Hikaru Yasumoto

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Hikaru Yasumoto

Hikaru Yasumoto Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 保本 ひかる
(Yasumoto Hikaru)
Age: 22
Gender: Female
First appearance: Manga: File 234
Anime: Episode 170
Appearances: Chapters: 7
Episodes: 6
Japanese voice: Akiko Hiramatsu

Hikaru Yasumoto (保本 ひかる Yasumoto Hikaru?) is a character in the anime and manga franchise Detective Conan.


Hikaru getting yelled at by Yoshiteru Araide for another blunder.

Hikaru Yasumoto once suffered from overwork, which nearly ruptured her appendix, and had to spend some time in the hospital. There she met Tomoaki Araide, then a medical student in his practical period, who looked after her. After her recovery, she was hired by Tomoaki's stepmother, Yoko Araide, as a housemaid and aid to her eldery mother-in-law, Mitsu Araide.[1]

Eventually, Hikaru became an unwitting pawn in Yoko's scheme to murder her womanizing husband for driving her dear friend, Tomoaki's mother, to suicide. When Yoko Araide was exposed as the murderer, Conan - through his use of the "Sleeping Kogoro" - suggested that Hikaru's unknowing involvement in Dr. Araide's murder be kept secret, lest it would cause her a serious shock if she found out that she had helped killing her employer. This secret fact eventually proved vital in exposing Vermouth.[2]

When Vermouth decided to infiltrate the Beika area disguised as Dr. Araide, she attempted to have Tomoaki and his family eliminated. However, FBI agent Jodie Starling, who had been observing Vermouth undercover, was able to thwart the plan, rescuing the Araides and Hikaru and bringing them to America for safekeeping.[3] After Vermouth's cover was finally blown, Hikaru returned to Beika along with her employers and has continued to serve them ever since.[4]


Hikaru appears to be a very friendly and caring, if rather shy and emotional, person. During her stint with Araide senior, she was prone to minor household accidents. These accidents may have occured due to the possibility that she has a crush on her employer's son and therefore was anxious about having to leave him, or him getting involved with someone else.[5]

Different looks[edit]

Episode 170
Episode 428


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