Yaiba Volume 11

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Volume 11


Release date: May 18, 1991
October 18, 2004 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122561-6
Publisher: Shogakukan
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List of chapters

Yaiba Volume 11 was released on May 18, 1991 in Japan.



Birth of New Killing Technique "Windmill"[edit]

Chapter 100[edit]

Hurry Yaiba![edit]

Chapter 101[edit]

Bodacious Cow Man[edit]

Chapter 102[edit]

Coup de Grâce[edit]

Chapter 103[edit]

Wanted All Over the World[edit]

Chapter 104[edit]

The Tactics of Monkey Basho[edit]

Chapter 105[edit]

Protect the Six Spheres[edit]

Chapter 106[edit]

Basho's Dream Disappearing in the Darkness[edit]

Chapter 107[edit]

The Ryuujin Sphere Invoked?[edit]

Chapter 108[edit]

Waiting at the Summit of Mount Fuji[edit]

Chapter 109[edit]

True Samurai Power[edit]

Chapter 110[edit]

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