Yaiba Volume 21

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Volume 21


Release date: May 18, 1993
March 18, 2005 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-123231-0
Publisher: Shogakukan
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List of chapters

Yaiba Volume 21 was released on May 18, 1993 in Japan.



The Long Sword of Water Magic[edit]

Chapter 210[edit]

Immense Power[edit]

Chapter 211[edit]

Disturbing Movement[edit]

Chapter 212[edit]

The Demon of Flame Appears!![edit]

Chapter 213[edit]

One Body[edit]

Chapter 214[edit]

Hidden Calligraphy[edit]

Chapter 215[edit]

Beating Revival[edit]

Chapter 216[edit]

The Final Seal[edit]

Chapter 217[edit]

The Demon of Darkness's Terror[edit]

Chapter 218[edit]

The Tyrant King Sword's Secret[edit]

Chapter 219[edit]

Dark's Trump Card[edit]

Chapter 220[edit]

Farewell Ryuujin[edit]

Chapter 221[edit]

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