Yaiba Volume 11

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Volume 11


Release date: May 18, 1991
October 18, 2004 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122561-6
Publisher: Shogakukan
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List of chapters

Yaiba Volume 11 was released on May 18, 1991 in Japan.


Birth of New Killing Technique "Windmill"

Characters introduced

Chapter 100

Hurry Yaiba!

Chapter 101

Bodacious Cow Man

Chapter 102

Coup de Grâce

Chapter 103

Wanted All Over the World

Characters introduced

Chapter 104

The Tactics of Monkey Basho

Chapter 105

Protect the Six Spheres

Chapter 106

Basho's Dream Disappearing in the Darkness

Chapter 107

The Ryuujin Sphere Invoked?

Chapter 108

Waiting at the Summit of Mount Fuji

Chapter 109

True Samurai Power

Chapter 110

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