bar across the train station[edit]

Kojima Liquors[edit]

Ramen Ogura[edit]

Ramen Ogura (ラーメン小倉 Rāmen Ogura?) used to be a rundown shop on a shopping street in Haido Town. Despite the low customer traffic, its specialty dish full of bamboo shoots "Yama ramen" (閻魔大王ラーメン Enma Daiō rāmen?) is very tasty. The shop's motto is "So good, it's to die for." Ironically it was the scene of a murder case. After the case, it moved to Beika Town and became quite popular. Its motto also changed to "Ramen so wicked, it's to die for."

Star Donut[edit]

It appeared in File 1043.

Jingisukan Beika[edit]

It was mention in File 1039.

Teitan Elementary School[edit]

Teitan Elementary school

Teitan Elementary School (帝丹小学校 Teitan Shōgakkō?) is the elementary school of Conan, Haibara, and the Detective Boys. Teitan Elementary currently does not require a uniform. "Teitan" is a play-on word of "tantei"(探偵) meaning "detective".

Teitan High School[edit]

Teitan High School viewed from above.

Teitan High School (帝丹高校 Teitan Kōkō?) is a "ladder school" associated with Teitan University. Students include Shinichi, Ran, Sonoko, and Sera. Teitan High's winter uniform consists of a white shirt, green tie, navy blue blazer, and either a pair of navy blue pants (boys) or navy blue skirt (girls).

Teitan Middle School[edit]

Teitan Middle School

Shinichi, Ran, and Sonoko went to Teitan Middle School (帝丹中学 Teitan Chūgaku?). The winter uniform consists of a black gakuran and slacks for the boys and a navy blue collared white sailor outfit with a green ribbon and a navy blue skirt for the girls. The summer uniform consists of a white short-sleeve button-up shirt and black slacks for the boys and a white short sleeve shirt, yellow vest with a green ribbon and navy blue skirt for the girls.

Teito Bank[edit]

Teito Bank (帝都銀行 Teito Ginkō?) is a bank near the Beika Department store where a robbery took place.

Game on Game[edit]

It's a Arcade center. It appeared in Ep 226.

Sunday Mart[edit]

It appeared In Ep 343.


It appeared in File 391.

Beika Book Store[edit]

It appeared in File 994.

Beika Hotel West[edit]

It appeared in Actress Blogger Case.

Beika Central Bank[edit]

It appeared in Episode 491.

Beika Pharmacy[edit]

It appeared in episode 428.

Beika Police Station[edit]

It appeared in Lex Vocalist Murder Case.

Karaoke Box[edit]

It appeared in Lex Vocalist Murder Case

Haido Town[edit]

Haido Town (杯戸町 Haido-chō?) is a town in Beika City adjacent to Beika Town and is named after London's Hyde Park.

1st Block[edit]

Didn't appear and wasn't even mentioned so far, but since Haido Town has a 3rd and 4th Block, a 1st Block has to exist, too.

2nd Block[edit]

Didn't appear and wasn't even mentioned so far, but since Haido Town has a 3rd and 4th Block, a 2nd Block has to exist, too.

3rd Block[edit]

Alley next to an apartment building[edit]

One of the crime scenes from the Policewomen Serial Murder Case.

4th Block[edit]

An intersection located in this block is where the father of Miwako Sato died 18 years ago. The block is located somehwere on a route between the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Department and Yotsuya Station.

Unknown block[edit]

Haido Art Museum[edit]

Haido Art Museum (杯戸美術館 Haido Bijutsukan?) was demolished by Agasa's Tropical Rainbow bomb in Metropolitan Police Detective Love Story 2.

Haido Mall[edit]

It appeared in Ep 304.

Haido Department Store[edit]

It appeared in ep 217.

Nail Snake[edit]

A tattoo shop that appeared in File 551.

Haido Central Hospital[edit]

Haido Central Hospital

Haido Central Hospital (杯戸中央病院 Haido Chūōbyōin?) was the location where the FBI held Kir while she was unconscious and the site of a showdown between the Black Organization and the FBI. Eri was operated for appendicitis there. Later, Jodie's friend, Natsuko Shibuya, was attacked in a case and stayed there a few days. The Haido Cinema building is nearby.

Haido Cinema[edit]

Haido Central Building[edit]

It appeared in File 1039.

Haido Pancake Cafe[edit]

It appeared in File 1040.

Haido City Hotel[edit]

Haido City Hotel (杯戸シティホテル Haido Shiti Hoteru?) was first introduced when Kaitou Kid landed on its roof before the Black Star Heist. It appeared again in Reunion with the Black Organization where Pisco assassinated a politician and Gin and Shiho Miyano had a confrontation on the roof. The dying mystery writer spent his finals days there in The Mystery Writer Disappearance Case. The White Day party for a candy company in White Day of Betrayal was held at the hotel. In The Reminiscent Golden Eye, a cat's eye gem targeted by both Kaito Kid and a rival thief, Chat Noir, was displayed in the Haido City Hotel on the night of the heist.

Its position is identical with that of the real ANA Intercontinental Tokyo Hotel.

Haido Elementary School[edit]

While no main characters attend Haido Elementary School (杯戸小学校 Haido Shōgakkō?), this school plays a key role in Episode 2: Company President's Daughter Kidnapping Case. Keita Onoda and Chiaki from The Secret Played by the Diary are currently enrolled as first grade students there.

  • Natsuko Shibuya
  • Yoshiharu Sugamoto
  • Akiko Yonehara (under Judicial Custody)
  • Kohei Shimoda (deceased)
  • Ryuichi Sakai (P.E. teacher)
  • Minori Nakamura (Haido Elementary School nurse)
  • Sugiyama (deceased)

Haido Department Store[edit]

It appeared in Episode 338.

Haido High School[edit]

Haido High School (杯戸高校 Haido Kōkō?) is the high school of Makoto Kyogoku and Hina Wada

Haido Hotel[edit]

It was shown in File 768.

Haido Park[edit]

Haido Park (杯戸公園 Haido Kōen?) is a park in Haido Town where the Black Organization attempted to assassinate the politician Yasuteru Domon.

Haido Port[edit]

The Haido Port and its surroundings are modeled after the Hinode Pier in Minato. It appeared in File 1040.

Haido Station[edit]

Haido Town Shopping Mall[edit]

Haido Town Shopping Mall (杯戸町のショッピングモール Haido-chō no Shoppingu Mōru?) has the largest ferris wheel in Japan, over 125m tall, with 72 seats. For the ferris wheel to make one full rotation, it takes over 18 minutes (30cm per second, according to Haibara). The ferris wheel itself is better known as the place where Jinpei Matsuda died trying to defuse a bomb left by a crazed bomber.

Haido University[edit]

Haido University (杯戸大学 Haido Daigaku?) is the fictional counterpart of Rikkyo University. It was shown in The Shifting Mystery of Beika City. Its existence is therefore not confirmed in the canon plot as it appeared in a filler episode.

Hotel Haido Pride[edit]

Hotel Hyde Pride[edit]

It first appeared in episode 785.

South Haido Station[edit]

Located somewhere on the Tōto Line.

Haido Detective Agency[edit]

It appeared in Episode 323-324.


Sandei Temple[edit]

It appeared in ep 52.

Shogaku Temple[edit]

It's in Kumamoto. It appeared in Ep 479.


The Teimuzu is a river that, in addition to Haido, also flows through the Beika District. Its name is based on a Japanese transcription of the English name of the Thames in London, but its appearance is i.a. based on the Arakawa.


  • The name of the city and some places in it are allusions to Sherlock Holmes: "Beika" is a transcription of "Baker", as in Baker Street, in which Holmes and his best friend, Dr. John Watson, live.[15][16] "Haido" in turn is a transcription of "Hyde", as in Hyde Park, which is close to Baker Street. Finally, the river "Teimuzu" corresponds phonetically to the Thames, that is, the Thames in London.
  • While the position of Beika City seems to roughly coincide with the real Minato City in the Manga, it's implied to overlap with Shinjuku City instead in most of the expanded canon (Anime Original episodes, OVAs, movies and Hanzawa the Criminal).
  • According to at least three (non-canon) maps, Tropical Land is situated in Beika, too. This has not been confirmed in any canonical media so far.
  • The characters from Magic Kaito seem to live in Beika City or close to it in the canon of Detective Conan. Kaito Kuroba's and Aoko Nakamori's way to school crosses the one of Conan Edogawa, Ran Mouri and Sonoko Suzuki.[17] Furthermore, the clock tower Kaito and Aoko met for the first time in front of is close to Tokyo Tower, which in turn is close to Beika.[18]
  • Haido has 3 bridges which are Big Haido bridge, new haido bridge and Haido Centre Bridge as shown in File 551.
  • In File 987 it's revealed that a camping site that just been built.
  • On it's fifth street it has a police box as shown ep 895.

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