Natsuko Shibuya

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Natsuko Shibuya

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Japanese name: 澁谷 夏子
(Shibuya Natsuko)
Age: 28
Gender: Female
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: unknown
Occupation: English teacher
First appearance: Manga: File 891
Anime: Episode 779
Appearances: Chapters: 4
Episodes: 4
Openings: 1
Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: N/A
Japanese voice: Rumi Kasahara

Natsuko Shibuya (澁谷 夏子 Shibuya Natsuko?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Natsuko Shibuya, age 28, is an english teacher from Haido Elementary School who is attacked on her way home. She is a Japanese girl who went to study abroad to USA and encountered Jodie Starling as she was there. Because Jodie saved her when she was involved in an unknown case, she decided to help her learn Japanese in order for Jodie to go in Japan as a FBI agent. When they returned together, Jodie became an english teacher at Natsuko's advice and then stayed in contact by giving themselves regular phone calls. She also helped Jodie become an undercover agent.


Natsuko is a young Japanese woman who has a normal profile of an average person. She is not tall, has dark grey eyes, a smooth mouth and black long hair. She is skinny and wears a green shirt with purple outlines.


She is a tender woman who is nice to everybody and that doesn't bother anybody. She is open-minded and likes to chat. Although she is a bit sarcastic by moments, she always stays happy. She works hard and often stays at school at night so children could get their grades quickly.


Relationships analysis[edit]

Jodie Starling[edit]

Jodie Starling, alias Jodie Saintemillion, is Natsuko's friend that she encountered in America when Natsuko was studiying abroad. She saved her from a case she involved into and Natsuko paid her back by teaching her how to speak Japanese. They then kept contact as both returned in Japan and became english teachers.Due to misunderstandings, she was pushed from a staircase in Haido Park by a parent who was furious against the way she wrote grades since he thought she had put bad grades but that were in fact good ones since the checkmarks' meaning varie in different countries. She was also a potential suspect of knowing informations about the Black Organization because she was related to Jodie. She was stalked by the mysterious Phys. Ed. teacher of the school and employed Tohru Amuro a.k.a Bourbon to investigate who was her stalker which was a great chance for Bourbon to known more informations about her and to know if she was related or not. He then planned to run her over with his car but someone pushed her before. He and Vermouth then left the crime scene as they thought she was dead but hopefully, she survived and recovered.


Bourbon is a Black Organization member who is aquainted with Natsuko for she was his client when she employed him to investigate on her stalker. He accepted her offer because she was a potential person who could help him fill in his last interrogation. He then planned to kill her or get her involved in a certain accident but was preceded by someone else.


Vermouth, or Chris Vineyard, is Bourbon's associate and superior in the organization. She went with him to meet Natsuko but was also a witness of Natsuko's falling.

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