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The protagonists of Gosho Aoyama's serial works together on a crossover artwork.

A crossover (クロスオーバー kurosuōbā?), in Japan also sometimes called a collaboration (コラボレーション koraborēshon?) or "korabo" in short, is the combination of two or more distinct works, their plots, characters, settings, props or other intellectual properties in one or all of the involved works or a wholly new one independent of them.

Gosho Aoyama, the author of Detective Conan, is a big fan of this narrative device and used it to create many allusions, easter eggs, cameos and nods between his own and other works, most of them not being fully canon for the story in question, though. Individual persons and companies producing adaptions, spin-offs and tie-in media to Gosho's stories followed suit and created even more crossover between other properties and those based on his works.


100% Tantei Monogatari

100% Tantei Monogatari is a manga by Gosho Aoyama's assistant and mentor back then Yutaka Abe. Gosho assisted with the creation of this manga. It is the origin of Ekoda High School, which was transitioned as a setting to Magic Kaito, Yaiba, 3rd Base 4th and the Anime of Detective Conan, too.

100% Tantei Monogatari in Magic Kaito



Ekoda High School originally appeared in 100% Tantei Monogatari as the school the protagonists attend, before Gosho Aoyama used it as a recurring setting in Magic Kaito too as explicitly the same school, with characters from each series briefly showing up in the other.

The Scarlet Temptress (MK Manga: 6)

The protagonist of 100% Tantei Monogatari, Momoko Aoyama, who canonically attends the same class as Kaito Kuroba, is one of the three girls who gives him chocolate for Valentine's Day, who were all drawn by Yutaka Abe. This would also set it on the same day as the third chapter of 100% Tantei Monogatari (incidentally the same Kaito and Aoko appear in), since it's happening on Valentine's Day during the second year, too.

Magic Kaito TV Specials

A Witch Sheds No Tears

While not seen anymore like in the manga, Momoko Aoyama, the protagonist of 100% Tantei Monogatari, is still namechecked as one of the girls who gave Kaito Kuroba chocolate on Valentine's Day.

3rd Base 4th

3rd Base 4th in Detective Conan


Bloody Idol Case (Manga: 6-9)

Yoko Okino and Akiyoshi Fujie are identified as alumni of (the fictional) Kohnan High School in FILE.8 of Detective Conan - the same school Shigeo Nagashima, Yutaka Enatsu and their friends attend in 3rd Base 4th.

Old Photograph Murder Case (Manga: 276-278)

The horizontal school banner in the upper left corner of Shizuka Hattori's old photo, which also features Yaiba Kurogane's mother Michiko, reads "南高校", which is cut off to the left. It probably reads "港南高校" (Kōnan Kōkō) in full, which of course is, again, the Kohnan High School.

Koshien Bomber Case (Manga: 445-449)

Conan Edogawa, Ran and her father Kogoro Mouri, as well as Heiji Hattori und Kazuha Toyama watch a baseball game at Koushien stadium, played by the leading teams from 3rd Base 4th, hailing from Kohnan and Ohgane High School respectively, who want to do a rematch of their game from the finale of their own Manga, which is referred to as "one year ago".

Characters from the series who appear are the protagonist Shigeo Nagashima and his rival Kazuhisa Inao and some of their teammates, their coach, Shigeo's friend Yutaka, as well as her father got some cameos, too. In a crossover gag Gosho Aoyama also uses with Kaitou Kid and Soshi Okita, Shigeo reminds Ran of Shinichi Kudo, since all of them look very much alike.

It's also kind of fitting that this crossover started in Volume 43, which even features Conan Edogawa in the baseball uniform of Kohnan High on the cover.

Detective Conan

Detective Conan in Detective George's Mini-Mini Big Strategy


Right after escaping the clutches of the men dressed in black in his car, private detective George Kirishima takes Asami Ashikawa to Beika, a district and main setting from Detective Conan, to retrieve the golden hair pin from a well at Beika Shrine, which belongs to an old lady named Harue, who is living in this district. It's exactly the same hair pin Sanjuro Tsurugi later identifies her by when he visits Harue's house in Play It Again.

Detective Conan in Magic Kaito


Black Star (Magic Kaito Manga: 23-24)

During this story arc get a tie-in story serving as a prequel to FILE.156 - 159 (Volume 16, File 6-9) of Detective Conan - the first meeting between Conan Edogawa and Kaitou Kid - with a pre-shrunken Shinichi Kudo and Kaitou Kid having a battle of wits while the latter is trying to take some jewels from the clock of a tower without knowing who their respective opponent is. Juzo Megure also had his debut in this series during this story.

Furthermore, these chapters were adapted as a part of Episode 219: The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid from the Anime of Detective Conan and Episode 6: Black Star of Magic Kaito 1412 later on.

Dark Knight (Magic Kaito Manga: 27-28)

The story happens on a Friday the 13th, just like FILE.605-609 (Volume 58, File 8-11 and Volume 59, File 1) of Detective Conan, which were released less than half a year later, maybe subtly hinting for them to be happening concurrently.

Omake Manga (Magic Kaito Manga: Volume 4 Omake)

In the third Omake, published in the fourth volume, after the "filming" of the 28th chapter of Magic Kaito has wrapped, the meta-fictional "child actor" of Kenta Connery is said of having to go to another shoot right now, which is revealed to be Detective Conan, with Kenta's actor also playing the role of Conan Edogawa.

Phantom Lady (Magic Kaito Manga: 29-30)

These chapters end with a cliffhanger that functions as another tie-in with Detective Conan, this time FILE.731 - 733 (Volume 70, File 2-4). Kaito's mother Chikage Kuroba - Ex-Phantom Lady and globetrotter extraordinaire - sends him an SMS about some other fake dealers associated with President Gozu, who she never managed to bring down in the past - leading directly into Kid's appearance in the aforementioned Files and his try to uncover the schemes of Shishihiko Tarumi and Masanosuke Hanamura involving Ryoma Sakamoto's treasures.

Sun Halo (Magic Kaito Manga: 34-36)

Kaito tells Aoko Nakamori that "Jii-chan's professor friend" fixed his bike after it was damaged pretty badly in an accident. This not only alludes to a certain scene at the beginning of Episode 2 (Blue Birthday) of Magic Kaito 1412, but implies that no less than Professor Hiroshi Agasa repaired Kaito's bike. This allusion is, in return, further developed in FILE.997 (Volume 94, File 5) of Detective Conan later on.

Omake Manga (Magic Kaito Manga: Volume 5 Omake)

There's a meta gag in the fourth Omake included in the fifth volume again, with a joke on the expense of the similiarity between the house of Akako Koizumi and the home of the Kudo family.

Kogoro Mouri's "actor" also seems to double as the demon Lucufer.

Magic Kaito TV Specials

The Revived Phantom Thief

Kaito Kuroba's mother Chikage mentions that she's in Las Vegas, "meeting an old friend of Toichi" who could be Yukiko Kudo (if it isn't the other person on the monitor), who's also in the United States around that time and was an apprentice of Toichi Kuroba once.

Kaitou Kid's Busy Date

During Kaito Kuroba's and Aoko Nakamori's date in Tropical Land, one can spot the Detective Boys in front of a few costumed mascots (from left to right: Mitsuhiko Tsuburaya, Ayumi Yoshida, Conan Edogawa, Genta Kojima and Ai Haibara - who is the only one whose face is visible). Later, while trying to distract the policemen, Kaitou Kid also uses a Conan mask plus a part of his famous phrase ("There is only one truth!").

The Princess Prefers Magic

The Detective Boys can be seen two times again: First during the arrival of the Princess Anne of Sublina at Narita Airport and the second time on the ceremony of the princess at her residence in Tokyo.

A Witch Sheds No Tears

Shortly before Kaitou Kid's confrontation with the witch Akako Koizumi, one can spot Conan Edogawa from behind as one of the bystanders in front of the Tokyo Skytree (to lower right of the tower).

The Fated Blue Birthday

During Kaitou Kid's birthday firework for Aoko Nakamori, Conan Edogawa is one of the people who wakes up because of it, whereupon he looks out of a window of the Mouri Detective Agency, from where you can see the skyscraper in the background Kid is on top of.

Love on the Ski Slope on Christmas Eve

Conan Edogawa has another small cameo at the ski resort and wears the same clothes as in Movie 15: Quarter of Silence of Detective Conan, which plays in a similar setting. It's possible the Anime producers wanted to imply that this episode and the movie happen concurrently.

The Splendid Rivals

You can again spot Conan Edogawa in a crowd standing in front of Studio ALTA. He suddenly turns around with his glasses reflecting and goes away. That's basically his modus operandi for all following episodes until the end.

The Secret of the Red Tear

Conan Edogawa stands in front of the cinema Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori go into, looking at the parodies of posters of "Batman Begins" and "The Avengers", shortly before the "Red Tear" heist.

The Witch, the Detective, and the Phantom Thief

Conan Edogawa is standing in front of the mansion in which the gem Kaitou Kid wants to steal is exhibited in. Perhaps he doesn't want to interfere because this time real magic is involved?

The Reminiscent Golden Eye

Conan Edogawa appears again, walking past Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori on the street, being creepy as ever. His appearance is even stranger considering the easter egg after that in the same episode - because Saguru Hakuba, who is currently in France to follow Spider, reads the news on his mobile phone (in French). One of the texts (the one at the bottom) tells something about a "black organization uncovered by a child yesterday" and that this occurrence took place in "Baker street" (= Beika). If there ever was any chronology, this is one of the things that would severely mess it up.

The Tearful Crystal Mother

Conan Edogawa stands at the train station the royal train drives through. You can easily spot him, as he's the only one not looking at the train and the only one with the unsettling cameo grin.

Tears of Love for the Dark Knight

Last but not least, Conan Edogawa is seen walking past the rushing Saguru Hakuba, being no less creepy than in his previous appearances. The so far last guest spot he had in the TV Specials. Only time will tell if there will be more of them eventually - which became rather unlikely by now.

Magic Kaito 1412

Opening 1

Maybe a hand stunt double had to replace Yusaku and Conan's actor didn't have time for the shooting of this scene...

During the first opening you can see Yusaku Kudo's hand writing while he got the idea to create the "KID" out of "1412" for a short moment. Furthermore, a key moment from Kaitou Kid's and Conan Edogawa's first meeting on the roof top of Haido City Hotel is recreated, without Conan being visible for some reason.

The Revived Phantom Thief Kid

So, does that mean that... there is no floating timeline and they really don't age?

During the flashback showing Touichi Kuroba's purported death, one can see a Shinichi Kudo and a Ran Mouri look-alike respectively, seemingly supposed to be their high school versions - which of course is totally impossible, considering that this was eight years ago.

Blue Birthday

How does Agasa hide this from Ai? Or is she in on this...?

Konosuke Jii hands some new gadgets to Kaito Kuroba at the beginning of the episode, which were seemingly made by a "professor friend" of his, while a yellow VW Beetle leaves in front of the Blue Parrot Pool Bar, heavily implying this friend to be Professor Hiroshi Agasa. This connection was taken over by the Manga in Chapter 34 (Magic Kaito Volume 5, Chapter 6) and continued in FILE.997 (Volume 94, File 5) of Detective Conan.

Black Star

Also with the hue and brightness decreased a lot.

The indirect first confrontation between Shinichi Kudo and Kaitou Kid from Chapter 23 and 24 (Magic Kaito Volume 4, Chapter 3-4, previously animated as Detective Conan Episode 219: The Gathering of the Detectives! Shinichi Kudo vs. Kaitou Kid) is completely remade (with some technological updates) and slightly extended (from Kaito's point of view). It also serves as the debut of Juzo Megure in Magic Kaito 1412.

Phantom Lady

He seems awfully unhappy about being reduced to a side character.

This multipart story revolves around the first crossover using a flipped perspective as narrative device, showing well known confrontations between Conan Edogawa and Kaitou Kid from Detective Conan from the latter's point of view.

This one adapts the case from Detective Conan FILE.731-733 / Episode 627-628, directly following the adaption of the "Phantom Lady" story from Magic Kaito, building a coherent story out of the tie-in Gosho Aoyama created in both Mangas. This also makes it the debut of Shintaro Chaki, Jirokichi Suzuki, Conan Edogawa, Ran Mouri (if one ignores her anachronistic cameo from Episode 1), Sonoko Suzuki and Yukiko Kudo (by virtue of her appearing in Conan's memory as her movie role of Ryoma's sister).

Ending 2

As if the chronology wouldn't be convoluted enough as is.

The second ending contains some recaps of past events in Kaito's life he experienced up to this point (the first half of the series), including moments from the Detective Conan movies featuring Kaitou Kid, like the hang-glider/parachute hunt from the middle of Movie 8 (Magician of the Silver Sky), the ride in the rollercoaster during the finale of Movie 10 (The Private Eyes' Requiem) and Kid flying side by side with the air ship in Movie 14 (The Lost Ship in the Sky), implying that they've already happened in the meantime (i.e. sometime before Episode 13, Stay Away From Him) in the continuity of Magic Kaito 1412.

Kid vs. Conan: Miraculous Midair Walk

I believe I can fly stand in the air.

The sixteenth episode is the second crossover using a perspective flip, this time adapting Kaitou Kid's miraculous mid-air walk from Detective Conan FILE.453-456 (Volume 44, File 7-10), again extended by some scenes with additional characters from Magic Kaito, as well as his point of view and preparations. This story was adapted before as Episode 356, Kaitou Kid's Miraculous Midair Walk, of the Detective Conan Anime. It also serves as the debut of Kogoro Mouri in Magic Kaito 1412.

Kid vs. Conan: Teleportation Under the Moonlight

"Superhero landing!"

The 21st episode is the next and so far last of the flipped-perspective-crossover. It features the story about Kaitou Kid's apparent teleportation originating from FILE.631-634 (Volume 61, File 1-4) of Detective Conan, which was also adapted before as Episode 515, Kaitou Kid's Teleportation Magic, of its own Anime. This episode is the debut of Ai Haibara in Magic Kaito 1412.

Midnight Crow

"Oh nice, we are flashback material."

During the talk with his mother in their kitchen, Kaito Kuroba ponders about some run-ins he had in the past, including those with Conan Edogawa, also showing Ran and Kogoro Mouri, as well as Sonoko and her uncle Jirokichi Suzuki again, via footage from previous episodes.

Detective Conan in Play It Again


Did he really expect they would care what a total stranger looks at in a book store?

After his miraculous rejuvenation, Sanjuro Tsurugi takes a train ride to Beika and tries to grab a bunch of erotic magazines in a book store at the train station - almost getting caught by two high school girls, who are revealed to be no less than Ran Mouri and Sonoko Suzuki.

He goes to the Beika Shrine afterwards to revisit his memories from the youth and his love from back then, a woman named Harue, who is still living close to it. He identifies her by the golden hairpin private detective George Kirishima and Asami Ashikawa retrieved for her before in Detective George's Mini-Mini Big Strategy.

Detective Conan in Wait For Me


All aboard! Hahaha!

The trains that can briefly be seen passing the bridge over Yutaka Takai on his way from school are of the fictional Toto Railways company from Detective Conan.

Detective Conan in Yaiba


Nobunaga Oda Tournament (Yaiba Manga: 237-254)

This means: Heiji would have fought against a bald boy who was a demon king before instead, off-panel. And lost.

During the "Nobunaga Oda Tournament", one can spot the name of "H. Hattori" on the tournament bracket several times. While it was referring to Hanzō Hattori back in the day, it's probably become Heiji Hattori from Detective Conan for that series' canon retroactively, considering his relationship to/rivalry with Soshi Okita (whose name can also be seen) established in the latter series (even though, judging by the board, he would have never fought Okita in Yaiba's world, at least not during this tournament).

Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba

I’m Yaiba Kurogane, a Samurai!

Or perhaps it was the news instead, reporting about a solved crime?

Musashi Miyamoto and Sayaka's Grandmother are bickering over the remote control in the very last episode of Kenyuu Densetsu Yaiba, unwittingly switching channels in the process. One of the shows visible during it is Detective Conan, featuring Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri.

It's noteworthy that Detective Conan didn't have its own Anime yet back then, which makes it their first animated appearance ever and also explains why Conan's clothes are colored the way they look on the cover of Volume 2.


Excalibur in Detective Conan


The Framed Great Detective

"We just wanted to see what our Mangaka is up to nowadays."

Minae, Kenta and Akira appear in this original Anime episode in a brief cameo after debuting in the twelvth OVA.

Original Video Animations

The Wandering Red Butterfly

Did those two base their experience on the original story inside of it?

In the second OVA of Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories one can spot the original manga anthology (including the original character from The Wandering Red Butterfly) as a companion book in the "Go-Show Cinema" on Yusaku Kudo's place next to Yukiko. One of the characters featured on the cover is Minae from Excalibur (the leftmost person).

The Miracle of Excalibur

"Maybe we can all get some of its fame if we appear in it..."

There's a direct crossover between Detective Conan and Gosho Aoyama's old one-shot right in the twelfth and (so far) last Original Video Animation. It's basically the plot of Excalibur expanded by appearances from Conan Edogawa, Hiroshi Agasa, Ai Haibara, Kogoro Mouri, Wataru Takagi, Kazunobu Chiba and the Detective Boys, similar to how the OVAs 1 and 4 adapted and expanded chapters of Magic Kaito, too.

Lupin III

A popular and long-living Manga series by Monkey Punch with lots of adaptions of its own, featuring the grandson of the literary phantom thief of the same name. Crossed over with Gosho Aoyama's works in several ways.

Lupin III in Detective Conan


Jolly Roger in the Deep Azure

Fujiko Mine and Lupin III as disguises in Movie 11.

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie

The special mentioned below was continued in the form of a movie, the aptly named Lupin III vs. Detective Conan: The Movie.

TV Specials

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan

Lupin III vs. Detective Conan

The first direct crossover between both franchises happened in the form of an TV Special.

Lupin III in Magic Kaito

Magic Kaito TV Specials

The Reminiscent Golden Eye

There are way too many phantom thieves around here.

On Saguru Hakuba's mobile phone, while reading about the first meeting between Chat Noir and Kaitou Kid, one of the news mentions "Un autre fantôme voleur Lupin III qui a paru tôt hier soir d'après avis le ma tin."(sic) (roughly "Another phantom thief, Lupin III, also appeared early in the previous night according to a notice in the morning.").

Magic Kaito

Magic Kaito in 100% Tantei Monogatari

100% Detective Tale Case 3 (100%TM Manga: 3)

Aoko, Kaito and Momoko in Chapter 3 of 100% Tantei Monogatari.

Kaito Kuroba and Aoko Nakamori appear alongside Momoko Aoyama, who also attends Ekoda High School in her series, during this chapter.

Aoko, Kaito and Momoko in Chapter 3 of 100% Tantei Monogatari.

Gosho Aoyama confirmed these connections on a bonus page in 100% Tantei Monogatari and explains that he planned a battle of wits between Kaitou Kid and Momoko once, but apart from that artwork featured on the page, nothing ever came of it.

Magic Kaito in 3rd Base 4th

The Bat of Miracles (3B4 Manga: 1)

Can you tell this guy's an asshole?

The first team Shigeo Nagashima and his friends from Kohnan High School play against right in the first chapter of the Manga is the baseball team of Ekoda High School - one of the main settings of Magic Kaito, which originally debuted in 100% Tantei Monogatari, that also appeared in Yaiba's finale and the Anime of Detective Conan.

Magic Kaito in Detective Conan


Magic Kaito and Ranma ½

Ranma Ranma de TANMA TANMA de
sonna mon ne to o-tomodachi

Ranma ½ is a successful franchise by Gosho Aoyama's good friend and colleague Rumiko Takahashi. He once made a drawing for her, depicting Kaitou Kid together with female Ranma Saotome.

Magic Kaito in Yaiba


The Great Thief Goemon Appears (Yaiba Manga: 81)

It was a nice try anyway.

During their encounter with Goemon Ishikawa, he asks of Yaiba Kurogane, Sayaka Mine and their friends to guess who he really is - introducing himself as "the greatest thief in the world". One of Sayaka's tries is that he's "Kaitou Kid" - which obviously is wrong.

Her joyful reaction also likely was a reference to the one shot K∀ITO (later re-released as the "Yaiba vs. Kaito!" bonus chapter in Magic Kaito Volume 3), which was published earlier that same year. In that chapter, she was at first opposing Kaitou Kid until he sweet-talked her into telling him where the treasure sword he desires is, seemingly becoming a Kid fangirl.

Parallel Jeweler (Yaiba Manga: 91)

These small robots sure get around.

Yaiba Kurogane and Musashi Miyamoto visit a "shop that sells every kind of sphere" while looking for the legendary sphere - one of the objects sold (because of its big, spherical eyeball) being an RZ-04 mini robot who was chasing Kaitou Kid in Chapter 9 (Magic Kaito Volume 2, Chapter 3) of Magic Kaito.

Are You Coming? (Yaiba Manga: 255)

The shipping of Kaito and Aoko by Keiko and her friend literally is so hardcore it transcends the boundaries of parallel universes.

In the final chapter of Yaiba as a whole, Sayaka Mine - now a second year high schooler after a timeskip of three years - meets her two friends on the way to school, who are revealed to be Keiko Momoi and her black-haired, fox-eyed friend from Magic Kaito, confirming Sayaka's friend back from middle school to be a younger version of Keiko all along. They tell Sayaka about the fact that "Kuroba from class B" and "Nakamori from class F" are a couple now and that Keiko's friend has seen them together, heavily implying Sayaka's school to be an alternate version of Ekoda High School (with different uniforms for some reason).

Magic Kaito in Zero's Tea Time

Putting the Rank Aside (ZTT Manga: 11)

Konosuke Jii is always cautious not to meet any characters from Detective Conan in person.

Rei Furuya and Yuya Kazami go to the Blue Parrot Pool Bar of Konosuke Jii from Magic Kaito and meet bartender Yuzuki Fukui, who worked there before during the setting's crossover into Detective Conan.

It's a Game (ZTT Manga: 20)

How is this game even possible in-universe? This is Recursive Canon level stuff.

The mobile game played by Azusa Enomoto and Rei Furuya at the end of the chapter depicts a lot of faces from characters of Detective Conan in the style of Kaitou Kid's trademark signature - including his own.

A Conan Edogawa figure in the same style appears on the cake Rei is holding on the cover of Volume 2.

Kaitou Kid & Takagi-san Halloween Campaign

The new Kids on the block.

Kaitou Kid & Takagi-san Halloween Campaign was a crossover event during October of 2017 by Manga magazines Shōnen Sunday, Betsucomi, Cheese!, Shō-Comi Gessan, Big Comic Spirits, Yawaraka Spirits and Big Comic Superior, which have in common that they are all owned by the publisher Shōgakukan. Several different characters originating from series published in these magazines dressed up as Kaitou Kid for this special event. The event is named after Kid himself as well as Takagi-san from Teasing Master Takagi-san, who are both from a Sunday magazine respectively.

During this event, stamps for LINE app were released, as well as trading cards and other merchandise which could be ordered from japanese retailers. Series who partook in this event were:

The illustration of Kaito Kuroba used for the trading cards is the cover of Chapter 34 (Magic Kaito Volume 5, Chapter 6), which was published in April of that year.

Play It Again

Play It Again in Detective Conan


Missing Watch Case (Manga: 335-337)

The victim in the case, Eiko Idetsuki, likes to watch her favorite movie with high volume, which seems to be Play It Again, judging by the fact that the protagonist is Sanjuro Sakura (the younger self of the old man Sanjuro Tsurugi in Gosho Aoyama's one shot). The scene seems to be from close to the end of the story, during Sanjuro's second fight with Tatsuya Nakadai, since he already has the headband over his injuries from their first battle.

Original Video Animations

The Wandering Red Butterfly

In the second OVA of Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories one can spot the original manga anthology (including the original character from The Wandering Red Butterfly) as a companion book in the "Go-Show Cinema" on Yusaku Kudo's place next to Yukiko. One of the characters featured on the cover is Sanjuro Sakura from Play It Again (the character with the bamboo sword at the top).

The Santa Claus of Summer

The Santa Claus of Summer in Detective Conan


Alibis of the Three (Manga: 53)

One of the suspects explains that he has been to the cinema in Kinza, where they played "The Summer Santa Claus" (Natsu no Santa Claus aka The Santa Claus of Summer). Conan Edogawa and Ran Mouri have also been to that movie, which Conan uses to counter his alibi.

Goodbye... (Manga: 197)

Conan clearly envies Kogoro's idol knowledge, as you can see in his face.

While visiting the house of the Aoshima sisters, Kogoro Mouri marvels at all the pop idol merchandise they have - mentioning several of the idols he recognizes, one of them being Asuka Anzai, the deuteragonist of The Santa Claus of Summer.

The Kogoro Imposter's Great Deduction (Manga: 789)

"This is a relatively crudely drawn TV movie. We are drawn better today."

During the conclusion, the television plays with the audio at high volume, seemingly switching between channels. The last show heard and seen is The Santa Claus of Summer, with parts of the dialogue between Keisuke Hara and Asuka Anzai quoted and an original panel from the one shot featuring Keisuke in his original drawing style being shown on the monitor.


The Locked Bathroom Murder Case

Kogoro's side-glance is suspicious.

While visiting the house of the Aoshima sisters, Kogoro and Ran Mouri, as well as Conan Edogawa, marvel at all the pop idol merchandise they have - with Kogoro mentioning several names of the idols he recognizes, one of them being Asuka Anzai, the deuteragonist of The Santa Claus of Summer. In contrary to the Manga, the poster can be seen several times.

Which One's Deduction Show

The same poster of Asuka Anzai later reappears in the apartment of Kenji Tsujiya.

Kogoro-san is a Good Man

Gosho's one shots were seemingly really successful in Conan's world.

During the conclusion, the television plays with the audio at high volume, seemingly switching between channels. The last show heard and seen is The Santa Claus of Summer, with parts of the dialogue between Keisuke Hara and Asuka Anzai quoted and an original scene from the OVA recreated, featuring Keisuke being shown on the monitor.

The Santa Claus of Summer in H2

H2 is a Manga not by Gosho Aoyama, but his good friend Mitsuru Adachi and contains rather subtle link: Senkawa High School (千川高校 Senkawa Kōkō?), the fictional school mentioned as the one Keisuke Hara attends in his second year, is reused as a recurring setting in this Manga.

The Santa Claus of Summer in Magic Kaito

After getting amnesia, Keisuke Hara is transported to Ono Central Hospital. The name "Ono" (小野) is later on used a lot in Magic Kaito for other buildings and a newspaper (Ono Bank, Ono Real Estate, Ono Shimbun, etc.), implying it to be some kind of location in or a nickname of Tokyo (like "Tohto") - maybe a shared one.


Yaiba in Detective Conan



Mushrooms, Bears, and the Detective Boys (Anime: 212)

It's also being told that the bear transformed into a werewolf now and then when drunk.

When Matasaburo Saika explains the origin of the bear Jubei's name as that of the historical Samurai, with the latter being depicted in the background exactly as he looked back in Yaiba.

The Client Full of Lies (Anime: 220-221)

Michiko Kurogane as a middle schooler on Shizuka's old photo (right).

Shizuka Hattori was crying on her old photo because she lost against a younger girl from the first year of middle school in a kendō tournament when she was in the second year - the other girl in question being a young version of Michiko Kurogane (the brown-haired girl in the back of the photo, still going by her maiden name "Tsubaki" at this time, as can be seen on the sign at the wall), the mother of Yaiba and Moroha Kurogane, looking like her daughter back then and making her the first Yaiba character to canonically exist in Conan's world. Gosho Aoyama confirmed these things in the Shōnen Sunday Special Booklet published in 2013.

Search for Maria-chan! (Anime: 942)


Soshi Okita is also mentioned and seen on Heiji Hattori's smartphone again during this episode, used as a distraction based on his similarity to Shinichi Kudo, to keep the latter safe from suspicion.

Original Video Animations

The Wandering Red Butterfly

Did those two base their experience on the original story inside of it?

In the second OVA of Gosho Aoyama's Collection of Short Stories one can spot the original manga anthology (including the original character from The Wandering Red Butterfly) as a companion book in the "Go-Show Cinema" on Yusaku Kudo's place next to Yukiko. One of the characters featured on the cover is a plush version of Kagetora (in front of the chest, in the center of the bottom of the cover).


Detective Conan Puzzle: Cross Chain

Okita Soushi getto!!

Soshi Okita is an unlockable character in Detective Conan Puzzle: Cross Chain.


Everything for all your sea cucumbery needs.

Namako-Otoko seems to be a pretty popular Detective Conan merchandise, despite originating in Yaiba, thanks to his cameo as Ran Mouri's mobile phone strap and wallpaper, as well as her LINE app avatar in the series. You can buy the cute sea cucumber in the form of a stuffed animal, as keychains of every kind and as a real phone strap, some of it with or without Ran accompanying him.

Yaiba in Magic Kaito


Star War (MK Manga: 14)

Important fundamental handbooks for policemen.

One of the books on Ginzo Nakamori's office desk after waking up at the beginning of the chapter is Volume 1 of Yaiba, with a silhouette of Yaiba Kurogane's head visible on the book spine.

Kaitou Under Scrutiny (MK Manga: 16)

Bushi TV must have one hell of a program.

The duo commenting on the duel between Kaitou Kid and Saguru Hakuba are Ana Shioji of Bushi TV and her absurdly loyal cameraman from Yaiba, who debuted in Chapter 49 (Yaiba Volume 5, Chapter 10) and also reported about the battle between Yaiba Kurogane and Takeshi Onimaru on Onimaru Castle, as well as about the mysteriously appearing pyramids all over Tokyo, besides other things. There is a reporter similar to her in Chapter 33 of Magic Kaito (Magic Kaito Volume 5, Chapter 5), too, but it's left unclear whether it's supposed to be Ana again.

Furthermore, Kid uses a pocket TV by ONY in this chapter while crawling through the air vents. After Takeshi Onimaru took control of Japan in Yaiba, a lot of company names were "oni-fied", with almost all of them being plays on brand names from real life - with SONY of course becoming "ONY". Gosho Aoyama later on integrated this fictionalized company in Magic Kaito and Detective Conan, as well as their adaptions and derivatives, too.

Yaiba vs. Kaito! (MK Manga: 18)

Kaitō Boy vs. Samurai Shōnin.

Kaitou Kid announces to steal a treasure sword from the Mine family and struggles to get past its several family members, including Sayaka, Shizuka and Grandma Mine, who he manages to woo in the end, before meeting Musashi Miyamoto and, last but not least, Yaiba Kurogane himself fighting him with the Raijin-ken and the help of Kagetora, before getting blasted out of the sky by Takeshi Onimaru and his minions.

This story was originally a one shot just called "K∀ITO" (a portmanteau of the "Kaito" from Magic Kaito and the Latinized logo "Y∀IBA") and was featured in Shōnen Sunday's 30th Anniversary Special Magazine in 1989 after an editor asked Gosho Aoyama to draw a self-contained story for this special occasion, deciding for this crossover since he loved similar collaborations like Mazinger Z vs. Devilman since he was young. The chapter didn't belong to either series, since it's explicitly non-canon (or, technically seen, it's a part of both franchises), but was later included as a bonus chapter in Volume 3 of Magic Kaito most people know it as. It was later adapted as the first Original Video Animation of Detective Conan and extended by a plot integrating the characters from it.

Sun Halo (MK Manga: 34-36)

"It's a ONY."

Aoko Nakamori's mobile phone is an ONY brand smartphone model.

Magic Kaito 1412

Kaito Kuroba's Busy Holiday


Before Aoko Nakamori's date with Kaito Kuroba in Tropical Land, a girl heavily reminiscent of Sayaka Mine comes into play for a short scene - she's got almost exactly the same hairstyle as her after the three-year-timeskip (same length, same color, the parted bangs, the same disheveled back hair and the long hair over her temples), wears a seifuku similar to her during most of the Yaiba' run while attending Ekoda High School (like Sayaka does in Yaiba Volume 24), is friends with Keiko Momoi and highly interested in the relationship between Kaito and Aoko.

She is never named, but this is either one big coincidence or a producer, author and/or character designer who wanted to create a nod to Gosho Aoyama's previous series wanted to have a cameo by her.

Yaiba in Monster Hunter

Monster Hunter is a successful video game franchise by Capcom. There were several collaborations with other companies on their behalf, one of them with Shōnen Sunday.

Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

The Haō-ken as equipment in Monster Hunter 3rd.

During a special collaboration event with Shōnen Sunday for the game Monster Hunter Portable 3rd, Yaiba Kurogane's blade Hao-ken ("Supreme King Sword") was obtainable and Felynes could be dressed in the demonic armor of Takeshi Onimaru.

Yaiba in Zero's Tea Time

You Shouldn't Do That (ZTT Manga: 9)

Cat scratch fever.

After falling down a flight of stairs, Rei Furuya's pup Haro meets Kuro Neko Dokuro, a stray cat and antagonist from a short arc during Chapter 164-167 of Yaiba (Yaiba Volume 16, Chapter 10-Yaiba Volume 17, Chapter 2), whom Yaiba Kurogane and Sayaka Mine were encountering while they were shrunk and he was menacing a bunch of mice. It seems like he didn't improve much since then: He scratches poor Haro's face open. The Mangaka of Zero's Tea Time, Takahiro Arai, confirmed that he specifically asked Gosho Aoyama about using that character in this chapter.

Oasis of Heart/It's a Game (ZTT Manga: 19-20)

Player character Yuya.

This double chapter is chock-full of Yaiba references, thanks to the game Yuya Kazami is playing:

  • The protagonist "Yuya" is a dead ringer for an adult Yaiba Kurogane (looking a lot like his father Kenjuro) in a samurai armor, wearing the Raijin-ken (Thunder God Sword) and the Fujin-ken (Wind God Sword, originally used by Takeshi Onimaru). Yaiba always wanted to be a samurai like his father, explaining the choice of armor for this easter egg.
The Cedar Pollen Soldier.
  • The first boss they fight is the android Gold from Chapters 201-207 (Yaiba Volume 20, Chapter 3-9), also named "Boss Monster Gold" in Kazami's game.
  • One of the objects in the storage room of the game in TIME.20 looks like a stylized version of Empress Kaguya's fusion with planet Earth from Chapters 162-163 (Yaiba Volume 16, Chapter 8-9).
  • The second boss they fight is the Cedar Pollen Soldier from Chapters 182-184 (Yaiba Volume 18, Chapter 6-8).
The Centipede Soldier.
Azusa's ONY phone.

The mobile phone used by Azusa Enomoto at the end of TIME.20 also is an ONY. After Takeshi Onimaru took control of Japan in Yaiba, a lot of company names were "oni-fied", with almost all of them being plays on brand names from real life - with SONY of course becoming "ONY". Gosho Aoyama later on integrated this fictionalized company in Magic Kaito and Detective Conan, as well as their adaptions and their derivatives, too.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Questions

Are Gosho Aoyama's different works set in the same world?

No, according to Gosho Aoyama himself, they are officially "parallel worlds" (パラレルワールド)[1] or "dream confrontations/sequences" (which seems to be his way to refer to non-canon events)[2][3], even though they are inhabited by alternative versions of certain characters from respective other series[4] and seemingly share some key events they have in common (Shinichi Kudo's shrinking, Kaitou Kid's origin, the rivalry between Takeshi Onimaru, Yaiba Kurogane and Soshi Okita, the final tournament between Shigeo Nagashima and Inao Kazuhisa, Momoko Aoyama being a classmate of Kaito Kuroba, etc.). According to him, there are also no ghosts or magic in Detective Conan's world and Akako Koizumi's existence in it is open to question as well[5][4].

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