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The Super Digest Books (スーパーダイジェストブック Sūpā Daijesuto Bukku?) (SDB) are released after every 10 volume of Detective Conan manga. The book contains a recaps of cases in the 10 volumes of the manga, keypoints in the manga, and an interview with Gosho Aoyama.

Super Digest Book 10+

SDB10+ questions

Super Digest Book 20+

SDB20+ did not have a Q&A section

Super Digest Book 30+

SDB30+ questions

Super Digest Book 40+

SDB40+ questions

Super Digest Book 50+

SDB50+ questions

Super Digest Book 60+

SDB60+ question

Super Digest Book 70+

SDB70+ questions

Super Digest Book 80+

SDB80+ questions

Super Digest Book 90+

SDB90+ questions

BLACK PLUS Super Digest Book

Black+ SDB questions

LOVE PLUS Super Digest Book

LOVE PLUS SDB questions

JUSTICE PLUS Super Digest Book


RECIPE PLUS Super Digest Book


Super Digest Book 100+

SDB 100+ questions

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