Michiko Kurogane

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Michiko Kurogane

Michiko Kurogane.jpg

Japanese name: 鉄 美智子
(Kurogane Michiko)
Age: 12-13 (photo)
37-39 (Yaiba)
40-42 (Yaiba epilogue and Detective Conan)
Gender: Female
Relatives: Kenjuro Kurogane (husband)
Yaiba Kurogane (son)
Moroha Kurogane (daughter)
Occupation: Head of Kurogane Group
Aliases: Michiko Tsubaki (maiden name)
First appearance: Yaiba Manga: Chapter 237
Manga: File 276 (photo)
Anime: Episode 220 (photo)
Appearances: Yaiba Manga: 5
Detective Conan Manga: 3
Detective Conan Anime: 2

Michiko Kurogane (鉄 美智子 Kurogane Michiko?), born Michiko Tsubaki (椿 美智子 Tsubaki Michiko?) is a supporting character in Gosho Aoyama's third manga series Yaiba, the wife of Kenjuro Kurogane and the mother of Yaiba and Moroha Kurogane. She is briefly mentioned in Detective Conan and shown on an old photo.[1]


Michiko Kurogane is the wealthy owner of the Kurogane Mansion and current head of the Kurogane Group (鉄グループ Kurogane Gurūpu?), a company actually inherited by her husband Kenjuro Kurogane, who ran away with their infant son Yaiba to train him in the wilderness to become a master samurai. While protecting and developing the Kurogane Group, she never forgave Kenjuro for this and raised their second child, Yaiba's sister Moroha, to despise her father, telling her the lie that he's an impostor who killed her "real" dad. She doesn't refrain from physical punishment, slapping Moroha when she objects, to the visible shock of Yaiba, Sayaka Mine and Musashi Miyamoto.

Plot overview

Yaiba plot overview

Nobunaga Oda Tournament Arc (Yaiba Manga: 237-254)

Epilogue (Yaiba Manga: 255)

In the epilogue, set three years after the manga, Kenjuro Kurogane was reluctantly reinstated as the head of the Kurogane Group, which prompts him to steal some food from his own mansion and escape from it, while an angry Michiko and the family's servants under Tanaka are looking everywhere for him to lead his company.

Detective Conan plot overview

Old Photograph Murder Case (Manga: 276-278, Anime: 220-221)

Michiko on Shizuka's old photo (the blonde girl in the back).

The blonde (brown-haired in the anime) girl to the right of Shizuka Hattori in the background of her old photography is Michiko in her first year of middle school, still called by her maiden name Tsubaki back then and looking a lot like her daughter, Moroha Kurogane. Shizuka lost against her in the tournament and cried, because Michiko was only in the first year, while she was already in the second year of middle school and still lost to her.




  1. ^ Shonen Sunday Special Booklet 2013
    A shared appearance together with Conan? At least Yaiba's mother did herself the honor of showing up. Heiji's mother, Shizuka, got the second place in a Kendo tournament back at middle school - and the first place was taken by Michiko Tsubaki (maiden name), mother of Yaiba! Her face is the same as that of Moroha, the little sister of Yaiba.
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