Ayako Suzuki

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Ayako Suzuki

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Japanese name: 鈴木 綾子
(Suzuki Ayako)
English name: Angie Sebastian
Age: 24
Gender: Female
Date of birth: unknwon
Relatives: Shiro Suzuki (father)
Tomoko Suzuki (mother)
Sonoko Suzuki (younger sister)
Jirokichi Suzuki (uncle)
Yuzo Tomizawa (husband)
Tetsuharu Tomizawa (father-in-law, deceased)
Taichi Tomizawa (first brother-in-law, under custody)
Tatsuji Tomizawa (second brother-in-law)
Occupation: Graduate student
First appearance: Manga: File 40
Anime: Episode 34
Appearances: Chapters: 10
Episodes: 5
Cases solved: 0
Keyhole number: Volume 13
Japanese voice: Sumiko Motoi (episode 34-35)
Chiharu Suzuka (episode 72 & 76)
English voice: Cynthia Cranz

Ayako Suzuki (鈴木 綾子 Suzuki Ayako?), known in the Funimation english dub as Angie Sebastian, and now Ayako Tomizawa (富沢 綾子 Tomizawa Ayako?), is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan.


Ayako Suzuki is Sonoko's older sister. As a graduate student interested in film, she was in a film club while an undergraduate, holding the role of head of makeup and costumes, and hosted the club reunion.


In total contrast to her younger sister, Ayako is much more polite, kind, and lacks the snobbish and shallow attitude Sonoko often displays. She acts relatively happy and she always appears as if she has her eyes closed, which is not an unheard character style in manga and anime respectively.

According to Sonoko, Ayako is not a summer person, and dislikes being out in the sun, but she went to the family's summer villa for the chance to see her fiance.

Plot overview[edit]

Mountain Villa Bandaged Man Murder Case (Manga: 40-44, Anime: 34-35)[edit]

Ayako meets up with the members of her old film club after two years at Suzuki's weekend home. Also Sonoko, Ran, and Conan are there. That same night, however, one of her guests, Chikako Ikeda, is murdered by a mummy man and her body found dismembered in the forest. The villa is now cut off from the outside world. Ayako blames herself for the death of her friend because she has invited the group to the house, so she is also very concerned about the safety of the rest of those present. The unknown is finally revealed by the sleeping Sonoko as Ryoichi Takahashi, but Ayako can not believe what happened on the weekend and is therefore bedridden for a week.

The Triplet's Country Home Murder Case (Manga: 122-124, Anime: 72)[edit]

Ayako wants to marry Yuzo Tomizawa, whom she met at a celebration of the two families, in the autumn and therefore introduce herself to the Tomizawa family in Izu. She makes a good impression on the father of her future husband, but he is murdered by someone who looks like Yuzo. Despite all the allegations, she is with her fiancé. As it turns out, it was not Yuzo but his older brother Taichi.

Conan vs. Kaitou Kid (Manga: 157, Anime: 76)[edit]

When Kaitou Kid wants to steal the Suzuki's Black Star at the sixtieth anniversary of the Suzuki Financial Group, he calls them as a police officer and tells Ayako and her father that the departure of Queen Elizabeth is delayed. So the two miss the departure and can not participate to Yuzo's disappointment. Instead, Kid takes the role of CEO.

Kaitou Kid VS Makoto Kyogoku (Manga: 862, Anime: 746)[edit]

Ayako Tomizawa

Sonoko's parents make her remember that she should think of marrying someone of a good family like Ayako did when she married Yuzo Tomizawa.


Different looks[edit]

Episode 34
Episode 72


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