Kudo Residence

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Kudo residence

The Kudo Residence is a stately mansion in the style of the Tudor and Tudor Revival architecture, located at no. 21 in the second block of Beika Town, a district of the fictional Beika Ward. It is the home of the Kudo family and temporary residence of Subaru Okiya since recently, taking care of the house after Ran Mouri and her friend Sonoko Suzuki did so since Shinichi Kudo's disappearance.

Rooms of interest

  • Living room: spacious with a fire place and sofa.
  • Foyer
  • Kitchen
  • Yusaku Kudo's study


Gosho Aoyama remodeled Akako's house for use as the Kudo residence.
  • The exact address of the Kudo residence in the manga is Tokyo, Beika Ward, Beika Town, 2nd Block, House Number 21 (東京都米花区米花町2丁目21番地 Tōkyō-to Beika-ku Beika-chō 2-chōme 22-banchi?), with the "Beika Town 2-21" (2nd Block, House Number 21) being an allusion to Sherlock Holmes's address of Baker Street 221B.
  • The Kudo residence seemingly shares a model with Akako Koizumi's residence, considering their similar appearances. Gosho Aoyama also alluded to this during a meta joke in Magic Kaito Volume 5 Omake.
  • A mansion identical to the Kudo residence in architecture appears in the background of the mystery TV show George Kirishima (from Detective George's Mini-Mini Big Strategy) features in during file 102 of Detective Conan.
  • The two photos in Reiko Kujo's apartment are about Kudo residence, but with an inverted orientation, so she's a close acquaintance of the Kudo family since Conan knows her very well.

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