Tamanosuke Ito

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Tamanosuke Ito

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Japanese name: 伊東 玉之助
(Itō Tamanosuke)
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Relatives: Mr. Ito (father, deceased)
Megumi Ito (younger sister)
Renge Kataoka (girlfriend)
Occupation: High school student
Status: Alive
First appearance: Anime: Episode 126
Appearances: Episodes: 5
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Sōichirō Hoshi

Tamanosuke Ito (伊東 玉之助 Itō Tamanosuke?) is a character in the anime franchise Detective Conan.


His child's girl role.

A new transfer student in Ran and Sonoko's class, Tamanosuke Ito is the leader of a drama group that has been going through hard times after the death of his father, the original leader. As a child, he often played girl roles. Megumi is his little sister. He had already been to Tokyo two years before the events in the theater began. At that time he was still an actor and his father directed the theater. When his father died of a disease the previous year, almost half of the actors left the group and he took over the management of the theater group.


He is a good boy, very scrupulous at work and very protective of Megumi. He plays both female and male roles.


He does resemble Shinichi a little.


Plot overview

The Traveling Drama Troupe Murder Case (Anime: 126-127)

In their class, Ran and Sonoko talk to their new classmate. After school, in the Mouri detective agency, the two tell the Detective Boys about him. Kogoro doesn't believe the stories Ran and Sonoko tell about him, but Sonoko disagrees with him and decides to go to the theater with Ran, also because she wants to distribute leaflets for the theater group with Ran. The Detective Boys want to come too, but Sonoko prohibits that, so they follow Ran and Sonoko to the theater. Backstage they meet Megumi, who goes to Teitan Elementary School for the duration of her stay. Megumi shows her new friends a picture of her brother, in which he is disguised as a girl, and that Conan looks very much like a girl without glasses.

Suddenly the door in the room next door is opened and he is brutally thrown into the hallway. The person responsible for this is the screenwriter. The reason for the argument was that Tamanosuke wanted the end of the current piece to be changed because it couldn't be dramaturgically implemented. The screenwriter did not like that. A little later, Sonoko, Ran, and the Detective Boys go hand out the leaflets. However, Conan disturbs something about the theater group and decides to go back again. Once there, along with the Detective Boys who followed him, they meet Megumi and Tamanosuke, and accompany them to the rehearsal. After the Detective Boys have taken a seat in the auditorium, the rehearsal begins. Megumi is supposed to go to the screenwriter again and finds him dead in his room. He was killed with a vase. It is very striking that Tamanosuke looks extremely nervous.

He is interrogated by the police about the death. He later returns to the pension and rests. Shortly before midnight, however, he sneaks out of the inn and goes to the theater. He is observed by both Megumi and Conan, and the two follow him. They enter the theater together when they hear the sound of falling objects. They find him lying unconscious on the floor, who was apparently knocked down from behind with an iron hook. The investigation continues the next day. Kogoro theorizes that Tamanosuke is the perpetrator who injured himself. For the police, the evidence is not clear, but the officials point out that he's fainting at night cannot come from the injuries, but rather indicates a mental trauma. Analysis of the messages found at the scene shows that they were written by him. But Conan does not believe that he is the culprit, but that he knows him and is therefore in danger. Since he did not die in the theater at night, the perpetrator wanted to end the crime he had started in the hospital. Conan found out the fleeing perpetrator as Sleeping Kogoro, who admits his actions and also that he is the legendary thief Edo Boy. The door opens and Tamanosuke drives into the room while sitting in a wheelchair. The culprit falls to his knees in front of him and apologizes.

The Simultaneous Stage Advance and Kidnapping (Anime: 409-410)

Conan and the Detective Boys are practicing a play. As a coach, their old acquaintance. The main role is to play by Renge. Her father shows up a little later and tries to take her home. Tamanosuke then decides that Ran should take the lead. Renge, the former lead actress of the play, is later kidnapped. Conan finds out that the whole kidnapping was initially faked, but later it turns out that the kidnapping that was initially staged turned into a real kidnapping. Conan and Tamanosuke then set off to find Renge and finally find them.

The Phantom of the Konpira (Anime: 452)

Kogoro, Ran, Sonoko, and Conan are on their way to Shikoku to watch a performance in the Konpira Theater. Together with Kogoro they go to the theater, where they meet Tamanosuke. He is accompanied by actress Renge and Megumi. Sonoko also explains to Ran that Renge and Tamanosuke are in love with each other, but they don't admit it. He shows the guests the theater, where the final preparations for the new play are in progress. The stage design is currently being set up and the actors are rehearsing their roles.

Different looks

Episode 126
Episode 409
Episode 452

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