Yaiba Volume 4

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Volume 4


Release date: October 18, 1989
August 6, 2004 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122274-9
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Yaiba Volume 4 was released on October 18, 1989 in Japan.



I'm Den-chan[edit]

Chapter 30[edit]

Suddenly Batman[edit]

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Chapter 31[edit]

Lots of Wolf Men[edit]

Chapter 32[edit]

Yaiba, One on One[edit]

Chapter 33[edit]

Killer Senpuu-ken Sealed[edit]

Chapter 34[edit]

Fun Fun Hot Spring Training[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

Chapter 35[edit]


Chapter 36[edit]

Onimaru Manjuu[edit]

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Chapter 37[edit]

Awakening Quicksand Island[edit]

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Chapter 38[edit]

Zombie Kojiro Revived[edit]

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Chapter 39[edit]



Settings appearing in this volume:


Himeji Castle and gardens[edit]

Castle View Park (お城の見える公園 O-jō no mieru kōen?) and the traditional japanese castle contained in it where Yaiba Kurogane fights against Komori-Otoko in chapter 33-34 are modeled after Himeji Castle and its surrounding gardens.

Sunshine 60[edit]

The skyscraper Takeshi Onimaru destroys in anger during chapter 35 is the Sunshine 60 building in the Ikebukuro District of Toshima Ward in Tokyo.


  • The sulphur hot springs Kamakuri-Otoko, Hitode-Otoko and Namako-Otoko sit in during Chapter 36 are called "Gosho Bath" and the vending machine in the desert from Chapter 38 has a "Gosho Cola" brand.

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