Volume 27

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Volume 27

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Release date: April 18, 2000
Chapters: 264-273
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-125497-7
Publisher: Shogakukan
English release date: January 20, 2009
English ISBN: ISBN 1-4215-1679-9
English Publisher: Viz Media
Featured Detective & Keyhole
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James Bond
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Misao Yamamura
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Volume 27 was released on April 18, 2000 in Japan.



Murderer Kogoro Mouri Case[edit]

File 264 - A Taste of One's Own Medicine[edit]

Kogoro takes Ran and Conan to a mountain hotel but he mostly enjoys the swimming pool, checking girls out. Once out of the pool, they come upon Eri, who came to this hotel with a few friends, lawyers as well, as part of a lawsuit having to do with a factory and a village in the surroundings. Kogoro and Eri belittle each other just like usual, but Eri says to Ran in secret that she feels like to reconcile with Kogoro, by offering him a tie, but Ran must not say anything for the moment. They also meet Norifumi Saku, a young lawyer that leaves Eri far from indifferent, and it is mutual. They organise a dinner with everyone and they meet Eri's fellow barristers Mikasa, Shiozawa and Usui. Kogoro drinks way too much and starts hitting on Usui, which angers Eri who leaves the table. Some time after, when tempers aren't flaring anymore, everyone looks for Kogoro, who hasn't given some sign of life since a moment. They search everywhere and end by Usui's room, where they hear the ringing of Kogoro's phone from the inside. Some time before, Usui had deliberately brought a drunk Kogoro in her bed in order to blot Eri's copybook and to become the new queen of the Bar. But Usui had been interrupted by a door knock. Later on, when Eri and co try to open Usui's door, they find it locked from the inside with the safety chain, and glimpse an unconscious Usui on the floor. Saku doesn't wait for the groom to come and breaks down the door. Usui has been strangled with a telephone wire, and in the bed there's Kogoro, who wakes up unaware of the hustle and bustle around him.

File 265 - An Important Witness[edit]

Eri refuses to defend Kogoro then Saku will be his barrister. Eri warns that Kogoro may be sentenced to the death penalty, but the real reason why she doesn't want to defend him isn't because she believes her husband killed Usui but rather because many things are odd in the room and concerning the murder, and then she can't believe Kogoro murdered Ritsuko Usui. She investigates along with Ran, Conan and Yamamura, and Conan finally deduces who is the true killer.

File 266 - Unwavering Resolve...[edit]


Sato's Father Case[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

File 267 - The Man from 18 Years Ago[edit]

File 268 - The Imprisoned Policeman[edit]

File 269 - Time Limit[edit]


Arcade Murder Case[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

File 270 - Game Start[edit]

Ran and Sonoko are having fun at an arcade hall's print club, along with Conan. They talk about how Shinichi's absence has been filled with Dr. Araide's rising fame at Teitan High School. Indeed, Araide isn't only the basketball and drama clubs' coaches, but he is even now the official sickroom's doctor. The group comes across an English-speaking woman playing skillfully at a shooting game, and they recognise her new English teacher, Jodie Saintemillion, from America. Sonoko had told Ran about Jodie's strange, cold, and distant behaviour with her students, and her showing ostentatiously her luxury sexy clothing. Jodie reveals her true self to her students as she tells them in confidence that she loves Japanese games but she can't show it and has to look very professional while at high school, as it's very hard for a foreigner to find a job in Japan, and high schools are very demanding with foreigners. Jodie convinces Ran to play a virtual reality video fighting game, showing her karate skills. Yet, Ran is defeated by a stronger player named Kengo Bito, who asks her arrogantly to move it as she took her favorite seat. An arcade employee, Hitoshi Dejima, tells Ran about the specificity of this game and how to win. Another customer, Toshitsugu Emori, tells Ran about Kengo being a champion. They also meet Takayasu Shimizu, whose sister is dating Bito. Shimizu is Bito's greatest challenger, and he came to propose a return match to Bito. Everyone gathers to watch the fight on a giant screen, while Jodie plays, just as skillfully, a car racing game. Kengo beats his opponent hollow, but suddenly stops before giving the final blow. Acccordingly, he is disqualified and the match ends by a draw. As everyone turns to Bito, Conan realises he's not in his normal state and runs to him, only to see him dead, dribbling.

File 271 - TTX...[edit]

The police declare Bito was poisoned during his game, which seems impossible as he neither ate nor drank anything, nor touched anyone during his fight. Conan's deductions impress Jodie who looks at him with great interest. Watching the CCTV recording, they are shown the entire scene before, during and after Bito's death, but find nothing striking. Shimizu went to Bito's right side to ask him how he would play, in vain, Emori went to Bito's left side to pick up a coin, and Dejima was close to him before his game, when he was recovering the coins in the machine. Emori reveals he, Shimizu and Dejima all had a motive to kill Bito : himself had been called a "dangerous taxidriver" by Bito in front of everyone after he lost to Bito in a car racing game, Dejima was a former arcade game champion who got defeated and humiliated by Bito, to the point of changing appearance and becoming an employee at the arcade, hoping to see if Bito could be ever defeated, and Shimizu's sister was dating Bito, who apparently treats her very bad. The forensics reveal Bito was poisoned by TTX, or tetrodotoxin, a violent and immediate poison found in the famous Japanese fugu pufferfish, as Jodie declares. Bito was stung under his right arm by a kind of poisoned needle. Yet, the police still can't figure how someone could have poisoned Bito during the fight game as none approached him. Conan thinks about it and suddenly hears a strange scraping-steel-like noise close to him. He investigates it and eventually finds out the truth.

File 272 - Game Over[edit]


Bear Hunters Case[edit]

File 273 - Stuck on the Same Boat[edit]

The Detective Boys are going and picking Matsutake mushrooms in the forest. Answering to Genta's contemptuous comment about apples being very common fruits, Haibara says that the apple is the Garden of Eden's forbidden fruit, and that after eating from it, Adam and Eve were chased from there, therefore apples are very mysterious fruits, with the eternity inside. Conan helps the Detective Boys to find matsutakes by telling them to look for it near dried up pinetrees, in a both wet and sunny location. Genta notices many matsutakes on the other side of a mesh fence, with no public access except hunters, as bears are living in the area, but still decides to cross it anyway. In order to find Genta who still hasn't come back, the Detective Boys split into two groups : Ai and Mitsuhiko, and Conan, Agasa and Ayumi. Mitsuhiko starts falling in love with Haibara and wonders if she's already loving Conan. The two find a hole in the wire and meet a bear cub who has been frightened, and suddenly they stumble upon the corpse of a hunter who was shot down a very short time ago. Mitsuhiko and Haibara are targeted as well by the hunter's killer and run away in the forest. Meanwhile, Genta is found by Conan and co, but not Mitsuhiko and Haibara. They meet three hunters who wonder what they're doing here and tell them it's very dangerous. They decide to help Agasa and his group to find Mitsuhiko and Haibara. These latter catch sight of the group but notice among them the hunter who targeted them and can't show up, fearing they might be killed, mistaken for bears, or that the hunter stops the research, finds them and kills them.


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