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Fusae Campbell Kinoshita

Fusae Campbell profile.png

Japanese name: フサエ・キャンベル・木之下
(Fusae Kyanberu Kinoshita)
English name: Fusae Campbell Kinoshita
Age: 49-50[1]
Gender: Female
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Mr. Kinoshita (father)
Mrs. Campbell (mother)
Occupation: Fashion designer
First appearance: Manga: File 410
Anime: Episode 421
Appearances: Chapters: 4
Episodes: 3
Openings: 1
Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: Volume 40
Japanese voice: Eiko Masuyama
Chieko Honda (child)

Fusae Campbell Kinoshita (フサエ・キャンベル・木之下 Fusae Kyanberu Kinoshita?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. She is Agasa's long lost love[2] and an accessory fashion designer with a ginkgo leaf-themed brand.


Agasa and Fusae's first meeting.

Fusae Campbell Kinoshita is of Japanese-American descent and has the unusual feature, for a Japanese, of blond hair. Feeling self-conscious about this, presumably aided by some teasing from intolerant schoolmates, she became very timid and came to wear a low hat to cover her hair.[3]

When she was in fourth grade, she met Agasa, who helped her overcome her timidness. The two became very fond of each other, especially since Agasa did not ridicule her for her hair color, but she soon had to move away before she could confess her feelings for him. In a letter who left, she promised that once every ten years she would wait for Agasa at "the place of memories", the ginkgo trees behind Teitan elementary school, until he met up with her, but the hints she left were too complicated for Agasa to crack, and it was not until forty years later the two were finally reunited with the help of Conan. By that time, she had become a successful fashion designer, with a ginkgo leaf being her trademark signature, because Agasa had commented on her hair looking like ginkgo leaves in the fall.

While the two parted inconclusively, because of mistaken conceptions about the other which she assumed the Detective Boys are his grandchildren and lied that Billy is her husband, they did recognize each other, and Agasa was able to make his feelings known to her. Whether the two will meet anytime soon remains to be seen.[2]

She has one foreign English speaking parent and can speak it. Her step-father has a friend named Billy, whose wife is a fan of the Fusae Brand.[2]


She is a fairly tall slender woman, yet curvaceous in built, with a fair skin tone, purple eyes and a short blonde hair. Furthermore, she usually wears a hat and branded casual clothing. In addition, she is very attractive, beautiful and young looking despite being in her 50s. As a child, not only did she have brown eyes and freckles, but she always wore a bell hat pulled low over her face, so that no one would make fun of her blonde hair. She is right-handed.


She is a reserved, shy and timid child. As a child, she was fear animals, although this phobia was overcame by her two months later. She has a kind and caring personality, evidenced when she loaned Ran her umbrella while waiting for Agasa ten years prior to the current timeline.


Plot overview

Agasa's First Love Case (Manga: Volume 40: 410-412, Anime: 421-422)

Agasa met Fusae forty years before the current timeline, on the first day back from summer break the way to Okuho middle school. At the time, he was in 6th grade and she in the 4th at Teitan elementary. She was too frightened to pass the house which had a large dog. He helped her pass the house, and afterwards told him she was afraid of animals because she had been bitten by her pet dog when she was little, and she didn't have any pets from them on. To help her get over that fear of animals, he took her over to the house of a friend who owned a hamster. She would later take care of the school's animals. She was very afraid of the hamster at first, but she got used to it after a while and overcame her fear of animals after a couple of months, and was able to walk past the dog unafraid. All this time, he had been walking with her to school every day.

One day, under the ginkgo trees behind Teitan elementary where the animals were kept, her hat blew off, revealing her brownish blond hair. She pleaded for him not to look at her hair, because she didn't want to be made fun of for looking different. He instead told her that he likes it and it is as beautiful as a ginkgo leaf.

Late in November, she didn't appear one day, and he found out she had suddenly moved away. Although she didn't tell him she was leaving, she had left a letter in his mailbox, saying that she will meet with him again ten years from that day, November 24, at "the place of memories". If he didn't come, she would wait again in another ten years. She left a riddle at the bottom of her letter "4163 33 6 0" and "Clue: Animals". Without knowing the answer, he had tried the house with the hamster thirty years prior and the house with the dog twenty years prior, but neither were correct. Conan wound up solving the riddle, revealing that the numbers corresponded to the number of letters in the English onomatopoetic sounds various animals make. 4163 was a rooster's "cock-a-doodle-doo", 33 was a dog's "bow-wow", 6 was a hamster's "squeak", and 0 meant no animal sounds could be heard. They in turn referred to the corresponding places where each could be found, which when put together made the phrase "under Teitan elementary's ginkgo trees" (in romaji).

She is waiting for him under the ginkgo trees with her step-father's friend, Billy. She doesn't tell him who she is, claiming to be someone who likes the colors of the ginkgo trees and that Billy is her husband. However, Conan recognizes her from ten years ago, when she decided to give Ran her umbrella after the girl told her she forgotten her's on that rainy day and Ran's hiding out at the gingko trees for now, when they meet each other after Fusae asked if Ran was waiting for someone. At first, Ran persistent refused because Fusae will get wet, but she insisted. She then said, when she grows up, Ran will buys one of purses that she designed in return as repayment towards her. She showed a gingko leaf towards Ran and said that it's the mark, and also said although she is not famous now, she'll try her best. Then, they made a pinky promise together about it, with Ran agreeing to it. Shinichi was there and witnessed the whole thing.

She doesn't want to tell him who she was because she thinks that the Detective Boys, who are with him, are his grandchildren and is afraid he would be heart-broken that she had waited for him for forty years. She doesn't think he had remembered her, but he reveals he does when Agasa calls after her that he still thinks ginkgo leaves are pretty. She wants to return again in ten years, but Billy says that he thinks their next meeting will be much sooner than that.

Just Like a 17 Years Old Crime Scene (Manga: Volume 90: 950, Anime: 862)

Agasa thinks about Fusae after the case resolution.

Relationships analysis

Hiroshi Agasa

Agasa reminisces Fusae.

Today a successful fashion designer, she is Agasa's first love in their childhood years. Because of her half-American heritage, she has blond hair, which had made her the target of ridicule among her fellow students and thus made her very shy. She usually wore a large hat to conceal her hair. Right after she found her first love, she had to move away, but promised to return every ten year to a special place to meet him again. However, the postcard on which she had placed her clues were too complicated for him to solve and it took him forty years, and the help of Conan, to find the place again. While they did not openly talk about their feelings, there is a hint that their relationship is now beginning to grow. When Agasa makes up an excuse to avoid demonstrating how the Fusae Brand glass used in a murder, his real reason is he didn't want to further damage something with Fusae's name on it.

Ran Mouri

Ran met Fusae ten years ago.

Fusae and Ran met ten years ago prior to the current timeline. While waiting for Agasa under the ginkgo trees behind Teitan elementary school, she let Ran borrow her umbrella. She asked if was waiting for someone. At first, Ran persistent refused because Fusae will get wet, but she insisted. She then said, when she grows up, Ran will buys one of purses that she designed in return as repayment towards her. She showed a gingko leaf towards Ran and said that it's the mark, and also said although she is not famous now, she'll try her best. Then, they made a pinky promise together about it, with Ran agreeing to it. Ran managed to fulfill that present in the present timeline.


Billy is a friend of Fusae's non-biological father, who accompanied her to Japan when she decided to once again wait for Hiroshi under the ginkgo trees.

Different looks

Episode 422
Episode 862
Opening 56



Fusae Brand's wallet.
  • The Fusae brand is referenced in other episodes. In the anime, it can be heard as the Sai brand instead. This is actually the result of mishearing the name Fusae: as when speaking Japanese, it is common to devoice the /i/ and /u/ vowels between voiceless consonants. So, in the name /fusae/, because both the /f/ and the /s/ are voiceless consonants, the /u/ vowel between them is devoiced, resulting in a very weak and difficult to notice presence. With the absence of the vowel, the preceding /f/ would be heard as an exhale and not be heard as part of the word, leaving just /sae/, itself easily misheard as /sai/ when spoken fast. The word itself is still being pronounced as /fusae/, and not /sai/.

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  1. ^ She was in fourth grade forty years ago. Most fourth graders in Japan are about ten years old, making her close to fifty in the current timeline.
  2. ^ a b c Manga volume 40, file 412; anime episode 422.
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