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Chapter 1060

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Title: The Show is About to Begin
Japanese title: ショーはこれから
(Shō wa korekara)
Original release: August 26th, 2020
Shōnen Sunday issue: #39/2020
Volume: 100
Pages: 16
Anime adaptation: Episode 1072: Yusaku Kudo's Detective Show (Part 2)
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The Show is About to Begin (ショーはこれから Shō wa korekara?) is the 1060th chapter of the manga of Detective Conan. It was written by Gosho Aoyama, drawn by him and his assistants and first released in Shōnen Sunday #39/2020 on August 26, 2020 and was released as part of Volume 100 on October 18, 2021.





During the live broadcast, Kaitou Kid, disguised as Yusaku Kudo, just named the reporter and host of the live broadcast, Saiko Yumekawa, as the culprit, much to the shock of everyone present and TV viewers like Ran and Kogoro. Yumekawa defends herself against the accusations, but Kid says that they should concentrate on the trick for now. Conan reassures a panicked Kid that he just has to follow his lines. The TV crew has prepared everything as requested and set up three doors in the study, which are exact copies of the locked doors from the crime scenes, including the things that were on the floor in front of them.

All three crime scenes have a few things in common: they have turnbolt locks over the door handle, there were objects in front of the doors that can be clipped to the turnbolts and from which objects can hang (the hair clip at Morita's murder, the disposable chopsticks at Kiryuu's murder and the pliers at Kanzawa's murder) and also weighted objects with handles, such as a cosmetics bag and the handle of the trash bag. At the third crime scene, on the other hand, a pan was used, presumably to avoid using a bag again. The trick is created by attaching the staple objects to the turnbolts, the weighted objects to the staple objects and place the weighted objects on the door handle. Now close the door and push the door handle down from the outside, causing the weighted objects to fall down, which in turn pulls the staple objects down, causing them to turn the bolt and thus lock it. They are then removed from the lock by the weight of the weighted objects and fall to the floor. The TV crew manages to successfully recreate the trick with the three doors.

Kid explains to Yumekawa that she made some mistakes. The mess she made in Morita and Kiryu's apartments were noticeably fake, notably because only the top shelves of Morita's cabinet were ransacked, as if a short person like Yumekawa wanted to make it seem like a tall person did it, while in Kiryuu's room, the chopsticks were left on the left side of the instant noodle cups, just like a left person like Yumekawa would do, as Kiryuu was right-handed. The black pan in Kanzawa's apartment had to be brought by her to fit the length of the handle, making it different from the other pans in the apartment, which were made of silver, and finally, the watch Yumekawa wears on her right hand is a model that is made for lefties and she has a pale spot on the tanned skin of her left arm. Underneath it, Yumekawa hides the scratches that Kiryu left behind when he murdered her. Yumekawa can no longer say anything against this and reveals the scratches under her watch. Her motive was the trick behind the locked rooms themselves. Yumekawa used to play the game Dungeon Holmes together with Morita, Kiryu and Kanzawa; in the game's chat, she had told her fellow players about this trick that she had devised herself. They all loved the trick and tried it out at home. Yumekawa actually wanted to give the trick to a famous screenwriter when the opportunity arose and make a name for herself, but then Morita used it in one of her online novels instead. In an argument about it, Yumekawa accidentally pushed Morita against the edge of the bathroom, killing Atusmi. Yumekawa then used the trick herself. The two other players naturally suspected that the murder was probably committed by one of the group, which is why Yumekawa also murdered Kiryuu and Kanzawa. The murders really bothered Yumekawa and she could hardly sleep for fear of being caught. That is why she decided to still be the reporter on that day's show: she thought that if she could have fooled the famous Yusaku Kudo on live TV, she would surely be able to sleep peacefully again afterwards. But this plan has obviously failed. She surrenders, as she hears the police sirens coming closer.

While she is being taken away, Megure thanks "Yusaku". He also mentions that Nakamori was supposed to come to thank Yusaku for his help with the false accusations against Kaitou Kid, but something got in the way: Kid had struck again in Shibuya, which is why Nakamori has to be there. Shocked, Conan says that it cannot be, because he secretly knows that that "Yusaku" is Kid in disguise. Conan tells Megure that the Kid in Shibuya must be a fake. He turns to "Yusaku" to get confirmation from him, but this "Yusaku" has suddenly disappeared. While Megure is still musing that Nakamori was actually able to confirm Kid's authenticity this time, Conan is shocked to realize that if the real Kid is in Shibuya, then he can only think of one person who could have disguised himself as Yusaku until just now.

Gin and vodka are sitting in his Porsche 356 A close to the ocean at the port of Tokyo. Someone knocks on the window next to Gin: it is Vermouth, who is met by Gin telling her she is late. Vermouth apologizes, saying that she had to do "a little something" for Rum. A person who could be a danger to the Organization is currently spending more time in Japan, so Vermouth wanted to find out what this person's intentions are. Vodka asks how it went - Vermouth says that it was just a disappointment, she could always eliminate the person in question without any problems. So Vermouth has not killed this person yet, Gin notes. Vermouth confirms this, at least for the time being. Should it become necessary to eliminate this person, she can easily do so at any time.

Meanwhile, at the Kudo residence, Conan knocks in panic on the door of the room where Yusaku and Yukiko are lying flat due to their food poisoning. After all, Vermouth could have been here in the villa until just now and maybe she was behind the food poisoning. The door opens slowly: behind it stands Shuichi Akai, who gestures to Conan to be quiet for a moment, along with Yusaku and Yukiko, who are no longer ill. Akai uses his headset to ask his colleagues Jodie and Camel for a situation report. The FBI agents are also at the Kudo mansion right now, checking to see if Vermouth has planted bugs or cameras anywhere, which is not the case. The agents report that the bestselling author's plan has completely fooled their enemies.

Yukiko and Yusaku explain the whole thing to Conan: Yusaku had noticed that the two had been watched for some time. When a suspicious flyer from an Italian restaurant showed up in the villa's mailbox, Yusaku and Yukiko went there on purpose, and immediately realized that their food was laced with poison, which causes symptoms similar to food poisoning. Yusaku and Yukiko then pretended to eat the food while actually hiding it in Yukiko's handbag. They then faked the symptoms to show their enemies that their weak points were completely exposed and there were no hidden agendas. Conan complains that they could have just let him in on it, but Yusaku just smirks and says :

To fool your enemies, you must first fool your friends.

Yusaku Kudo, to Shinichi Kudo (Conan Edogawa).

Akai says that this probably averts an attack on the Kudo residence, but now they have to prepare for the organization's next big move.



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Sherry's Soliloquy

Sherry's soliloquy for File 1060.

Sherry's Soliloquy (シェリーのひとりごと Sherī no Hitorigoto?) is a collection of comments Gosho Aoyama has Ai Haibara say on the official Detective Conan website, Conan News Agency (こなん通信社 Konan Tsūshin-sha) in the course of every new chapter's publication.

Soliloquy of File 1060:
Yuusaku-san is superior indeed!
(August 28, 2020, translation by Spimer)

Animal Crossing Promotional Hints

With every new chapter, players can receive these hints written by Gosho Aoyama in Animal Crossing: New Leaf and Animal Crossing: New Horizons by interacting with four characters named Spade (スペード), Heart (ハート), Diamond (ダイヤ), and Clover (クローバ), who appear in Gosho's Dream Town.


  • The poison the Black Organization used to try to poison the Kudos is distigmine bromide (C22H32Br2N4O4), a medicine used for treating conditions like myasthenia gravis and underactive bladder, but can cause paralysis or respiratory failure if wrongly administered, due to accumulation of the drug.
  • At the end of the chapter, it announces that Zero's Tea Time returns on September 23rd. The Zero's Tea Time chapter published that day is chapter 45, The Kappa's Old Well, later published in volume 5.


Yusaku Kudo's Detective Show (episodes 1071-1072)

  • Some dialogues are added:
  • Yusaku realizing the TV station that interviewed him.
  • Yusaku asking Kid to send his address so he could send a copy of his novel.
  • Yukiko mentioning that Yusaku solve the case in three minutes, so four hours should be enough for Conan.
  • In the manga, Megure is shown in the background when Yusaku mentioned about him. It is removed in the anime.
  • In the manga, Koretsugu Kanzawa has black hair. In the anime, he has grey hair and looks bald.
  • The anime adds original scene where Ran is just coming home and is going to prepare dinner so that she won't miss Yusaku's TV show. Kogoro then wondering why they ask a novelist to solve the case and not a detective.
  • To avoid repeating the case explanation during the first part, the anime makes some changes:
  • In the manga, after Kid arrived at study room, Conan directly explains the case. The TV staff arrives when Conan explained the 2nd victim. After the conversation with Yumekawa, Conan asks Kid how he know Yusaku is sick, before continue their discussion about the case.
  • In the anime, after Kid arrived at study room, Conan asks Kid how he know Yusaku is sick. The TV staff arrives not long after that. After the conversation with Yumekawa, Conan goes to see Yusaku and Yukiko in their room, before returns to living room where Kid is waiting for him to explain the case.
  • In the manga, during the live broadcast, Conan just hide behind the table. In the anime, Conan hides under the table.

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  1. Summary translated from the German version of January 19, 2024.
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