Yaiba Volume 22

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Volume 22


Release date: July 17, 1993
March 18, 2005 (reissue)
ISBN: ISBN 4-09-123232-9
Publisher: Shogakukan
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Yaiba Volume 22 was released on July 17, 1993 in Japan.



The Final Demon[edit]

Chapter 222[edit]

Assassin of Light[edit]

Chapter 223[edit]

Demon Revival[edit]

Chapter 224[edit]

Japan Devastated[edit]

Chapter 225[edit]

Sayaka's Decision[edit]

Chapter 226[edit]

Kaguya Revived!![edit]

Chapter 227[edit]

Last Hope[edit]

Chapter 228[edit]

The Demon King Sword's Power[edit]

Chapter 229[edit]

Father's Teachings[edit]

Chapter 230[edit]

Yaiba's Enlightenment[edit]

Chapter 231[edit]

Secret Technique! Horizontal Strike[edit]

Chapter 232[edit]

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