Rokumichi Hado

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Rokumichi Hado

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Japanese name: 波土禄道
(Hado Rokumichi)
Age: 39 (deceased)
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Kanae Enjo (manager)
Okuyasu Fuse (friend)
Occupation: Musician
Status: Dead
First appearance: Manga: 954
 Anime: Episode 866
Appearances: Chapters: 4
Episodes: 2
Openings: 0
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: None

Rokumichi Hado (波土禄道 Hado Rokumichi?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Rokumichi Hado, age 39 prior to his death, was a japanese music performer who was reknown in the early 2000s as rock single singer. He performed in many concert halls and throughout the whole country. His titles are numerous but stopped suddenly 17 years prior to the timeline after he took a hiatus. His fans' age range is in the girls aged 14-25 and other young people. The last song he wrote before his death was named ASACA and not ASAKA but was still of interest among different people including Conan, Akai and other intelligence people but also to the Black Organization who thought it was linked to the Case from 17 years ago where famous Shoji player Kohji Haneda went to the United States play chess but was myseriously killed in his hotel as well as a lady who had wide connections with the CIA named Amanda Hughes. The main suspect for the case was Asaka, the bodyguard of Hughes and who vanished after. Conan suspected it had a link with the organzation and it was really on it, trying to erase all details from the recently published archives from the 17 year old case and was targeting Hado to kill him since the song he named ASACA was similar to the name of the bodyguard and he stopped writing it 17 years ago before finishing the last lyrics and wanting to perform them in public. The tickets sold out quickly and were assured by the Suzuki group with Shiro Suzuki at his head who decided to invite Ran and his daughter to his rehearsal. He was killed before he could perform and was found hanged in the stage. The organization sent Bourbon and Vermouth to investigate any links to their organization and to finish Hado if it was but he was killed before so everyone linked to Asaka was there to try to find out the truth (Amuro, Vermouth disguised as Azusa Enomoto, a huge fan of Hado, Conan and Shuichi Akai as Subaru Okiya). In fact, his death was a suicide because he couldn't finish the lyrics of his song and was regretful and his manager, who loved him, disguised it as a murder. He was in fact in no link with the organization.


Rokumichi is a tall musician usually wearing his leopard striped yellow and purple jacket as a performance trademark and wears a shirt under, burgundy in his last performance. He has spiked unshaved grey-dyed hair which is pretty uncommon among normal people but it is probably inspired by growing tendancies and has a fring sticking out. His eyes are black and he has tan skin.


Rokumichi was really friendly and despite being able to be stereotyped as a rock guy with no soul and being agressive, he was kind-hearthed and lived his passion for music. He tried the best for Kanae although not being able to fix anything so he committed suicide since he had regrets. He had few friends but could keep his friendship steady.


Plot overview

A song named ASACA (Manga: 954-957, Anime: 866-867)

Sonoko and Ran were tidying Shinichi's house with Okiya who is now living there and Okiya asks them if they know Masumi Sera and someone related to her named Asaka. They answer negatively but remind themselves there was an artist, Rokumichi Hado, who just released a song named ASACA and ask Subaru and Conan if they want to come see his rehearsal since Sonoko's father, who sponsored Hado, had proposed to see Rokumichi's rehearsal privately with him and his staff. Intrigued, they accept and go there eventually finding Amuro and Azusa (Vermouth in disguise) already there wanting to see the rehearsal too. In fact, they all want to clear their minds up what is the song about and if it was realted to the 17 year ago case. Almost uncovering the truth from the musician himself, they open the stage door but find him hanged dead. After thoroughly investigating the case and asking from clues from Officer Tome, they finally find the truth and found out Hado was struggling in life trying to finish the song for Kanae's sake but couldn't so he ended his life. Sad and not wanting to make everyone see the truth, Kanae disguised his suicide but as the truth was revealed, both Fuse and Enjo are sad about it.

Relationships analysis

Black Organization

The Black Organization was interested in him since they wanted to know if his new song was related to them as they were really freaking out that there might be a musician that would reveal their situation to the whole country. They then sent Vermouth and Bourbon in to see if he had any connections and to take informations. They also planned to liquidate him if he had even the tiniest of information about them. He himself didn't know about them. The fear of the organization was then unjustified since he wasn't related and the sending of two agents just aggravated their situation as Conan saw through Vermouth's disguise and Amuro being there.

Ran Mouri, Sonoko Suzuki, and Azusa Enomoto

Both three were avid fans of his music and Sonoko got the highest chance since his father had links to Fuse, his friend and financial adviser. Azusa also likes him but didn't have a chance to see him and she was sad when Ran and Sonoko told her about seeing Hado

Kanae Enjo

Kanae was Hado's biggest supporter and ex-girlfriend while he loved her more than his own wife. They lived well together and struggled to rise to fame and had to work in a shipping company together to raise funds. Both were really at love and Hado tried to write his last song to the child he wanted to have with her, a kid he'd name Asaca, "ca" because of the "ca" in "café", the place where he and Enjo met for the first time.

Hirokazu Kajiya

Hirokazu was one of Hado's biggest fan and worked as a journalist. He always had tried to find a good article to write about someone he admired but the only big case he had found, the truth of his death, will be kept secret by him since he assumes he knows him the best and a heartbreaking suicide story is, in his opinion, not suitable for a rock star like him.

Okuyasu Fuse

Fuse was Hado's best friend and they got along really well to the point that the latter appointed him manager of his productions although they still argued sometimes.

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