Yaiba Volume 10

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Volume 10


Release date: February 18, 1991
October 18, 2004 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122280-3
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Yaiba Volume 10 was released on February 18, 1991 in Japan.



Duel! Yagyuu Swordsman[edit]

Chapter 90[edit]

Parallel Jeweler[edit]

Chapter 91[edit]

Juubei Awakens[edit]

Chapter 92[edit]

The Great Battle at Kawanakajima[edit]

Chapter 93[edit]

Drunken Wolf Man[edit]

Chapter 94[edit]

Goemon Transforms[edit]

Chapter 95[edit]

Yaiba vs Bear Man[edit]

Chapter 96[edit]

The Resident Inside the Darkness Sphere[edit]

Chapter 97[edit]

Overthrow! The Giant Water Imp[edit]

Chapter 98[edit]

Darkness Sphere Escape Training[edit]

Chapter 99[edit]

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