Yaiba Volume 24

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Volume 24


Release date: February 18, 1994
April 18, 2005 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-123234-5
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Yaiba Volume 24 was released on February 18, 1994 in Japan.


Gozuma's Power

Characters introduced

Chapter 244

Ultra Strengthening Human Rebellion

Chapter 245

Secret Technique - Infinite Position

Chapter 246

Secret Sword of Illusion

Chapter 247

Divine Talent

Characters introduced

Chapter 248

The Poster Child of Battle

Chapter 249

Sword of Illusion

Chapter 250

Reunion with Father

Chapter 251

The Strongest Teacher

Chapter 252

A Samurai's Pride

Chapter 253

The Strongest Samurai Under Heaven

Chapter 254

Are You Coming?

Chapter 255


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