Yaiba Volume 12

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Volume 12


Release date: July 18, 1991
October 18, 2004 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-122562-4
Publisher: Shogakukan
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List of chapters

Yaiba Volume 12 was released on July 18, 1991 in Japan.


Onimaru's Killing Technique "Tornado Cut"[edit]

Chapter 111[edit]

Exploration of Mount Fuji's Depths[edit]

Chapter 112[edit]

Trial 1[edit]

Chapter 113[edit]

Trial 2[edit]

Chapter 114[edit]

Trial 3[edit]

Chapter 115[edit]

Trial 4[edit]

Chapter 116[edit]

Trial 5[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

Chapter 117[edit]

Samurai Who Has a Heart of Justice[edit]

Chapter 118[edit]

Revive! The Ryuujin Sphere[edit]

Characters introduced[edit]

Chapter 119[edit]

Full Speed with Ryuujin's Power[edit]

Chapter 120[edit]

Invaders from the Moon[edit]

Chapter 121[edit]

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