Satoru Maeda

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Satoru Maeda


Japanese name: 前田 聡
(Maeda Satoru)
English name: Cliff Reed
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Relatives: Akiko Sayama (fiancée, under judicial custody)
Mr. Sayama (future brother-in-law, deceased)
Occupation: Jonan University Electronics Department assistant
Status: Under judicial custody
First appearance: Manga: File 72
Anime: Episode 68
Appearances: Chapters: 7
Episodes: 4
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Taro Arakawa

Satoru Maeda (前田 聡 Maeda Satoru?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Ran reminisces her idol in the past.

Satoru Maeda is a Jonan University Electronics Department assistant in Tokyo and the Japanese karate champion who is admired by Ran. He's her main inspiration in the world of karate six years ago.


He comes of a something of a flirt, showing a noticeable interest in attractive women with their seductive outfit, like Ran and even more a woman in seductive outfit. Despite this, he truly loves his fiancée, as he was willing to go to prison, confessing a crime he had not committed, to save his fiancée, who loves her above all else.


He has brown skin, big ears, curved nose, and thick eyebrows. His hair are black, something twitchy. During the case, he wears a blue shirt with a brown coat on top.


He is a master-level practitioner of karate. Six years ago, during his alma mater in engineering, he was the national karate champion. Despite his apparent retirement, he is still a highly capable martial artist, able to calmly deflect and dodge all of Ran's attacks, a feat few, for example Shinichi who is also well-trained in karate, are capable of performing. He also knocks out cold with one blow in the strongest third-dan karate master at Shizuoka police station.

Plot overview

Night Baron Murder Case (Manga: 72-77, Anime: 68-70)

Satoru as the Night Baron.

He and his fiancée are two of the ten participants of the Izu mystery tour, getting to know Ran while protecting her from the hassles of one of them. During they stay at the hotel, the latter is murdered. To relieve the perpetrator, his fiancée, who avenged her older brother's suicide after the victim hacked his computer software company's work three years ago, he does not tell the police that he owns an alibi for the time of the murder, steals the Night Baron's costume and shows himself to her, Ran, and Conan. Thus, his best childhood friend's sister is relieved. Even as Sleeping Kogoro designates her as the perpetrator, he still tries to cover her and presents himself as the culprit. Although she tries to make it clear during her arrest that he should forget her, he wants to wait for her. He is also arrested for disruption of justice. However, according to Yokomizo, he is likely to get a lighter sentence due to the circumstances of his crimes and his own good behavior beforehand.

Judo Champion Case (Manga: 643, Anime: 528)

Eri invites Ran and Conan to dinner along with a friend and client. While eating at a hotel restaurant, the judo martial artist tells them she strongly admires her former judo senpai and the current coach of Japan's judo team, and watching him on TV is the reason she started judo. Then, since she's the same as her, Ran remembers her admiration for him.


Name origin

Along with his fiancée, his name is derived from the professional wrestlers Akira Maeda and Satoru Sayama.[1]

In other languages

Language Given Name Family Name
Flag of Japan Japanese 聡 Satoru 前田 Maeda
Flag of US English Cliff Reed
Flag of France French Satoru Maeda
Flag of Germany German Satoru Maeda
Flag of Italy Italian Satoru Maeda
Flag of Spain Spanish Satoru Maeda

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