Genji Kojima

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Genji Kojima

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Japanese name: 小嶋 元次
(Kojima Genji)
Age: 32
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Mrs. Kojima (wife)
Genta Kojima (only son)
Mr. Kojima (brother)
First appearance: Manga: File 658
Anime: Episode 551
Appearances: Chapters: 4
Chapters: 2
Episodes: 4
OVAs: 1
Keyhole number: Volume 63
Japanese voice: Akio Nojima

Genji Kojima (小嶋 元次 Kojima Genji?) is a character in the manga and anime franchise Detective Conan. He is Genta Kojima's father. For most of the series he was an unseen character, only mentioned by Genta from time to time. However, he finally made his debut in the Kojima Contest Case.


Genji Kojima is first met by Conan and the other Detective Boys during a "Super Kojima" contest, which is actually a front for the show's sponsor, an eccentric industrialist named Gonsaku Kojima, to find the thief of a highly-priced painting who had also murdered his beloved dog. However, the plan turns into a homicide case when the sponsor is murdered, and Genta's father, as one of the three finalists, becomes one of the suspects in the case. Conan, however, manages to prove Genji's innocence and reveal the identity of the real culprit, who promptly denies the confession he has just made. However, Genji trips him up and confronts him so aggressively that the delinquent meekly admits his guilt and is subsequently arrested.[1]

Genta helds his father in very high regards. His residence is also a liquor store by the name of "Kojima Liquors".


He prides himself of being a true edokko ("child of Tokyo"). He has a strong sense of justice, is confrontational, loves sushi and speaks with a distinct, old-fashioned dialect.[2] He can be harsh and demanding, but he is actually very kind and caring. Though he appears strongwilled, like his son, he may actually live under the thumb of his rather formidable wife.


Plot overview

Non-canon plot overview

The Misfortune Attacking Genta's Family (Special Manga: 392-393, Anime: TBD)

Niigata~Tokyo Souvenir Capriccio‎ (Magic File: 5)

He is having dinner with his wife and his son.

Relationship analysis

Genta Kojima

He is a relatively good father for Genta and treats him fairly. He wants Genta to be like him, an Eddoko so he introduces him to many ways of being that are proper to Tokyoite including picking sushi with your hands, eating at a real sushi shop etc. Genta is also aware of his father's liquor store and regularly goes there which helped him, in a case, to identify a victim who was in fact one of the store's regular customers.


Why don't I reach my fingers deep into ya throat and dig that washi up with yer lunch!?


Genta's parents (episode 552).
Kojima family (episode 815).

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