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This is a list of minor characters in Yaiba. This list includes recurring minor characters who have multiple appearances in the Yaiba manga, Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba or the games, and notable characters who only appeared once. This list excludes main characters.

Family and friends

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Fuji Mine 60px.jpg Fuji Mine Fuji Mine Appearances Fuji Mine (峰富 士 Mine Fuji?), known in the original as the "retired person" (ご隠居 Goinkyō?) is Raizo Mine's mother and hence Sayaka Mine's grandmother. She's the current head of the Mine family and their house, also leading the accompanying dōjō. Her full name is never revealed in the series. She appears in OVA 1 of Detective Conan, where her forename was revealed.
Gerozaimon Geroda.jpg Gerozaimon Geroda Gerozaimon Geroda Appearances Gerozaimon Geroda (ゲロ田 ゲロ左衛門 Geroda Gerozaimon?), also known as Frog Man (カエル男 Kaeru-Otoko?), originally was one of Takeshi Onimaru's Hachi Oni ("Eight Demons"), but soon betrayed his former master and joined Yaiba Kurogane's group. He appears as a Halloween costume (Halloween Party Case) and a doll (Missing Maria Higashio Case), as well as himself in OVA 1 of Detective Conan.
Jubei Yagyu.jpg Jubei Yagyu Jubei Yagyu Appearances Yagyu Jubei Mitsuyoshi (柳生 十兵衞 三厳 Yagyū Jūbei Mitsuyoshi?) is a master swordsman and Musashi's apprentice from 400 years ago. He was revived by Onimaru as part of his Seven Deities plan to counter Yaiba. However, Jubei never sided with Onimaru and joined Yaiba's team, but when drunk, his true side as a werewolf appears and he will then vow to kill Yaiba and his friends for Onimaru, a stark difference from the human Jubei. Nevertheless, he has managed to supress his inner side quite well.
Kagetora 60px.jpg Kagetora Kagetora Appearances Kagetora (カゲトラ Kagetora?) (literally "Shadow Tiger") is Yaiba Kurogane's pet tiger. They became friends in the manga after having to flee from an enraged group of gorillas, having to help each other. In the anime, they already are longtime friends from the beginning instead. He appears as a stuffed toy on a book cover in The Wandering Red Butterfly, as well as a Halloween costume (Halloween Party Case) and as himself in OVA 1 of Detective Conan.
Kojiro Sasaki.jpg Kojiro Sasaki Kojiro Sasaki Appearances Kojiro Sasaki (佐々木 小次郎 Sasaki Kojirō?), is a revived swordsman from 400 years ago and Musashi Miyamoto's old rival. Since he was revived, he kept his young look, and is thus very popular with women. He first joins Onimaru and Kumo-Otoko's side before siding with Yaiba's group, although he sometimes tends to diverge from them.
Kenjuro Kurogane.jpg Kenjuro Kurogane Kenjuro Kurogane Appearances Kenjuro Kurogane (鉄 剣十郎 Kurogane Kenjūrō?) is Yaiba's rather careless father who kidnapped him to a jungle when he was still a baby. Despite his unimposing appearance and the fact that he's often drunk, he's a highly experienced samurai with a lot of experience he tries to pass on to his son. He appears in OVA 1 of Detective Conan.
Michiko Kurogane.jpg Michiko Kurogane Michiko Kurogane Appearances
Moroha Kurogane 60px.jpg Moroha Kurogane Moroha Kurogane Appearances Moroha Kurogane (鉄 諸羽 Kurogane Moroha?) is Yaiba's younger sister, who was told by her mother, Michiko Kurogane, that her father Kenjuro is an impostor who killed her biological father, and raises her to enact revenge on him and save her brother, who was kidnapped by Kenjuro. In contrary to Yaiba, who lived in the jungle, she was living in a luxurious mansion. She is the crush of Soshi Okita and briefly appears in Detective Conan because of this.
Musashi Miyamoto.jpg Musashi Miyamoto Musashi Miyamoto Appearances Musashi Miyamoto (宮本 武蔵 Miyamoto Musashi?) is a sword master and samurai who is over 400 years old, supposed to be the historical person of the same name. He was the keeper of the Raijin-ken on a cliff at Mount Tengu for centuries before Yaiba Kurogane and his friends appeared to get it and beat Takeshi Onimaru with it. After being convinced that Yaiba is the foretold "legendary samurai", he becomes his mentor, while acting like a lecherous and thievish geezer most of the time. He appears in OVA 1 and is mentioned and seen in a more historically accurate depiction in the panel background during the Eri Kisaki Abduction Case of Detective Conan, being one of the hints to find Eri Kisaki.
Namako-Otoko.jpg Namako-Otoko Namako-Otoko Appearances Namako-Otoko (ナマコ男 Namako-Otoko?), literally "Sea cucumber man", is on of the original Eight Demons summoned by Onimaru. After the case of the Onimaru Manjuu, he defects, along with Kamakiri-Otoko and Hitode-Otoko, and ends up joining Yaiba's group. He often stays on Sayaka's shoulder due to his short size, and doesn't have good combat skills due to the same reason.
Shizuka Mine.jpg Shizuka Mine Shizuka Mine Appearances Shizuka Mine (峰 静香 Mine Shizuka?) is the wife of Raizo Mine, mother of Sayaka Mine and the daughter-in-law of Grandma Mine. She seems to be an absurdly oblivious and forgetful person, at one point not even recognizing her own daughter anymore after she put on a pair of sunglasses. She appears in OVA 1 of Detective Conan.
Shonosuke.jpg Shonosuke Shonosuke Appearances Shonosuke (庄之助 Shōnosuke?) is Yaiba Kurogane's pet vulture. He often rides on his back to fly to far-away locations. Shonosuke has a small cameo in the manga of Magic Kaito, appearing under Kaitou Kid's top hat when he was disguised as Paul and in OVA 1 of Detective Conan.


Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Keiko Momoi 60px.jpg Keiko Momoi Keiko Momoi Appearances Keiko Momoi (桃井 恵子 Momoi Keiko?) is a friend and schoolmate of Sayaka Mine who becomes one of the girls fancying Yaiba Kurogane after he joins their middle school. She is also a recurring character in Magic Kaito, now a high schooler, and makes an appearance in the first part of episode 219 of Detective Conan (adapted from the Magic Kaito manga).
Keiko's friend.jpg Keiko's friend Keiko's friend Appearances A friend of Keiko Momoi who's curious about the relationship of Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori. She appears in the last chapter, talking to Sayaka and Keiko about the pairing. She is also a recurring character in the Magic Kaito franchise.
Kumazawa.jpg Kumazawa Kumazawa Appearances Kumazawa is a student at the same middle school Sayaka Mine, Takeshi Onimaru and Keiko Momoi attended and Sudo wanted Yaiba Kurogane to beat him to join the school, too. This actually was a trick, since Kumazawa is a skilled kendōka who's won the previous Autumn tournament and Sudo hoped that the obnoxious boy would definitely lose. Yaiba managed to enrage Kumazawa with the "Dance of the Wild Animal", getting saved by Onimaru before he might get killed.
Yaiba Principal.jpg Principal Principal (Yaiba) Appearances The principal (校長 Kōchō?) of the middle school the protagonists are enrolled in. He seems like a calm man, but is easily frightened when yelled at.
Sudou.jpg Sudo Sudo Appearances Mister Sudo (須堂先生 Sudo-sensei?) is the choleric teacher of Sayaka Mine's, Yaiba Kurogane's and Keiko Momoi's class in the second year at middle school. He has the 5th dan in kendō.

Takeshi Onimaru's army

Hachi Oni (The Eight Demons)

Gerozaimon Geroda and Namako-Otoko were part of the group before joining Yaiba Kurogane's team, hence they are listed up there.

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Hebi-Otoko.jpg Hebi-Otoko Hebi-Otoko Appearances
Hitode-Otoko.jpg Hitode-Otoko Hitode-Otoko Appearances
Kamakiri-Otoko.jpg Kamakiri-Otoko Kamakiri-Otoko Appearances
Komori-Otoko.jpg Komori-Otoko Komori-Otoko Appearances
Kumo-Otoko.jpg Kumo-Otoko Kumo-Otoko Appearances
Namekuji-Otoko.jpg Namekuji-Otoko Namekuji-Otoko Appearances

Other henchmen

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Mr. Onick.jpg Mr. Onick Mr. Onick Appearances Mister Onick (ミスター・オニック Misutā Onikku?) is a "magician" who was briefly employed by Takeshi Onimaru to hunt Yaiba Kurogane. He uses a pair of giant, mechanical gloves, which were destroyed by Yaiba.
Professor Kanabo.jpg Professor Kanabo Professor Kanabo Appearances Professor Kanabo (金棒博士 Kanabō hakase?) is a mad scientist and inventor assisting Onimaru. He provides gadgets and weapon to Onimaru and Kumo-Otoko, although he likes to play tricks on the latter.

Bushi TV Staff

Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Ana Shioji.jpg Ana Shioji Ana Shioji Appearances
Ana Shiojis cameraman.jpg Ana Shioji's cameraman Ana Shioji's Cameraman Appearances
Hiroshi Kome.jpg Hiroshi Kome Hiroshi Kome Appearances


Picture Name Appearances Role & background
Ayame Onimaru 60px.jpg Ayame Onimaru Ayame Onimaru Appearances Ayame Onimaru (鬼丸 あやめ Onimaru Ayame?) is the older sister of Takeshi Onimaru and granddaughter of Grandpa Onimaru. She seems to be a rather laid-back, traditional person who cares a lot about her brother, until Yaiba Kurogane appears and disrupts their lives. Apart from a brief cameo, she isn't seen anymore after her brother's transformation into a demon and doesn't appear in the anime at all.
Skull-sama.jpg Dokuro Dokuro Appearances Dokuro (ドクロ Dokuro?) (literally "Skull"), originally Kuro (クロ Kuro?) ("Black"), is a street cat with black fur, a scar on his face and a missing ear who terrorizes other animals on the streets of Tokyo. Yaiba Kurogane and Sayaka Mine help a bunch of rats living in the attic of the Mine Residence after they got shrunk when he threatens them. He's also a recurring character in Zero's Tea Time.
Eel Fairy.jpg Eel Fairy Eel Fairy Appearances
Eiichi Yamagishi.jpg Eiichi Yamagishi Eiichi Yamagishi Appearances
Gosho Aoyama.jpg Gosho Aoyama Gosho Aoyama Appearances Gosho Aoyama (青山 剛昌 Aoyama Gōshō?), the mangaka of the series, also known as Ninja A-Yama, has several cameo appearances throughout the series, until he gets a larger role during the Chiki Chiki Grand Prix, where he is one of the participants of the race, trying to cheat his way to the finish line. He gets electrocuted and his car destroyed by Kami-sama when he notices, effectually disqualifying him from the race.
Takeshi's Grandfather 60px.jpg Grandpa Onimaru Grandpa Onimaru Appearances Grandpa Onimaru, just referred to as grandfather (祖父 Sofu?) in the series, is the grandfather of Takeshi and Ayame Onimaru and the current head of the Onimaru family and their home. Apart from a brief cameo, he isn't seen anymore after his grandson's transformation into a demon. In the anime he's reinterpreted as a completely different character, being Takeshi's master who already passed away before the beginning of the story. His full name is never revealed in the series.
Kami-sama.jpg Kami-sama Kami-sama Appearances Kami-sama (神様 Kami-sama?) is the god of the Yaiba universe, who lives in heaven and is continually bored. After thinking about several ways to entertain himself, like an intergalactic battle causing disruption all throughout space, he decides for a race around the world where everyone is invited: the Chiki Chiki Grand Prix. But only the Yaiba characters and Gosho Aoyama participate, because everyone else threw the invitation away. He's got a small cherub with sunglasses and a suit as a personal assistant.
Koro-chan.jpg Koro-chan Koro-chan Appearances
Lawrence.jpg Lawrence Lawrence Appearances
Lord of Arabia.jpg Lord of Arabia Lord of Arabia Appearances
Mutou.jpg Mutou Mutou Appearances Mutou was the strongest fighter of the dōjō in the Mine Residence and the first person Yaiba Kurogane directly fought and won against after his arrival in Tokyo.
Soshi Okita.jpg Soshi Okita Soshi Okita Appearances Soshi Okita (沖田 総司 Okita Sōshi?) is the second-to-last opponent Yaiba Kurogane faces during the Nobunaga Oda Tournament on Yoroi Island and in the series as a whole. Okita is superior to Yaiba in every respect, but forfeits his sure victory when he notices that the boy will never give up until one of them dies. They've become the biggest rivals since then and Okita fell in love with Yaiba's sister, Moroha Kurogane. He is also a recurring character in Detective Conan.
Tadashi.jpg Tadashi Tadashi (Yaiba) Appearances
Nadeshiko Yamato.jpg Nadeshiko Yamato Nadeshiko Yamato Appearances Nadeshiko Yamato (大和 撫子 Yamato Nadeshiko?) is a girl who was saved by Yaiba Kurogane from a wild jaguar, while she was on a safari in his jungle, six years ago. A misunderstanding arose between them, making her think that if she would become stronger, they could marry. Keeping their "promise", she reappears in the Mine Residence in the present and challenges Sayaka Mine to a duel. An alternative version of her called "Fū" appears in the video game Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba (Super Famicom).

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