Teiji Moriya

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Teiji Moriya

Teiji Moriya Profile.jpg

Japanese name: 森谷 帝二
(Moriya Teiji)
English name: Leo Joel
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Date of birth: unknown
Relatives: Mr. Moriya (father, deceased)
Mrs. Moriya (mother, deceased)
Occupation: Architect
Status: Under judicial custody
First appearance: Anime: Movie 1
Appearances: Movies: 2
Cases solved: 0
Japanese voice: Taro Ishida
English voice: Kent Williams

Teiji Moriya (森谷 帝二 Moriya Teiji?) is a character in the movie franchise Detective Conan.


A photo of 10-year-old Teiji with his parents.

Teiji Moriya is a famous architect and professor from Tohto University Architecture Department. He is a perfectionist and many buildings throughout Japan are from his hands. Thirteen years ago, he won the Japan Architectural Association Newcomer Award for designing the Sumida canal bridge. His father was a renown architect as well, and was exceedingly active in England, but unfortunately passed away fifteen years ago in a fire in his mansion along with his mother. After he inherited the mansion, his designs got the spotlight.


Treat others exceedingly polite and possesses a strong passion upon architectural design. He is also very demanding on himself, which supports his perfectionism attitude.


He has long face, big ears, striaght eybrows, black eyes, with brown hair. He wears a black stripped shirt, laced with a green suit jacket, plus a red-blue tie under his collar.


Plot overview

The Time-Bombed Skyscraper (Movie: 1)

Teiji with the mayor Okamoto.

When the mayor of Nishitama City, Okamoto, was still in the position, he had a plan to revitalise the city and promoted him to do the city design. However, after Shinichi uncovered the truth that he was the actual culprit who caused a car accident, the mayor lost his position and, as a consequence, the revitalization plan was terminated. He still had his ideal Nishitama City design model in his art gallery. He held a grudge against the high school detective, thus wanted to challenge. He stole loads of plastic explosives containing octogen, from a munitions warehouse. He installed some of the bombs on an aeroplane and offered it to the Detective Boys. Conan approached them timely and successfully refrained from harming anyone. After that, he installed a bomb in a cat box, which was later mistakenly carried by an elderly woman. Once again, Conan diverted the bomb near a pond, and made it explode there, resulting in no casualties. Subsequently, he phoned Conan and challenged him: he installed five bombs on the Tohto Loop Line and, using Conan's wits, easily figured out the location where the bomb should have been laid to match his description in the phone call. The reason that he was planting bombs on the railway line was to actually destroy his early works from his thirties, as a section of the loop line was on top of the bridge, which was one of his early works. Before that, he also burned down several mansions that he had designed when he was young. Those buildings he ruined had one thing in common: they were not symmetrical, and as he is a perfectionist, he could not stand that. He even attempted to detonate the entire Beika City Building, as it was not exactly symmetrical, and Ran was also there, waiting to see a film with Shinichi, and celebrate his birthday after midnight. Luckily, Conan quickly realised it and got there, although they were separated by a wall, he was still able to assist Ran in disarming the bomb using a voice-changing bowtie.

Countdown to Heaven (Movie: 5)

The teacher reminded by his former student.

The Detective Boys visited Nishitama City, where they saw the newly constructed Nishitamashi Twin Building Towers. After hearing the word "Nishitamashi", Conan got reminded of him and the former mayor. After arriving there, they met the people who were responsible for the twin towers' building. They learned that these twin towers were designed by the architect Hidehiko Kazama. He greeted everyone and disclosed that he was a former student of him. After the astonishments conducted by Kogoro and Conan, he explained that although the building is asymmetrical, he would not destroy it like what his teacher did.

Name origin

His name is adapted from James Moriarty, a character from Conan Doyle's novel, who is the rival of Sherlock Holmes.


  • His original name was "Genji Moriya" and the reason that he changed it is to maintain symmetry, since each character from Japanese is symmetrical.
  • Gosho Aoyama indicated that he liked this character and added that it's abit "wasting" to only use him in one film.

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