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Japanese name: マロ
Age: unknown
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Fumimaro Ayanokoji (master)
Occupation: Pet
First appearance: Anime: Movie 7
Manga: File 1001
Appearances: Chapters: 3
Episodes: 6

Movies: 4

Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: Volume 95
Japanese voice: none

Maro (マロ Maro?), originally unnamed, is a character in the anime and later manga franchise Detective Conan. He is Fumimaro Ayanokoji's pet chipmunk.


Ayanokoji and Maro.

Maro is a young and small striped rodent from the family Sciuridae. He is a Siberian pet chipmunk, that is mainly found in Asia. He is the best friend of Fumimaro Ayanokoji in Kyoto, who always carries him on his jacket pocket, even changed his phone wallpaper from a chipmunk for him.


He is a fearful little animal that always stays on Ayanokoji's shoulder and doesn't like other strangers to touch him, such as Kogoro, except children like the Detective Boys.


He has a fur white on the front and brown with black stripes on the back. He also has light brown eyes.


Plot overview

Crimson School Trip Case (Manga: 1001-1002, Anime: 927-928)

At the introduction of Ayanokoji, he sits on his shoulder and Masumi is amazed by that. Shinichi tells her that Ayanokoji always has his chipmunk with him. As the case progresses, the animal is not present.

Detective Play Director Murder Case (Manga: 1089, Anime: TBD)

While Ayanokoji is at the crime scene, he has to hide in his breast pocket so that Hyoe Kuroda doesn't notice the animal.

Non-canon plot overview

Crossroad in the Ancient Capital (Movie: 7)

He is with Ayanokoji at a press conference given by the police on a series of murders in Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto. During a conversation between Sato and Takagi about Ayanokoji, it is learned about the chipmunk. Ayanokoji prefers to carry him in the left breast pocket of his jacket, but later Heiji adds that he stays at home when the inspector visits a crime scene. Unlike Genta and Mitsuhiko, Ayumi is reluctant to say goodbye to the animal. She would like to take it home, but Ayanokoji tells her he can't give away his best friend.

The Raven Chaser (Movie: 13)

While Ayanokoji is on the phone with Shiratori regarding a case, he climbs around him twice.

The Missing Sweets in the Old Shop (Anime: 694)

On his day off, Ayanokoji takes him for a walk and bumps into the Kogoro, Ran, Sonoko, Conan, and the Detective Boys. They search and puzzle together for a missing piece of chocolate.

Dimensional Sniper (Movie: 18)

In a sniper killing spree, Ayanokoji questions a former sniper and tells him to be careful. The inspector was startled briefly, which is why he falls down and climbs back onto his shoulder.

The Crimson Love Letter (Movie: 21)

When Conan and Heiji arrive in Kyoto to investigate the crime scene, Ayanokoji greets them. The chipmunk chirps briefly. Heiji monitors Momiji and stands in front of her mansion. Ayanokoji also shows up there with him. When the door opens, the attentive and shy chipmunk looks over there and hides in his jacket pocket in fear. He sits on the inspector's shoulder as spectators are admitted to the final venue.

Kaiju Gomera vs. Kamen Yaiba (Anime: 965-968)

After Ayanokoji saves Ran's life, he climbs from the jacket pocket over his shoulders. While reporting to the Osaka police, Ayanokoji and the chipmunk bow down, disappointed that they couldn't find anything concrete on the case. When Ayanokoji is in a meeting with the police officers, he rests on his shoulder and gets up when Ayanokoji opens his eyes again. When pronouncing the evidence about the suspected perpetrator, the animal appears scowls on the shoulder and looks angry.

Name origin

The name "Maro", revealed in file 1089, is believed to derive from the word "マロン" (Maron), which was borrowed from French into Japanese and means "chestnut" or "chestnut". It could also derive from Ayanokoji's own first name "Fumimaro" (文麿).


  • According to Gosho Aoyama in JUSTICE PLUS Super Digest Book, Ayanokoji got his pet chipmunk in a pet shop when their eyes met.

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