Kenjuro Kurogane

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Kenjuro Kurogane

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Japanese name: 鉄 剣十郎 (Kurogane Kenjūrō)
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Relatives: Yaiba Kurogane (son)
Michiko Kurogane (wife)
Moroha Kurogane (daughter)
Occupation: Samurai
First appearance: Yaiba manga : Chapter 1
Yaiba anime : Episode 1
Anime : OVA 1
Appearances: Kenjuro Kurogane Appearances
Japanese voice: Bin Shimada

Kenjuro Kurogane (鉄 剣十郎 Kurogane Kenjūrō?) is a character from Gosho Aoyama's second series Yaiba.


Kenjuro is Yaiba's father and the rival of Sayaka's father, Raizo. A master swordsman, he took his son Yaiba to the jungles of Africa to train. At the start of the story they return to Japan and move in with the Mine family before Kenjuro sets off on his own, as he is prone to doing, leaving Yaiba behind. At first glance he is an irresponsible, womanizing, indecisive, drunk, but he frequently reappears during a tight situation to lend Yaiba helpful advice. In the Oda Nobunaga Tournament he is the master of Yaiba's former enemy Takeshi Onimaru. In reality, Kenjuro is the leader of the Kurogane Group and a celebrity in the kendo world, but prefers to live a free and easy life. When the Kurogane Group falls apart he reluctantly becomes the new head.

In the anime version of Yaiba, Kenjuro only appears in the first episode and does not accompany Yaiba back to Japan.




Plot overview

Conan vs. Kid vs. Yaiba

In the three-way cross-over OVA, Kenjuro gets drunk with Kogoro while Kogoro is supposed to be helping stop Kaitou Kid.

In the original Magic Kaito chapter, Kenjuro instead appears out of nowhere at the beginning of Yaiba and Kid's fight to correct their fighting stances, all the while holding a big jug of sake.

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